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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2017-01-31

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Eesti Keskerakond
Magic Circle
Culture and Education Member cult
Employment and Social Affairs Member empl
Petitions Member peti

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2017/01/06 Health risks related to consumption of vegetable oils, in particular palm oils
2016/09/02 Health risks related to consumption of vegetable oil, in particular palm oil
2016/06/03 Health risks related to the consumption of vegetable oils, and in particular palm oils
2017/07/13 Schengen visas and residents of Crimea
2016/03/10 Commission proposal for a directive amending Directive 96/71/EC concerning the posting of workers
2015/10/07 VP/HR - Status of the self-declared DPR and LPR
2015/07/17 Colour blindness
2016/12/09 Humanitarian assistance in response to the Syrian crisis
2016/02/17 Allocation of seats in the European Parliament
2015/07/08 Decision of the Ukrainian parliament and the respect for fundamental rights
2017/02/03 Breaches of current freedom of movement rights of EU citizens residing in the UK and the use of six-month expulsions
2015/04/09 Language requirements and freedom of movement in Estonia and Latvia
2015/03/09 Total ban on the use of languages other than the official language of Bulgaria during election campaigns
2014/11/14 VP/HR - Situation of EU citizens in India
2015/06/05 Fight against all forms of illegal labour exploitation
2017/03/07 VP/HR - Commission plans to cooperate with Libya on migration issues
2016/12/07 VP/HR - Oil-for-Food Programme for Syria
2016/12/07 Internally displaced persons in Syria
2016/02/19 'Pay-to-fly' scheme
2016/04/27 Estonian customs formalities
2015/09/30 Agricultural sector in Europe
2014/12/22 Financial cuts to culture in Europe
2015/06/11 Progress in the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2014/12/09 Ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2016/01/27 Chemical warfare agents (CWA) in the Baltic Sea
2015/05/05 VP/HR - Murders and suspicious deaths in Ukraine
2014/12/10 Humanitarian aid for Ukraine