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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Eesti Reformierakond
Magic Circle
Budgets Member budg
Regional Development Substitute regi
Security and Defence Substitute sede
Foreign Affairs Substitute afet

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2017/03/31 VP/HR - Estonian and British ship security guards in India
2016/11/29 VP/HR - Estonian and British ship security guards in India
2016/10/31 VP/HR - Violence in Pakistani police force
2016/09/29 VP/HR - EU action at the UN relating to the situation of the Rohingya in Burma
2016/07/13 VP/HR - Selecting candidates for non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council and rethinking the geographical groups
2016/04/28 VP/HR - Ship security guards (EU citizens) in India
2016/03/30 VP/HR - Efforts by the EU to secure the release from India of Estonian and British counter-piracy guards
2015/11/12 Terrorism, tourism and security
2015/10/02 VP/HR - Risks to the EU's security
2015/08/31 Right of veto in the UN Security Council
2015/08/31 Continuing detention of Estonian and British nationals in India
2015/06/11 Progress in the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2015/03/31 Detention of Estonian and British ship guards
2014/11/25 VP/HR - Estonian-Russian border treaty enforcement
2014/11/25 VP/HR - Kidnapping of Estonian police officer
2014/11/14 VP/HR - Situation of EU citizens in India
2017/11/30 Availability and price of cancer drugs
2017/03/31 EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
2017/03/29 Georgia's internally displaced persons
2016/10/31 Visa-free travel for Georgia and Ukraine
2016/08/31 Free trade agreement between the EU and the USA
2016/07/12 Visa facilitation for Ukraine
2016/04/28 VP/HR - Future of the EU-Ukraine association agreement
2016/04/28 Visa waiver with Georgia and Ukraine
2016/03/30 Travel to Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries for the purpose of supporting or participating in ISIS activities
2016/03/21 Visa-free travel regime with the Republic of South Africa
2016/02/29 VP/HR - monuments in Georgia
2016/02/29 Visa exemption
2015/09/29 Conclusion of the association agreement between the EU and Ukraine
2015/08/31 Visa liberalisation for Ukrainian nationals
2015/07/16 EU-wide early warning and travel advice system
2015/04/29 Free trade agreement between the EU and the USA
2015/02/27 VP/HR - Appointing an EU Special Representative for Ukraine
2015/01/29 VP/HR - EU initiative to establish UN peacekeeping mission to Ukraine
2014/12/09 Protection of refugees from eastern Ukraine
2018/05/25 VP/HR - Follow-up on the Council's conclusions on Myanmar of 26 February 2018 and its decision 2018/655
2018/04/10 VP/HR - Australian military cooperation with Myanmar's armed forces
2017/07/19 VP/HR - Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia
2017/03/24 VP/HR - Persecution in Crimea
2016/11/29 Disputes between the EU and Russia at the World Trade Organisation
2016/09/29 VP/HR - Elections to Russia's State Duma in annexed Crimea
2016/07/12 VP/HR - the European Union's relations with Russia
2016/02/29 Facilitated border crossing procedures
2016/01/29 Cross-border cooperation between the EU and Russia
2015/12/17 VP/HR - EU common foreign policy regarding Russia
2015/10/29 VP/HR - Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
2015/10/29 VP/HR - Relations and cooperation between the EU and Iran
2015/10/29 Overflights of Russia by civil aircraft
2015/08/31 Political prisoners in Belarus
2015/07/02 Relations between the EU and Belarus
2015/06/16 Russia's embargo on imports of Estonian preserved fish
2015/06/02 EU-Russia relations
2015/04/29 Russia's import restrictions
2015/04/29 Russia's import restrictions
2015/03/31 Foreign fighters of ISIL
2015/02/23 VP/HR - Relations with Russia
2015/02/23 Border protection
2015/02/05 VP/HR - Political prisoners and polarisation in Venezuela
2015/01/30 VP/HR - EU-Central Asia relations
2015/01/13 VP/HR - EU common foreign policy in relations with China
2014/12/18 EU-Serbia relations
2014/12/04 EU-Russia cooperation projects
2016/05/31 Competition in aviation
2016/05/31 Aviation safety
2015/11/12 Competition in aviation in the EU
2015/11/10 EU aviation
2014/11/19 European aviation safety
2017/06/27 Air safety in the Baltic region
2017/03/27 The conformity of Nord Stream 2 to the Energy Union goals
2016/11/29 Financing of Rail Baltic
2016/09/29 Sale of EU citizenship in Cyprus
2016/08/31 Overflights without transponders
2016/07/12 Building of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline
2016/03/30 EU action in relation to Iceland
2016/01/27 Chemical warfare agents (CWA) in the Baltic Sea
2015/12/17 Flights of Russian airplanes with their transponders turned off in the Baltic Sea region
2015/12/10 Nordstream pipeline project in the Baltic
2015/07/13 Plans for new Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea
2015/06/26 Dual nationality
2015/05/27 Defence expenditure
2015/04/29 Flights without transponders
2015/04/29 Migration
2015/03/31 Air safety in relation to military conflicts
2015/02/23 Rail Baltica
2014/12/18 Gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Estonia
2017/03/24 Children's welfare in Armenia
2016/12/15 On contamination in military bases located in Greenland
2016/12/01 Using development assistance for its intended purpose
2016/11/30 VP/HR - Spanish Government's consent to the use of Ceuta's port facilities by Moscow warships undermining EU sanctions and possible family links with Commissioner Arias Cañete
2016/10/31 EU reconstruction aid to Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew
2016/09/30 Musical pilot programme ‘Music Moves Europe’
2016/09/29 EU support for the aid organisation Save the Children
2016/08/31 EU aid to help tackle the consequences of swine fever
2016/01/28 The Globalisation Adjustment Fund
2015/11/25 VP/HR - EU military aid in Mali and the Central African Republic
2015/09/30 Agricultural sector in Europe
2015/09/29 EU aid for coping with the impact of swine fever
2015/06/22 Development and humanitarian aid
2015/05/27 Humanitarian aid for Mariupol
2015/05/20 European Aid for Nepal
2015/02/06 VP/HR - Addition of the so-called 'Donetsk People's Republic' and 'Lugansk People's Republic' to the EU list of proscribed terrorist organisations
2017/03/31 MH17 investigation
2016/10/31 VP/HR - International Criminal Court
2016/06/21 The Rules of Procedure of the General Court and secret evidence
2016/06/02 Best Available Technique (BAT) Reference Document for Large Combustion Plants (LCP Bref) under the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU (IED)
2016/05/31 MH17 investigation
2016/02/29 VP/HR - election of the UN Secretary General
2015/09/17 VP/HR - International investigation into missing students in Mexico
2015/07/02 VP/HR - The case of President Omar al-Bashir before the International Criminal Court
2015/03/03 Flight connections
2017/07/07 Reform of the UN
2017/06/27 VP/HR - Human rights in Uzbekistan
2017/03/31 human rights in Ethiopia
2017/03/31 VP/HR - Human rights violations in the Philippines
2017/03/30 Belarus and human rights
2017/03/30 VP/HR - Human rights in Iran
2017/03/27 VP/HR - Violation of human rights in Sudan
2017/03/14 VP/HR - Human rights violations in Algeria
2016/11/29 VP/HR - Turkey and human rights
2016/08/31 The EU and Moldova
2016/06/30 VP/HR - human rights in Laos
2015/01/30 Capability of Frontex
2018/01/18 VP/HR - Italian arms exports to Saudi Arabia
2017/11/17 VP/HR - Politically motivated prosecution of Mukhtar Dzhakishev and Muratkhan Tokmadi in Kazakhstan
2017/06/27 Security in the Arctic
2017/06/27 Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel
2017/03/31 VP/HR - Position of the EU on the issue of Syria
2016/12/19 Arms and oil in the hands of ISIS
2016/12/19 VP/HR - Minorities in Bangladesh
2016/08/31 Return of valuable art works between the EU and third countries
2016/07/12 EU efforts to secure Arctic Council observer status
2016/06/08 VP/HR - Sentencing of Kazakh journalist Guzyal Baidalinova
2016/05/31 Euro area
2016/05/31 EU battlegroups
2015/07/16 Radioactive waste
2015/05/27 Waste of food in the EU
2015/05/11 So-called Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk
2015/02/23 The EU's common visa policy
2015/01/22 VP/HR - Observer status on the Arctic Council
2017/07/07 VP/HR - North Korea and EU action
2017/06/27 VP/HR - North Korean refugees in China
2017/03/31 Deportation of refugees from Pakistan
2017/03/30 Agreement between the European Union and Turkey
2017/02/01 VP/HR - Enforced disappearances in Turkmenistan
2016/12/19 VP/HR - Death penalty in Saudi Arabia
2016/10/31 VP/HR - Situation of Afghan refugees in Iran.
2016/06/30 VP/HR - Consular services at EU representations
2016/04/28 Manning of Greek reception centres for refugees
2016/04/28 Refugees in Lebanon
2016/03/30 Establishment of a European joint intelligence agency
2016/02/29 Movement of refugees and their readmission between EU and the Russian Federation
2016/01/29 Extent to which non-official languages are spoken in the EU
2016/01/28 Relocation of refugees in the European Union
2015/12/17 Opening the energy chapter with Turkey
2015/11/25 Cooperation between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union
2015/09/29 Redistribution of war refugees in the EU
2015/09/17 Diversification of the European Union's energy supply sources, and Gazprom agreement
2015/08/31 Defending the external borders of the European Union
2015/05/27 The European Union should make every effort to end the Russian annexation of Crimea
2015/04/09 VP/HR - Prosecution of war crimes in Syria
2015/03/11 European Army
2014/12/18 VP/HR - Possible cuts in the European Union Monitoring Mission's budget
2014/11/25 Consular function of the European External Action Service