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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats)
Partit Nazzjonalista
Magic Circle
Petitions Vice-Chair peti
Terrorism Member terr
Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Member libe
Internal Market and Consumer Protection Substitute imco
Financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance Substitute tax3

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/05/31 Role of local and regional authorities in automation of mobility
2018/03/20 Cross-border motor insurance
2018/03/20 Macro-regional strategies in the EU
2018/03/20 Sectoral social dialogue committees
2018/03/01 Cross-border parcel delivery
2018/03/01 European Education Area and the EU agenda for higher education
2017/12/11 Pre-installed operating systems
2017/12/11 Reform of chemical substances legislation
2017/12/11 Cyber insurance
2017/12/01 EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights
2017/11/03 European security research programme
2017/09/11 Right of residence in another EU country
2017/05/29 Travel comparison websites
2017/05/29 Cyber-security in the aviation sector
2017/05/29 Smart streetlamps across European cities
2017/03/09 Sarcomas
2017/03/09 Bioplastics
2017/02/28 Fulfilment by Amazon
2017/02/28 Developments in the postal sector and the proposal for a parcel delivery regulation
2017/02/28 Update on the European Social Fund
2016/12/05 CJEU judgment on out-of-print books
2016/11/15 Eurochild Conference 2016 Declaration
2016/10/11 New research linking air pollutants to Alzheimer's disease
2016/08/31 Legislation for effective whistleblower protection
2016/07/12 Implementation of the EU Skills Agenda
2016/07/12 Sustainability of bioenergy
2016/05/26 Taxation of EU citizens working outside their country of origin
2016/05/26 EU ban on plastic microbeads in cosmetics
2016/05/04 Mobility of professionals
2016/03/18 Recommended serving sizes and consumer law
2016/03/14 Implementation of the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived programme in Malta
2016/02/09 Reform of the European Citizens' Initiative
2016/02/09 Impact of the European Court of Human Rights judgment on data protection legislation
2015/12/22 Erasmus+ and apprentices
2015/12/01 Disability hub
2015/11/30 Pre-school education
2015/05/30 Harmonisation of the insurance sector
2015/05/30 Single rulebook for the European insurance sector
2015/05/30 Supervision in the European insurance sector
2015/05/30 Global competition for the European insurance sector
2015/03/31 2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations - Evaluation report
2015/03/31 European Consumer Centres Network
2015/03/31 Private sector and development
2015/03/31 New EU rules for cross-border judgments
2015/03/31 Court ruling on the functioning of the European Network of Competition Authorities
2015/03/31 Consumer representation in consumer affairs issues
2015/03/31 An EU high-level group for the media sector
2015/02/13 Transposition of pre-Lisbon measures in the domains of judicial and police cooperation
2015/02/09 Potential threat to Maltese bees
2015/01/30 Travel price comparison sites
2015/01/30 Halogen lamps
2015/01/30 Ecodesign Working Plan 2015-2017
2015/01/30 Eco-branded light bulbs
2015/01/30 LGBTI rights
2015/01/30 5G Deployment within the EU
2015/01/30 VP/HR - Maltese nationals working within the European External Action Service
2015/01/30 Maltese nationals working within the Commission
2015/01/30 Maltese nationals working within the Council
2015/01/23 European summer heatwaves
2015/01/23 Ban on the use of micro-plastics in detergents and cosmetics
2015/01/23 Ban on diesel in EU cities
2014/12/12 European Foundation
2014/12/12 European Arrest Warrant
2014/12/12 Court of Justice ruling on the Air Quality Directive
2014/12/12 Financial investigations in the fight against trafficking in human beings (THB)
2014/12/12 Trafficking in human beings
2014/12/12 Double taxation of cross-border inheritances
2014/12/12 Environmental sustainability of the public transportation sector
2014/12/12 Reforming the European Research Area policy
2014/12/08 Chief Scientific Adviser role axed
2014/12/08 Encouraging social entrepreneurship
2014/12/08 Early school leavers
2014/12/08 Cyber-espionage
2014/12/08 Logistics sector
2014/11/05 Roaming legislation
2014/11/05 VP/HR - Construction of dams in Ethiopia
2014/11/05 European waste management
2014/10/17 Labour mobility
2014/10/17 Joint risk management and agricultural insurance schemes
2014/10/17 Proposal on pollution controls for non-road machinery
2014/10/17 Court of Justice ruling on MasterCard
2014/10/02 Biofuel
2014/09/10 Ecodesign Working Plan
2014/09/10 Diabetes
2014/09/10 Difficulties encountered by Ukrainian citizens seeking visas to travel to the EU
2018/05/31 Ending coal subsidies in the EU
2018/03/01 New regulation on acrylamide in food
2018/03/01 Improving the promotion of bio-based products
2018/02/05 Access to product safety studies on chemical products
2017/12/01 Benefits of healthy food
2017/12/01 EU-wide electronic immunisation record system
2017/11/03 Public consultation on food chain fairness
2017/08/30 Simplified food labels
2017/08/03 State subsidies by third countries
2017/05/29 Labelling of food products
2017/05/29 Access to third countries' procurement markets
2017/05/29 Greater transparency and accountability for public spending on children
2017/01/31 The use of smartphones to detect counterfeit products
2016/12/05 Healthy and sustainable diets
2016/11/15 Use of electronic payments
2016/09/22 EU public procurement directives
2016/04/22 Promoting gender balance in political decision-making and public life
2016/04/22 Communication policy in the field of food safety
2016/03/18 Labelling of electronic devices
2016/03/18 Information on chemicals
2016/01/14 Food safety
2015/05/30 Food safety in developing countries
2015/05/30 Food safety in the EU
2015/05/30 Information on substances or products causing allergies or intolerances
2015/05/30 Restriction of hazardous substances
2015/03/31 Difficulties encountered in active and healthy ageing
2015/03/31 Sound levels after maintenance and/or replacement of a vehicle exhaust system
2015/03/31 Accessibility of signs in public spaces for the visually impaired
2015/03/31 Safety of children in playgrounds
2015/03/31 Accessibility of food items for the visually impaired
2015/03/31 Coal subsidies in developing countries
2015/01/30 Public knowledge of the EU
2015/01/30 The current food system
2015/01/23 Food bug in UK chickens
2014/12/12 Use of coal in the EU
2014/12/12 Increased taxes on cultural products
2014/12/08 Junk food and nutrition
2014/12/08 Harmful chemical substances
2014/11/05 Simplified customs procedure for e-commerce
2014/10/17 Waste
2014/10/17 Standardised colour labelling for waste containers
2014/10/17 Reporting and investigation of missing children
2014/10/02 Protection for children on the internet
2014/09/10 Claims by motorists on state of roads
2014/09/09 Food waste
2018/05/07 Equal treatment in employment for consultants
2018/05/07 Definition of workers under Directive 92/85/EEC
2018/03/01 Inconsistencies in the calculation of energy savings
2018/03/01 EU investment in high-performance computers
2018/02/05 Small-scale energy efficiency loans
2018/02/05 Definition of energy poverty
2017/11/03 High-performance computing
2017/09/11 Lobbying transparency rules
2017/09/11 EU-Egypt talks
2017/08/30 Revision of EU accounting rules on the treatment of public-private energy performance contracts
2017/08/30 High Level Expert Group on sustainable finance
2017/05/03 Clean energy communication campaign
2017/02/28 Green bonds
2017/02/28 Energy transition for green growth
2016/12/05 Trucks and CO2 targets
2016/06/22 Incentives for building renovations
2016/04/22 Interpretation of 'small-scale producers'
2016/02/09 Robotisation in factories
2015/11/30 Draft Ocean Energy Strategic Roadmap
2015/11/30 Ocean energy across European regions
2015/05/30 Noise from tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers
2015/05/30 Permissible sound level of motor vehicles
2015/05/30 Motorcycle permissible sound level and the exhaust system of motorcycles
2015/03/31 New EU rules on trucks
2015/03/31 Security of gas supply
2015/03/31 VP/HR - Situation in Yemen
2015/03/31 Revision of the EU regulation on security of electricity supply
2015/01/30 Energy efficiency standards on enterprise servers
2015/01/30 Green-goods talks
2014/12/12 Energy security and reliability
2014/12/12 Outlawed works of art, music and literature
2014/12/08 Merchant ships saving lives
2014/12/08 Energy-saving renovations
2014/11/05 Cyberbullying and video games
2014/11/05 EU strategy for energy efficiency in housing
2014/11/05 Trans- identities
2014/10/17 Regulation on the sound level of motor vehicles
2014/10/17 Noise from tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers
2014/10/17 Permissible sound level of motor vehicles
2014/10/02 Ebola
2014/10/02 Energy performance certificate
2014/10/02 Outbreak of swine fever in Latvia
2014/10/02 Energy supply
2014/10/02 Ebola outbreak - sending of troops
2014/09/10 Autonomous vehicles
2014/09/10 Differential treatment in examinations on grounds of illness
2018/05/31 Investment in water infrastructure
2018/02/05 Upgraded plastic
2017/12/01 Monitoring of land parcels under the common agricultural policy
2017/12/01 Plastic fibre in tap water
2017/08/30 Redress concerning decisions on residence
2017/02/28 EU-Western Sahara policy
2017/02/28 Personalised medicine to combat cardiovascular diseases
2016/11/15 Location monitoring by Yahoo
2016/11/15 Animal welfare and investment policy
2016/10/11 Floor Area Ratio Policy
2016/10/04 CAP reform implementation and expenditure decisions by Member States
2016/09/22 New EU Ecolabel criteria for computers, footwear and furniture
2016/06/22 Materials that come into contact with drinking water
2016/06/22 Industrial insulation
2016/04/11 EU regulation on transmissible animal diseases - communication policy
2016/04/11 Communication policy in the field of agriculture
2016/01/26 Animal testing
2016/01/14 Precision farming
2015/05/30 Better regulation and the environment
2015/03/31 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform update
2015/03/31 Unfair commercial practices concerning deposits
2014/12/12 Photonics
2014/12/12 Sale of wild animals online within the EU
2014/12/12 EU industrial policy
2014/11/05 Communication strategy
2014/11/03 New and innovative payment methods
2014/10/02 Welfare of animals
2014/10/02 Rooftop farming methods
2014/10/02 Industrial production
2014/09/10 Cardiovascular disease
2014/09/10 Water scarcity
2014/09/10 Animal welfare
2018/05/31 Mobile internet roaming in Europe
2017/09/11 Tropical diseases in Europe
2016/12/05 Rise in number of road accidents in the EU
2016/08/31 Internet speed target
2016/06/22 Booking of vacations over the internet
2015/05/30 Fuel consumption figures
2015/03/31 Vaccination in Europe
2015/03/31 Financial education in Europe
2015/03/31 Sustainable living in Europe
2015/03/31 Combating the racialisation of crime
2015/03/31 Rogun Hydropower Project in Tajikistan
2015/03/31 Heating and cooling strategy for Europe
2015/01/30 Criminal gangs' activities
2015/01/23 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
2015/01/23 Damages to olive oil levels
2015/01/23 Wildlife crime
2014/12/12 Tuberculosis in Europe
2014/12/08 VP/HR - Ethnic reconciliation in South Sudan
2014/12/08 High cholesterol levels
2014/12/08 Cyber Europe 2014
2014/11/05 Socially responsible investing
2014/11/05 Maritime cybersecurity
2014/11/03 Misconceptions
2014/10/17 Possible rise of extremism in Europe
2014/10/17 Entrepreneurship levels in Europe
2014/10/17 Cybersecurity in Europe
2014/10/17 Chronic diseases in Europe
2014/10/17 Shale gas extraction in Europe
2014/10/06 Alcohol consumption in Europe
2014/10/02 Russian-Austrian gas pipeline
2014/10/02 Obesity
2014/10/02 Conservation of Europe's endemic wildlife
2014/10/02 Rise of the far right
2014/10/02 Air pollution levels in urban areas
2014/10/02 The Europe 2020 goals
2014/10/02 Prevention of criminal activity in Europe
2014/10/02 Invasive ecological species in Europe
2014/09/10 Bitcoin and financial crime
2014/09/10 Facebook study
2014/09/10 Afforestation in Europe
2017/09/11 Prospective links for the EU carbon market
2017/08/30 Mid-term review of the digital single market strategy
2017/08/03 Electricity market design
2017/06/09 Barriers to digital trade
2017/05/03 Pricing and accessibility of medicines
2016/12/05 Digital security
2016/10/11 Use of renewable electricity
2016/08/31 Value-added medicines
2016/05/04 Simplification of electricity bills
2016/02/09 Solo-entrepreneurs
2016/01/14 Barriers and obstacles for SMEs
2015/05/30 Security within the Eastern Partnership
2015/05/30 A Digital Single Market for Europe and languages
2015/05/30 Accessibility of digital single market for SMEs
2014/12/12 Residential and non-residential rates for electricity and water usage
2014/12/08 Startup culture among tertiary students
2014/12/08 Grand coalition for digital jobs
2014/12/08 Digital literacy
2014/10/17 Accessibility of digital single market for SMEs
2014/10/02 Pensions
2014/09/10 EU's customs security safeguards
2018/05/31 Exposure to carcinogens at work
2018/05/31 Different quality of aluminium cans in Member States
2018/03/01 Investment to combat mental health problems
2018/03/01 Health technology assessment
2018/03/01 Advanced solar panel technology
2018/03/01 Impact of the Late Payments Directive
2017/12/01 Effects of lighting quality on health
2017/08/30 Electric battery technology
2017/08/30 Ship recycling
2017/06/09 Use of LIFE programme funds for further environmental action
2017/05/03 Microplastic pollution
2017/03/09 Recycling of aluminium packaging
2017/01/31 E-health and data collection
2016/09/22 More action on the environment
2016/06/22 Incentive schemes to increase the use of electric cars
2016/01/14 Privacy in our cars
2015/11/30 Connected cars
2015/07/03 Discriminatory principles for NGO funding
2015/06/11 Progress in the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2015/05/30 EU Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work 2014-2020
2015/05/30 Environmental protection within the Eastern Partnership
2015/05/30 Different approach for the Eastern Partnership
2015/05/30 The impact of oil prices on the 2015 Spring economic forecast
2015/05/30 The impact of geopolitics on the 2015 Spring economic forecast
2015/05/30 The impact of the volatility of financial markets on the 2015 Spring economic forecast
2015/05/30 Laser technology in medicine
2015/05/30 Laser technology in defence
2015/03/31 EU relations with Mongolia
2015/01/23 Medicine shortages
2015/01/23 Wasted EU funding for airports
2014/12/12 Abuse of prescription drugs
2014/12/12 Impact of VAT judgment against Sweden
2014/12/12 Inclusive participation in political life
2014/12/08 EU action plan to combat wildlife trafficking
2014/12/08 Women's participation in science, technology, engineering and maths
2014/12/08 Environmental noise
2014/11/05 Environmental impact of Suez Canal enlargement
2014/11/05 EU funding for environmental research
2014/11/05 EU funding for health
2014/11/05 Synthetic drugs
2014/11/03 Mergers and acquisitions
2014/10/17 Health and migration
2014/10/17 Bilateral relations with Switzerland
2014/10/17 Bilateral treaty with Colombia
2014/10/17 Bilateral treaty with Peru
2014/10/17 Services subject to VAT
2014/10/02 Oil smuggling from Libya
2014/10/02 Science
2014/10/02 Pollution from pharmaceuticals
2014/09/10 Sign language interpretation services
2014/09/10 Environmental noise
2014/09/09 Practical difficulties for young researchers under the Horizon 2020 funding programme
2014/09/09 Interpretation of grant agreements in EU funding projects
2014/09/09 Systemic approach to the environment and health
2014/09/09 Restrictions on applying for EU-funded projects
2018/05/31 Supporting coding initiatives
2017/12/11 Improved recognition of professional qualifications
2017/12/01 Renewable power purchase agreements
2017/12/01 Soil degradation
2017/09/11 Airport Charges Directive
2017/08/30 Illegal logging and the EU-Japan Trade Agreement
2017/05/03 Import controls to combat illegal fishing
2017/02/28 Freedom of movement of professional workers
2017/02/28 Professional cards to combat illegal employment
2016/09/22 Reform of the EU's Trade Defence Instruments
2016/08/31 Solarium sunbeds in the EU
2016/07/13 International trade in conflict minerals
2016/07/12 EU Free Trade Agreement with Indonesia
2016/03/18 Online illegal drug sales
2015/12/22 EU-Guyana trade deal
2015/03/31 Problems of enforcement arising from the draft Trade Secrets Directive
2015/03/31 Draft Trade Secrets Directive and SMEs
2015/03/31 International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance
2015/01/30 Press freedom
2015/01/30 Free trade agreements available to the public
2015/01/30 Trade, growth and world affairs
2015/01/23 Material deprivation
2015/01/23 Drug resistance
2014/12/12 Intra-EU freedom of movement
2014/12/08 Illegal narcotics trade
2014/11/13 VP/HR - Diplomatic initiatives to save Asia Bibi
2014/11/05 Computer coding in classrooms
2014/11/05 EU-Japan free trade agreement
2014/11/05 EU-Asia trade deals
2014/10/17 Free trade agreement with India
2014/10/02 Illegal livestock farms
2014/10/02 Recognition of qualifications
2014/09/10 Malnutrition across the EU
2014/09/10 Farms in residential areas
2018/05/31 Restrictions in basic internet access
2018/05/31 Car rental company - Goldcar
2018/05/07 Enforcement of EU Timber Regulation
2018/03/20 Effect of negative emission technologies
2017/12/01 Enforcement of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on animal transport
2017/12/01 Carbon capture and storage
2017/08/30 Car sharing
2017/08/03 Virtual currencies and financing of criminal organisations
2017/05/29 Making EU institutions more accessible
2017/05/29 Restrictions on shipping of goods
2017/03/09 Access to private coaches for people with disabilities
2017/01/31 Access to public transport for people with disabilities
2017/01/31 Electric car recharge infrastructure
2016/10/11 Future regulation of emergency communications
2016/09/22 Revision of the EU Anti-Torture Regulation
2016/08/31 Future steps on advanced robotics
2016/05/04 More awareness about hearing loss among adults
2015/12/22 Car import tax
2015/07/08 Serious gaps in transport networks
2015/07/08 Serious gaps in transport networks
2015/05/30 Recovery of assets in the event of wrong financial advice
2015/03/31 Parental leave for adoptive parents
2015/01/30 Reducing the carbon content of transport fuels
2015/01/30 Transport infrastructure in the Mediterranean region
2014/12/08 Ukrainian conflict and criminal networks
2014/12/08 People with intellectual disabilities
2014/12/08 Sustainable transport - car pooling
2014/12/08 Multigenerational unemployment
2014/12/08 Transport sector
2014/12/08 Inland freight transport
2014/12/08 Funding for Maltese transport network
2014/10/17 Educational opportunities for adults
2014/10/02 Environmentally friendly means of transport
2014/10/02 Reducing unemployment rates
2014/10/02 Nitrogen oxides
2014/09/10 112 emergency number for deaf people
2014/09/10 Biodiversity loss
2018/05/31 Use of real-world data for medical research
2018/05/07 Access to in-vehicle data
2018/03/20 Cuba and the consolidation of its currency
2018/03/20 Judicial independence in Poland
2017/12/11 Dynamic currency conversion
2017/12/11 Unequal access to cancer care across the EU
2017/08/30 Residency application process for third-country national partners
2017/08/03 Development aid and technology
2017/06/09 Electronic medical records
2017/06/09 Sensitive corporate data
2017/05/29 Collecting accurate fish stock data in Mediterranean waters
2017/05/29 New EU Youth Strategy
2017/03/09 Medical research and development for the developing world
2017/03/09 EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region
2017/02/28 EU aid to Honduras
2016/11/15 Data-driven innovation
2016/07/12 New rules on medical devices
2016/02/09 Application of the right to reside in another Member State
2015/12/22 Pedelecs
2015/11/30 Repair and reuse in the new Circular Economy Package
2015/07/08 Mobile phone base station antennae
2015/05/30 EU Pilot national contact point updates
2015/04/09 Service providers' imposition of extra charges on consumers without consent
2015/03/31 Counter-ISIL measures on social media
2015/03/31 EU economy expected to grow
2015/03/31 EU-wide cancer strategy
2015/03/31 Development of an innovation strategy for the media
2015/01/30 Climate change adaptation efforts
2015/01/30 Development aid to Haiti
2015/01/30 Telemedicine
2015/01/23 Labour costs
2015/01/23 Thermal renovation of homes
2014/12/12 EU Youth Strategy
2014/12/12 Innovation and climate challenges
2014/12/08 Mobile application development
2014/12/08 Business and innovation centres in the EU
2014/12/08 Doing business in Malta
2014/11/05 Innovation as a priority
2014/11/05 Somali refugee returnees
2014/11/05 Cameroon refugee aid
2014/11/05 Somalia famine aid
2014/11/03 Card currency conversion charges
2014/10/17 Baggage charges
2014/10/02 Alcohol strategy
2014/10/02 Bullying of LGBT pupils in schools
2014/10/02 Climate change objectives
2014/09/10 Telecommunications and the economy