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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

European Conservatives and Reformists Group
Conservatori e Riformisti
Magic Circle
Budgetary Control Member cont
Regional Development Substitute regi
Foreign Affairs Substitute afet

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2017/03/28 VP/HR - Clampdown on demonstrations expressing political dissent in Russia
2017/03/28 Clampdown on demonstrations expressing political dissent in Russia
2018/06/15 Single European Sky and area control centres (ACC)
2018/06/15 Extension of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2016/605 of 19 April 2016
2017/11/28 LIFE projects and tackling wolf-dog cross-breeding
2017/03/28 Competition in the polypropylene (PP) granule sector
2016/07/05 Repeal of Article 5 of Implementing Decision (EU) 2015/789
2016/06/24 The Juncker Plan and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI)
2016/04/29 Distortion of competition in Italian fruit and vegetable sector
2016/02/29 Falling wheat prices and protection of local production
2015/12/01 The 'Fish War' in the Sicilian Channel
2015/10/02 Vine-growing sector:
2016/04/27 Citrus black spot and controls on imports of citrus fruit
2016/04/11 Expiry date on olive oil labels
2015/09/23 Tunisian olive oil imports
2017/11/20 Cohesion policy budget cuts in the post-2020 MFF
2017/04/04 Safeguarding drift net fishing in Italy
2016/10/04 Critical issues relating to 2007-2013 cohesion policy programming in Italy
2016/10/04 Critical issues relating to 2014-2020 cohesion policy programming in Italy
2016/10/04 State aid in cohesion policy
2015/12/17 Public contracts and regional policy
2015/09/23 Delays in approval of rural development programme for Apulia
2015/03/27 2007-2013 cohesion policy delays in Italy
2015/03/03 Programming of funds for the 2014-20 period
2017/12/08 Admissibility of promotion programmes for agri-food products
2017/03/02 VP/HR - The case of Ayatollah Kazemeyni Boroujerdi
2016/03/18 Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP)
2015/02/11 Recent collapse in Pompei
2014/10/09 Consequences of Russian embargo on EU producers in the agri-food sector
2015/09/28 Vine nurseries: Xylella fastidiosa emergency and spread of the bacterium
2015/03/03 The ILVA steelworks in Taranto
2015/02/12 The Xylella fastidiosa crisis
2014/10/28 Taxation on financial returns from occupational pension funds
2018/06/15 National operative research and innovation programme 2014-2020 run by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.
2016/04/04 The crisis of the glass industry in Europe
2015/11/04 Dairy sector crisis in Italy
2015/02/12 Crisis in the Italian dairy sector
2016/12/13 Further details regarding Commission answer to question E-007571/16
2016/12/05 Further details concerning the reply to question E-007572/2016
2016/05/24 Natural disaster in the province of Bari
2015/02/11 Reclamation of a former NATO base
2016/03/14 Migration: shift to Adriatic route
2015/04/21 Slaughter off the coast of Libya
2015/04/21 VP/HR - Massacre off the coast of Libya
2015/03/03 High-speed railway lines on the Adriatic coast
2016/08/01 Influence of traffic-light food labelling on consumers' choices
2016/05/09 Visa exemption for Turkish citizens
2015/03/10 Amendments to legislation on cooperative banks
2015/02/11 Food waste