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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left
Izquierda Unida
Magic Circle
Industry, Research and Energy Member itre
Employment and Social Affairs Substitute empl
Economic and Monetary Affairs Substitute econ
Financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance Substitute tax3

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/05/02 The Commission incentivising the transfer of public resources to speculators
2018/01/11 Construction of Wärtsilä power plant in Western Sahara
2018/01/11 Wind turbine construction in Western Sahara by the British company Windhoist
2017/09/07 VP/HR - Morocco's unilateral annexation of Western Saharan territorial waters
2017/08/31 Depredation of resources from Western Sahara for use on Tauro beach (Gran Canaria)
2017/05/23 Sáhara Line S.L. and the depredation of resources in Western Sahara
2017/03/06 VP/HR - Situation in Western Sahara
2017/02/03 VP/HR - European companies investing in Western Sahara
2017/02/03 Military presence of Morocco in Western Sahara
2017/02/03 International status of Western Sahara under international and EU law
2017/02/03 Legality of EU fishing in Western Sahara under the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement
2017/02/03 Increased EU fishing in Western Sahara under the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement
2017/02/03 EU funding to Moroccan projects in Western Sahara under the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement
2017/02/03 EU fishing in Western Sahara waters under the EU-Morocco Fishing Agreement
2017/02/03 EU health and food safety inspections in Western Sahara
2017/02/03 Western Sahara and the decision of the European Court of Justice on EU-Morocco relations
2017/02/03 Western Sahara and EU-Morocco negotiations on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA)
2017/01/13 Flights to Menorca
2016/11/04 CPMR and the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara
2016/10/17 Plundering of Western Sahara's resources
2016/09/28 VP/HR - Expulsion of Cordoban activists from occupied territories of Western Sahara
2016/09/07 Marismas Occidental (Western Marshes) sub-project
2016/08/31 VP/HR - The trial of students detained in the occupied territories of Western Sahara
2016/08/31 VP/HR - Violation by Morocco of the ceasefire in Western Sahara
2016/07/12 VP/HR - Oil exploration in the occupied territories of Western Sahara
2016/06/29 VP/HR - Carrying out the mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO)
2016/06/28 FEVE - León
2016/05/23 VP/HR - Expulsion of Polish journalists from occupied Western Sahara
2016/05/17 Implementation of General Court decision on Western Sahara
2016/05/10 Abengoa
2016/05/09 Almadraba fishing
2016/04/26 VP/HR - Expulsion of European lawyers from Western Sahara
2016/04/04 Violation of the ceasefire in Western Sahara by Morocco
2016/03/23 MINURSO expulsions
2016/01/26 EIB projects in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara
2015/12/15 Disability
2015/12/07 Spoliation of Western Saharan resources
2015/12/07 Misleading labelling of products from Western Sahara
2015/10/07 VP/HR - Western Sahara
2015/09/25 Access to occupied territory in Western Sahara by Gervasio Sánchez and Luis Magrané
2015/07/09 Follow-up to Written Question E-000975/2015
2015/06/25 Enforced conversion of deposits
2015/06/25 Follow-up to E-003229/2015
2015/06/09 Silicosis
2015/06/09 Asbestos
2015/06/09 Biorefining
2015/06/09 Awarding of Aznalcóllar mine contract
2015/04/09 Contribution exemptions of up to EUR 500
2015/02/27 Co-financing of projects
2015/02/10 Expulsion of EU citizens from Belgium in 2014
2015/02/10 Changes in liquidity conditions of Greek bonds
2015/02/10 Project co-financing
2015/02/10 Impunity in the occupied territories of Western Sahara
2014/12/18 EGF courses
2014/12/10 VP/HR - Self-determination and statehood in Western Sahara
2014/11/19 Algeciras-Bobadilla
2014/10/23 Accidents in the workplace
2018/05/15 Sentences handed down in the 'Wolf Pack' case
2018/05/08 Implementation of the Istanbul Convention in the Member States: the 'La Manada' case
2018/03/22 Detention of the Proactiva Open Arms boat by Italy for promoting irregular migration
2018/01/11 VP/HR - Situation of Sahrawi human rights defenders being held in Moroccan prisons
2018/01/11 Morocco's failure to respect the rights of EU citizen Claude Mangin
2017/10/24 Arrival of small boats in the Balearic Islands
2017/08/03 VP/HR - Sentences passed on Sahrawi human rights activists: Morocco's continuing human rights violations and failure to comply with international law
2017/05/25 Rainwater harvesting in the Lorca uplands
2017/05/24 PCE/PEC - Recognition of citizenship rights of UK citizens in other EU Member States and agreement on non-UK EU citizens' rights in the UK
2017/05/17 Royal Decree Law 8/2017 and case C576/13 on stowage
2017/05/03 Consequences of the European Court of Justice judgment on case C-104/16 P
2017/03/08 Royal Decree 4/2017 on dockworkers
2017/03/02 Recognition of victims of toxic oil syndrome (contaminated rapeseed oil case)
2017/02/14 Rights of dockworkers and judgment in Case C-576/13
2016/12/14 Situation of workers at Rota Naval Station
2016/09/14 'Green Islands' Tourism Law
2016/09/07 Protection of the rights of posted workers (II)
2016/08/31 VP/HR - Torture and mistreatment of the Sidi Ifni group
2016/07/01 Safeguarding the rights of posted workers
2016/06/24 Land Law of the Canary Islands
2016/06/24 Rainwater infrastructure in the Canary Islands
2016/04/15 Coordination between the Council, the Commission and the Kingdom of Morocco in relation to the appeal against the General Court judgment delivered on 10 December 2015 in Case T-512/12 Polisario Front v Council
2016/03/15 Crisis at ACB and development of the EU circular economy in steel
2016/03/08 VP/HR - EU appeal against the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on the EU-Morocco trade agreement
2016/02/29 VP/HR - Sahrawi Association of Victims of Grave Human Rights Violations
2016/02/15 Crisis in the steel industry
2016/01/26 VP/HR - Salah Lebsir
2015/12/15 Self-employed people
2015/12/07 The TRAGSA Group
2015/09/11 Action against Member States violating the universal rights of asylum seekers
2015/09/08 Right to vote in national elections in another Member State
2015/06/25 Deregulation of the financial industry via the TiSA
2015/06/25 Deregulation and liberalisation under the TiSA
2015/06/25 Legitimacy of TiSA negotiations
2015/06/25 Deregulation of services in the TiSA
2015/06/11 VP/HR - Detention of the activist Salah Lebsir
2015/06/11 Progress in the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2015/06/09 TiSA: posted workers
2015/05/29 Endemic practising of torture in the Kingdom of Morocco
2015/05/26 Violation of labour and trade union rights in the European Patent Organisation (EPO)
2015/04/28 Follow-up in the M-501 case (E-008865/2014)
2015/04/28 Ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
2015/04/09 Compliance of an Italian circular on 'Islamic terrorism' with EU law and fundamental rights
2015/04/08 International arrest warrants against asylum seekers and refugees
2015/02/27 VP/HR - Torture in Saudi Arabia
2015/02/27 TiSA: transport
2015/02/06 Privatisations in Member States
2015/02/02 Strike by Birleşik Metal-İş union workers in Turkey
2015/01/06 Syrian refugees in Athens
2015/01/05 Law on Public Safety
2014/11/27 Compliance with EU law and fundamental rights of Italian circular and annexes thereto on fingerprint collection from irregular migrants
2014/11/19 Economic forecast for 2015
2014/11/06 Employment prospects of workers aged 45-65
2014/10/23 Situation of the workers of the company Grupo Unisolar in Béjar, Salamanca and problems with receiving compensation
2014/10/23 Violation of Briget Boamoa's rights as a minor
2014/10/09 Rights of cross-border workers in Ceuta and Melilla
2014/10/09 VP/HR - Human rights situation in Mexico
2014/07/25 Cross-border care for Spanish women seeking abortions in EU Member States
2017/05/05 San Román private placement agency in Castilla La Mancha
2017/02/16 VP/HR - Imprisonment of the Saharawi minor Maulud Mohamed Hmaidaha
2016/12/15 VP/HR - Imprisonment of three Saharawi minors
2016/10/10 VP/HR - Mohamed Daoudi
2016/09/28 VP/HR - Imprisonment of the Saharawi minor Jihad Abu Abed
2016/08/31 VP/HR - Plight of Mbarek Daoudi
2016/08/31 VP/HR - Murder of Mohamed Fadel uld Jatri uld Ahnan
2016/06/02 VP/HR - Suppression of Saharawi national mourning following the death of Mohamed Abdelaziz
2016/03/23 Yahya Mohamed Al-Hafed
2016/02/29 VP/HR - Mbarek Daoudi
2016/01/26 VP/HR - Mohamed Banbari
2015/06/30 VP/HR - Release of Mohamed Dihani
2015/05/29 Tariff deficit 2014
2015/04/09 Ercros and the mercury register at Flix
2015/01/23 Volume of contracts with external technical consultancy firms
2014/11/27 Cycle track in Albacete
2014/10/09 Unemployment register in Castilla-La Mancha
2014/09/29 Contracts with external technical consulting firms
2014/09/29 Employment aspects of contracts with external consulting firms
2014/09/29 Outsourcing of studies to consultancy firms
2018/02/12 Lindane contamination in Torneiros
2017/09/27 Detention of top officials of the Regional Government of Catalonia
2017/09/04 Industrial action by Eulen employees at El Prat airport
2017/08/31 VP/HR - Deida El Yazid
2017/08/28 Fire at the Chiloeches waste plant (II)
2017/07/19 State of the hydrographic network in Araba/Álava
2017/05/26 Ecological flow rate of the Cega River
2017/05/25 Situation in Doñana National Park
2016/12/15 VP/HR - Situation facing Saharawi journalists and political prisoners Said Amidam and Brahim Laajil
2016/12/15 Historic metro depots in Cuatro Caminos (Madrid)
2016/12/12 Fire at the Chiloeches waste plant
2016/11/30 VP/HR - Sahrawi Gdeim Izik political prisoners to be tried in civil courts
2016/11/14 State of the waste treatment plant in El Campello
2016/11/11 Forest tracks in the Aralar SAC (ES2120011)
2016/10/27 VP/HR - Expulsion of Claude Magin and the situation of prisoners in Gdeim Izik
2016/09/08 San Román de la Vega Waste Treatment Centre
2016/07/01 Chlorine plant in Santa Cruz de Tenerife
2016/05/23 VP/HR - Abdelkhalek Merkhi and general situation of Sahwari political prisoners
2016/04/26 VP/HR - Hunger strike by Sahrawi prisoners
2016/04/19 VP/HR - Killing of Brahim Saika
2016/04/18 VP/HR - Protests following the murder of Brahim Saika
2016/04/18 Temporary nuclear waste storage facility at Villar de Cañas
2016/04/01 Planned launch facility on the island of El Hierro
2016/04/01 Gas extraction in the Doñana Natural Park
2016/03/23 State of prisoners on hunger strike in Gdeim Izik
2016/02/29 VP/HR - Prisoners at Gdeim Izik
2016/02/15 Redundancy procedure at the Acería Compacta de Bizkaia steelworks (ACB) in Sestao
2016/01/26 The right to strike
2015/11/12 Plan to dredge the River Guadalquivir
2015/07/09 High level of employment and competition policy
2015/07/09 Plan to dredge the River Guadalquivir
2015/07/09 Regasification plant at Arinaga
2015/06/11 Transportes Buytrago's failure to comply with judgments in employment cases
2015/06/11 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid's failure to comply with judgments in employment cases
2015/06/11 Telemadrid's failure to comply with judgments in employment cases
2015/06/11 Coca-Cola's failure to comply with judgments in employment cases
2015/06/09 Rambla del Cañuelo quarry
2015/06/02 Pollution of the Gállego River with lindane
2015/05/29 Impact of the Apra Leven NV situation
2015/05/29 Bail-out and preferential share
2015/05/29 ILO Report 2015 - Shifting employment trends
2015/05/07 Storage of radioactive waste
2015/05/07 Situation with regard to the unemployment register in Castilla-La Mancha
2015/04/28 Concordat and competition
2015/03/24 VP/HR - Netanyahu's rejection of a two-state solution
2015/03/11 Preferential shares
2015/03/05 Payment of competition fines
2015/02/27 Award of the tender for the centralised temporary storage facility (ATC)
2015/02/17 VP/HR - Case of Ahmed Douma and other political prisoners in Egypt
2015/02/12 RIS3 follow-up
2015/02/12 Current situation of possible regulatory amendments to POSEI programmes
2015/02/10 VP/HR - Killing of Shaimaa el-Sabagh
2015/02/04 Election results and policy changes
2015/01/20 Coca-Cola Iberian Partners' redundancy plan
2015/01/14 Impact of the intervention by Apra Leven NV
2015/01/14 Air quality in Madrid in 2015
2015/01/12 VP/HR - Harassment of the LGBTI community in Egypt
2014/12/09 Gas storage plant in Doñana
2014/12/04 Redundancy plan for the Alcoa factory in Avilés and the impact of the electricity auctioning model on industrial policy
2014/11/06 M-501 motorway (Madrid)
2014/11/03 Madrid's regional research and innovation strategy (RIS3)
2014/11/03 Project in Alhama de Murcia
2014/10/23 TTIP and transparency
2014/10/08 Employment trends in September
2014/09/29 Infringement procedure arising from dredging of River Guadalquivir
2014/09/29 German state's ban on citizens migrating within the EU
2014/09/29 Situation in the textile industry in Cambodia
2014/09/29 Monetary policy failure
2014/09/15 New monetary measures (for the ECB)
2014/07/16 Closure of the ELCOGAS plant at Puertollano
2017/11/06 Replacement of University posts contracted through the Youth Guarantee Programme
2016/10/11 Implementation of the Youth Guarantee in Spain
2015/11/12 Great Mosque of Córdoba
2015/06/09 Funding for the URBAN programme in Córdoba
2015/04/29 Court of Auditors report on the Youth Guarantee
2015/04/28 Finance and budget for the Youth Guarantee
2015/03/11 Application of the Youth Guarantee
2015/02/27 Youth Guarantee
2015/01/23 Comisiones Obreras report into budget cuts at Spanish universities
2014/12/16 Conclusions of the OECD report on inequality
2017/09/04 Dumping of residues from the Son Reus incinerator into the sea
2017/06/07 Decisions of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN)
2017/05/03 Social security for Sahrawi staff at colonial-era Spanish companies
2017/02/14 Control mechanisms for the proper functioning of the Spanish tax authorities
2017/01/18 Tax dumping by Spanish multinationals (judgment in cases C-20/15-P and C-21/15 P)
2016/03/15 Social dumping in road haulage in Europe
2015/11/12 Aviation safety and social dumping
2015/06/09 Digital agenda and accessibility
2015/05/29 Effects of the Energy Union on the Spanish market
2015/05/29 Digital Agenda and social dumping
2015/04/28 Social dumping and digital applications for services
2015/02/27 Trade in Services Agreement (TISA): Services of General Economic Interest (SGEI) and public services
2015/02/27 Agreement on Trade in Services: finances
2015/02/06 Corporate social responsibility
2014/12/16 Spanish proposal for financing of projects under the Juncker Plan
2014/11/19 Tax dumping by technology multinationals
2014/11/03 Spanish Radio and Television Corporation and freedom of information
2014/10/23 Spanish Government facing penalties for supporting multinationals
2014/09/29 Local government budgets
2014/09/26 Cancellation of social dialogue
2017/04/19 Mining project in the hills around Yemas (Ávila)
2016/10/26 Situation of the orange and fruit production sector in Andalusia
2016/10/11 The Guadiato area and the Miner Plan
2016/09/28 Protecting vulnerable consumers in the energy sector
2016/05/09 Labour force adjustment plan at CEISS Bank
2016/01/26 Decontamination of Palomares
2015/10/07 The almadraba tuna fishing sector
2015/08/31 Commission monitoring of the market in fruit and vegetables
2015/08/31 Disturbance and/or serious imbalance in the fruit and vegetables market
2015/07/09 Labour mobility in the country-specific recommendations for Spain
2015/07/09 Labour mobility in the country-specific recommendations for Spain
2015/07/09 Privatisation of savings banks in the specific recommendations made to Spain
2015/07/09 Privatisation of savings banks in the specific recommendations made to Spain
2015/07/03 Measures to protect the fruit and vegetable sector from the Russian embargo
2015/06/18 Wages and collective bargaining - 2015 recommendations
2015/06/18 May 2015 recommendations on employment
2015/06/11 The penalisation of self-supply
2015/06/11 Labour exploitation in the EU
2015/05/29 Recommendation on wage growth
2015/05/07 Maintenance of the Spanish coal mining sector
2015/03/11 Nationalisation and privatisation of companies
2015/03/03 Active inclusion policies
2015/02/27 The health costs of endocrine disrupting chemicals
2015/02/27 Authorisation of the DEHP phthalate
2015/02/27 Labour regulation and internationalisation of production
2015/02/10 Made in: knife-making in Albacete
2015/02/04 Privatisation of AENA
2015/01/23 Environmental impact of large supermarkets
2015/01/16 TRIPS and supply of medicines
2015/01/14 Nissan in Ávila
2014/12/09 Crisis in the cultural sector
2014/12/09 The study Health at a glance: Europe 2014
2014/11/19 'Made in': Knife-making in Albacete
2014/10/23 Wage recommendations
2014/10/23 Tax recommendations
2014/10/23 CETA restrictions on public health systems
2014/10/23 Economic impact of the CETA
2014/10/08 Public-private partnership in the health sector
2014/10/08 Transfer of medicine policies to DG Internal Market
2014/09/29 Tax credits for banks
2014/09/29 Impact of the labour law reform
2014/09/15 Country-specific recommendations for Spain 2014: health sector
2017/08/28 Urge Parla (Parla Matters!)
2016/01/26 Support for OSHA
2015/11/12 European Charter for Researchers
2015/10/07 Compatibility of the European Social Charter with EU labour rules
2015/09/23 Accession to the European Social Charter
2015/06/30 Financial cooperatives
2015/06/18 Establishment of the REFIT platform
2015/06/11 Payment of the fine imposed on Roca Group
2015/05/29 Concentration and access to European funding
2015/05/29 Recommendation on minimum income
2015/04/28 Accession to the European Social Charter - Commission
2015/04/28 Accession to the European Social Charter - Council
2015/04/28 Accession to the ECHR
2015/03/05 Support for the creation of cooperatives
2015/02/12 Regional concentration of investment and the EFSI
2015/02/02 Creation of a European sub-network of whale and dolphin 'sanctuaries' - Representative example of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura
2015/01/23 Conclusions of the Council of Europe on Spanish compliance with the European Social Charter
2015/01/23 Position of the European Commission on taxes imposed on large supermarkets
2014/12/09 Establishment of a European minimum income
2014/11/19 Slavery practices in Brazil on the part of Inditex
2014/11/03 Dispute settlement panels
2014/11/03 Research into Ebola
2018/02/07 Reduction in US funding for UNRWA
2018/01/17 VP/HR - Leyla Zana dismissed from the Turkish Parliament
2018/01/11 EU-Morocco Aviation Agreement on Sahrawi territory
2017/09/04 Street vendors
2017/09/04 VP/HR - New assaults on Sahrawi journalists
2017/06/13 VP/HR - Financial persecution of Sahrawi activists
2017/05/03 VP/HR - Moroccan repression of Sahrawi activists, minors and journalists
2016/12/15 VP/HR - situation of Sahrawi activists Ali Saadoni, Nouradin Elargoubi and Khaliehna Elfak
2016/12/15 VP/HR - Situation of Sahrawi journalist and political prisoner, Waleed Batal, and his father, Salek Batal
2016/12/01 Expulsion of the Sahrawi member of parliament Suelma Beiruk and COP22
2016/11/30 VP/HR - Situation of the Sahrawi political prisoner Aziz Aluhadi and Sahrawi students in Oudaya
2016/11/15 VP/HR - Situation of the Sahrawi political prisoner Mohamed Iazza
2016/11/15 VP/HR - Condition of the Saharawi political prisoner Salek Lassiri
2016/10/27 VP/HR - Moroccan repression of Sahrawi demonstrators
2016/10/27 VP/HR - A fair trial for the Sahrawi students in the prison of Oudaya
2016/06/29 VP/HR - Violence against protesters in Smara
2016/06/29 VP/HR - Attacks on Sahrawi prisoners
2016/05/31 VP/HR - Mohamed el-Hafed Yazza and request for information on the situation of Sahrawi political prisoners
2016/05/23 VP/HR - Violence against Sahrawi protestors
2016/05/09 NATO airfield in the Bardenas Reales
2016/02/29 VP/HR - Alí Salem Tamek
2016/02/04 Emergency funding - Sahrawi refugee camps
2016/01/26 VP/HR - Police repression in Laayoune and Bojador
2015/10/23 Humanitarian aid to Sahrawi refugee camps
2015/10/23 Food aid for Sahrawi refugee camps
2015/07/09 Police repression against Takbar Haddi
2015/06/30 VP/HR - Takbar Haddi's campaign
2015/06/01 Humanitarian aid shortage in the Tindouf Camps
2015/06/01 VP/HR - Pregnant ten-year-old girl denied abortion in Paraguay
2015/05/29 Bárdenas Reales firing range
2015/05/19 Refusal of extradition requests
2015/03/11 Humanitarian aid
2015/03/05 Ali Salem Tamek
2015/02/27 VP/HR - Death of Abdulbaqi Antanah
2015/02/06 Asylum for Hassanna Aalia
2015/02/06 Classification of Switzerland as an uncooperative jurisdiction
2014/12/09 Refusal of visas to Sahrawi activists
2014/10/08 VP/HR - Death of the Sahrawi political prisoner Hassanna Luali
2018/04/24 Spain-France electricity interconnection - Public participation
2018/02/01 Underwater nuclear cemetery
2017/09/13 Waste management plans (infringement 20162119)
2017/09/07 Application of competition policy in Spain
2017/09/04 Transposition of Directive 2014/57/EU in Spain
2017/08/31 Repeated malfunctions in the Almaraz nuclear power plant (Extremadura)
2017/08/30 Burning of domestic coal in Spain
2017/08/29 Closed systems and industrial energy prices in Spain
2017/08/28 Implementation of European legislation on nuclear safety in Spain
2017/08/28 Financial exclusion in rural areas
2017/06/21 Assessment of the cost and management of the public bailout of the financial sector in Spain
2017/06/02 Power plants and domestically produced coal in Spain
2017/05/25 Competition policy and the energy oligopoly in Spain
2017/05/04 Revoking hydroelectric concessions
2017/05/03 Sanctions against Spain for non-compliance with waste legislation
2017/05/03 Rural depopulation in Spain
2017/04/18 Xylella fastidiosa in Spain
2017/02/14 Quotas for tuna caught with traps in Spain
2017/02/14 Energy price rises during the cold snap in Spain
2017/01/19 Dehesa grassland under the CAP
2017/01/13 Temporary nuclear waste storage facilities in Almaraz and Cofrentes
2017/01/13 Proceedings against Spain for infringement of Directive 1999/70/EC
2016/12/09 Railways in Extremadura and Alentejo
2016/11/14 Use of FEAD monies in Spain
2016/11/14 Employment situation of housemaids in Spain
2016/07/11 Suspension of ESF payments to Spain
2016/07/05 Current situation regarding lindane pollution in Spain
2016/06/21 Illegal sand- and gravel-quarrying in the ravines of Güímar
2016/03/15 Reopening of Garoña nuclear power station
2016/03/04 Profitable plants are being closed so that they can be relocated
2016/02/11 PRIMA initiative
2016/01/26 Domestic work
2015/11/12 Land registration scandal in Spain
2015/10/07 Commission position with regard to discrimination against victims of thalidomide in Spain
2015/10/07 Implementation in Spain of Regulation (EU) No 1380/2013
2015/09/25 Right to healthcare
2015/09/23 Wages and productivity
2015/09/23 Restructuring Spain's foreign debt
2015/07/07 Aid for coal in Spain
2015/07/03 Spain's external debt
2015/06/30 Regulation of hydroelectric power generation in Spain
2015/06/18 Follow-up to nuclear moratorium
2015/06/09 Definition of pasture in the CAP
2015/06/04 VP/HR - Clampdown on freedom of expression in the State of Israel
2015/06/04 Decline in freedom of expression in Spain
2015/05/29 False self-employed workers in Spain
2015/05/29 Thermal power stations in Castejón
2015/04/28 Hydroelectric energy in Spain
2015/04/09 End of the common position on Cuba
2015/04/09 Nuclear moratorium
2015/03/11 Legislation on ports
2015/03/11 Delayed payments
2015/02/27 VAT and electricity prices billed to families
2015/02/27 Effects of the Energy Union
2015/02/12 Rise in number of workers living in poverty in Spain
2015/02/10 Impact of the 2012 labour law reform in Spain
2015/02/10 Distribution of work
2015/01/23 Increased cost of public-private partnerships in comparison with public spending on infrastructure in Andalucía
2015/01/16 The cost of capital
2015/01/16 Spain's participation in the HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) Joint Research Programme
2015/01/16 Amendment to Spain's forestry law
2014/12/09 Soil Directive
2014/12/09 Wages and salaries in Spain
2014/11/26 Paid overtime
2014/11/26 Evolution in wages and numbers of waged workers in Spain
2014/11/19 Wage adjustment in Spain
2014/11/19 Generating electricity from national coal
2014/11/19 VAT for public television channels
2014/11/06 Renewable energy petitions
2014/10/23 Artificially high prices for petroleum products in Spain
2014/10/09 Public spending and redistribution in Spain
2014/10/08 Electricity prices in Spain
2014/09/29 Access to healthcare in Spain
2014/09/15 Wages and jobs in Spain