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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

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Greece-The Alternative Road
Magic Circle
Budgetary Control Member cont
Petitions Member peti
Economic and Monetary Affairs Member econ
Industry, Research and Energy Substitute itre

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2016/12/21 Increase in number of refugees in Lesvos and shortage of medicines and children's vaccines on the island
2016/07/29 EU funding for municipal waste management in Pyrgos in the prefecture of Ilia
2016/07/20 Reduction in VAT on accommodation and catering services on the island of Lesbos
2016/06/14 Illegal action by German police belonging to Frontex on the island of Samos
2016/05/30 Failure to provide requisite public air transport services to the airport situated on the remote island of Kalymnos
2015/04/08 Funds to restore damage on the island of Leros and compensate victims on the island of the extreme weather conditions
2015/04/08 Serious issue of flight safety -- unlawful use of Civil Aviation Authority funds from Eurocontrol to service debt
2015/04/08 Funding to remedy damage to farmland in Trikala caused by severe weather conditions
2015/03/20 Funding to restore damage to the historic Myrina Castle and compensate the inhabitants of Limnos for losses caused by extreme weather conditions
2015/03/20 Funds to restore damage caused to public infrastructure in Samothrace by the extreme weather conditions
2015/01/30 Compensation to farmers in Ilia due to severe weather conditions
2014/10/15 Survey by the Hellenic Statistical Authority on income and living conditions in Greece
2017/02/09 Action taken by the Commission to protect Greek citizens' property rights over the 'Dodecanesian properties' under Turkish sovereignty
2017/02/01 Illegal seizure by the Greek government, social security funds and banks of subsidies and aid paid to Greek farmers under the CAP
2016/11/30 Overturning the provisions prohibiting the construction of merchant vessels by Hellenic Shipyards S.A. and measures to restructure of Greek shipping sector
2016/10/31 Allocation of Greek funds for the Roma
2016/09/30 Allocation of EU funds for the management of municipal waste in the Peloponnese Region
2016/07/29 Allocation of EU funds and incentives for Greek graduates with a view to stopping the brain drain from Greece
2016/06/30 Late payment of the 2015 compensatory allowance to Greek livestock farmers and protection of their acquired rights in the delimitation of pastures
2016/05/30 Measures pursuant to the case-law of Greek courts to protect Greeks who contracted mortgages in Swiss francs in previous years
2016/04/29 Extension of deadline for payment of definitive basic entitlements and right of objection to the final allocation thereof
2016/04/29 VP/HR - Retaliation against FYROM for infringement of Greek airspace
2016/04/19 Infringement by Albanian authorities of the property rights of the Greek ethnic minority in Northern Epirus
2016/04/05 Measures to protect the traditional character of Greek yogurt and the living standards of Greek stockbreeders
2015/11/03 Greek pharmaceuticals on the verge of extinction
2015/06/03 Increased risks for Greek citizens arising from public health cuts imposed by the Troika
2015/04/24 Bluetongue vaccination for sheep
2015/04/13 Water supply problem at the 'Haravgi' Roma settlement in Chalcidice
2015/03/31 Need to halt abusive practices by banks towards borrowers
2015/03/03 Flagrant violation of Greek FIR and Greek sovereignty by the Turkish NOTAM of 1 March 2015
2015/01/26 Payment of reduced compensatory allowance for 2014 to Greek stockbreeders
2014/11/24 Compensation for Greek stockbreeders for losses due to bluetongue
2014/11/24 Restoration of the minimum OGA pension for elderly Pontic Greeks repatriated from the former USSR and for ethnic Greeks from northern Epirus
2014/09/12 Protection of borrowers who have concluded contracts with Greek banks for mortgages in Swiss francs
2014/09/09 Non-performing mortgages in Greece and increasing the number of instalments of debts in arrears to the revenue office and social security funds
2014/08/29 Illegal appropriation by Government and banks of EU aid and subsidies to Greek farmer and stockbreeders
2014/08/20 Protests by Greek stockbreeders at reduced compensation payments for 2013
2014/08/12 Compensation for Greek producers and businesses in view of the Russian embargo
2016/12/21 Increase in child poverty and social exclusion in Greece due to the financial cuts under the memorandum of understanding imposed by the Troika
2016/10/31 Measures for the reduction of excise duty on heating oil and for tackling energy poverty in Greece
2016/09/30 Nationwide introduction of the guaranteed minimum wage and increase of the amount payable to each recipient
2016/03/03 Energy poverty and taxes on heating oil
2016/02/29 Energy poverty and taxes on electricity
2016/01/29 Memorandum policies, energy poverty and smog in Greece
2015/06/04 Because of the 'Memorandum' policies imposed by the Troika and creditors, Greece has become Europe's 'unemployment champion'
2015/03/31 Poverty and social exclusion in southern Europe
2015/03/31 Poverty and under-nourishment among Greek schoolchildren
2015/03/31 Economic austerity policies and their effects on EU unemployment
2017/10/04 Return to the Holy Monastery of Prodromos in Serres of holy relics stolen by Bulgaria
2017/09/27 Return of the holy relics of the Holy Monastery of Ikosifinissa in Drama stolen by Bulgaria
2016/09/30 Waste water on the bathing beach in the Dafnes district in Patras, in breach of Directive 85/337/EEC
2015/04/23 Serious delays in 'New Igoumenitsa Port Phase III-1' project
2015/04/08 Dog meat imports to the EU from China
2015/03/31 Major delays in construction of the Corinth-Kalamata-Sparta motorway
2015/03/31 Major delays in construction of Corinth-Patras section of the Athens-Patras motorway
2015/02/20 Massive delays in the construction of the Thessaloniki Metro
2017/09/29 Ecological disaster in the protected NATURA area of South Karystia due to the setting up of wind farms
2016/11/30 Measures to support olive producers in Crete and efficiently control the olive fruit fly
2016/11/30 Immediate measures to make school buildings in Heraklion (Crete) resistant to earthquakes
2015/11/03 Hundreds of students at the University of Crete are deprived of their right to free meals
2015/05/08 VP/HR - German navy vessels dispatched to the Mediterranean for the stated purpose of conducting unilateral refugee rescue operations to the south of Crete independently of Frontex
2015/04/20 EIB and EU funding for improving the operational efficiency of the N. Kazantzakis Airport in Heraklion
2015/04/13 Major problems due to landslides on the Heraklion-Mires road network
2015/04/13 EU funding for the reopening of the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NARF) in Heraklion, Crete
2015/01/30 Implementation of EU regulation banning fishing with winch trawls
2015/01/26 Allocation of funds from the EU Solidarity Fund to repair flood damage to the biological wastewater treatment plant of the Heraklion Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise (DEYAH)
2015/01/22 Immediate aid for fishermen in Heraklion, Crete, in compensation for the temporary ban on fishing in the Gulf of Heraklion
2014/08/29 Fair share of funding for Crete under the Strategic Framework for Investment in Transport 2014-2025
2018/02/14 EU condemnation of Turkish acts of provocation in the area around Imia
2017/02/09 Application extending in 2017 the visa facilitation pilot programme for the islands of the Northern and Southern Aegean
2017/01/30 VP/HR - Renewed attempts by Turkey to directly call into question Greece's sovereign rights in the Aegean
2016/12/05 VP/HR - Condemnation of provocative statements by Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu maintaining that Imia belongs to Turkey
2016/10/19 VP/HR - Condemnation of provocative statements made by Turkey's President, Erdogan, which dispute the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne and related Greek sovereign rights
2016/10/18 Immediate drastic reduction of refugee hosting space on the Aegean Islands and measures for decongesting the islands
2016/09/30 Measures to relieve pressure in the hotspots on the Aegean Islands
2016/08/30 Immediate decongestion of initial reception centres in the Eastern Aegean and the relocation of refugees housed in these centres to other EU countries
2016/06/03 Infringement of public service obligation regarding flights to airports serving remote Aegean and Ionian islands
2016/03/30 Measures to force Turkey to implement the EU-Turkey agreement to stop the influx of illegal migrants into Aegean islands
2016/02/15 VP/HR - Turkish actions challenging Greek sovereign rights in the Aegean
2016/02/01 VP/HR - Measures to secure the immediate release of the Turkish journalists Can Dundar and Erdem Gül
2015/12/22 Actions aimed at the creation of refugee hotspots in Turkey
2015/05/30 Aegean island of Agios Efstratios with no ferry for 35 days
2015/04/08 Shortage of doctors on the islands following health cuts under the memoranda
2014/09/12 UN resolution on sovereign debt restructuring
2017/12/06 Illegal passport controls carried out by the Belgian authorities within the Schengen area on passengers arriving by air from Greece
2017/02/17 Reduced special excise duty on the traditional national drinks 'Tsipouro' and 'Tsikoudià' in Greece
2017/01/27 Allocation by the EU of EUR 50 million to cover the cost of special care in Greece
2016/03/29 Illegal posting of Italian police officers to Albania to guard its border with Greece
2016/01/15 Need for zero excise duty on agricultural fuel in Greece
2015/09/24 Illegal practice by Volkswagen in order to present reduced vehicle-generated pollutants during tests
2015/01/20 Norman Atlantic accident
2014/10/09 Illegal imposition of a special excise duty on natural gas
2018/01/10 Violation in Lamia General Hospital of Directive 2003/88 /EC concerning certain aspects of the organisation of working time
2016/11/04 Recruitment for the re-opening of the Lamia General Hospital operating theatre
2016/05/30 Annulment of transfer of former Hellinikon Airport by HRADF to Lamda Development SA because of infringement of EU law
2016/03/29 VP/HR - Measures against FYROM to ensure its compliance with international law
2016/02/16 Possible decision by Greece, under Article 72 TFEU on the maintenance of law and order and internal security, to deviate from the provisions of Title V TFEU and the Schengen Agreement
2016/02/01 Violation of the provisions of the TEU and TFEU in the award of a tender for 14 regional airports by the HRADF to Fraport AG-Slentel Ltd
2016/01/04 The 'Memorandum' is leading to the collapse of hospital services in Crete
2015/08/27 Infringement of EU law in connection with the apparent privatisation of 14 regional airports in Greece
2015/08/12 Non-compliance with the principle of equal treatment for EU citizens in connection with the recruitment of secondary school supply teachers funded under the NSRF
2015/03/31 Problems with hospital treatment in the Prefecture of Heraklion due to the healthcare policies imposed under the memorandum in Greece
2015/03/05 Political disapproval of Ms Mogherini on the grounds of her unlawful and provocative statement in which she referred to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) as 'Macedonia'
2015/01/30 Healthcare problems at Thessaloniki University General Hospital (AHEPA) caused by the memorandum policy in the healthcare sector in Greece
2014/10/09 Funds for the recruitment of teachers at the Democritus University of Thrace under Presidential Decree 407
2014/09/12 Cuts in preventive screening in Greece for types of cancer covered by the National Organisation for the Provision of Health Services (EOPYY)
2017/09/26 Legal status of podiatrists in Greece
2017/01/27 Implementation by Greece of the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Case C-418/13 relating to supply teachers
2017/01/23 Meningitis B Bexsero vaccine available for free in Greece
2016/12/21 Measures to support large families
2016/12/21 An end to the austerity caused by the fiscal adjustment programmes ('Memoranda') and the introduction of measures to reduce long-term unemployment
2016/11/30 Measures to tackle dangerous toxic fish Lagocephalus sceleratus (sceleratus)
2016/10/31 Allegations of mismanagement in Greece of European funds for addressing refugee flows
2016/09/30 Emergency EU support measures for Greece for recent natural disasters
2016/08/30 Immediate transfer of refugees from the former airport of Ellinikon to other reception facilities while launching the process of relocating them to other EU countries
2016/08/29 An extra EUR 57 million needed for the European 'Work-Life Balance' Programme for infants and toddlers
2016/07/20 Preventive measures to protect cattle from outbreaks of lumpy skin disease in Greece
2016/06/30 Taking immediate measures to drastically reduce the high cost of food in Greece, including imposing zero VAT on dietary staples.
2016/05/30 Exceptional free emission allowances for power generation in Greece
2016/05/30 Inclusion of families with three children in means-tested scheme for the free distribution of fruit and vegetables withdrawn from sale
2016/03/30 Urgent measures to speed up proceedings and ensure the immediate relocation of refugees from Greece to other EU Member States
2015/12/22 Measures to accelerate the resettlement of 160 000 refugees from Greece and Italy in other EU countries
2015/11/03 Not all children have access to pre-primary education in Greece
2015/06/05 Measures to counter people trafficking networks in Turkey that are organising the illegal entry of thousands of refugees into Greece
2015/04/24 Official Eurostat figures show complete failure of Memorandum in Greece five years after it was imposed by the Troika and by Greece's creditors
2015/04/24 Regulatory framework for lobbying European institutions
2015/04/15 European solidarity and distribution between EU Member States of thousands of refugees and migrants illegally entering Greece on a daily basis
2015/04/13 Responsibility of the Commission, as a member of the troika, with respect to the implementation of the cruel financial adjustment programme agreed under the Memorandum, which impoverishes Greek citizens in Heraklion
2015/03/31 Measures to stem the spread of bullying in schools in Greece and other EU Member States
2015/03/31 Violation of the European Social Charter in Greece by the Commission, as a member of the troika
2015/03/31 Reallocation of NSRF funds to create 330 000 jobs under charity programmes
2015/03/18 Investigation by Greece to assess the reasons that led to the building up of excessive levels of debt as well as to track any possible irregularity
2015/02/04 Compensation by the Commission to relatives of thousands of Greeks who committed suicide as a result of austerity measures imposed on Greece by the Troika under the memoranda
2015/02/02 EU Solidarity Fund appropriations for repairing flood damage in Arta, Thesprotia and elsewhere in mainland Greece
2015/01/26 Increasing the number of recipients of unemployment benefit
2014/11/21 Blatant infringement of children's rights in Greece by the Commission, a member of the Troika, under the terms of the Memorandum
2014/10/02 Immediate measures to create new jobs in Greece
2014/09/30 Increasing the amounts that unemployed beneficiaries receive under the training voucher system
2014/09/11 Pressure by the Troika to reduce supplementary pensions and block the issue of new supplementary pension schemes in Greece in 2014
2017/01/27 Compensation for Greek farmers for damage to their crops caused by the unprecedented wave of bad weather in Greece
2017/01/27 Compensation for Greek livestock farmers in respect of damage to their herds caused by an unprecedented wave of bad weather in Greece
2016/08/29 Compensation for Greek farmers for damage to their crops because of the drought caused by climate change
2016/07/29 Compensation payments for garlic producers in Vissa, in the municipality of Orestiada, for damage to crops caused by heavy rainfall
2016/06/29 Repair of damage to public infrastructure and compensation of farmers, livestock breeders and other Arcadia residents for losses suffered as a result of floods
2016/04/27 Compensation from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) for redundant Ilektroniki Athinon (Athens Electronics Company) employees
2015/09/25 Compensation for residents and businesses in the municipality of Kassandra for damage caused by extreme weather conditions
2015/09/25 Compensation for residents of the island of Skopelos for losses sustained as a result of extreme weather conditions
2015/03/20 Compensation for farmers in Tenagi Philippon in the Prefecture of Kavala for damage caused to their crops by extreme weather conditions
2015/03/12 Compensation for arable and livestock farmers in Evros for flood losses
2015/03/12 Compensation for producers in the Prefecture of Serres for damage caused by extreme weather conditions
2015/03/06 Compensation for residents of the island of Samos who suffered losses caused by gale force winds
2015/03/06 Compensation for olive producers on the island of Thassos for damage caused by extreme weather conditions
2015/03/06 Compensation for citrus and avocado producers in the municipality of Platania in the Prefecture of Chania in Crete for losses caused by gale-force winds
2015/03/06 Compensation for farmers in Viannos, in Heraklion, Crete, for damage caused by extreme weather conditions