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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
Partito Democratico
Magic Circle
Agriculture and Rural Development Member agri
Budgets Substitute budg
Fisheries Substitute pech
Transport and Tourism Substitute tran
Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Substitute envi

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/05/15 Ryanair and the right to strike
2018/01/31 Well-being of dairy cows
2018/01/26 Non-toxic environment strategy
2017/12/07 Assessment and results of the PAMELA Project (Process for Advanced Management of End of Life of Aircraft)
2017/10/23 Cloud containing ruthenium-106
2017/09/25 Replanting of two varieties of olive tree in Salento
2017/08/28 Fincantieri STX-France
2017/07/19 Implementation of pilot projects in 2016
2017/06/01 Air travel at discounted prices for Erasmus students
2017/03/22 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cardiovascular risk
2017/03/02 Water management
2017/02/23 Situation of justices of the peace in Italy
2017/02/06 Diverticulitis: risk factors, diagnosis and treatment
2017/02/06 Stray and wild dogs
2017/01/25 ePrivacy
2016/10/20 Acrylamide
2016/06/17 Italy's management of European structural funds 2014-2020 and the Juncker Plan
2016/05/26 Abolition of roaming charges by 2017
2016/05/26 Floating hotspots
2016/02/15 Flexibility margins correlated to emergency immigration situation
2015/10/30 Mobilising the Solidarity Fund for the province of Benevento
2015/10/29 Solidarity Fund assistance for the Sannio region of Italy
2015/09/29 Temporary additional access of Tunisian olive oil to the EU market
2015/04/29 European businesses and goods made in Italy
2015/03/25 VP/HR - Terrorism: the situation in Libya
2015/03/25 Protecting the image of extra virgin olive oil produced in Italy
2015/01/07 Computational sociology
2014/12/12 Vulnerability and energy poverty in Italy
2014/12/04 OPEC and security of energy supply
2014/12/04 The Habitats and Birds Directives and 'Italia sicura' (safe Italy) projects
2014/11/11 World Diabetes Day and small centres of research excellence in Italy and Europe
2014/11/03 Accounting, tax and computer fraud
2014/10/23 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
2014/10/23 End of milk quotas and price volatility
2014/10/17 Combating Italy's falling birth rate, and supporting specific groups in the country
2014/10/15 Environment: hydrogeological risk in Italy
2014/09/30 Third-party liability vehicle insurance in Italy
2014/09/30 Fuel prices in Italy
2014/09/30 Heavy tax burdens in Italy
2014/09/30 Waste emergency affecting our oceans
2014/09/30 VP/HR - Umbrella revolution in Hong Kong
2014/07/22 Waste management in Campania
2014/07/17 Poverty emergency in Italy
2014/07/08 Immigration emergency in Italy
2018/04/23 Clarifications regarding Directive 2006/123/EC and the seaside business sector
2018/03/28 Hidden sugars on labels
2017/12/19 Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing
2017/10/30 Fish quota monopoly
2017/10/16 New beta-blocker-based therapies to combat melanoma skin cancer
2017/10/10 Reform of financial supervision and consumer protection
2017/10/10 Initiatives against 'digital illegal employment'
2017/09/15 Application of Relocation Decisions 2015/1523 and 2015/1601 ahead of their expiration date (26 September 2017)
2017/07/19 Follow-up to the Commission reply regarding the gangmaster system ('caporalato') in the agricultural sector
2017/07/14 Parkinson's as an occupational disease
2017/05/12 Illegal work in the agricultural sector
2017/05/12 Lumpy skin disease
2017/03/22 Two-stage online reverse auctions
2017/03/02 Consumer protection in 'reward-based' crowdfunding
2017/01/19 Intensive fishing using the 'pelagic one-boat trawl' system
2016/12/19 Agricultural mechanisation
2016/12/19 Sugar refining sector post-quota
2016/11/10 Measures to aid the hazelnut sector
2016/10/20 Nitrates in foodstuffs
2016/09/06 Barnier Directive
2016/08/25 Biofuel certification system
2016/07/13 Environmental crimes
2016/06/17 Strengthening the protection of intellectual property
2016/06/14 Accelerating the digital transformation of government
2016/06/07 Checks on the origin of olive oil: a new chromatographic method
2016/05/19 Refusal to grant asylum to 3000 unaccompanied minors
2016/05/02 Agricultural negotiations for a free trade agreement with Mercosur
2016/04/20 Consumer trust in generic drugs
2016/03/23 PNR (Passenger Name Record) Directive
2016/03/23 EU-Turkey agreement on migrants
2016/01/28 Digital single market
2016/01/12 Consumer fraud in the labelling of fish in the EU
2015/11/04 Foie gras: abolishing the minimum weight requirement for duck and goose livers
2015/11/04 Measures to bring foie gras production into line with recommendations contained in the Council of Europe Convention for the protection of animals kept for farming purposes
2015/10/07 Laboratory tests and defeat devices
2015/10/05 Protection of ethnic minorities
2015/09/23 Encouraging responsible consumption by improving the consumer protection system
2015/09/23 The strengthening of the mutual recognition of judicial and extrajudicial decisions
2015/09/23 Purchases on the internet and consumer protection
2015/08/26 Existing gavage-free production
2015/07/20 Recognising biomedical engineering within the Professional Qualifications Directive
2015/04/30 Information systems and protection of unaccompanied minors
2015/04/29 The Small Business Act and the construction sector
2015/04/24 International initiatives on small and medium-sized enterprises
2015/04/24 Intellectual property rights (IPR) and international initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises
2015/03/20 Edward Snowden and privacy
2015/03/17 ICT, the 'digital neorealism' of the 'selfie' and the strengthening of protection of copyright and privacy
2015/03/17 Innovative methods in the corporate decision-making process and 'business theatre'
2015/03/11 Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP)
2015/03/11 Indication of the production site on labels
2015/02/27 Recognition of skills and qualifications
2014/12/17 The internet and universal service
2014/12/17 eHealth, wearable medical devices and cybercrime
2014/12/17 Free access to online content, digital literacy and inclusion
2014/12/17 Transportation and slaughter of live animals outside the EU
2014/12/04 IUU Regulation ( combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing
2014/12/03 Environmental Liability Directive
2014/11/27 Recognition of geographic indications on the internet - negotiations with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
2014/11/13 Crisis in the Italian olive oil sector
2014/10/31 VP/HR - Denis Mukwege, the 2014 Sakharov Prize and gender-based violence
2014/10/09 Multilateral protection of designations of origin and combating look-alikes
2014/09/30 Limited socio-economic benefits of the common agricultural policy (CAP)
2014/09/30 Distortion of competition in the automobile insurance sector
2014/09/17 Encouraging innovation in the European agricultural sector
2014/09/17 Protection of online indications of origin, particularly in the winegrowing sector
2014/09/03 Common agricultural policy: review of greening provisions
2014/09/03 Fisheries: use of illegal driftnets
2014/09/03 High-frequency trading and full compliance with the MIFID directive
2014/09/03 Cybercrime and the Internet of Things
2018/05/03 Situation at the French-Italian border near Bardonecchia
2017/12/19 French child harmed by glyphosate
2017/03/10 Glyphosate
2017/02/28 Wheat containing deoxynivalenol
2016/12/19 Wheat and glyphosate
2016/07/14 Wheat prices
2016/07/13 Glyphosate
2015/10/14 Female genital mutilation
2014/12/17 Cybersecurity, the IoT, the 'deep web', Silk Road and Anonymous
2014/12/17 eCall and the IoT
2014/11/13 The threat posed by the Oriental chestnut gall wasp
2018/03/28 Carcinogenic mineral oils in food
2018/01/31 Treatment of live fishery products
2018/01/31 Food labelling
2018/01/18 Restriction of freight traffic along the Brenner Pass
2017/12/07 Draw for the assignment of the headquarters of the EMA and EBA
2017/09/14 'Diffuse' approach in food defence programmes
2017/09/05 Red mites on egg farms
2017/08/23 New medicinal products based on dimethyl fumarate (DMF)
2017/06/28 Use of aluminium in food packaging
2017/06/22 Bisphenol A - conflicting EFSA and ECHA opinions
2017/06/20 Harmfulness of E951 'Aspartame' sweetener
2017/06/20 Harmfulness of food additives E 249-250-251-252: follow-up to the EFSA study
2017/03/02 Mandatory labelling for tomato-based products
2017/01/12 Iron and steel products
2016/09/05 Food products containing palm oil
2016/08/25 Information technology security
2016/08/01 Influence of traffic-light food labelling on consumers' choices
2016/04/27 Contaminated food imported into the EU
2015/12/17 Plan for revising Regulation (EC) No 607/2009 on the labelling of wine
2015/12/07 Food fraud involving fish; reducing imports of fish into the EU
2015/08/03 Links between prescribers and producers
2015/06/29 Correct labelling information for butter
2015/05/29 Recovery, recycling and re-use of raw materials from everyday products as a valuable resource
2015/03/31 Labelling of glazed food products
2015/03/31 Food labelling of glazed food products
2014/10/23 World Food Day, subsistence farming and the important role of family farms
2014/10/15 Mandatory training of the Heimlich manoeuvre for staff in schools
2014/10/15 Cold chain to preserve food and medicines
2014/10/07 EU imports of Cambodian rice
2014/10/06 Wasted food
2014/09/03 Labelling of organic foods and counterfeit products
2014/07/17 Request for information on Parliament's two seats
2017/10/16 Limits on the use of perfluoroalkylated substances
2017/08/31 Accessibility of innovative medicines for diabetics
2017/07/19 Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)
2017/06/01 Support for victims of cyber-bullying
2017/06/01 Blue Whale problem
2017/03/22 Industrial hemp
2017/01/12 Major depressive disorder (MDD)
2016/10/11 Maximum limits of thiamethoxam permitted for use on rocket (rucola)
2016/01/28 Non-performing loans
2015/12/07 The circular economy
2015/10/14 A more effective justice system can make SMEs more competitive
2015/10/02 Difficulty in recovering debts from foreign companies and SMEs
2015/07/02 Fair access to innovative treatments
2015/05/28 Air quality
2015/04/24 Commitment to make the EU's industrial base fit for a globalised economy
2015/04/24 Supporting the sustainable and inclusive economic growth of SMEs
2015/04/16 The circular economy and financial support for SMEs
2015/03/17 Innovative training methods and so-called 'gamification'
2015/03/11 POP 3D experiment and expansion of scientific participation
2015/03/11 The Blind and Imagined experiment and support in the areas of innovative financing for SMEs
2015/01/06 Access to treatments involving the use of innovative technologies, 3D printing of human organs, 'bionic ears' and ethical issues relating thereto
2014/12/17 Real estate loans
2014/12/04 Circular Economy Package and green SMEs
2014/12/04 Clean Air Policy Package and the blue economy
2014/12/03 Biodiversity 2020, Green Infrastructures and win-win combinations
2014/11/19 School support services
2014/11/10 ECB, Commission and measures to promote lending to the real economy
2014/09/30 Access to credit and agricultural loans for SMEs
2017/12/19 Reform of the CAP - Let's change agriculture
2017/10/30 Exponential increase in sexually transmitted diseases - chlamydial lymphogranuloma
2017/09/05 Presence of Amitraz in flocks of laying hens and on fruit and vegetables
2017/07/14 Presence of histamine in tuna
2017/06/28 Authorisation to market GM sugar cane in Brazil
2016/11/16 EFSI and agriculture
2016/11/16 Antibiotic resistance
2016/10/20 Application of fruit and vegetable Common Market Organisation
2016/03/23 EU agriculture market crisis
2016/02/03 Essential follow-up to the approved Written Declaration on autism (0018/2015)
2016/02/03 Essential follow-up to the approved Written Declaration on autism (0018/2015)
2016/01/27 CAP mid-term review
2015/06/04 Conservation agriculture
2015/01/09 Molecular biology, disease modelling, reprogrammed stem cells, autism and other genetic disorders
2014/11/13 Clandestine and undeclared work in agriculture
2014/10/31 Water, an essential resource for agriculture and for life itself, which must no longer be wasted
2014/10/23 CAP budget cut
2014/10/09 Agriculture: the emergence of new parasites and plant diseases
2014/09/26 Late Payment
2014/09/03 The environment: vulnerability of Europe and its agriculture to climate change
2014/09/03 Agriculture: crisis in the fresh summer fruit sector
2018/04/25 Pyramid schemes as unfair commercial practices
2018/02/20 Boosting blood plasma collection in the EU
2017/10/30 Checking the state of European ports
2017/10/04 VP/HR - Support for Sicilian fishermen awarded the European Citizen's Prize 2017
2016/12/19 Competitiveness of Mediterranean ports
2016/09/05 EU self-sufficiency in blood
2016/05/02 Vaccination in herds
2016/03/23 European plans for countering radicalisation and terrorism
2015/04/16 Developing a culture of sustainability
2015/04/08 Call for a European Year on Tourism
2015/03/25 Combating counterfeit foods at European level
2015/03/18 Partial ban on neonicotinoids
2015/03/17 Culture as an essential tool for European identity and cohesion
2015/03/11 Completion of the European Research Area
2015/03/11 The Nanoparticles and Osteoporosis (NATO) experiment and the value of excellence in science and research
2015/03/11 DRAINBRAIN experiment and full exploitation of European research, science and innovation
2015/03/11 CYTOSPACE experiment and closer monitoring of activities at national level
2015/01/09 Cross-border healthcare
2015/01/09 Life expectancy and its impact on the sustainability of European healthcare systems
2014/12/22 Asbestos in the European Union
2014/12/17 European basic income
2014/11/19 Fiscal dumping in the European Union
2014/11/13 Standardisation of vaccination calendar in Member States
2014/11/10 European Central Bank and the Single Supervisory Mechanism: oversight, transparency, and democracy
2014/10/17 Pan-European healthcare
2014/10/09 Tourism, state beach concessions and beach clubs
2014/09/03 Investor state dispute settlement mechanism in the CETA and TTIP
2018/01/31 Salmonella alert in Europe
2017/12/19 Driving range of electric cars
2017/07/14 Vertical farming
2017/06/12 Prevention of andrological diseases
2017/02/06 Trimethylaminuria (TMAU)
2016/08/25 Xylella fastidiosa
2016/08/01 Jose Manuel Barroso and Goldman Sachs
2015/09/23 Commitment to making e-justice more interactive tool
2015/09/23 International divorce rules and matrimonial property regimes
2015/07/20 Absence of biomedical engineering from Horizon 2020
2015/05/29 A commitment to reducing Europe's ecological debt
2015/05/29 The commitment to create an innovation-friendly environment
2015/05/29 Investing in the low-emission automotive industry
2015/05/29 Commitment to growth and stimulus of aerospace as a means of preventing environmental disasters
2015/05/29 Air traffic in Europe
2015/05/28 Commitment to promoting growth and innovation in Europe
2015/05/28 Commitment to promoting an eco-innovative food industry
2015/05/28 Commitment to promoting tourism start-ups
2015/04/29 Commitment to strengthen international cooperation
2015/04/27 Eco-innovation and commitment to supporting businesses
2015/04/16 VP/HR - ISIS in Syria - 3500 children in danger
2015/04/14 Xylella fastidiosa
2015/04/09 Serious events surrounding the Roma-Feyenoord match
2015/04/09 Responsibilities of football clubs at international sporting events
2015/03/17 Strong emphasis on education and innovation, making use of new technologies
2015/03/17 Non-formal learning and e-learning platforms
2015/03/17 Commitment to support non-formal learning
2015/03/17 Commitment to supporting lifelong learning for persons with learning difficulties
2015/03/11 Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA) facilities
2015/03/11 Commitment to implement the Innovation Union
2015/03/11 Orthostatic Tolerance experiment and commitment to ensure the implementation of Horizon 2020 in the most efficient and effective way possible
2015/03/11 Bone/Muscle check experiment and investment for education, research and innovation
2015/03/03 Socio-economic migration of workers and commitment to combating social dumping
2015/03/03 ICT 'for dummies' and lifelong learning
2015/02/27 EURES and mobility of workers
2015/02/27 Commitment to creating a barrier-free Europe for people with disabilities
2015/01/07 The new treatment for hepatitis C and the commitment to guaranteeing equal access to treatment for all EU citizens
2015/01/07 Commitment to a gradual transformation of the transport system and hybrid, electric and hydrogen powered vehicles, including the use of graphene
2015/01/06 Commitment to prevention
2014/11/13 Marketing of genetically modified products in Europe intended for animal consumption
2014/10/23 Phthalates in toys and other items intended for children
2014/10/23 Innovation in farming
2014/10/15 Possible spread of Ebola in Europe
2014/10/06 Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)
2014/08/13 Italian marines held in India
2014/08/13 Issue of Italian marines and the fight against international piracy
2014/07/15 Europe without Italian
2018/03/28 Strategies for tackling youth crime
2018/03/28 Anti-cancer immunostimulating agents
2018/01/31 Strategy for plastics - cotton buds and microplastics
2018/01/31 Waste electrical and electronic equipment
2018/01/31 Leigh syndrome and orphan drugs
2018/01/29 Strategy for endocrine disruptors
2017/09/14 New evidence of the risks of tattoos
2017/05/12 Powassan virus
2017/03/31 Sustainable herbicides
2017/03/31 Surreptitious advertising on social media
2017/03/07 Smart Eco Social Villages
2017/02/22 Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs)
2017/01/12 Sustainable finance
2016/11/10 Criteria for identifying endocrine disruption chemicals
2016/09/06 Strategic investments for rural businesses
2016/09/06 Zika virus
2016/06/17 Microplastics in our oceans
2016/04/20 Cancer registries and screening
2016/03/16 Employment rights of metastatic cancer patients
2016/02/01 Temporary unemployment benefit
2016/02/01 Zika virus
2015/12/01 Migrants and anti-Europeanism
2015/06/11 Progress in the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2015/06/05 Anti-tuberculosis drugs
2015/05/28 Shiploads of poison and more ambitious action on chemicals
2015/04/29 Facilitating the internationalisation of EU businesses
2015/04/24 Rural development policy implementation
2015/04/24 Economic and technological development, and key enabling technologies (KETs)
2015/03/31 Rural development programmes
2015/03/20 Withdrawal of the dossier on waste and recycling
2015/03/20 Social Progress Index (SPI)
2015/03/17 Social networks as an instrument of 'educational osmosis' of knowledge: knowing how to learn, to train, learning how to use
2015/03/17 Youth unemployment
2015/03/17 Single-parent families and undertakings regarding youth unemployment
2015/03/11 WEARABLE MONITORING experiment and development of knowledge resulting from aerospace research for productive and social purposes
2015/03/03 Apprenticeships, the Youth Guarantee and youth employment
2015/03/03 Social inclusion and educational integration of pupils with disabilities
2015/02/27 NEETs and implementation of measures to promote youth employment
2015/01/06 Aerial spraying of pesticides
2014/12/17 Youth Guarantee Scheme
2014/12/12 Carbon capture and storage
2014/12/12 Carbon leakage
2014/12/03 Sustainable Development Goals, EIA and SEA
2014/12/03 The seventh environmental programme as a policy framework
2014/12/03 The seal of eco-quality (Ecolabel) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
2014/10/17 Implementation and modernisation of land and sea transport as a driver for development
2014/10/17 Risks related to endocrine disruptors
2014/10/15 Smart drugs
2018/02/13 Combating Afrophobia
2018/01/31 Maritime safety on domestic routes
2017/12/19 Safety of products on the EU single market: intervention by the Commission to boost trust
2017/10/30 Use of drones to monitor emissions from ships
2017/09/25 Cause-effect relationship between exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields and the onset of leukaemia
2017/07/19 EU land registry: from coordination to joint action
2017/06/13 Young adults affected by ADHD
2017/02/28 Combating alcohol and drug addiction in young people
2017/02/28 Iodine-131 radiation levels
2017/01/12 New bird flu epidemic
2017/01/12 Men's health
2016/12/19 Nuclear safety
2016/11/10 Life expectancy in the Campania region
2016/10/20 Drones
2016/07/13 Safety of botanicals
2016/04/20 Monitoring meat safety - a new histopathological method
2016/01/27 Migration crisis
2015/06/04 Marker assisted selection
2015/04/16 VP/HR - Massacre of Christians in Kenya
2015/04/16 VP/HR - Israel: Likud's victory in the recent elections
2015/04/16 Monitoring of crews of German national carriers
2015/04/09 Implementation of the Council framework decision (2008/913/JHA) on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law
2015/04/09 Implementation of the Council framework decision (2008/913/JHA) on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law
2015/03/25 VP/HR - Camp Liberty, Iraq
2015/03/03 Health and safety at work
2015/02/27 Social impact assessments
2015/01/09 Nuclear power plant at Garigliano
2015/01/07 The mental health of young people and continuity of care
2015/01/06 Commitment to providing universal health coverage and the moral implications connected thereto
2015/01/06 E-health and the coordination of health systems using ICT
2014/12/04 The phenomena of Nimby and Banana and nuclear safety
2014/11/19 Obstacles facing young farmers
2014/11/19 Checks on Bt cotton
2014/11/19 New dangerous strain of bird flu
2014/11/03 Pain therapy and palliative care
2014/10/15 Alternative gas supplies
2014/10/09 Migration flows - health checks
2014/10/09 Employment: industrial crisis and delocalisation
2014/10/06 Intensive animal husbandry and health risks
2014/10/06 Public health: combating trafficking in counterfeit pharmaceutical products
2014/09/26 Health situation in Campania
2014/09/26 Cost of fertilizers for EU farmers
2014/09/26 Impact of the crisis on public health
2014/09/04 Noise pollution and the upgrading of residential and public buildings with the aim, inter alia, of saving energy
2014/08/20 Public health crisis due to Ebola epidemic
2014/08/13 Humanitarian crisis in Iraq
2014/08/01 Israel-Palestine conflict
2014/07/24 Health problems caused by low-level microwave radiation emissions (WiFi)