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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left
Partido Comunista Português
Magic Circle
Economic and Monetary Affairs Member econ
Budgetary Control Substitute cont
Agriculture and Rural Development Substitute agri
Financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance Substitute tax3

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/06/08 Reprogramming EU funds and financial instruments
2018/05/09 Support for biomass plants following the fires in Portugal
2018/05/09 EIB and electricity generation from biomass
2018/04/29 Google spending millions on lobbying
2018/02/07 Reduction in US funding for UNRWA
2018/01/10 Wine production in Portugal
2017/11/22 Ageing farming population
2017/10/16 Fires in Portugal
2017/10/06 Exemptions for endocrine disruptors
2017/09/10 Extreme drought in Portugal
2017/07/04 'Águas do Centro Litoral' (Central Coastal Waters) and wastewater discharges
2017/06/27 Horizon 2020 programme
2017/06/20 Investment in SMEs in Portugal under the EFSI
2017/06/19 Fires in central Portugal - municipality of Pedrógão Grande and neighbouring municipalities, district of Leiria
2017/05/27 Capitalisation of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos
2017/03/02 The VITIS programme
2017/01/09 Citrus pest in Madeira
2016/12/14 Structural funds and the art of cowbell-making
2016/11/23 Hurricane Matthew
2016/11/23 Haiti and the cholera epidemic
2016/09/29 Investment projects in pig farming
2016/09/12 Tax theft by Apple
2016/09/08 Horizon 2020 cuts
2016/08/31 GNI and VAT revenue
2016/08/10 Fires in Madeira
2016/08/10 Fires in mainland Portugal
2016/06/08 Recapitalisation of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos
2016/05/17 EDP sanctions against Portugal
2016/05/11 Third post-programme surveillance mission
2015/10/07 Growing income inequality
2015/09/03 Funding for migrant social inclusion and integration policies
2015/09/03 Creation of safe and legal routes for migrants
2015/08/27 New access routes for Castelo de Paiva (Portugal)
2015/07/20 VP/HR - Israeli participation in the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
2015/06/30 Electioneering dinner paid for using PRODER funds
2015/06/26 New World wine
2015/06/17 Marketing of foods high in fats and sugars
2015/06/15 Zoning and compartmentalisation
2015/05/29 VP/HR - Fighting emigration
2015/05/29 Mare Nostrum
2015/05/18 Tax havens
2015/05/08 Tax haven in Madeira
2015/05/08 GM crops
2015/04/30 The appellation 'Alvarinho'
2015/04/30 Wine labelling
2015/04/30 SOER 2015
2015/03/31 POLIS programme - Ria Formosa lagoon (Portugal)
2015/03/31 Metro Mondego S.A.
2015/03/26 Return of CAP funds by Portugal
2015/03/12 ELTIF and social clauses
2015/03/12 Digital books
2015/02/27 Portugal in the excessive imbalance category
2015/02/27 Tax avoidance
2015/02/05 Future of EMEF and CP Carga
2015/01/21 Creditors' conference in the EU
2015/01/21 Making the Stability and Growth Pact more flexible
2015/01/09 Restricted tender procedure within the framework of the Erasmus + programme
2014/12/19 Commission Work Programme and the circular economy
2014/12/19 Commission Work Programme and air quality Directive
2014/12/19 PRODER programme and bankruptcies
2014/12/09 2012 Growth Pact
2014/12/09 EFSI and committee of experts
2014/12/09 ESIF and Fiscal Compact
2014/11/14 Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate access to published works
2014/11/14 Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate access to published works
2014/11/14 Funding for research on ecology, forest sciences and agrarian sciences
2014/11/14 Agricultural sciences in the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020)
2014/11/10 Russian gas
2014/11/07 Forest fires in Portugal
2014/11/07 Responsibility of the Commission President in tax evasion cases
2014/11/07 Responsibility of the Commission President in tax evasion cases
2014/09/30 Lay-offs at Moviflor, Portugal
2014/07/24 ECB loans to private banks
2014/07/24 Recapitalisation of the private banks - EU/IMF programme (Portugal)
2014/07/21 New tax breaks for banks - tax deferral
2014/07/21 Repayment by Portugal of fisheries and agriculture funding
2018/06/17 Protecting elephants and the ivory trade
2018/05/08 VP/HR - Israel's cancellation of the agreement with the UNHCR
2018/04/06 International transhumance in apiculture
2018/03/08 VP/HR - Renewed administrative detention of Salah Hamouri, a French citizen
2018/03/06 VP/HR - Decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union on the Fisheries Agreement between the EU and Morocco
2018/01/25 VP/HR - Israel blacklists persons and organisations linked to the BDS campaign
2018/01/11 VP/HR - Court of Justice of the European Union opinion on the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement
2018/01/01 VP/HR - Israel's detention of Ahed Tamimi
2017/12/04 EU trade offer in the negotiations with Mercosur
2017/10/25 VP/HR - EU-Morocco Association Agreement
2017/09/19 Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with Uzbekistan
2017/09/13 VP/HR - Arrest of Salah Hamouri, a Palestinian lawyer
2017/09/06 Impact on the wine sector of free trade agreements between the EU and Australia and New Zealand
2017/08/21 EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and PGIs
2017/07/30 EU-Japan Economic Partnership
2017/05/10 Tomato import quotas
2017/01/25 Study on the impact of concessions in free trade agreements on agricultural products
2016/10/05 CETA - ratification and partial entry into force
2016/09/29 CETA and meat import quotas
2016/07/06 International minerals trade
2016/06/20 Classification of CETA as a mixed agreement
2016/05/11 Dutch referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
2016/04/07 CETA and the dispute settlement mechanism
2016/02/03 Ryanair threat to trade union rights
2016/01/05 VP/HR - Annulment of the trade agreement between the EU and Morocco
2015/12/09 COP21, interim targets and international transport
2015/12/09 Emergency autonomous trade measures for Tunisia
2015/05/22 Ratification of the Treaty of Marrakesh
2015/05/18 VP/HR - Palestinian homes demolished in Hebron
2015/04/17 Detention of Palestinian deputy
2015/04/16 POSEI- transport
2015/01/21 Revision of the Schengen agreements
2015/01/21 Olive oil market
2015/01/13 VP/HR - Israel's freezing of money due to the PNA
2015/01/13 Israel's freezing of money due to the PNA
2014/12/16 Law establishing Israel as a Jewish state
2014/11/10 VP/HR - Arms sales to Israel
2014/10/23 Suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement
2014/10/16 2005 International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives
2014/10/16 EU/Ukraine free-trade agreement
2014/10/15 Free trade agreement with Ukraine
2014/09/16 CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement)
2014/08/11 Free trade agreement between Europe and the United States (TTIP)
2018/01/12 VP/HR - Sale of arms to Ukraine
2017/10/02 Directive on mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation
2017/08/30 Baixo Vouga Lagunar
2017/03/13 Double taxation in the EU
2017/01/30 Temporary autonomous trade measures in favour of Ukraine
2016/11/23 Human trafficking in Libya
2016/10/27 Brutality against refugees in Calais
2016/06/20 Killing of Syrian refugees at the Turkish border
2016/04/07 BCP's sale of Activobank
2016/04/07 VP/HR - Expulsion of the MINURSO mission
2016/01/05 Fight against exposure to asbestos
2015/09/03 Gene bank
2015/09/03 Eunavfor Med mission to combat human traffickers
2015/09/03 Eunavfor Med mission to combat human traffickers
2015/08/27 Proposal for a regulation on official controls applicable to food for human consumption
2015/07/23 Combating unfair practices in the food supply chain
2015/07/23 Supply contracts and catalogue of rights
2015/07/03 VP/HR - Military courts in the West Bank
2015/07/03 Border fence between Serbia and Hungary
2015/06/26 End of planting rights
2015/05/29 Rescue missions
2015/05/29 Military operation against refugees
2015/05/29 Number of refugees
2015/05/29 Number of refugees
2015/05/22 Deutsche Bank fine
2015/04/30 VP/HR - EU troops in Ukraine
2015/04/16 VP/HR - Appointment of Dmitry Yarosh as military advisor
2015/04/16 VP/HR - Human rights in Ukraine and draft law 2225
2015/04/09 End of the common position on Cuba
2015/03/05 Bosch and compliance with employment law
2015/03/03 VP/HR - Water supply to the new city of Rawabi
2015/02/05 VP/HR - Military assistance for Ukraine
2015/02/05 The fight against terrorism
2015/01/09 VP/HR - Violation of macro-financial assistance rules with regard to Ukraine
2015/01/09 VP/HR - Macro-financial assistance to Ukraine and human rights
2015/01/09 New loan to Ukraine
2015/01/09 Information on macro-financial assistance to Ukraine
2014/12/12 VP/HR - Assessment of the intervention in Ukraine
2014/11/27 Use of civilian products and technologies for military purposes
2014/11/10 Loan to Ukraine
2014/11/10 Human rights in Ukraine
2014/11/07 Cluster bombs in Ukraine
2014/10/15 Bank separation
2014/09/10 Human rights in Israel
2018/04/30 Fresh outbreak of potato blight in Galicia
2018/04/10 Biomass plants and the Juncker plan
2018/03/13 Recognition of producer organisations
2018/02/24 Increase in Mercosul pigmeat quota
2018/01/25 New measures on labelling and consumption of alcoholic beverages
2017/12/12 Support for breeders of Bísaro pigs
2017/12/04 Butter crisis
2017/11/05 Outbreak of the plague in Madagascar
2017/10/11 Olive production crisis in Trás-os-Montes
2017/07/19 Support for young farmers
2017/03/10 Juncker Plan and traditional commerce
2017/03/10 Shipbuilding industry and the Juncker Plan
2016/09/08 Horizon 2020 and the payments crisis
2016/07/06 Mid-term review of the Strategic Investment Plan
2016/07/06 Juncker Plan and support for Sinaga
2016/05/11 Support for the firm INSIEME
2016/03/03 Crisis in the pigmeat market
2016/01/20 Programmes to eradicate, control and monitor zoonoses
2016/01/07 Crisis in the pigmeat market
2016/01/05 Measures to control rabies
2016/01/05 Patents on plants derived from traditional cross-breeding
2015/10/07 Urban Agenda and White Paper
2015/09/09 Support for the crisis in agriculture
2015/08/27 Support for non-industrial fisheries
2015/07/23 Delay with scrapping roaming rates
2015/07/23 Delay with scrapping roaming rates
2015/07/23 Consequence of scrapping roaming rates
2015/07/23 Early retirement for farmers
2015/07/20 SMEs, financing and the Juncker plan
2015/06/26 Pesticides in apples
2015/04/16 Support for pineapple production
2015/03/31 Support programme for countries subject to intervention by the troika (IMF-EU-ECB)
2015/03/31 Five pesticides declared potentially carcinogenic
2015/03/20 CAP support for beekeeping
2015/03/20 Beekeeping surveillance programmes
2015/03/11 Rehabilitation plan for the 'islands' of Porto
2015/02/27 Support for producer organisations
2015/02/27 Crisis prevention and management instruments
2015/02/11 Control of the Asian fly, the cause of chestnut blight, and measures of support for the affected regions
2014/12/12 Measures to support rice prices
2014/11/14 Insecurity amongst young scientific workers and EU funding
2014/11/07 Projects and financing
2014/10/23 Support for theatre companies and cooperation amongst them at European level
2014/09/29 Portuguese farmers affected by bad weather
2014/08/11 ECB intervention - non-conventional instruments
2014/07/08 Eradicating zoonoses
2018/05/12 VP/HR - European citizen prohibited from entering Morocco
2018/04/14 Revolving doors at the European Commission
2018/04/10 VP/HR - Massacre in Gaza on Earth Day
2018/03/27 Labelling of honey
2018/01/26 Disposal of milk powder stocks
2018/01/10 Waste milk
2017/11/22 Milk powder stocks
2017/08/21 Reckitt Benckiser and the register of interested parties
2017/08/04 EU inertia allows Reckitt Benckiser Group to avoid taxes
2017/06/01 Bundeskartellamt milk-sector inquiry
2017/05/16 Genetically modified maize
2017/03/20 VP/HR - Spraying of toxic substances by the Israeli army in Gaza
2017/02/27 Sale of powdered milk
2017/02/20 Mario Draghi and the Group of Thirty
2017/02/08 European black list of non-cooperating countries
2017/01/25 List of non-cooperative territories in relation to money laundering
2016/12/15 Children and migration policy
2016/12/14 VP/HR - Confidential European diplomacy report
2016/11/15 Commission and the 'revolving door'
2016/11/14 List of tax havens
2016/11/14 Oriental chestnut gall wasp
2016/08/31 Aid for the dairy sector
2016/07/06 Reform of POSEI in response to the dairy crisis
2016/06/08 European LAW-TRAIN project
2016/05/11 European Court of Auditors report No 10/2016
2016/04/07 European Development Fund Criteria
2016/03/03 Use of peracetic acid to decontaminate poultry carcases
2016/02/03 Court of Auditors report on assistance provided to countries in difficulties
2016/01/07 Health crisis in the pig sector
2015/12/09 COP21 and the carbon market
2015/12/09 Request to consult Code of Conduct Group documents
2015/11/06 Aid package for the dairy sector
2015/07/20 The notion of 'group interest'
2015/07/20 The notion of 'group interest' and the survival of subsidiaries
2015/07/20 The notion of 'group interest' and tax avoidance
2015/07/09 European Year for Development: children and youth
2015/07/03 Tax evasion in developing countries
2015/07/03 Early payment of direct aid
2015/07/03 Emergency aid for the dairy sector
2015/06/30 Aid for improvements to the EN125 highway (Algarve)
2015/06/30 Advisory platform - European Fund for Strategic Investments
2015/06/26 Liberalisation of planting rights and aid for grubbing-up
2015/06/15 Aid to the PSA group
2015/06/15 Labelling of dairy products
2015/05/21 Criteria for the establishment of producer organisations (dairy sector)
2015/05/20 European Aid for Nepal
2015/05/08 VP/HR - Reconstruction of Gaza halted
2015/04/30 Migration policy
2015/04/30 The PRICE project and genetically modified organisms
2015/04/30 VP/HR - Schools destroyed in Gaza
2015/04/30 The EU and migration policy
2015/04/23 Public-private partnerships and single European airspace
2015/04/23 Single European Sky
2015/04/16 Attacks on workers' rights at the European Patent Office
2015/03/31 Continued attacks and killings in Colombia
2015/03/12 Genhymape Project - leasing to private sector bodies
2015/03/12 European Army
2015/03/12 European Army
2015/03/05 Bosch is refusing to meet with a Member of the European Parliament
2015/03/03 VP/HR - Gaza Strip and bombs with depleted uranium
2015/02/27 Development of the wine sector in Palestine
2015/02/11 Projects to be submitted under the European Fund for Strategic Investments
2015/02/11 Effects of the entry into the European market of the Chinese chestnut
2015/02/05 Youth unemployment
2015/01/13 VP/HR - Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons in 2015
2014/12/12 Humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip
2014/12/05 Poultry vaccines
2014/12/05 Benchmark - physical goods
2014/12/05 Benchmark and code of conduct
2014/11/27 Potato market
2014/11/27 European Accessibility Act
2014/08/11 End of milk quotas
2014/07/17 Funding for research and development;
2018/04/24 New pest affecting cherry trees
2018/03/14 Protection of the Bisaro pig breed and genetic heritage
2018/02/07 VP/HR - Destruction of two EU-funded schools
2018/02/06 Liberalisation of rice imports
2017/12/27 Amendment of Directive 98/44/EC on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions.
2017/10/25 Identification system for sheep and goats
2017/10/25 Box tree moth
2017/10/06 Sugar refining and sugarcane imports
2017/10/01 Fipronil scandal
2017/07/04 Participation of the Israeli Ministry of Public Security (IMPS) in the 'Law Train'(LT) project
2017/06/25 Authorisation for glyphosate and the 'Monsanto Papers'
2017/06/13 Conditions for export and bluetongue
2017/05/27 Working conditions in the AveiroBus company
2017/05/04 Directive 1999/70/EC
2017/05/04 Derogation because of avian influenza
2017/03/20 Tainted meat scandal in Brazil
2017/03/10 Memorandum of Understanding with the United States on meat imports
2016/12/14 Citrus fruit imports
2016/11/14 Avian influenza
2016/10/20 Minimum capital levels
2016/10/04 Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto
2016/09/29 Ethoxyquin and public health
2016/05/31 Avian flu
2016/04/12 Panama Papers scandal
2016/03/03 Palm tree disease
2016/03/03 Disease in oranges from United States
2016/02/03 Impact of public country-by-country reporting
2016/01/05 Public disclosure of country-by-country reports
2015/12/09 Genetic editing techniques
2015/11/06 Pest affecting stone pine trees
2015/07/09 Sugar-sweetened beverages
2015/07/03 Steep decline in the working population
2015/06/17 Principle of the cascade system of prescription
2015/05/18 Public disclosure and directive on capital requirements
2015/05/18 Public disclosure of country reports
2015/05/18 Special purpose entities
2015/05/08 Country-by-country report and transparency
2015/05/08 GMO imports and public health
2015/05/08 Imports of GMOs and national restrictions
2015/05/08 Imports of GMOs and the precautionary principle
2015/05/08 Imports of GMOs
2015/05/08 Authorisations of GMOs by Nation States
2015/04/30 Amendment of the specification for ovos-moles, PGI
2015/04/23 Transparency and the Anti-Money Laundering Directive
2015/04/23 G4S security company
2015/04/23 Content of country-by-country reports
2015/04/23 Country-by-country report
2015/03/31 VP/HR - Cuba and CXL-import quota for sugar
2015/03/31 Refineries and the CXL-import quota for sugar
2015/03/20 Export of ovos-moles to Brazil
2015/02/27 Distribution of milk and fruit in schools
2015/02/27 Consumption of fruit and vegetables
2015/02/13 Private storage of pig meat
2015/02/05 Import of potatoes from Lebanon
2015/01/30 Quantitative expansion
2015/01/30 Medicated feed and medical prescription for pets
2015/01/13 National airlines and public service
2014/12/09 EFSI and public investment
2014/12/05 Benchmarks, proportionality and IOSCO
2014/12/05 Third-country benchmarks
2014/10/16 Use of animal protein in feed
2014/10/02 Directive 2014/17/EU
2014/09/25 Animal health regulation
2018/06/14 Barroso and Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems
2018/03/04 New data on neonicotinoids
2017/11/05 Redundancies at Efacec
2017/07/22 Purchasing pets online
2017/03/14 ECB purchasing private debt instruments
2017/02/08 VP/HR - More settlements in Umm Al-Hiran
2017/01/25 Food waste
2017/01/12 Unfair trading practices in farming
2016/12/14 VP/HR - Illegal exploitation of resources in Western Sahara
2016/09/12 Refugee camp in Calais (France)
2016/02/18 Child exploitation in Turkey
2016/01/20 Impact study on neonicotinoids
2015/10/07 Sovereign debt restructuring
2015/09/03 Reducing food waste
2015/09/03 Impact of neonicotinoids on bees
2015/09/03 Food waste figures
2015/08/27 Ban on electrodialysis treatment of organic wine
2015/07/23 Impact of land-grabbing
2015/07/20 Renegotiation of debt
2015/07/20 Financial instruments in agriculture
2015/06/30 Multilateral legal framework for renegotiating sovereign debt
2015/06/30 Multilateral legal framework for renegotiating sovereign debt
2015/06/17 Product Environmental Footprint
2015/06/17 Trans-fatty acids
2015/05/22 Ban on neonicotinoids
2015/05/22 New study on the impact of neonicotinoids
2015/05/22 Nutrient profile concept
2015/05/08 Kaolin mining and environmental impact assessment
2015/04/16 VP/HR - Ban on Communist symbols and ideology
2015/03/31 Tin mining in Indonesia
2015/03/20 Mortality in bees
2015/03/20 Use of neonicotinoids in agriculture
2015/03/03 Ban on weapons containing depleted uranium
2015/02/13 Portuguese debt
2015/02/05 Ban on bisphenol A in France
2015/01/30 Medicated pet food
2015/01/21 Impact of renegotiating Greek debt
2014/12/19 Commission interference in Greek affairs
2014/12/10 VP/HR - Self-determination and statehood in Western Sahara
2014/11/10 VP/HR - Settlements in East Jerusalem
2014/09/10 Ban on arms exports
2018/02/25 New outbreaks of salmonellosis
2017/08/30 African swine fever in the EU
2017/08/06 Outbreaks of Xylella fastidiosa in Alicante
2017/02/20 Xylella fastidiosa in Spain
2016/12/15 Humanitarian situation in Yemen
2016/07/15 VP/HR - Release of Bilal Kayed
2015/09/03 Biodiversity loss
2015/07/20 African swine fever
2015/07/20 Vaccination against African swine fever
2015/07/16 Situation of ECB temporary staff
2015/04/30 Xylella fastidiosa
2014/09/16 African swine fever in the Baltic
2014/09/03 Current situation of African swine fever outbreaks
2018/05/25 Use of Epik insecticides on eucalyptus
2018/05/24 Bee sanctuary on Santa Maria
2018/04/15 Type-approval of anti-varroatosis products
2018/02/06 Drought and rice production
2017/12/12 CAP and 'greening'
2017/12/06 Misuse of sanitary and phytosanitary barriers
2017/07/22 Organic production regulation
2016/11/15 Attack on freedom of expression
2016/10/19 ACP copra oil energy generation project on Ambae Island, Vanuatu
2016/09/29 Nitrogen oxide emissions
2016/06/08 Statements by Ignacio Garcia Bercero
2016/06/08 CO2 emissions and ICAO meeting
2016/03/03 Proposal for a regulation on debt securitisation
2016/02/03 ICAO energy efficiency standard
2015/12/10 Limit on nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines
2015/11/06 Registration of plant protection products and the SCFCAH
2015/11/06 CAP and regulation of the derivatives markets
2015/11/06 CAP, financial products and small and medium-sized farms
2015/10/07 The CAP and derivatives
2015/10/07 The CAP and financial products
2015/09/03 Repeal of the Dublin Regulation
2015/07/23 Internet neutrality
2015/07/23 Internet neutrality
2015/07/23 Recasting of Directive 2011/7/EU on combating late payment in commercial transactions
2015/07/03 VP/HR - Freedom Flotilla III
2015/07/03 Recasting of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006
2015/06/17 A CAP more in line with good diet
2015/06/15 End of sugar-production quotas
2015/06/15 Selection and reproduction of organic chicken
2015/05/22 Training for people applying plant protection products (information)
2015/05/22 Certification of operators applying plant protection products; extension of the deadline
2015/05/22 Combating resistance to antibiotics
2015/05/22 Discrimination in the price of medicines
2015/05/22 Price discrimination in respect of generics
2015/05/22 Price discrimination and retailers
2015/05/22 Coalition for Energy Savings
2015/04/16 Applications for single payment
2015/04/16 Regulation of Uber
2015/04/09 Inclusion of sea salt as an organic product
2015/04/09 Annex I of regulation on organic products
2015/04/09 Production of first generation biofuels
2015/04/09 Production of first generation biofuels
2015/04/09 First generation biofuels and carbon emissions
2015/04/09 Biofuels and carbon emissions
2015/03/31 Pioneer 1507
2015/03/12 The CAP and the division of land
2015/03/11 Extinction of offshore centres
2015/03/11 Extinction of offshore centres
2015/02/27 Failure of the CAP in the fruit and vegetable sector
2015/02/11 Powers of large retailers in setting prices and payment terms
2015/02/05 Commission position in relation to Standard and Poor's
2015/02/05 Labelling the origin of processed meat products
2015/01/13 Cap on bonuses in the banking sector
2015/01/09 Definition of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
2014/12/12 Dumping of imported rice
2014/12/12 Single payment for rice production
2014/12/12 Greening payment for rice production
2014/12/09 EIB investigation
2014/11/27 Statements by a Commission representative on the losses caused by the failure of the BES
2014/11/14 Eucalyptus plantations and the new CAP
2014/11/10 Executive pay
2014/11/07 The CAP and reforestation
2014/10/15 CAP and green payment
2014/07/21 Granting university lecturers permanent positions
2018/06/11 The EU's refugee policy and the case of the Aquarius ship
2017/11/02 Agricultural area eligible for single farm payments
2017/07/19 Inconsistencies between the resolution mechanism and DG Competition
2017/05/31 VP/HR - Trial of Sahrawi political prisoners from Gdeim Izik
2017/03/29 Mandate for negotiations with Mercosur
2017/03/02 Definition of SME
2017/01/30 Negotiations with Mercosur
2016/12/14 Defence and security lobbies and EU foreign policy
2016/10/26 VP/HR - Imprisonment and torture of a Sahrawi activist
2016/10/20 Transportation of animals
2016/09/12 Apple and sabbatical leave from DG COMP
2016/08/31 EU civil protection mechanism
2016/07/06 CETA, TTIP, Mercosur and suckler cows
2016/03/11 VP/HR - Hunger strike by Sahrawi activists imprisoned by the Moroccan regime
2015/08/27 Immigration policy and Frontex
2015/07/03 VP/HR - Spying on former Commissioners
2015/07/03 Spying on the Commission
2015/06/26 Partially hydrogenated oils
2015/05/18 TTIP and ISDS
2015/05/08 VP/HR - Sahrawi refugee camp in Tindouf
2015/05/08 GMO imports and the TTIP
2015/04/30 Complaint relating to a wind farm
2015/04/16 VP/HR - Imprisonment of Alexander Bondarchuk
2015/02/13 The WTO and the Doha Round
2015/02/13 US Farm Bill 2014
2015/02/05 Eighth round of TTIP negotiations
2015/01/30 TTIP - public consultation
2015/01/21 End of ECB participation in the Troika
2015/01/13 Petition from more than 1 million citizens of 21 Member States for the suspension of the TTIP
2015/01/13 State of play concerning the Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism (TTIP and CETA)
2014/12/19 TTIP and SME participation
2014/12/19 TTIP and the specific case of SMEs
2014/12/17 UN resolution on 'Elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance'
2014/11/14 Participation of autonomous regions in the research consortia (Horizon 2020)
2014/10/15 TTIP and Farm Bill
2014/09/16 TTIP