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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
Partit Laburista
Magic Circle
Petitions Vice-Chair peti
Internal Market and Consumer Protection Member imco
Culture and Education Substitute cult

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/06/05 VP/HR - Human rights situation in Nicaragua
2018/06/05 VP/HR - Saudi Arabia: Arrest of human rights advocates
2018/01/31 Ryanair charges
2018/01/31 Ryanair charges
2018/01/24 VP/HR - General elections in Zimbabwe
2018/01/24 Disability rights and access to education in South Africa
2018/01/15 VP/HR - Human rights and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela
2017/11/10 VP/HR - Charges against Vietnamese student activist
2017/10/04 VP/HR - Protecting human rights activists in Vietnam
2017/10/04 VP/HR - Situation of human rights in the Maldives
2017/10/04 VP/HR - Rights for LGBTI youth in the Philippines
2017/06/28 Equal education rights in South Africa
2017/06/20 VP/HR - Protecting LGBTI rights in Chechnya
2017/06/20 Whaling in Japan
2017/06/20 Regulations on virtual currency
2017/03/23 VP/HR - Situation regarding human rights defenders in the Philippines, particularly Senator Leila M. De Lima
2017/01/27 VP/HR - Human rights violations in Mozambique (attacks on people with albinism)
2016/12/19 VP/HR - Violations of human rights in The Gambia
2016/11/30 Violations of workers' rights in Kazakhstan
2016/11/30 VP/HR - Presidential elections in Gambia
2016/10/31 Investing in start-ups
2016/08/22 Rule of law and democratic principles in Turkey
2016/07/01 UK referendum
2016/06/29 Three leading human rights advocates jailed in Turkey
2016/06/02 Entrepreneurship 50+
2016/05/31 VP/HR - Human rights in The Gambia
2016/04/21 Honduras
2016/01/27 Fred Bauma and Yves Makwambala
2015/12/09 Climate change and human rights
2015/11/18 EUROPOL
2015/11/18 Immediate release of Bolatbek Blyalov, a human rights activist from Kazakhstan
2015/10/30 The case of human rights activist Ibrahim Halawa
2015/09/30 British human rights activist Andy Hall
2015/09/17 Human rights defenders in Angola
2015/07/21 Impacts of climate change in Kiribati
2015/07/21 Cultural diversity and human rights in ACP countries
2015/07/09 Human Rights in Democratic Republic of the Congo
2015/06/25 Human rights activists in Angola
2015/06/11 FIFA
2015/06/11 VP/HR - Imprisonment of Mr Maseko and Mr Makhubu, Swaziland
2015/06/11 Human rights in Swaziland
2015/06/11 LGBTI rights in Ukraine
2015/06/11 Human rights and the Baku games
2015/06/10 Arrest of more than 40 activists in Thailand
2015/05/27 Swaziland
2015/05/27 Mass graves in Thailand
2015/05/27 Human rights situation in Azerbaijan
2015/05/27 Disappearance of human rights activist Itai Dzamara from Zimbabwe
2015/05/27 Preventing secondary disasters in Nepal
2015/05/18 EU as an official subject at secondary schools
2015/05/18 Disappearance of human rights activist in Zimbabwe
2015/05/13 Streaming services
2015/04/30 Human tragedy in the Mediterranean
2015/04/24 Academic curricula
2015/04/21 Disappearance of Itai Dzamara
2015/04/21 Dramatic increase in the number of executions in Saudi Arabia
2015/04/21 Commemoration of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide
2015/03/30 Release of opposition leader Ilgar Mammadov by Azerbaijan
2015/03/11 Human rights for people with disabilities around the world
2015/02/27 Release of Egyptian students
2015/02/27 Roma rights in Hungary
2015/02/27 VP/HR - LGBTI rights in Zimbabwe
2015/02/27 Human rights as an official subject in secondary schools in the EU28
2015/02/05 Political dialogue with the Nigerian Government
2015/01/30 Shaima al-Sabbagh
2015/01/30 Human rights in the 21st century digital environment
2015/01/30 EU-Vietnam human rights dialogue
2015/01/13 Electric cars
2015/01/13 Robotics
2015/01/13 Migration and climate change
2015/01/13 LGBT rights in Azerbaijan
2014/12/22 Healthy aging in the EU28
2014/12/22 Situation of human rights in Iran
2014/12/11 Modernisation of Croatian energy sectors
2014/12/11 Human trafficking within the EU-28
2014/12/04 E-cigarettes
2014/11/12 EU 2030 climate and energy framework
2014/11/12 Helmets for cyclists
2014/10/23 LGBTI rights in Gambia
2014/10/08 Frontex
2014/10/07 First anniversary of the Lampedusa tragedy
2014/09/30 Clarification of my Written Question E-006289/2014
2014/09/30 EU role in climate change
2014/09/19 Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the Philippines
2014/09/11 Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
2014/08/12 Statistics
2018/06/05 VP/HR - Rohingya community in Myanmar
2018/01/24 VP/HR - Situation in Kenya
2018/01/24 VP/HR - Situation in Pakistan
2018/01/24 VP/HR - Follow-up on the resolution on the situation of the Rohingya people
2017/11/10 VP/HR - Situation in Cameroon
2017/11/10 VP/HR - Situation in Rwanda
2017/10/04 VP/HR - Situation of people with albinism in Malawi
2017/10/04 VP/HR - Situation of Rohingya Muslims
2017/07/03 VP/HR - Situation in South Sudan
2017/07/03 VP/HR - Situation in Venezuela
2017/03/23 EU response to the drought in Kenya
2016/11/30 Addressing the situation of poverty among young people
2016/11/30 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh
2016/10/31 Situation in Aleppo
2015/10/21 Situation in two cities of Iraqi Kurdistan
2015/07/09 Lamu and Tana River attacks and Kenya's abusive response
2015/05/18 LGBTI situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania
2015/05/18 Military training mission programme in Kenya
2015/04/24 High-quality career guidance
2015/03/11 Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar/Burma
2015/03/05 LGBTI situation in Slovakia
2015/03/03 Ultra-radical Islamist militants in northern Iraq destroy Iraqi history
2015/02/27 Situation of refugees in Kenya
2015/02/27 CAR refugees
2015/02/05 Blast at mosque in Pakistan
2015/02/05 Situation in Mali
2015/01/30 Single market for veterinary medicines
2015/01/30 High security alert situation in Belgium
2015/01/13 National strikes in Belgium
2014/12/11 High-risk medical devices
2014/12/04 EU aid to Kenya
2014/11/12 Partnership agreements with Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom
2014/10/23 EU market situation
2014/09/30 Job market for EU citizens aged 50 and over
2014/09/30 Resettled refugees
2014/09/04 Aral Sea Basin Programme in the framework of IFAS
2014/09/03 Situation in Syria
2014/09/03 VP/HR - Mosque in Mosul
2014/08/12 Military satellites in the Gaza Strip
2018/04/12 European citizens
2018/04/12 Travel with animals on-board
2018/02/21 Fish welfare
2017/11/10 Animal furs under the EU Textile Regulation
2017/10/04 European legislation on trout and Atlantic salmon
2017/03/23 Animal welfare policies and the feelings of European citizens
2017/01/27 VP/HR - Stateless citizens in Nepal
2016/08/22 Ivory trade ban and 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
2016/07/14 Alternative methods to animal testing
2016/03/22 Trade in animals leaving the EU
2015/10/21 Monitoring the enforcement of EU animal welfare legislation
2015/09/17 EU Strategy on the Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015
2015/08/04 Deaths of animals in road traffic accidents
2015/07/09 Animal welfare in China
2015/07/09 Angora wool from China
2015/07/09 Ban on live animal exports from the EU
2015/06/25 Animal protection in developing countries
2015/06/11 One-stop shop for animal welfare
2015/06/10 Pakistani police killed protesting lawyers and other innocent citizens
2015/04/30 Participation in democratic life through the European Citizens' Initiative
2015/03/30 Harmonisation of national legislation on cyberbullying
2015/03/30 Animal welfare - killing of animals for fur
2015/03/30 Animal welfare - horse meat imports
2015/03/30 Animal welfare: slaughter
2015/03/05 Animal welfare: protection of ducks and geese
2015/01/30 Privacy protection on internet for EU citizens
2015/01/30 Animal welfare: rhinos in South Africa
2015/01/30 Animal transportation
2015/01/13 Animal protection
2015/01/13 Funds for conservation and enforcement efforts for Barbary macaques
2014/12/11 Pets to be included in the European Animal Welfare Act
2014/12/04 Transportation of horses from farms to slaughter houses
2014/12/04 Standard welfare conditions for horses across the EU
2014/11/21 Ban on tubes containing DEHP for premature babies
2014/11/12 EU-China relations
2014/11/12 Ban on circus animals
2014/11/12 China as the major destination for illegally traded chimpanzees
2014/10/23 Russian ban on fisheries products from the EU
2014/10/14 EU data protection reform
2014/10/14 Funds for animal welfare
2014/10/07 Travelling with pets
2014/09/30 mNutrition initiative
2014/09/19 Allocation of EU funds for bulls in Spain
2014/09/19 Transport conditions for animals
2014/09/19 Alternative fuels
2014/09/19 Animal welfare achievements
2018/01/30 Tackling the issue of pollution
2017/09/12 Abuse by financial institutions with regard to Directive (EU) 2015/849 and politically exposed persons
2017/06/28 Access to pain treatment in Guatemala
2017/06/20 Cyber-attacks and defence: lessons from the recent ransomware attack
2017/06/20 Relocation of migrants
2017/03/23 Awareness-raising campaigns about childhood hearing loss
2017/02/28 Addressing the gender pay gap and gender pension gap
2017/02/28 Digital skills mismatch
2016/12/19 Improving secondary prevention of heart diseases in the EU
2016/11/30 Rise in childhood obesity by 2025
2016/10/31 Cross-border pension
2016/09/02 Chronic pain in the EU
2016/07/13 Strategy to develop more popular media with a European perspective
2016/07/01 European identity among young people in the Member States
2016/06/24 EU-Turkey agreement on refugees
2016/06/24 Summer festivals - extra security measures
2016/05/31 Educational and vocational common asylum system and integration of migrants in Europe
2016/05/25 EU funding for the European Union Youth Orchestra
2016/04/21 Terrorist attack in Lahore
2016/04/21 EU cooperation with non-EU countries on migration
2016/04/21 VP/HR - Attacks in Ethiopia
2016/01/27 Parliamentary and presidential elections in Uganda
2015/12/09 Highest number of new HIV cases in Europe
2015/12/09 Nigeria's bill to muzzle free speech on social media
2015/12/09 Awareness-raising campaigns to test cholesterol levels
2015/11/19 Terrorist attacks
2015/11/19 European security and defence mechanism
2015/11/19 Sharing best practices of police forces between the Member States
2015/11/18 Terrorist attacks in Lebanon
2015/10/30 Additional funding for refugees crisis in Turkey
2015/10/21 Lung cancer awareness-raising campaigns
2015/10/21 Health systems in developing countries
2015/09/17 Inclusion training
2015/09/17 Funding for Uganda
2015/07/21 Educational and vocational training in ACP countries
2015/07/21 Teacher exchange programmes in ACP countries
2015/07/21 Attack in Nigeria
2015/07/09 Terrorist attacks in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt
2015/07/09 EU funding to UNRWA
2015/06/25 Sustainable and low-carbon future in the EU-28
2015/06/25 Cloned meat from outside Europe
2015/06/25 Childhood seasonal influenza
2015/06/25 Support for unemployed people in Europe
2015/06/10 Bomb attacks in Idlib
2015/05/27 Awareness-raising campaign about the link between alcohol and cancer
2015/05/27 Lead poisoning in Nigeria
2015/05/27 Attacks on health workers, patients and health facilities
2015/05/18 Best practices to share among the 28 Member States with regard to cyberbullying
2015/05/18 Best practices to share among the 28 Member States with regard to breast cancer prevention
2015/05/18 Anti-Gypsyism in Europe
2015/05/18 Air attacks in the Nuba Mountains area
2015/05/18 EU28 online registry of medicine shortages
2015/05/18 Commission strategy for 'Better Regulation'
2015/05/18 ICT skills
2015/05/13 Digital Single Market Strategy
2015/05/13 Safe roads projects in developing countries
2015/05/13 Funding for education
2015/04/30 Attack on Garissa University College in north-eastern Kenya
2015/04/30 Meat labelling
2015/04/24 Skills mismatches
2015/04/24 Action to be taken to highlight the important role of non-formal and informal learning in developing market-relevant skills and qualifications
2015/04/24 Role of education in the EU 2020 strategy
2015/04/24 Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies
2015/04/24 Shortage of skills
2015/04/24 Elimination of the future gap between knowledge generated in the educational system and skills demanded by employers
2015/04/21 Alternative medicine project
2015/04/21 Integration of young immigrants in the European Union
2015/04/21 International Roma Day
2015/04/21 EU action to prevent cyber-attacks
2015/03/30 Water shortage
2015/03/30 Head and neck cancer
2015/03/30 EU ban on the export of raw ivory
2015/03/30 Disappearance of opposition member in Bangladesh
2015/03/30 Terrorists attack
2015/03/30 Export of live animals to countries outside Europe
2015/03/11 Funding for demobilisation and reintegration programmes
2015/03/05 Extra funding for Venezuela
2015/03/05 Extra funding to fight malaria
2015/03/03 Programmes for tackling age-related diseases in the EU
2015/03/03 Social safety for developing nations
2015/03/03 Cardiovascular disease in the EU
2015/02/27 Learning all official languages at school
2015/02/27 Content and Language Integrated Learning
2015/02/27 Digital innovations in EU schools and teacher training
2015/02/27 Access to cancer treatment in low- and middle-income countries
2015/02/05 Schools in Liberia to be reopened
2015/02/05 Funding for Mali
2015/02/05 Funding for Nigeria
2015/02/05 Oil in Nigeria
2015/02/05 Financing of Boko Haram
2015/01/30 VP/HR - Federica Mogherini's visit to Washington
2015/01/30 Funding for the education of poor people in third countries
2015/01/30 Funding for the education of poor people in Europe
2015/01/30 Abuse of migrants and asylum seekers in France
2015/01/30 Comparative data on cancer treatments that will no longer be funded in the EU-28
2015/01/30 Sharing best practices for tackling childhood obesity among Member States
2015/01/30 Implementation of Member State-led Action Plan on Childhood Obesity
2015/01/13 Prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in EU hospitals
2015/01/13 Terrorism in France
2015/01/13 Equal education for all
2015/01/13 Conservation of Barbary macaques in the context of the EU biodiversity strategy
2015/01/13 Attack on 'Charlie Hebdo' office
2014/12/22 Early patient access to treatment
2014/12/22 Rare diseases and their impact
2014/12/22 Sharing best practice between Member States
2014/12/22 Afro-Colombian population
2014/12/11 Agricultural products
2014/12/11 Road traffic accidents in the EU-28
2014/12/11 National plans in the EU-28 with regard to chronic and rare diseases
2014/12/04 Oil deal between Kurdish regional authorities and Iraq
2014/12/04 EU plan to calm civil strife in Libya
2014/12/04 Risk of cancer in the EU-28
2014/12/04 Preventing expected increase in the incidence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in Europe by 2030
2014/12/04 Defence of Kobani
2014/12/04 Land grabbing in eastern Europe
2014/12/04 Price of oil
2014/11/26 Risk of poverty or social exclusion for non-EU citizens
2014/11/26 Recruiting staff to immigration hotspots from Member States in eastern Europe
2014/11/26 Barrier-free Europe for persons with disabilities
2014/11/26 Roma in the EU
2014/11/26 Medicine shortages problem in Europe
2014/11/26 Air pollution in the Member States
2014/11/21 Alternative, phthalate-free replacement products for premature babies
2014/11/21 Risk of poverty or social exclusion in the EU28
2014/11/12 Visa liberalisation dialogues with Eastern countries
2014/11/12 Triton border surveillance operation
2014/11/12 Homeless people in Europe
2014/11/12 VP/HR - New wave of acid attacks in Iran
2014/11/12 Integrated strategy on Nigeria as regards Boko Haram attacks
2014/11/12 Roma population in Europe
2014/11/12 Police training in Nigeria vis-à-vis Boko Haram attacks
2014/11/12 Reducing worldwide pollution
2014/10/23 Equal access to higher education
2014/10/23 Recognition of intersex people in Europe
2014/10/23 Discrimination against girls as regards access to education in Gambia
2014/10/14 Reducing poverty in Europe
2014/10/14 Social monitoring of the Europe 2020 strategy at EU level
2014/10/14 Low visibility of the Europe 2020 strategy at local and regional levels
2014/10/14 Digital skills and access to digital and open resources in the European schools
2014/10/14 Digital skills and access to digital and open educational resources in European schools
2014/10/14 EU enlargement progress
2014/10/14 'The Future of Europe is Science'
2014/10/08 Universal access to health care
2014/10/08 Refugee resettlement programmes
2014/10/08 Kidnapped girls in Nigeria
2014/10/08 Legal channels for migrants and asylum seekers
2014/10/07 Missing persons in Europe
2014/09/30 EU position on an interim gas price
2014/09/30 Younger students to participate in exchange programmes
2014/09/30 Third Forum of Europe's Outermost Regions
2014/09/30 Specific steps by the Commission on irregular immigration and sharing of responsibilities among the Member States
2014/09/19 Future Horizon 2020 projects
2014/09/11 Acid attacks in Bangladesh
2014/09/11 Poverty and education in Pakistan
2014/09/04 European toll system
2014/09/03 Dangerous products
2014/09/03 Childhood obesity, nutrition and physical activity
2014/09/03 Doctors' fees across the Member States
2014/08/12 Creating digital jobs in Europe
2014/07/16 Research on migration, prosperity and growth
2014/07/16 Smoke-free Europe
2018/03/06 Detention of unaccompanied children in police station cells in Greece
2018/01/30 VP/HR - Terrorist attack on Save the Children in Afghanistan
2017/10/04 VP/HR - Afghan children recruited to fight in Syria
2017/03/23 The risk of death from severe acute malnutrition
2017/01/27 Access to education for children and adults with disabilities in South Africa
2017/01/27 VP/HR - Children's rights in the Philippines
2016/12/19 Recognition of transgender children's rights
2016/10/31 Information and Communication Technologies
2016/09/30 Protection of children from exposure to toxic chemicals
2016/08/22 Funding for Syrian children in Lebanon
2016/02/19 Missing children in the EU
2015/11/18 Malnutrition in Lebanon
2015/07/21 Missing children in the European Union
2015/06/25 Asylum-seeking, refugee and migrant children
2015/06/11 Protection of children
2015/06/11 Protection and safety of children in Burundi and those on the move
2015/06/11 EU funds to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the EU
2015/06/10 Education for children in times of conflict
2015/05/27 Missing children in Europe
2015/05/27 Clean water and sanitation facilities in the Kagunga and Nyarugusu refugee camps
2015/03/30 European agency for the adoption of children within the EU
2015/02/27 Funding for project to help children with learning problems and language impairments
2015/02/27 VP/HR - Rights of women and children in Guinea
2015/02/27 Torture of Professor Shehata in Egypt
2015/02/05 Medicines for children
2015/02/05 Online safety logo to protect citizens from falsified medicines
2015/01/30 Commissioner Hahn's visit to Jordan and Lebanon
2015/01/30 Children in EU with autism
2015/01/13 Fire safety in buildings across the EU
2015/01/13 European Year for Development
2015/01/13 Turnout at the last elections to the European Parliament
2014/12/22 Licensing system for medicines
2014/12/22 Social transfers for vulnerable families
2014/12/11 Relations between Russia and Ukraine
2014/12/11 Malnutrition among children in Myanmar
2014/12/11 Road safety in the EU-28
2014/11/26 Disadvantaged children in Europe
2014/11/12 European Council meeting of 23-24 October 2014
2014/11/12 Children of the recession
2014/10/23 Precautions at airports
2014/10/14 European Public Prosecutor's Office
2014/10/14 EU data protection reform, in particular the Police Directive
2014/10/08 Protecting children's rights in the digital world
2014/10/07 LGBT children
2014/10/07 Urgent plea from Save the Children for a more concerted effort to tackle Ebola
2014/09/30 VP/HR - Children with disabilities in Russia
2014/09/30 EU plan to tackle migrant smuggling
2014/09/11 Torture of children
2014/09/11 Combating torture worldwide
2018/06/05 Ivory trading in the EU
2017/11/10 Humanitarian crisis on the Greek islands
2017/11/10 VP/HR - Bombing in Somalia
2017/11/10 VP/HR - Humanitarian situation in Yemen
2017/10/04 VP/HR - Need to strengthen African educational and vocational learning system
2017/03/27 The Dinka-Nuer conflict and the ensuing humanitarian crisis in South Sudan
2017/03/23 VP/HR - Recent executions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
2017/02/28 The negative impact of counterfeiting
2017/02/28 Empowering teachers to address the needs of all learners
2016/09/30 Earthquake in Central Italy
2016/08/01 Influence of traffic-light food labelling on consumers' choices
2016/03/21 Humanitarian assistance to Fiji
2016/03/21 Follow-up question on foie gras production
2015/11/19 European Central Intelligence Agency
2015/09/17 Humanitarian assistance to Yemen
2015/09/17 Valletta summit
2015/07/09 Humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen
2015/07/09 Right to a nationality in the Dominican Republic
2015/06/25 African elephant ivory
2015/05/27 ISIS in Palmyra
2015/05/27 Food crisis in Somalia
2015/05/13 Humanitarian aid for the Central African Republic
2015/04/30 Conflict in Yemen
2015/04/30 Earthquake in Nepal
2015/04/21 Incident in Yemen
2015/04/21 Hunger in Yemen
2015/03/30 Marshall Islands
2015/02/05 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul
2015/02/05 EU-Africa Summit
2015/02/05 EU-Africa Summit and participation of high-level representatives from Nigeria
2015/01/30 Conflict in Ukraine
2015/01/30 Humanitarian assistance for Yaloke camp in the Central African Republic
2015/01/13 Economic crisis in Greece and healthcare industry
2015/01/13 Humanitarian catastrophes
2015/01/13 World Humanitarian Summit
2015/01/13 Ivory trade over the internet
2014/12/11 Devastating impact of climate conditions on food security and livelihoods in Central America
2014/12/04 Cholesterol levels among Europeans the highest in the world
2014/11/21 TATRA Summit in Bratislava
2014/10/23 Humanitarian assistance
2014/10/14 African swine fever
2014/09/19 Extra funds for research, study and innovation in African countries
2016/07/01 Economic growth
2016/06/17 Promoting the role of women in combating radicalisation and violent extremism
2015/07/09 Political cases of the death penalty in Bahrain
2015/03/30 Domestic workers' union in Lebanon
2015/03/11 Action to combat violence against children around the world
2015/03/11 Actions to promote the economic and political emancipation of women in developing countries
2015/02/27 Sexual harassment of women in Afghanistan
2015/02/27 Violence against women in Papua New Guinea
2015/02/27 Domestic violence in Hungary
2015/02/27 Domestic violence in Georgia
2015/02/27 VP/HR - Sexual orientation and gender identity in Uganda
2015/02/05 Putting pressure on the Nigerian Government
2015/01/30 Political and economic participation of women across the EU
2015/01/30 Violence against women
2015/01/30 Visa Liberalisation Action Plan for Ukraine
2014/12/22 Violence against women in Colombia
2014/12/22 Land ownership in Colombia
2014/12/11 Domestic violence in the EU-28
2014/12/04 Nuclear discussion
2014/11/26 Violence against women
2014/11/21 Sexual violence in Côte d'Ivoire
2014/11/12 Sectarian violence in Central African Republic
2014/11/12 Implementation of the Waste Management Directive in Poland
2014/10/23 Pig sector in Ireland
2014/09/30 Waste management and waste water treatment in Greece
2014/07/16 Domestic waste management in Bulgaria and Romania
2018/04/12 UN Sustainable Development Goals
2017/12/20 Child labour in tobacco farming
2017/10/04 Multi-stakeholder cooperation on paediatric oncology
2017/10/04 VP/HR - Fight against female genital mutilation/cutting practices in Indonesia
2017/07/03 VP/HR - New law on NGOs in Egypt
2017/06/20 Paris Agreement after Trump's withdrawal declaration
2017/03/23 Mobile application to equip adults with the skills and resources they need to recognise, prevent and respond to child sexual abuse online
2017/01/27 VP/HR - Recruitment of child soldiers in Mali and South Sudan
2016/05/31 Child labour in Indonesia
2016/04/21 VP/HR - The Chibok girls
2016/03/21 Access to safe water in Africa
2016/01/27 Protecting girls from forced marriage in Burkina Faso
2015/07/09 Christian pastors in Sudan
2015/07/09 Cambodia's draft laws on NGOs and trade unions
2015/06/25 Malnutrition in India
2015/06/25 Child labour in India
2015/06/25 EU poverty line
2015/05/27 Tackling illicit tobacco trade
2015/05/27 Arbitrary detention and torture in South Sudan
2015/04/24 Reinforcing of vocational educational and training in line with labour market needs
2015/04/21 Universal access to water and sanitation
2015/04/21 Mercury emissions in the atmosphere
2015/04/21 Parliament's resolution on South Sudan, including recent child abductions
2015/04/21 Enslaved fishermen in Indonesia
2015/03/30 Mobile charges in the EU
2015/03/30 Trade in baby elephants
2015/03/30 Labour law in Cambodia
2015/03/11 Eliminating the worst forms of child labour
2015/03/11 Execution of foreign citizens in Indonesia
2015/03/05 Extreme poverty and hunger
2015/03/05 Transparent investigation into shooting of Boris Nemtsov
2015/03/03 The right to peaceful protest in Algeria
2015/02/27 Child labour in Morocco
2015/02/27 South Sudan
2015/01/30 Child labour in Jamaica
2015/01/30 Macedonian law on same-sex marriage
2015/01/13 Millennium Development Goals
2015/01/13 EU-South Africa Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement
2014/12/22 Child development
2014/12/11 Commissioner Malmström's visit to Washington and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations
2014/12/11 Mental hospitals and residential care institutions across India
2014/11/26 EU budget for hotlines dedicated to fighting online child abuse
2014/11/12 Child marriages and girls' education in Tanzania
2014/11/12 Child poverty
2014/11/12 Risk of poverty
2014/11/12 Release of the Chibok girls
2014/11/12 VP/HR - Chibok girls who escaped the insurgents
2014/10/23 Economic partnership agreement between the EU and East Africa
2014/10/14 Loom band charms
2014/10/14 Food crisis in South Sudan
2014/10/14 Puppy farming trade
2014/09/30 Special Olympics and TV broadcasting
2014/09/19 EU-India climate cooperation
2014/09/19 Budget to improve EU connections
2014/09/11 Forced child labour in the cotton industry of Uzbekistan
2014/09/04 Loom bands
2014/08/20 Kidnapping of Nigerian girls
2018/06/05 Youth unemployment
2018/06/05 New phase of Ebola outbreak
2017/11/10 Illegal trade in puppies
2017/07/03 VP/HR - Protect journalists in Mexico
2017/06/28 Follow-up question on illegal trade in dogs and cats
2017/06/20 VP/HR - Case of Hakainde Hichilema
2017/06/20 VP/HR - LGBTI rights in El Salvador, in particular the case of Ms Avelar
2017/03/23 Wildlife trafficking
2016/12/19 Youth unemployment in the EU
2016/10/31 VP/HR - Recent events in Ethiopia
2016/09/30 Media literacy
2016/08/22 Support for victims of trafficking
2016/02/19 Outbreak of the Zika virus
2016/01/21 Roaming changes / increase of tariffs
2015/12/17 Introducing hotlines for parents to prevent youngsters from joining Daesh
2015/10/30 Case of Keywan Karimi
2015/10/21 Cholera outbreak in Iraq
2015/09/30 The case of Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr
2015/07/21 Media freedom in the Western Balkans
2015/07/21 Financial support for Sierra Leone
2015/07/20 Preventive measures with regard to dangerous destinations
2015/07/09 Preventive measures
2015/07/09 EU support for Tunisia
2015/07/02 More effective measures to raise awareness on dementia
2015/06/25 Actions against wildlife crime
2015/06/11 Case of Raif Badawi
2015/06/10 Approval of Minamata Convention in Brazil
2015/05/27 Call for the immediate release of nine bloggers and journalists in Ethiopia
2015/05/27 EU support to Moldova
2015/05/27 Long-term recovery measures to support Vanuatu
2015/04/24 Life-long learning methods
2015/04/21 Freedom of expression in Egypt
2015/03/30 Immunisation activities in countries affected by Ebola
2015/03/30 Case of Asia Bibi
2015/03/30 Support for young movie directors across the EU
2015/03/30 Freedom of expression in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
2015/03/30 Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu
2015/03/12 Actions against torture worldwide
2015/03/11 Actions to increase support for promoting media freedom
2015/03/11 Measures to tackle the trafficking of persons and their employment
2015/03/11 Actions to abolish the death penalty worldwide
2015/03/11 Raif Badawi's release
2015/02/27 Press freedom in Equatorial Guinea
2015/02/27 Freedom of expression in Burundi
2015/02/27 The right to freedom of expression in Afghanistan
2015/01/30 Recovery after Ebola
2015/01/30 Media freedom in Ethiopia
2015/01/30 Media freedom in Afghanistan
2015/01/13 EU wildlife trafficking action plan
2015/01/13 Illegal trade in Barbary macaques
2014/12/22 Financial support to Montenegro
2014/12/11 Raising awareness of dystonia
2014/12/04 Transfusion of blood from Ebola survivors to persons infected with Ebola
2014/11/26 Update on the Ebola outbreak
2014/11/26 Economic crisis in Liberia owing to the Ebola outbreak
2014/11/21 EU anti-Ebola funds
2014/11/21 Quality-of-life-improving reforms in Latvia
2014/11/12 Safety measures for Nigerian schools
2014/11/12 Outcome of the meeting on the EU Wildlife Trade Enforcement Group
2014/11/12 Illegal wildlife trade
2014/10/23 Ebola training in EU hospitals
2014/10/23 Campaign to raise awareness of Ebola
2014/10/23 Measures to be taken on arrival of passengers and aircrew from countries affected by Ebola
2014/10/14 Youth Guarantee reforms to support youth employment
2014/10/14 Milan employment summit and youth unemployment
2014/10/14 Concrete actions to better manage migratory flows
2014/10/14 Concrete actions to better manage migratory flows
2014/09/19 Strike by hospital staff dealing with Ebola cases in Sierra Leone
2014/09/19 High-level coordination meeting on Ebola
2014/09/11 Long-term market support measures
2014/09/04 Sea of blood in Denmark
2014/09/04 Call for an extraordinary meeting on Ebola
2014/08/12 Iraq's largest dam
2014/07/16 Early school leaving and youth unemployment
2014/07/16 Rapid spread of Ebola
2018/04/12 EU action to help young people
2018/04/12 Quotas regarding the employment of people with disabilities
2016/12/19 Involving young people in politics
2015/12/09 Needs of people with disabilities in conflict and displacement situations
2015/11/18 Intersex people
2015/09/30 Attacks on LGBTI people in Kenya's coastal region
2015/06/25 Transgender people in Malaysia
2015/06/25 Promotion of physical activity in the EU
2015/05/27 Killing of dogs in shelters in Romania
2015/05/27 Sustainable living for people in the Pacific
2015/05/18 People without digital skills
2015/05/18 EU campaigns to protect transgender students
2015/05/18 People with disabilities in the Central African Republic
2015/05/18 mHealth application for older people
2015/04/30 Working conditions in Bangladesh
2015/04/21 Overcrowding and perilous conditions in Brazilian prisons
2015/03/30 Support for the parents of disabled people in the EU
2015/03/30 People with albinism in Tanzania, Malawi and Burundi
2015/03/11 Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
2015/03/05 Developments in the aftermath of the downing of Malaysia Airlines passenger plane MH 17
2015/03/05 Young entrepreneurs in the EU
2015/03/05 Tourism and people with disabilities
2015/02/27 People with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities in Hungary
2015/02/27 Representation of people with disabilities at educational institutions
2015/02/27 Digital era and people with disabilities
2015/02/27 Flu vaccination
2015/02/27 Vaccination
2015/01/30 Costs of transport
2015/01/30 EU database for identification and registration of cats and dogs
2015/01/30 LGBTI people in Lithuania
2015/01/13 Russian driving ban for transsexual and transgender people
2015/01/13 Religious tolerance
2014/12/22 LGBTI people in Colombia
2014/12/22 Indigenous people in Colombia
2014/11/26 Discrimination faced by LGBTI people
2014/11/26 Public transport conditions for people with disabilities
2014/11/26 Stray dogs in Romania during the winter
2014/11/21 Promotion of young people's independence and mobility
2014/11/21 Energy independence in Latvia
2014/11/21 Bird flu
2014/11/12 Autumn fox vaccination campaign in Romania
2014/11/12 People with disabilities in Croatia
2014/10/08 People with disabilities in Romania
2014/09/30 VP/HR - Transgender discrimination in Malaysia
2014/09/19 Green eMotion
2014/09/19 Green mobility
2014/09/11 Green Paper on mHealth and its outcome
2014/09/04 Stray dogs in Romania
2014/08/20 Malaysia Airlines flight MH17
2014/08/12 Uniform driving licence