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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Europe of Nations and Freedom Group
Rassemblement national
Magic Circle
Transport and Tourism Member tran
Employment and Social Affairs Substitute empl
Foreign Affairs Substitute afet

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/04/18 VP/HR - Monitoring grants allocated to Kosovo
2018/04/18 Monitoring grants allocated to Kosovo
2016/08/31 Monitoring encrypted communications
2015/10/08 Checks on cars made by American manufacturers
2015/03/03 The 1619 missing Greeks
2015/03/03 The 1 619 missing Greeks
2018/02/13 Plans for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to join NATO
2016/08/31 Halting negotiations on the Transatlantic Treaty
2016/07/14 Suspension of the TTIP negotiations
2016/07/01 Suspension of the accession negotiations with Turkey
2016/06/24 New provisions applicable to foreign lorry drivers operating in France
2016/03/31 Security of all States in the Schengen area threatened by the failures of one or several of its members
2016/01/27 Abolition by Germany of Schengen visa requirements for Turkish nationals
2016/01/13 Commission interference in Poland's internal affairs
2015/09/30 Suspension of the Schengen agreements
2015/08/28 Goldman Sachs and its part in Greece's entry into the eurozone
2015/08/28 Eurostat's role in facilitating Greece's entry into the euro area
2015/06/02 Respect for Burundi sovereignty
2015/05/30 Suspension of the Schengen agreements
2015/03/12 Cultural heritage bought by foreign investors
2015/03/03 TTIP and the problems faced by women in the US and, potentially, the EU
2018/06/15 VP/HR - Re-establishing close diplomatic ties with the Russian Federation
2017/11/28 Banning cigarettes in films under the pretext of campaigning against smoking
2017/05/29 Recognition of same-sex marriage and EU law
2017/04/05 Statement by the Commissioner for Security on 'violent right-wing extremism'
2017/03/21 Sex-change children in Sweden and the impact of gender-neutral education
2017/02/01 Combating the illegal trading of cigarettes
2017/01/31 Question marks over free trade
2017/01/31 Question marks over the European system of road cabotage
2016/12/22 No penalty for former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes
2016/12/19 Award of a European grant of EUR 2.5 million to the exhibition 'Islam, it's also our history'
2016/12/19 Frontex: NGOs complicit with traffickers?
2016/10/27 Protecting the EU political elite
2016/10/27 Distribution of European beef surpluses to homeless Europeans
2016/09/30 Commission measures against Poland's 'supermarket tax', a progressive tax on retailers
2016/08/31 Deterioration of the situation for truck drivers and residents in Calais
2016/06/30 Lavish spending of EU administration
2016/06/01 Tax havens and free trade agreement
2016/05/31 Protection of the rights of European workers
2016/05/02 European institutions and the subsidiarity principle
2016/05/02 Re-establishing a protectionist framework in the aviation sector to benefit European airlines
2016/03/31 Merger of European aerospace companies
2016/03/31 Fight against the consequences of the posting of workers within the EU
2016/02/05 List of actions by the Commission to improve the rights of LGBTI persons
2016/02/03 Maintaining the tax exemption on French ports to keep our jobs
2016/01/27 Situation in Calais
2015/07/02 Fight against breast cancer in Europe
2015/06/02 EU-subsidised fisheries in Africa
2015/06/02 United Kingdom and exemption rules
2015/03/31 Is hormone-treated beef really a 'red line' the Commission will not cross?
2015/03/04 Human rights and the treatment of women in the Indonesian police force
2015/02/24 Supposed convergence of European and US standards
2014/12/18 Cost of SESAR system
2017/05/22 VP/HR - Human rights situation in Turkey
2017/03/30 VP/HR - Relations with Algeria and the migration crisis
2017/03/21 VP/HR - Relations with Turkey
2016/09/30 Refugees in Turkey and the homeless in Europe: double standards
2016/03/30 Application of the EU-Turkey Agreement
2015/11/27 Sanctions against Turkey
2015/11/27 VP/HR - Relations with Turkey
2015/10/07 EU-Mongolia relations
2015/05/30 VP/HR - Continuation of negotiations with Turkey
2015/12/22 Granting of benefits to the unemployed
2015/05/22 VP/HR - Islamic State in Syria - Yarmouk Camp
2015/05/19 VP/HR - Islamic State in Syria - Yarmouk camp
2015/02/26 Registration in France of a vehicle previously registered in another Member State
2015/01/13 VP/HR - Oil and financing Islamic State
2017/10/13 Conference on terrorism and securing urban spaces
2017/09/19 Implementation of the civil aviation strategy to combat the right to strike
2017/06/22 NGO operations in the Mediterranean Sea
2017/05/24 Failure of assessments ahead of proposals for directives to take account of their impact on employment
2017/05/22 VP/HR - EU double standards concerning civilian victims of airstrikes in Iraq and Syria
2017/03/21 Measures to curb migratory flows in the Mediterranean
2017/01/31 Measures and data concerning ill-treatment of children
2016/11/30 Failure of policies to combat alleged discrimination against Roma people
2016/11/21 VP/HR - Cooperate with Syria instead of punishing it
2016/10/21 Council position on warring parties in Syria
2016/10/21 Return of Jihadists to Europe
2016/08/30 Extension of the embargo on Syria
2016/07/29 Copernicus space programme
2016/07/04 Fate of immigrant minors in Europe
2016/06/29 The future of the Commission President in the wake of Brexit
2016/06/10 Status of countries with a controlled BSE risk: the economic impact
2016/05/02 Overlap of competencies between EASA, Eurocontrol and other aviation authorities
2016/02/29 Funding for No Border activists
2016/01/29 France's position in the Galileo and EGNOS programmes
2015/10/13 EU funding for the International Planned Parenthood Federation
2015/09/10 VP/HR - cooperating with Syria to combat terrorism
2015/05/21 Removal of sunken tyres
2015/05/19 Counter-terrorism measures
2015/05/19 Commission proposals regarding the tragedies in the Mediterranean
2015/03/06 Therapeutic innovation and access to medicines
2014/12/18 Reducing emissions from civil aviation
2014/11/27 VP/HR - EU position on air strikes in Syria
2016/12/22 EU aid for Ukraine
2016/11/21 Persecution of Christians - report by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)
2016/10/27 Child sexual abuse online - Europol report
2016/08/25 Ukraine crisis and sanctions against Russia
2016/03/31 Dutch referendum and crisis in the Ukraine
2015/10/07 Emergency aid request following floods in south-eastern France
2015/03/31 Europe's natural and necessary partnership with Russia for energy security
2015/03/31 Unreliability of our partnership with Ukraine
2017/11/16 Balance of the EU-US Open Skies Air Transport Agreement
2017/11/16 Follow-up on the EU-US 'Open Skies' Air Transport Agreement
2017/05/29 Regulation
2017/01/10 Link between air safety and the lack of job security for some pilots
2016/12/19 European law and labour law, particularly in the air transport sector
2016/11/24 Unfair competition in the road haulage sector
2016/09/30 Combating greenhouse gas emissions in the road transport sector
2016/09/30 Court of Auditors report on maritime transport
2016/01/27 Withdrawal of the Paris-Strasbourg air service
2015/05/30 Gulf airlines: unfair competition
2015/04/08 The Court of Auditors casts doubt on the Youth Guarantee
2015/03/12 Funding of urban transport projects
2015/02/26 Opening up to competition and the isolation of local areas
2015/02/26 Opening up to competition and the issue of transport security
2014/12/16 Unfair competition in the air transport industry
2017/12/22 Ideological bias of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights study on alleged discrimination against Muslims in Member States
2017/05/30 Application of minimum wage to foreign drivers in some Member States
2017/05/29 The extension of internal border controls by some Member States
2017/05/22 Germany's migration policy and solidarity among Member States
2017/04/05 Threat of Commission action against the Višegrad group
2017/03/21 Right to asylum viewed incorrectly
2017/03/21 Catastrophic consequences of EU migration policy in the Member States
2016/09/02 Revelations about the destabilising activities of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) against Member States
2016/07/14 EU migration policy
2016/05/02 Austria's asylum policy
2016/02/29 Merits of the Visegrád Group's immigration policy
2015/11/27 Commission view on immigration
2015/05/30 Australia's immigration policy
2015/05/19 Counterproductive consequences of exaggerated hygiene requirements