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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/04/20 Sanctions against Russia and the Russian embargo: billions of euros damage to 'Made in Italy' products
2017/12/19 Refusal of VP/HR to meet with the 2017 Sakharov Prize laureates
2016/08/05 AST TERNI
2016/07/06 Extension of the sanctions against Russia and the Russian embargo: Italian agri-food industry hit once again
2015/12/17 Impact of the Russian embargo on exports of Made in Veneto products
2015/08/28 Goldman Sachs and its part in Greece's entry into the eurozone
2015/07/03 Measures to protect the fruit and vegetable sector from the Russian embargo
2015/05/21 Herbicides and bacterial resistance to antibiotics
2015/03/31 Creation of a European supervisory committee on Russian mass media
2015/03/31 Creation of a European committee to monitor the Russian mass media
2015/03/12 Russian embargo and footwear imports
2015/03/12 Damage to the agri-foodstuffs sector as result of the Russian embargo
2015/02/13 Measures to support the beef and veal sectors damaged by the Russian embargo
2015/01/30 Assessing the impact of the Russian embargo on the Italian and European agricultural sector
2015/01/30 Conservation of the marine ecosystem
2015/01/15 Trading opportunities for Italian furnishings and fashion businesses affected by the Russian embargo
2015/01/15 Finding solutions to support the dairy industry
2015/01/15 Sustainability of the EU-Morocco Agreement in the light of the Russian embargo
2014/12/22 Measures to prevent accidents in the home
2014/11/27 Russian embargo: damage to beef and veal sector in Veneto, in Italy and across Europe
2014/11/27 Russian embargo: risks to the effectiveness of the European Anti-Crisis Reserve Fund
2014/11/27 Negative economic forecasts, the Russian embargo and new risks to the eurozone
2014/11/13 Support for Italian cheese manufacturers affected by the Russian embargo
2014/11/13 Decline in export orders for the Italian footwear industry following the Russian import embargo, with manufacturers from the Veneto region particularly affected
2014/11/13 Extension of the Russian embargo on European products to include animal meal, cattle, swine and poultry fats, and all cattle and swine by-products
2014/10/14 African swine fever
2014/09/18 Russian embargo - impact on Italian furnishings and fashion
2014/09/18 Quantifying the effects of the Russian embargo on the Italian and European agricultural sector
2014/08/29 Crisis in the agri-foodstuffs industry in Italy and the Veneto as a result of Russia's embargo: request for extra funding and a European support plan
2014/07/22 VP/HR - Proclamation of a new caliphate
2018/04/20 Closure of Omba Installations & Engineering S.p.a. in the Veneto: mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)
2018/03/28 Closure of Trony centres in Italy and in Veneto. Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) for electronics businesses
2017/12/14 Crisis at the Veneto-based plant engineering firm Lovato Gas: further request for information from the Commission
2017/08/24 Crisis in the 'Tesina srl' company in Veneto. Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)
2017/06/20 Social impact of the crisis at Ilva in the Genoa region
2017/04/28 Crisis at the metallurgical company Ilnor in Gardigiano di Scorzè: mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)
2017/01/20 Crisis at the Zanella fashion house (Veneto) and mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)
2016/09/26 Earthquake in Central Italy: mobilisation of the EU Solidarity Fund and derogation from the Stability Pact to help the victims
2015/11/11 An unprecedented migration crisis - social order in the EU at stake
2015/06/25 Evaluation of the implementation of EU asylum legislation
2015/05/07 Mercatone Uno crisis in Veneto - mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF)
2015/04/30 Deployment of EGF for 1500 Auchan staff members affected by the crisis
2015/04/30 Earthquake in Nepal
2015/04/17 Crisis at Engineering MO; anti-globalisation measures and amendment of the Regulation on the Globalisation Adjustment Fund
2015/04/17 Application for implementation of the Globalisation Adjustment Fund in Italy
2015/02/13 Humanitarian crisis in Venezuela
2015/02/13 Crisis at the Vicenza branch of IT services company Engineering MO
2015/01/30 Swine flu in Veneto: 13 recorded deaths
2015/01/30 Use of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund in Italy
2014/10/08 Crisis at Dressing in Silea (Treviso) - mobilisation of the EGF to support employees
2014/10/08 Meridiana crisis - mobilisation of the EGF to support employees
2018/05/02 Labelling and indication of the country of origin or place of provenance of the primary ingredient. Urgent need to revise the implementing regulation
2018/03/15 Promotion of minority languages, such as Venetian, in the EU
2018/02/09 EU-Mercosur agreement: a risk for the high quality of PDO/PGI Italian agricultural and food products
2018/01/18 Review of the EU-Mexico free trade agreement: protecting designations of origin of 'Made in Italy' agri-food products - PDO cheeses
2017/10/13 Protection of livestock farms and mountain ecosystems in the Veneto region. Request to amend the Habitats Directive as regards the wolf protection scheme
2017/09/27 Displaying the Venetian flag
2017/07/13 Renewal of sanctions against Russia: losses of billions of euros for the 'Made in Italy' sector
2017/07/13 EU-Canada Trade Agreement (CETA): risks for agri-food products 'Made in Italy'
2017/07/05 Acrylamide in food and protection of gastronomic specialities and traditions
2017/06/13 Italian footwear sector and 'Made in Italy' goods: manufacturers' associations call for mandatory indication of origin to protect Italian excellence
2017/06/01 Traffic light labelling: a system which discriminates against top-quality 'Made in Italy' food products.
2016/11/23 Combating food counterfeiting and safeguarding geographical indications: Asiago PDO
2016/11/23 Update on the new 'novel food' regulation adopted by the EU
2016/09/28 Compulsory labelling of origin for milk as a raw material and products processed from milk: the case of Italy
2016/08/25 Fall in the price of wheat and introduction of a compulsory origin labelling system
2016/06/22 Creation of a European catalogue of food and agricultural products from the mountains
2016/05/26 Protection and recognition of Clinto wine
2016/05/10 Labelling of origin for meat and milk: request by France and Italy
2016/01/20 Tensions between the EU and Israel over compulsory labelling of products from Israeli settlements
2016/01/20 Composition of interbranch organisations under Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013
2015/10/14 Greater transparency regarding labelling in the dairy sector
2015/09/17 Respect for protected designations of origin in the EU: San Marzano tomatoes produced and sold in Belgium
2015/08/04 Negotiations between the EU and Vietnam and non-recognition of the Asiago PDO geographical indication
2015/07/10 Milk powder in dairy products - damage to producers and protection of 'Made in Italy' quality
2015/07/10 Women sold as slaves in Fallujah (Iraq)
2015/05/28 ECB forum in Portugal: statements made by Mario Draghi
2015/05/21 Food adulteration: meat adulterated and coloured with nitrates and sulphites
2015/05/21 Indication of the origin of meat in processed food products
2015/05/21 Investigation by the Central Inspectorate of Quality Protection and Fraud Repression (ICQRF), part of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture: counterfeit olive oil
2015/05/21 Investigation by the Central Inspectorate of Quality Protection and Fraud Repression (ICQRF), part of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture: organic farming threatened by fraud and adulteration
2015/04/30 Protection for Italian and Venetian fishermen - request for EU funding
2015/04/17 Indications of origin for meat in processed foods: measures under consideration by the Commission
2015/04/17 Hydrocarbon extraction in the Adriatic Sea
2015/04/17 Pollution of coasts on the Mediterranean Sea caused by plastic waste
2015/03/12 The 'reverse charge' mechanisms and its impact on the agri-food sector in Italy
2015/03/12 Production of fake Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano now exceeds that of original 'Made in Italy' products
2015/02/27 Creation of a black list of bogus Made in Italy food products sold in the EU and third countries
2015/02/27 The fight against piracy in the agri-food sector: counterfeit Asiago cheese being sold on the web
2015/02/13 Labelling of foreign dairy products sold in Italy
2015/02/13 Obligatory indications of origin for meat in processed foods
2015/02/03 Minimum dimensions for clams and protection of the fishing industry
2015/01/30 Protection for Italian and Venetian fishermen
2015/01/30 Hydrocarbon extraction by Croatia
2015/01/30 Extension of the protection offered by geographical indications to non-agricultural products
2015/01/30 Counterfeiting in the food industry: European fund to support defrauded producers
2015/01/15 The fight against online child pornography
2015/01/15 US-China agreement for the exportation of fake 'made in Italy' cheeses
2015/01/15 Activation of the Anti-Crisis Reserve Fund in 2015 for producers of excellent food products made in Italy
2015/01/15 Creation of a uniform and transparent system for determining fuel prices in the EU
2015/01/15 Protection of the fishermen of Veneto
2015/01/15 Safety of food packaging: seizure at Coop supermarkets
2015/01/15 Protection of the Mediterranean from plastic pollution
2014/11/27 Growth in online food fraud in Europe: data on food and agricultural policies provided by the Carabinieri Headquarters
2014/11/27 Increase in Mediterranean Sea levels and the protection of Italian coastal waters
2014/11/27 Recognition of geographic indications on the internet - negotiations with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
2014/11/13 Protecting the 'made in Italy' brand: sambuca
2014/11/13 Review of regulation on nutrition claims for foodstuffs, because too onerous for SMEs
2014/11/13 The spread of grooming and protection of underage users of social networks
2014/11/13 Agricultural outlook for the end of 2014: record levels of milk production
2014/11/13 Internet governance and threats to the European agri-food industry: potential losses linked to granting of the .wine and .vino domain names
2014/10/23 Protection of Italian agrifood products
2014/10/14 Unacceptable quantities of oil in the Mediterranean
2014/10/08 Markets flooded with Moroccan tomatoes
2014/08/20 Protection of voluntary associations — Alpine search and rescue
2014/07/02 Protection of the seas and coasts around Venice and halting the exploitation of oil fields in the Adriatic Sea by Croatia
2014/07/02 EU exemption for the fishing of donax clams, razor clams and carpet shells
2018/02/07 Free trade agreement with Japan: need for Commission intervention to protect Italian cheeses
2018/01/19 Multinational companies and workers' rights: Amazon distribution centre in Castel San Giovanni, in the province of Piacenza
2017/11/28 Environmental flows from the Brenta and Piave rivers and the risks to the surrounding area
2017/11/07 Glyphosate and concerns about imported cereals: problem highlighted by Coldiretti
2017/07/13 State of emergency in Turkey: the need to restore respect for human rights and democracy
2016/08/30 Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA - progress of negotiations and protection of Italian PDOs and PGIs
2016/04/13 Worthlessness of the EU-Turkey agreement: request for clarification on several points
2016/03/10 Brexit: EU-UK agreement and infringement of the Treaties
2015/06/11 Results of the public consultation on TTIP
2015/06/11 Insertion of the ISDS in the TTIP
2015/05/21 Problems caused by the TTIP for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano
2015/03/31 EU-US free trade agreement (TTIP) and European worker rights
2015/03/31 The EU-USA free trade agreement (TTIP) and European workers' rights
2015/03/03 TTIP and the problems faced by women in the US and, potentially, the EU
2015/02/27 Fake red radicchio di Treviso on sale at the Berlin Trade Fair
2015/02/27 The risks for the Italian rice sector arising from the proposed free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam
2015/02/13 Problem of GMOs in the context of the EU-USA free trade agreement (TTIP)
2015/01/30 EU-USA free trade agreement (TTIP) and fraudulent use of EU appellations in the US winegrowing sector
2015/01/15 Free trade agreement between Europe and the United States (TTIP) and risks posed to the European system of designations of origin
2015/01/15 EU-US Free trade agreement (TTIP) and the use of antibiotic growth promoters in livestock
2014/12/22 Establishment of a monitoring mechanism for the EU-USA free trade agreement (TTIP), to protect the fundamental rights of workers
2014/12/22 Fund to support workers and firms detrimentally affected by the EU-USA free trade agreement (TTIP)
2014/11/27 EU/US free trade agreement (TTIP): risks to the European social model
2014/11/13 EU-US Free Trade Agreement (TTIP) and the poultry sector
2014/11/13 EU-US Free Trade Agreement (TTIP) and the rabbit-breeding sector
2014/11/13 EU-USA free trade agreement (TTIP) and possible risks to the European winegrowing sector
2014/11/13 Return of whale-hunting in Japan
2014/10/23 Workers' deaths in the province of Rovigo
2014/10/08 Strengthening EU trade defence instruments
2014/10/08 Coeliac disease and fertility and pregnancy risks for women
2018/05/04 Border controls between Member States due to the threat of terrorism in the EU - urgent need to revise Schengen agreements
2016/06/16 Additional security services: ensuring fair competition on the Italian market and uniform certifications across Member States
2016/06/09 Integrity of quick-frozen foods and ensuring that the cold chain is maintained
2016/01/21 January 2016 immigration emergency in Italy triggered by certain Member States closing their borders: urgent review of the Schengen Agreement
2015/08/28 Eurostat's role in facilitating Greece's entry into the euro area
2015/07/20 Net contributing and receiving Member States of the EU for the period 2007-2013
2015/07/20 Use of EU structural funds in the programming period 2007-2013
2015/06/25 Statements by the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator on foreign fighters
2015/05/21 Migration emergency and review of framework decisions in the field of detention
2015/04/17 Consideration of a staged withdrawal by Member States from the euro
2015/03/31 Female genital mutilation becoming increasingly commonplace in Member States
2015/03/31 Counter-terrorism measures in Member States - findings of the European compliance assessment
2015/02/27 Meeting between the Commission and Member States concerning the three framework decisions in the field of detention
2015/01/15 Combating terrorism: monitoring websites used by terrorists
2015/01/15 Stepping up security checks, prevention measures and coordination among Member States to counter the threat of terrorist attacks
2015/01/15 Irregular use of European funds in certain Member States
2015/01/15 Risk of terrorism in Italy and other Member States
2014/11/13 Increasing cases of female genital mutilation in the United Kingdom
2014/10/23 Vine planting rights: transitional period
2014/10/14 Smartphones - activation of unrequested services
2014/10/14 Request for uniform fishing rules for all Member States
2014/07/02 Female genital mutilation in Sweden
2018/06/06 Civil liability insurance for pedal-assist electric bicycles - request for clarifications from the Commission
2018/05/29 Statements by Commissioner Oettinger
2018/05/16 Safeguarding the maritime and logistics activities of Italian ports
2018/05/16 Protecting the Italian sugar industry: urgent measures called for to protect Veneto and Emilia-Romagna sugar refineries
2018/04/20 Sweetened and fake wines. Damage amounting to more than EUR 1 billion to Italian wines
2018/04/20 Statements made by Mr Bolkestein concerning the Services Directive and beach concessions: request for clarification by the Commission
2018/04/20 Alfie Evans: request for urgent action to ensure respect for the parents' wishes
2018/03/28 Arrest of Carles Puigdemont and other Catalan representatives - request for intervention by the Commission
2018/03/15 Cohesion policy post-2020 - the possibility of cuts to EU funding for the Italian Regions in the next multiannual financial framework
2018/03/01 The Embraco case: redundancies and relocation to Slovakia
2018/02/07 Crisis in the Italian rice sector: call for urgent protective measures in the face of growing competition from South-East Asia
2018/02/06 Transparency in EMA applications
2018/01/18 Commission statements on the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework - CAP funding for Italian farmers at risk
2017/12/18 Nutrition labelling for wines, craft beers and distilled alcoholic beverages: higher costs and risk for small and medium-sized producers
2017/10/30 Biodegradable single-use plastic bags for foodstuffs: new costs for the public
2017/10/13 September 2017: failure of the migrant relocation mechanism confirmed - urgent Commission action needed
2017/10/09 Avian influenza in Veneto: poultry sector at risk - urgent Commission action sought
2017/10/05 October 2017 Catalan independence referendum: violence against Catalan citizens by the Spanish police. Commission intervention
2017/09/27 Crisis at the plant engineering firm Lovato Gas in Veneto: urgent action by the Commission
2017/08/03 VP/HR - Release of Antonio Ledezma and other political opponents of the dictatorial regime of President Maduro in Venezuela: appeal for Commission intervention
2017/07/13 Tomato derivatives: increased imports from China, endangering consumers' health. Request for mandatory indication of origin on labels
2017/07/05 Milk quotas: protecting Italian farmers and suspending fines
2017/06/21 Public health and landscape issues arising in connection with the Valproto biomass plant in the municipality of Quinto Vicentino, Province of Vicenza
2017/06/13 Veneto Banca and Banca Popolare di Vicenza: urgent need for an agreement between the Italian Government and the Commission
2017/05/18 Serious humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Urgent Commission action to set up a humanitarian corridor
2017/05/03 Protecting Italian rice: review of import duties and origin labelling
2017/05/03 Statement by public prosecutor of Catania, Mr Zuccaro, that NGOs are being funded by traffickers - call for action from the Commission to check on NGO activities
2017/04/06 PFA pollution in Veneto: urgent Commission action required
2017/04/05 Rotten meat from Brazil - health of Italian and European consumers at risk. Call for action from the Commission
2017/04/05 Biomass-fired plant in the municipality of Nove, province of Vicenza - a public health hazard and threat to the Parco Oasi del Brenta area of natural beauty
2017/03/23 Exclusion of itinerant street trading from the Bolkestein directive in Italy
2017/03/16 Bolkestein directive in the seaside business sector - measures taken by the Italian Government
2017/03/16 Former Venda NATO base in the province of Padua: a silent massacre? Request for information from the Commission
2017/03/03 Health risk to consumers posed by use of hydrogen peroxide in the processing of cephalopod molluscs: request for investigation by the Commission
2016/12/19 Hydrogeological instability: derogation from budget constraints to ensure the safety of territories and regions hit by floods
2016/12/15 Prosecco-flavour tea on sale in British supermarkets as of December 2016: further abuse of the Prosecco PDO label. Urgent request for Commission intervention
2016/12/15 Unauthorised photographs among the shocking images on cigarette packs The Commission should provide some clarity regarding the facts reported by the television show 'Le lene'.
2016/12/15 Granting China Market Economy Status: thousands of companies at risk in the Veneto. Region's businesses call for Commission action
2016/12/09 High-quality PDO and PGI products from central Italy at risk following the earthquakes in the region. Request for the Commission to take urgent action to assist farmers
2016/11/30 November 2016: Piedmont and Liguria hit by fierce flooding - request for urgent measures from the Commission to support farmers
2016/11/24 Introduction of the death penalty in Turkey: urgent request for the Commission's opinion on the need to break off accession negotiations with Turkey
2016/11/22 Proliferation of the Asian bug 'Halyomorpha halys': risk of serious damage to crops in northern Italy - call for urgent action by the Commission
2016/11/22 Preliminary Commission assessment of Italy's 2017 draft budgetary plan: urgent request for clarification from the EU
2016/11/22 Request for urgent Commission inquiry into allegations of special treatment granted to Deutsche Bank by the ECB in the July 2016 stress tests
2016/10/27 BASF chemical complex disaster (Germany) and protecting public health: urgent Commission action required
2016/10/17 Situation in Turkey: arrests and dismissal of civil servants regarded as opponents to President Erdogan and the Turkish Government
2016/10/17 Referendum in the Canton of Ticino to restrict cross-border worker numbers: urgent request for a Commission opinion
2016/09/28 Cattle, sheep and goats in Veneto affected by the infectious disease 'bluetongue': urgent need for Commission support
2016/09/28 Urgent investigation by the Commission into conflicts of interest among its members and to ensure transparency: the case of Neelie Kroes
2016/09/28 VP/HR - Urgent action by the EU High Representative to secure the release of two Italian citizens, Bruno Cacace and Danilo Clonego, who were abducted in Libya
2016/09/09 Protecting the steel industry
2016/08/03 Protection of Italian seaside operators: urgent evaluation of the Commission following the judgment of the Court of Justice
2016/07/15 Itinerant vendors and the Bolkestein Directive
2016/07/14 Speeding up Turkey's accession process to the EU after the arrest of journalists
2016/06/24 VP/HR - Urgent appeal to the Commission to free a seriously ill Italian citizen who is being held illegally in Mauritania
2016/06/22 Artistic and craft heritage of Venice at risk: crisis in the Murano glass industry
2016/06/09 Democracy at risk in Turkey: need for the Commission to halt the procedure for the granting of EU visas immediately
2016/05/27 Confirmation by the report of 18 May 2016 that the system for the relocation of migrants has failed; need for urgent intervention by the Commission
2016/05/27 Immediate Commission action to ensure justice for the Egyptair crash victims
2016/05/25 Integrated policy for mountainous regions and call for a standard definition of a 'mountain area'
2016/05/10 Veneto Region report on PFAS pollution - health of 250 000 people at risk
2016/05/10 Italian referendum on sea floor drilling
2016/04/15 Frontex: terrorists infiltrating groups of migrants - Austrian border fence at the Brenner Pass - Urgent request for immediate EU action
2016/04/15 April 2016: 150% increase in the production of imitation Italian wines in Europe and the world - need for urgent action by the Commission to safeguard producers
2016/03/31 Agriculture Council of 14 March: the problem of the price of milk is unresolved - the case of the Veneto region
2016/03/31 Shortcomings in the Italian public security forces: the security of Italian officers and the safety of all citizens at risk
2016/03/10 Beach concessions, ruling of the Advocate-General of the European Court of Justice: Italian operators must be protected
2016/02/25 Immigrant chaos at Treviso: the 'Fonte' case and confiscation of unoccupied private houses announced by the provincial governor
2016/02/17 Pyro-gasification plant for biomass in Paese municipality in Treviso province: risk to public health and the environment
2016/02/12 Open Doors report on Christian persecution presented at Parliament: urgent need for EU action
2016/01/19 Synthetic rice from China: a new public health threat
2016/01/15 Black December for Italian banks - Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca and urgent need for Commission action
2015/12/17 Illegal use of the names of famous cities in the Veneto region (Vicenza, Bassano, Asiago) as brand names for commercial purposes, both within the EU and internationally
2015/12/07 Italian sausages and red meat: concern at WHO warnings of 24 October
2015/12/07 United Kingdom: Yet another complaint regarding imitation Prosecco PDO reported in the Italian press on 26 October
2015/11/26 Italian government's bank rescue decree of 22 November 2015 - savers seriously at risk
2015/10/19 CAP aid for farmers in the Veneto area at risk in 2015
2015/10/14 Support for Italian producers affected by the spread of 'kiwifruit blight' in the Veneto region
2015/07/20 Merger between Banca Popolare di Marostica and Volksbank - disruption to account holders
2015/07/20 Protecting artistic heritage in the Veneto region in the event of natural disasters - the Venetian villas
2015/07/20 Tornado in the Brenta Riviera in the region of Veneto
2015/07/10 Fake prosecco produced in Brazil
2015/06/24 Bolkestein directive and judgment 328/2015 of the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) of Tuscany - beach operators are holders of a good and not a service
2015/06/11 Italian regions and biodiversity at risk from uncertified Chinese farming
2015/06/11 Crisis in the Italian road haulage sector
2015/05/28 Italian beach managers threatened by unfairness and misapplication of Community law
2015/05/28 The incompatibility of split payments with the Small Business Act
2015/05/28 Sale of Alcatel in Trieste to a US multinational - 850 jobs at risk
2015/05/21 Infringement of legislation and unfair competition from Slovenian operators in Venice
2015/05/21 The death penalty in Saudi Arabia
2015/04/17 Chinese community in Veneto and the growing practice of tax evasion
2015/04/17 EU strategy for protecting Prosecco
2015/04/17 VP/HR - Update on the case involving two Italian marines
2015/04/17 Update on the case involving two Italian marines
2015/03/31 Fake Prosecco sold in the Crimea
2015/03/12 The dairy industry: crisis for Italian farms
2015/03/12 Fishing: poaching along the banks of the River Po in the Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy
2015/03/12 Sale of imitation Prosecco in Germany
2015/03/12 Safety of state highway SS47, in the Valsugana (Veneto)
2015/03/12 Eternit case: prescription of environmental offences in Community law
2015/02/27 Derogation for seaside concessions in Spain: application of the Services Directive
2015/02/27 Protests by immigrants in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso)
2015/02/27 Global wheat production at risk from global warming
2015/02/13 Protecting river delta ecosystems
2015/02/13 Bolkestein Directive in Italy: Italian Governmentʼs proposals
2015/01/30 Italian doctor reported missing in Libya
2015/01/30 Italian doctor reported missing in Libya
2015/01/30 Payment of ransoms to secure the release of Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo
2015/01/30 Conflicts of interest amongst scientists working for the Directorate General for Health and Consumers: further details
2015/01/30 Fake Prosecco being sold on tap in Canada
2015/01/15 Sale of fake Prosecco on tap in England
2014/12/22 Mobility between operators: procedures lacking transparency for Italian users
2014/12/22 New violation of the right to freedom of expression and information in Turkey: 24 journalists arrested
2014/12/22 Veneto seizure of highly toxic toys imported from China
2014/11/27 Genetically modified maize NK603: application of the safeguard clause
2014/11/27 2015 Italian Stability Law: assertions of the ex-Minister Renato Brunetta
2014/11/27 Eternit case and prescription of the environmental disaster offence
2014/11/27 Prompt payment indicator for Italian government departments: discrimination against SMEs and compatibility with the law of the European Union
2014/11/13 Immigrants given better treatment than Italian citizens by Italian residential care homes
2014/11/13 Document on sexual education produced by the World Health Organization: the concerns of parents' associations
2014/11/13 Wildlife: species at risk of extinction
2014/11/13 New strain of avian influenza A(H5N6)
2014/10/23 Nitrates in vegetables and the respective health problems
2014/10/08 Conflicts of interest amongst scientists working for the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers
2014/10/08 Italian lira declared non-convertible by Monti government
2014/09/18 Bolkestein directive - seaside concessions in Italy
2014/09/08 Bad weather - crisis in tourism in the Veneto region and appeal for special funding
2014/08/29 Incompatibility of the Italian Internal Stability Pact (ISP) with Directive 2011/7/EU on combating late payment in commercial transactions
2014/08/20 Tragedy in Refrontolo (Treviso) - request for extraordinary funding
2014/07/24 Devastation being wrought by Bear M4 in the province of Vicenza
2014/07/24 Italian rice sector at risk due to competition from Asia
2014/07/02 Postal savings bonds - further details required
2014/07/02 Assessment of the application of the Services Directive in Croatia
2018/04/20 Unsustainable costs for Italy of taking in migrants claiming to be refugees
2018/02/09 Alarm in Italy: Gambling is on the increase among minors New technologies increase the risk of addiction
2017/12/14 Illegal migration flows towards Italy and the EU - the new route from Turkey and the ineffectiveness of the EU-Turkey agreement
2017/11/07 Alarm over the proliferation of Halyomorpha halys (Asian stink bug) and serious damage to crops in northern Italy
2017/10/13 Immigration and security: the new route from Tunisia and the increase in violence committed by illegal immigrants in Italy
2017/09/14 Honey: Made in Italy products threatened by prolonged poor weather conditions in Italy and large increase in imports from third countries
2017/09/14 Vaccine for entering school: the Lorenzin Decree in Italy. The Commission's opinion is requested
2017/08/24 Young people not in employment, education or training (NEET): Italy No 1 in the EU - one young person out of five is a NEET
2017/07/28 Immigration emergency in Italy: closure of Italian ports to prevent clandestine migrants from disembarking
2017/07/05 Adverse weather in Veneto: special funding for affected areas
2017/06/15 Bad weather and drought in Italy: farm produce threatened; activation of extraordinary support measures for farmers
2017/04/28 Road haulage crisis in Italy
2017/04/12 Fishing in Italy: review of the sanctions system for serious infringements
2017/03/16 Origin labelling of ingredients for dairy produce in Italy. Commission assessment of implementing provisions
2017/02/17 Abuse of the asylum application system in Italy - the case of the Roma in Vicenza
2017/02/03 Uncertified medical test tubes used in local health units (ULSS) in the Veneto and Italy
2017/02/03 Fresh unenviable record unemployment rate in Italy - request for support measures
2017/02/03 EU-funded ski classes for refugees
2017/02/03 EU proposal for a naval blockade off Libya to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into Italy
2017/01/20 Hepatitis C sufferers forced to go abroad for hepatitis medication
2016/12/15 European Union Intellectual Property Office: across the EU, 'Made in Italy' is the most counterfeited brand
2016/10/17 Risk of a fresh wave of migration to Italy: 235 000 migrants set to leave Libya - Terrorist infiltration risk
2016/09/28 Wheat emergency in Italy: speculation on imports is endangering the survival of 300 000 farms
2016/08/25 Telemarketing: problem of unsolicited telephone calls for advertising purposes and inadequate protection of members of the public in Italy
2016/07/15 Rail tragedy in Puglia on Tuesday 12 July: emergency Commission inquiry
2016/07/06 Drop in milk prices and ensuing loss of 17 000 jobs
2016/03/01 Lack of a contact person in Rome: serious threat to Italy's interests
2016/02/17 The migrant emergency: Italy accused of handling the situation badly
2015/11/12 Indefinite protests by dairy farmers in northern Italy in fight for the survival of the Italian dairy industry
2015/11/11 Aquaculture in Venice lagoon under threat
2015/09/17 Bad weather in Veneto and northern Italy - exemption from the Stability Pact for the municipalities affected and allocation of extraordinary funding
2015/09/02 Milk quotas for 2014-2015: fines in Italy tripled
2015/09/02 A new EU policy for the migration emergency
2015/08/31 Support for rice from the Veneto region and Italy in the face of Asian competition
2015/07/10 Olive oil production crisis in Italy and rising imports from Tunisia
2015/06/25 Downturn in footwear exports from the Veneto region and Italy to Russia
2015/06/11 Latest OECD report on youth employment: the situation in Italy
2015/06/11 Foreign children going missing in Italy
2015/06/11 Mismatch between education, skills and the world of work
2015/06/11 Lengthy delays in application of the CAP in Italy - aid for 2015 at risk
2015/06/11 Parallel exportation of drugs from Italy
2015/06/11 Italy: rise in the number of young people under 30 not in employment, education or training
2015/05/28 Introduction of the split-payment system in Italy
2015/05/28 Ericsson Italy: collective redundancies procedure for employees in Venice, Milan and Rome
2015/05/21 Immigration emergency in Friuli Venezia Giulia
2015/04/30 Tax evasion by Chinese business operators in Italy
2015/04/17 Social dumping committed by Romanian temp agencies in Italy
2015/04/17 Crisis in bee-keeping in Italy
2015/04/17 Rising youth unemployment in Italy
2015/04/17 Turkey: fresh blocking of social networks and censorship of freedom of expression
2015/04/17 Spread of the Asian hornet and the threat posed to honey production in Italy
2015/03/31 Municipal property tax on cable lifts in Italy
2015/03/12 Illegal trafficking of organs from Africa
2015/03/12 Political asylum applications in Italy: violations of Community guidelines by Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary
2015/03/03 The 1619 missing Greeks
2015/03/03 The 1 619 missing Greeks
2015/02/27 India: increase in abortions based on the sex of the unborn child
2015/02/27 Spread of Xylella fastidiosa and the risk posed to olive oil production in Italy
2015/02/27 Hydrogeological instability in Italy
2015/02/13 Support measures for Italian milk producers
2015/02/13 Introduction of the split--payment system for paying value added tax (VAT) in Italy
2015/01/30 VP/HR - Eighty people abducted by Boko Haram in northern Cameroon
2015/01/30 Terrorists gaining entry to Italy through illegal immigration
2015/01/30 Unemployment hits a new record in Italy - support measures
2015/01/15 Aid to help farmers deal with the fall in milk prices following abolition of the quota system
2015/01/15 Increase in cases of cyberbullying in Italy
2015/01/15 Threat of new sanctions
2015/01/15 Suspension of financial aid to countries that tolerate child marriages
2015/01/15 Support measures for voluntary organisations
2015/01/15 Customs duties and restrictions on honey imported from third countries
2014/12/22 Seizure of illegal substances increasing milk production in bovines
2014/12/22 Irregularities in the calculation of milk quotas in Italy: request for suspension of fines
2014/12/22 Crisis amongst olive oil producers in Veneto and in Italy, and measures for supporting them
2014/12/22 Introduction of measures to support farmers following termination of the milk quota system
2014/12/22 Support for children in war zones
2014/11/27 Asylum applications in Italy: compliance with Regulation (EC) No 343/2003 (the former Dublin Convention)
2014/11/27 Spread of the crime of femicide in Italy
2014/11/27 Crisis in tobacco cultivation in Italy and the Veneto in particular: request for European support measures
2014/11/27 Measures to support farmers in Italy, in particular in the Veneto, affected by flooding
2014/11/13 Operation Triton - illegal immigration
2014/10/08 Fatalities at work in Italy
2014/10/08 Rising youth unemployment in Italy
2014/09/08 Bad weather in northern Italy and threat to honey production
2014/08/29 Adverse weather conditions in Italy: farming and winegrowing sector crisis in the Veneto
2014/07/24 Illegal fishing in Lake Garda
2018/03/15 Unregulated relocation of companies to eastern Europe - call for intervention by the Commission to curb social dumping in the EU
2018/01/10 Making payments - Italian public authorities next to last in Europe - need to protect creditors
2017/10/13 Urgent renewal of anti-dumping duties to protect the ceramics industry in Italy and Europe
2017/10/09 Growth of Islamic fundamentalism, spread of Sharia in Europe and protection of EU citizens
2017/07/28 Rising poverty in Italy and Europe at large
2017/05/03 Protection of linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe - the case of the Venetian language
2017/03/03 Euthanasia cases in Europe: increasing EU support for sick people and their families
2016/10/17 Optional vaccinations for children in Veneto, Italy and Europe
2016/09/28 Prohibition of burkinis to protect the rights and freedoms of women in Europe from Muslim extremism
2016/04/13 Surrogacy: exploitation of women's bodies for economic purposes
2016/04/13 Complaint from Coldiretti regarding 680% increase in imports of tomato concentrate from China to Europe
2016/02/18 February 2016 - Zika virus alert in Europe and Italy: cases in Veneto and Rome
2015/12/18 Urgent extension of the scope of Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014 to meat and sausage producers in Italy and Europe
2015/11/26 Islamic terrorists moving freely around Europe with the help of fake European passports, both before and after the Paris massacre
2015/11/11 Italian public authorities Europe's worst payer, with EUR 61 billion in debts to suppliers
2015/11/11 Sharp rise in Christianophobia and the Jihadi threat in Europe
2015/09/17 Combating counterfeiting in Europe and Italy
2015/09/17 Immigration crisis in Eastern Europe: possible repercussions for Italy
2015/06/11 Progress in the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2015/05/21 Immigration - adoption of the Australian model in Europe
2015/04/30 Use of mobile phones without earpieces and brain tumours: Results of the study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer
2015/04/30 Spread of infections in Europe, caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria
2015/04/30 Consequences of the harmonisation of GMO rules in Europe and the United States following the conclusion of TTIP
2015/04/17 Circulation of a dangerous new narcotic substance in Europe
2015/03/31 Price of fuel in Europe
2015/03/31 The defence of legitimate defence in Italy and Europe: the case of Graziano Stacchio of Nanto (Vicenza)
2015/03/12 Strategy to relaunch reading in Europe
2015/02/27 Combating compulsive gambling in Europe
2015/02/13 Impact of the Juncker Commission's investment plan on employment in Europe
2015/02/13 Cancer prevention in Italy and Europe
2015/02/13 Circulation of new synthetic drugs in Europe
2015/02/13 The Juncker Commission's Investment Plan for Europe: independence of the investment committee
2015/02/13 The Juncker Commission's investment plan - small and medium-sized enterprises
2015/01/15 Greater representation of women in the EU civil service
2015/01/15 Sale of counterfeit Sambuca in Europe: determining a common strategy to protect producers
2015/01/15 Combating environmental crime
2014/12/22 Spread of new parasite species in Europe: the Box Tree Moth found in Veneto and several parts of Emilia Romagna and Friuli Venezia Giulia
2014/12/22 Situation of women in the Middle East: the case of Ghoncheh Ghavami in Iran
2014/12/22 Rising number of incidents of food contamination in Europe
2014/11/27 New outbreaks of the H5N8 virus: Bird flu is back in Europe
2014/11/27 Increased transparency of banking legislation in Europe
2014/11/27 Tackling illegal cabotage in Europe: revision of the list established by the Commission to supplement Regulation (EC) No 1071/2009
2014/11/27 Damage caused by antibiotic abuse in Europe - estimates from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
2014/11/27 Violence and abuse against women and children in Darfur
2014/11/13 Combating the counterfeiting of medicines
2014/11/13 Breach of legislation regarding the transport of animals
2014/10/23 Case of Ebola in Spain
2014/10/23 Suspension of Schengen to prevent the spread of the Ebola epidemic in Europe
2014/10/23 Pay inequality between women and men
2014/10/23 Slaughtering of greyhounds in Europe
2014/10/14 Spread of the Ebola epidemic
2014/10/08 Jihadist infiltration in Europe and suspension of the Schengen Treaty
2014/09/08 Oversupply and fall in prices of summer fruit in Europe - emergency in Veneto for the nectarine sector
2014/07/24 Commemorations of the Centenary of the First World War: funding earmarked by Italy as part of the 'European Remembrance' strand of the 'Europe for Citizens' programme
2014/07/22 French legislation on rest periods for road hauliers
2017/11/28 The transition to second generation digital terrestrial television and the substantial cost for citizens
2017/09/18 Unemployed, inactive and underemployed persons in Italy: analysis of the European Central Bank
2017/09/14 Safeguarding Italian and European protected geographical indications (PGI) in the United Kingdom after Brexit
2017/03/03 Austria: protecting Austrian citizens' right to work
2017/03/03 Penelope Association speaks out on the tragedy of missing persons and unidentified bodies: proposal for a European DNA database
2016/10/17 Role of the European Parliament in the EU-UK Brexit negotiations
2016/07/15 Deutsche Bank proposal for a EUR 150 billion EU plan to recapitalise European banks with public funds
2016/04/13 Agreement on zero-duty imports of Tunisian olive oil: serious risks to the Italian and European economy
2016/02/18 Counterfeiting alert issued by the OHIM: a new European enforcement strategy to be discussed at the forthcoming European Council of 17 March 2016
2016/01/19 Cologne: over 500 European women assaulted by migrants - an immediate review of EU migration policy needed
2015/12/18 Urgent and immediate intervention from the European Commission to stop the fraudulent use of the PGI 'Radicchio Rosso di Treviso' on the Australian market
2015/12/17 Devastating consequences for the Italian and European economies: should China be granted market economy status
2015/10/14 Amount of funding allocated by the EU to Ukraine
2015/10/14 Use of extraordinary funds allocated to farmers during the extraordinary meeting of the Agriculture Council on 7 September 2015
2015/10/14 Support for European citizens suffering from rare diseases, such as progeria
2015/08/31 Eurodisney and Amazon - geographical discrimination in the single market
2015/06/25 European policies on dealing with foreign fighters
2015/06/11 Single European telephone number for missing children at risk of closure
2015/06/11 MERS epidemic and South Korea - protecting European citizens' health
2015/05/21 Chinese thermos flasks containing asbestos
2015/05/21 Potential civil war in Burundi
2015/05/21 VP/HR - Potential civil war in Burundi
2015/04/30 Extraordinary European Summit on Immigration of 23 April 2015
2015/04/17 Inclusion of the 'Australian model' in European migration policies
2015/04/17 Collapse of the viaduct on the A19 in Sicily and use of European funds
2015/04/17 Growth in absolute poverty among European citizens
2015/04/17 Review of European banking rules to ensure safer investments
2015/04/17 Overhaul of European strategy for tackling unemployment
2015/04/17 European migration policies and human traffickers in Libya
2015/04/17 EU assistance for European victims of thalidomide
2015/03/31 European public consultation: citizens say NO to TTIP but negotiations continue
2015/03/31 European strategy against cyberbullying
2015/03/31 European map of regional and minority languages
2015/03/31 European public consultation: citizens say NO to TTIP, but negotiations continue
2015/03/31 A European strategy to tackle cyberbullying
2015/03/31 European regulation of cross-border company mergers
2015/03/31 European funding for supporting the National Archaeological Museum in Quarto d'Altino
2015/03/31 European e-book market: VAT at 4 %
2015/03/31 Manipulation of the pharmaceuticals market in Greece
2015/03/12 TTIP: incompatibility between US and European rules on PDO and PGI marks
2015/03/12 Wasting of European funds: the case of Sutera in Sicily
2015/03/12 Risks linked to quantitative easing for European citizens
2015/03/12 Reviving the European publishing industry
2015/03/12 Crisis in the European dairy sector: proposal for a new support strategy
2015/03/12 China: opening up of the market for public contracts to European businesses
2015/02/27 Ritual killings in Tanzania
2015/02/27 Quantitative easing
2015/02/13 Plague epidemic in Madagascar - Italian and European citizens at risk
2015/02/13 European system for unemployment insurance
2015/01/30 Use of European funds for the benefit of European citizens and citizens of third countries
2015/01/15 Christian detained in India for 'spreading Christianity'
2015/01/15 Increasing the efficiency of the funding for the preservation of European, Italian and Veneto architectural heritage
2015/01/15 Creation of a European 'no fly list'
2015/01/15 Collapse of a viaduct in Sicily and use of European funds
2015/01/15 Use of EU funds for the drawing up of the WHO document on sexual education
2014/11/27 More direct access to European funds for Italian regions
2014/11/27 Plague epidemic in Madagascar
2014/11/27 European campaign to increase awareness of the illegal occupation of disabled parking spaces
2014/11/27 Eurostat: 122.6 million European citizens at risk of poverty and social exclusion
2014/11/27 Strategy for the revival of the economy in the Euro area
2014/11/27 Seizure of expired fish in a Chinese-owned supermarket: protecting the health of European citizens
2014/11/13 Funding for the preservation of European architectural heritage: the case of the bridge at Bassano del Grappa
2014/11/13 Safety in European football stadiums
2014/11/13 Further warming of Italian and European lake waters
2014/11/13 European harmonization of methods of combating flavescence dorée
2014/11/13 Ritual slaughter and animal suffering
2014/10/14 Protection of European olive oil
2014/10/08 Opening up of the Chinese market to European firms - upholding the principle of reciprocity
2014/09/08 EU funding for the tourism industry and tourism firms
2014/07/24 European Day of the Family
2014/07/24 India's boycott of European oil and wine
2014/07/24 Efficient use of the EU Structural Funds
2018/03/28 Warning of the presence of Isis fighters in Italy, who arrived as undocumented migrants. Danger of further terrorist attacks in Europe
2018/01/18 Persecution of Christians around the world - alarming figures from the new report by the NGO Open Doors
2018/01/18 Religious intolerance in Egypt: terrorist attacks on Coptic Christians
2017/10/11 Spain: threat to arrest 712 democratically elected Catalan mayors
2017/09/14 Terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, Spain Two Italian victims: Luca Russo, Bruno Gulotta
2017/06/01 Terrorist attack in Manchester, UK. Request for a European fund to be set up for the victims of Islamic terrorism
2017/02/28 Right to self-determination of peoples: referendum on Catalan independence and Spain's opposition to it
2016/12/20 VP/HR - Massacre of Coptic Christians in Egypt. Maximum security alert against further attacks during Christmas - call for action by the Commission to protect Egyptian Christians
2016/11/30 Warning of fresh terrorist attacks in Europe during the 2016 Christmas period - Request for the Commission to take urgent action
2016/07/15 Dhaka massacre and escalation of Islamic terrorist attacks against European and western citizens: Commission emergency measures
2016/07/06 Commission intervention to obtain justice for thalidomide victims
2016/06/24 June 2016: the EU is on full alert for new threats from Islamic terrorism. Requests for extraordinary and urgent measures
2016/05/27 Europol sounds the alarm: 800 000 migrants arriving in Italy from Libya and high alert for terrorist attacks at the European football championships
2016/04/13 Brussels attacks: link between Italian organised crime and Islamic terrorism
2016/02/17 EU attack on Italian wines: threat to the DOC and DOCG system
2015/11/11 Attack on Italian wine production
2015/10/19 Attacks in Ankara (Turkey) and extremely unstable situation in the Middle East
2015/07/20 VP/HR - Attack on the Italian consulate in Egypt
2015/07/20 Attack on the Italian consulate in Egypt
2015/06/25 New actions of the Commission to support thalidomide victims
2015/06/11 Europol warning concerning use of Twitter by ISIS terrorists
2015/06/11 Europol warning concerning use of Twitter by ISIS terrorists
2015/05/28 VP/HR - The persecution of Christians in Sudan
2015/05/28 The persecution of Christians in Sudan
2015/05/21 VP/HR - BBC journalists arrested in Qatar
2015/04/17 Destruction of archaeological sites by ISIS and financing thereof through the sale of stolen artefacts
2015/04/17 VP/HR - Terrorist attack in Garissa, Kenya: 148 Christians murdered by al-Shabab
2015/03/31 Terrorist attack in Tunis
2015/03/31 Terrorist attack in Tunis
2015/03/31 2022 World Cup in Qatar: 1 200 deaths on building sites
2015/03/12 Abduction of Christians in Syria
2015/03/12 Isis - recruitment in the Balkans
2015/03/12 Iraq - Christians martyred and robbed of their belongings
2015/02/27 Increase in episodes of religious fundamentalism in Turkey
2015/02/27 Cyber warfare to halt the advance of ISIS in the West
2015/02/27 VP/HR - Cyber warfare to halt the westward advance of ISIS
2015/02/13 Payment of ransoms for hostages held by terrorist groups
2015/01/30 Abduction of 13 Christians in Libya
2015/01/30 Investigation of the restricted choice of energy sources in Spain
2015/01/15 Terrorist attack on the editorial offices of the Paris-based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo: suspension of the Schengen Agreement and strengthening of controls in Europe
2015/01/15 Massacre in Baga, Nigeria: fundamentalist group Boko Haram kills 2 000 people
2015/01/15 Principle of fair compensation in European regulations on medicines - justice for thalidomide victims
2015/01/15 Terrorist attack at the office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo: ensuring the safety of EU citizens
2014/12/22 Fifty people held hostage in Sydney: spread of the terrorist threat posed by Isis
2014/11/27 Intensification of Islamic radicalism in Nigeria
2014/11/27 Increase in terrorist attacks throughout the world: estimated figures from the ICSA Foundation
2014/11/27 Victims of executions carried out by ISIS in Syria
2014/11/13 VP/HR - Deaths of two young Christians in Pakistan
2014/11/13 Justice for thalidomide victims
2014/10/14 The issue of child brides
2014/10/14 Restricted choice of energy sources
2014/10/08 Slaughter of sheep to mark an Islamic religious festival
2014/10/08 International child abduction
2014/10/02 Financing of Islamic terrorism through the EU ETS
2014/10/02 Financing of Islamic terrorism through the EU ETS