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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats)
Nea Demokratia
Magic Circle
Security and Defence Member sede
Foreign Affairs Member afet
Agriculture and Rural Development Substitute agri

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/04/18 VP/HR - Provocative announcements by the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Greek sovereignty over Imia
2018/02/08 Violations of Greek territorial waters by Turkish fishing vessels
2018/01/08 Provocative and threatening statements by Turkish officials
2017/12/07 Prohibition of the use of historic vehicles in Greece
2017/11/07 Transfer of rights due to an inheritance
2017/10/13 New Turkish threats against Cyprus
2017/09/28 The TRACES system as a means of dealing with naturalisation in Greece
2017/09/07 Unfair competition regarding farm supplies
2017/03/31 Decline in bank deposits in Greece
2017/01/26 Greece fails to benefit from the Juncker plan
2016/12/02 New Turkish claims over Imia
2016/12/02 Helpless children with autism in Greece
2016/09/07 ENFIA
2016/03/07 Closure of a Turkish newspaper
2016/02/02 Public procurement procedures
2015/11/10 Taxation in Greece
2015/10/27 The demographic crisis in southern Europe and Greece
2015/08/27 Upholding the human rights of Richard-Spyros Hagabimana
2015/04/09 VP/HR - Turkish provocation of Greece
2015/03/03 Direct challenge to Greek sovereign rights by Turkish NOTAM
2015/02/12 Protecting children from online gambling
2015/02/05 Huge damage caused to farming and infrastructures in Greece by extreme weather conditions
2014/10/08 Turkish challenges to Cyprus's Exclusive Economic Zone
2018/02/27 Downgrading of municipal kindergartens
2017/05/22 Drought
2017/01/12 Disbursement of funds for refugees and migrants
2017/01/11 Disbursement of funds for refugees and migrants
2016/10/19 Non-Performing Loans
2016/10/19 Take-up of funds
2016/07/14 Elgin Marbles: Bicentenary of the ratification by the British Parliament of their illegal appropriation
2016/03/01 .The labour stamp creates conditions for the legalisation of illegal migrants
2016/01/19 Aid to deal with the swelling tide of refugees
2015/10/12 Cooperation with Turkey in dealing with refugees
2015/04/20 Actions to combat waves of illegal immigration
2017/10/27 The search for fallen soldiers in Albania
2017/10/26 Plan for the unification of Albania and Kosovo
2017/10/10 Exports of scrap steel
2017/06/20 Earthquake on Chios and Lesbos
2016/11/18 Commission progress report on Albania
2016/11/07 Provocation from Albania
2016/06/06 The Hagia Sophia is the age-old symbol of Orthodoxy
2016/01/14 Shortage of available beds in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in Athens
2015/06/04 Hagia Sophia
2015/06/04 Albania
2015/04/17 Port pollution
2014/10/02 Attempts by Albania to distort history
2018/02/23 EU funding for the construction of coast guard vessels
2017/12/08 The EIT, tourism and culture
2017/01/30 Take-up of funding under the Rural Development Programmes
2017/01/26 North and South Aegean Islands and the migration problem
2016/07/29 Funding for eastern Aegean islands
2016/03/08 Tourism - North and South Aegean islands
2015/09/10 Extension of the NSRF for 2007-2013
2015/09/03 Tackling Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)
2015/08/27 Demolition of the Church of Saint Athanasios in the Albanian village of Drymades, situated in the municipality of Himarë
2015/06/16 New round of provocations by Turkey in the Aegean
2014/12/02 Withholding of EU funding for 'non-development' projects such as the overhaul the Panepistimiou thoroughfare and the Faliro Bay seafront in Attiki
2018/05/03 Collapse of Greek sheep and goat farming
2018/01/29 Compensation for mastic producers
2017/12/07 De facto repeal of the Schengen Agreement for Greek nationals
2017/09/07 Prospects of Kozani saffron
2017/06/12 Greek beekeeping
2017/05/15 Taxation on Greek wines
2017/04/27 Agathonisi island is indisputably Greek
2017/04/03 Grape marc, raki, ouzo and Khios mastic at risk
2017/01/11 Assistance to producers affected by snowfall and frost
2016/07/01 Principle of proportionality and capital adequacy of credit institutions and investment firms
2016/06/22 Greek yoghurt is produced only in Greece
2016/04/07 Use of dehydrated milk in the production of yoghurt
2016/04/06 Increase in production costs due to the raising of excise duty on agricultural fuel to the same level as that on automobile fuel
2016/03/16 Sheep- and goatmeat tariffs under the TTIP
2016/02/23 Paying off the money owed by the Hellenic Sugar Industry (HSI) to beet producers
2015/12/03 Greek exit from Schengen Area
2015/11/18 European School Brussels III - Transfer of Greek Section
2015/11/17 Protecting Greek and European orange growers' income
2015/07/10 Protecting feta cheese and PDO and PGI products in view of the TTIP Agreement
2015/05/18 Changes to the Greek education system
2015/03/31 Increase in VAT on Greek islands
2015/02/06 Transparency in Transatlantic Trading and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations
2014/12/12 British Museum sends one of the Parthenon Marbles to Russia
2014/09/29 Prevention of bluetongue and compensation for sheep and goat breeders
2014/08/11 Compensation for Greek producers hit by Russian import ban
2018/01/10 Borrowers in Swiss francs
2017/07/06 Inadequate treatment of olive fruit fly
2017/06/09 Aloe Vera
2016/09/08 Updating of the Dublin Convention
2015/06/11 Tax on subsidies
2015/02/11 Ruling out favourable treatment for borrowers in Swiss francs
2017/12/21 Cavusolgu's provocative statements challenging Greek sovereignty
2017/09/22 The Commission's approach to the environmental disaster unfolding in the Saronic Gulf
2017/09/13 Huge environmental disaster in the Saronic Gulf after tanker sinks off Salamis Island
2017/09/07 Problem with box jellyfish in Corinthian Gulf
2017/04/25 Referendum in Turkey and reintroduction of the death penalty
2017/02/09 Constitutional reform package and referendum in Turkey
2016/11/23 Persistent efforts by Erdogan to dispute the Lausanne Treaty
2016/11/07 Non-compliance by Turkey with EU democratic values
2016/09/07 Television permits
2016/07/29 Developments in Turkey
2016/06/30 Recognition of degrees
2016/03/16 Special EU-Turkey Summit
2016/02/16 Special excise duty on wine
2015/06/12 Unsatisfactory cooperation with Turkey regarding migration
2015/05/21 Non-compliance by Skopje with the democratic principles and values of the EU
2018/06/11 Classification of EDOEAP as part of general government
2018/04/25 Risks involved in burning alternative fuels in the city of Volos
2018/03/14 Road networks in Messinia
2017/11/09 Support for independent living for persons with disabilities
2017/09/27 Solidarity Fund assistance following earthquakes in Kos
2017/06/22 Assistance for the Western Peloponnese
2017/06/15 Financial support for excavations in Sissi, Crete
2017/03/23 Need to swiftly repair the damage suffered by the Çelebi Sultan Mehmed Mosque
2017/01/18 Government control of broadcasting in Greece
2016/09/13 Disastrous damage in Elis
2016/09/08 Disasters in Messinia
2016/02/29 Cost of scrapping the Schengen area and inadmissible action by the Austrian Government
2016/01/20 Government appointments
2015/12/08 Unusually high mortality rate among newborn lambs and kids in Crete
2015/12/07 Licences for the establishment of pharmacies
2015/07/21 Compensation for fire damage
2015/02/12 Catastrophic destruction in Crete due to bad weather
2014/09/22 Inclusion of Crete northern link road in trans-European transport network
2014/07/21 Mediterranean ecosystem jeopardised by destruction of chemical weapons from Syria using hydrolysis
2014/07/15 Crete northern highway
2018/06/07 Suspension by Turkey of refugee readmission agreement
2017/07/12 Community support to eradicate the introduction of zoonoses from Turkey
2017/06/07 Acts of provocation by Turkey in Cyprus
2017/05/11 Further provocation by Turkey
2017/01/30 Further acts of provocation by Turkey against Greece
2017/01/13 Fresh act of provocation by Turkey vis-à-vis Greece
2016/06/07 EU-Turkey customs union and duties on agricultural products
2016/01/20 Human rights violations in Turkey
2016/01/11 Fresh acts of provocation by Turkey in the Aegean
2018/06/08 Reopening of the Theological School of Halki
2018/03/14 The European Court of Auditors notes a signal lack of political will on the part of Turkey to strengthen the rule of law
2018/02/02 Counterfeit banknotes in wider circulation throughout the EUA real threat is being created by crime of euro counterfeiting, which is continuing unabated in the European Union.
2018/01/18 Risk of 'legal' usury and money laundering in gaming establishments
2018/01/16 Threat to farmers posed by mergers of agrochemical companies
2018/01/09 Inconvenience to consumers caused by Apple deliberately slowing down iPhone models
2017/12/08 The MEPs of Nea Demokratia request emergency activation of the Solidarity Fund to address the catastrophic damage in Attica
2017/11/10 Olive oil and olives: crucial products for Southern European economies
2017/11/08 High quality food is a priority for European consumers, irrespective of the country or region in which they live
2017/10/30 Unprecedented linear reductions in basic support for farmers
2017/10/05 Double-hull oil tankers
2017/09/27 Aid for Samothraki following natural disaster
2017/09/27 Improving the impact of European programmes
2017/09/07 Fipronil eggs contamination
2017/06/15 Transfers of payment entitlements for new farmers
2017/05/15 Statements on Uber by Maciej Szpunar before the European Court of Justice
2017/04/03 Provocative Erdogan statement against the security of European citizens
2017/03/09 Use of plastic money and need for an unseizable account in companies
2017/02/08 Tourist visa
2016/06/02 The fallow deer of Rhodes - a unique treasure of European biodiversity
2016/02/10 High taxes on farmers
2016/02/09 Decision on whether to keep Iraklion as the location for the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)
2015/12/22 Illegal imports of olive oil from third countries
2015/10/12 Emergency aid for European farmers
2015/06/12 Lack of funding for social cohesion programmes
2015/05/28 Restoration of ferries to/from Agios Efstratios
2015/01/05 Leaf scorch in olive trees
2014/12/05 Issuing EUR 1 and EUR 2 banknotes
2014/10/14 Expiry of international agreement on olive oil and table olives