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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats)
Democratic Rally
Magic Circle
Budgets Member budg
Financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance Substitute tax3
Industry, Research and Energy Substitute itre

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/05/23 Recognition of the Pontic Greek genocide
2018/04/26 Colonisation in occupied territory is a threat to Cyprus
2018/03/19 Freedom of expression of journalists in Cyprus
2018/01/18 Provocative attitude taken by the Azerbaijani government towards the Republic of Cyprus
2017/11/21 Need to support municipalities and communities in Cyprus along the ceasefire line
2017/11/21 Further acts of provocation by Turkey against Cyprus, an EU Member State
2017/10/30 Need to create a photovoltaics research programme in Cyprus
2017/09/26 New provocations by the pseudo-state in occupied territories
2017/09/26 Cyprus demands and deserves the headquarters of the European Cybersecurity Research and Competence Centre
2017/08/31 Provocations by the illegal regime in occupied Cyprus on the Holy Temple of St. Mamas in Morfou
2017/07/04 Need for EU protection of our cultural and religious heritage
2017/06/21 Need for a Cyprus ferry connection
2017/06/09 Need to establish a European agency in Cyprus
2017/06/01 Condemning the unacceptable Turkish action of demolishing the elementary school in Livera in occupied Cyprus
2017/05/16 Development of sheep and goat-breeding in Cyprus
2017/05/09 EU action against unlawful Turkish activity in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus
2017/04/12 Provocative threats from Turkey against Cyprus
2017/03/31 High cost of medicines in Cyprus
2017/03/02 Economic prospects of Cyprus
2017/02/09 Unacceptably high cost of pesticides in Cyprus
2016/12/09 Fiscal easing
2016/12/07 Cyprus and EFSI (Juncker) Plan
2016/12/07 Turkey's responsibility for missing persons in Cyprus
2016/10/26 Visa liberalisation and unacceptable attitude of Turkey towards Cyprus
2016/09/20 Illegal quarrying in the Pentadaktylos mountains
2016/09/20 Safeguarding farming in Cyprus, which was affected by the drought
2016/08/31 Violation of international law by a Turkish frigate off Cyprus
2016/08/30 Cyprus entitled to be selected as the location for a European agency
2016/08/30 Infringement of religious freedoms in Cyprus by the occupying authorities
2016/06/22 Devastation wreaked by fires in Cyprus
2016/06/14 Need for Turkey to respect all its obligations towards the EU and Cyprus before visa requirements are lifted
2016/04/19 Drought relief for Cyprus
2016/04/19 Cyprus - exiting the 'Memorandum' (fiscal adjustment programme) and the need for investments
2016/03/23 Brexit
2016/02/10 The need to take practical and concrete steps to fight bureaucracy
2015/11/30 Exceptional economic needs in the EU and ways to meet them
2015/09/17 Major impact of designated Natura sites in Cyprus
2015/07/16 Russian embargo and consequences for Cyprus
2015/07/16 Guaranteed minimum income
2015/06/24 The risks arising from the operation of the illegal airport of Tymbou in occupied Cyprus
2015/06/24 Need to introduce e-government in the EU
2015/06/24 Acts of provocation by the regime in the occupied territories of Cyprus
2015/06/09 Need to stem rising euro-scepticism
2015/06/09 Need to create a technology park in Cyprus
2015/05/26 Uncoupling of government and banking debt
2015/05/26 Functioning of the euro area and problem management
2015/05/26 Haircut to Greek bonds - impact on Cyprus
2015/05/18 Cyprus as crisis management headquarters for the EU in the Mediterranean
2015/05/18 Cost of bureaucracy
2015/04/10 Areas in Cyprus adjacent to the ceasefire line and the buffer zone where the occupying troops are located
2015/03/31 Need for a direct link between Cyprus and Brussels
2015/03/30 Classification of Cyprus as a Less Favoured Area (LFA) of the EU
2015/03/03 Importance of Cyprus in search and rescue
2015/02/06 Eurogroup decisions on Cyprus
2015/01/28 The religious and cultural heritage of Cyprus
2015/01/08 New NAVTEX
2014/12/16 Cyprus-Brussels air link
2018/05/28 Need to support patients with multiple sclerosis
2018/02/14 Refugee support in Cyprus from the Fund for Strategic Investments
2017/11/21 EU support for National Health Insurance System (NHIS) in Cyprus.
2017/10/12 Support for persons with dyslexia
2017/07/04 EU support needed for consumer organisations
2017/07/04 Need for EU support for the Rizokarpaso high school
2017/05/16 Support for enclaved Greek Cypriots
2017/05/09 Measures needed to tackle the scourge of drugs
2017/03/31 Need to include journalists and the media as part of information and awareness-raising on the EU
2017/03/27 Need for EU support for the Karaiskakio Foundation of Cyprus
2017/03/21 Need for EU support for the EastMed gas pipeline
2017/03/01 Accessible tourism for persons with disabilities
2017/02/28 Need to support and provide information for organ donors
2017/02/14 Support for couples to undergo IVF
2017/02/14 Need to support refugees in Cyprus
2017/01/13 EU support needed for refugee unions
2016/09/29 The ongoing refugee tragedy
2016/09/29 Destruction of a refugee ‘hotspot’
2016/09/20 Need to support pensioners and unemployed people requiring medicine
2016/08/30 Need to support and promote organic products
2016/05/27 Need to provide aid for refugees in Lebanon and Jordan
2016/05/12 The Junker Plan for Strategic Investments and progress in implementation
2016/04/21 Implementation of the agreement on the refugee crisis
2016/03/23 Support for island regions
2016/01/12 Incentives and support for EU Member States in implementation of the Climate Change Agreement
2015/12/15 The necessity to support countries such as Lebanon and Jordan, with respect to the Refugee issue
2015/06/24 Need to support young farmers
2015/06/24 Need to support the island regions of the EU
2015/04/17 Need to support provision of information/media
2015/03/27 CYPRUS - Support for tourism industry
2015/03/27 Europhile policy and information
2015/03/03 The European Investment Bank and the need to support SMEs
2015/01/08 Destruction of the town of Famagusta
2014/12/16 Access to support programmes
2014/12/16 Special SME financial support programme
2018/02/14 Supporting sports
2017/11/21 Supporting patients with diabetes and strengthening measures to prevent the disease
2017/11/21 Measures to combat cancer among men
2017/09/18 Parity between Member States
2017/02/14 The demographic problem and the need for counter-measures
2017/01/13 Cancer prevention
2016/12/07 Length of time required to obtain a university degree in EU Member States
2016/11/24 Protecting foreign currency borrowers
2016/10/26 Right of cancer patients to choose treatment centre
2016/07/05 Supporting and upgrading Euronews
2016/02/26 Current validity of the Schengen Treaty
2016/02/11 Measures by the EU to fight the dangerous Zika virus
2016/02/10 World Cancer Day and EU action
2016/02/10 Making funds available for cancer research and treatment
2016/01/12 Electronic cigarettes and possible effects thereof
2016/01/12 The need for measures to protect the public from radiation emitted by wireless devices
2016/01/12 Road taxes for motor vehicles
2015/10/14 Massive labour market deficit/need for immediate action
2015/10/14 Designation by the EU of 2016 as Year of Breast Cancer
2015/09/17 Need for free breast cancer screening
2015/09/02 Supporting and strengthening the cooperative movement in business
2015/09/02 EU funds for addressing natural disasters in Member States
2015/06/24 Promoting the concept of fair play in the EU
2015/06/09 Technological progress in EU Member States
2015/05/26 Need to create a European centre for the prevention of breast cancer
2015/05/26 Strengthening the economic position of all EU Member States
2015/04/17 Action to combat the social nightmare of bullying
2015/04/17 Strengthening export trade in the EU
2015/04/17 Need to converge productivity across EU Member States
2015/04/17 Need to converge EU economies
2018/06/05 Need to integrate sign language in the European Parliament
2018/06/05 The need to create a European Labour Authority
2018/05/28 Introduction of a single European student card
2017/09/18 European Common Security and Defence Policy
2017/08/28 Provocative statements by the Turkish Minister for European Affairs
2017/02/28 Need to Create University Chairs in European Studies
2017/02/28 Need for European Student Loan
2017/02/09 EU action needed to raise public awareness of European objectives
2016/07/05 Creation of European offices to serve citizens and businesses
2016/07/05 Need to ensure EU student status in the United Kingdom
2016/03/23 The European health insurance card should be made available to all EU citizens
2016/02/10 Sign language
2015/12/11 Role of the European Central Bank in EU economic policy-making
2015/11/18 Need for a European scholarship fund for outstanding European students
2015/11/18 Creation of a European institution to reward entrepreneurship and innovation among young people
2015/10/14 European renewable energy fund
2015/07/16 Improving access of European citizens to information about EU programmes
2015/07/16 Need to boost the competitiveness of the EU
2015/07/16 One-stop shop in every Member State to assist citizens with European programmes
2015/06/24 Measures to increase the competitiveness of European tourism
2015/06/09 Need to address energy poverty
2015/06/09 The European Union should become a leader in RES
2015/05/26 Need for low-interest student loans
2015/05/26 Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) granted to European banks and the responsibilities of the European Central Bank
2015/05/26 Contribution by the European Central Bank to growth in the EU
2015/04/17 European healthcare plan for all citizens
2015/04/10 Necessity to set up a Poverty Fund in the EU
2015/04/09 European army
2015/03/31 European Energy Union
2015/03/03 EU - renewable sources of energy
2015/03/03 Energy-saving incentives
2015/02/06 Growth
2015/01/08 Cypriot European shipping
2018/06/05 Need to transfer small EU countries' uncommitted funds
2018/05/28 Water shortage
2017/10/30 Need to reduce telecommunications charges for third countries
2017/05/09 Harnessing the EU Solidarity and Globalisation Adjustment Funds in order to tackle unemployment
2017/01/13 EU plan for potential VAT change
2016/04/19 Need to assist islands affected by water shortages
2016/04/19 Unemployment among young graduates and EU assistance
2016/03/23 EU decision severely affects Mediterranean products
2015/12/11 Refund of VAT to citizens of third countries
2015/09/02 Need to promote start-ups
2015/06/24 Need to tackle child obesity
2015/06/24 Need for programme to assist Mediterranean countries
2015/06/24 Need to promote the Mediterranean diet
2015/05/26 Refund of VAT to non-EU citizens
2015/05/18 Need to support Mediterranean countries in managing immigration
2015/03/27 Eastern Mediterranean solution to EU energy problem
2015/03/27 Need to curb unemployment in memorandum countries
2015/03/03 The small countries of the EU experiencing big difficulties
2018/04/26 The EU needs to support autistic children and their families by all means possible
2018/03/23 The occupying regime is obstructing the education of children in the occupied Karpass Peninsula
2017/08/28 A single secondary education diploma for the EU
2017/06/21 Discrimination against children with special needs
2017/03/27 Need to vaccinate children
2016/10/26 Necessity of EU support for children with disabilities
2016/09/29 The occupying regime in Cyprus is obstructing the education of children in the enclave
2016/08/30 Support for children with special needs
2015/04/10 The necessity to close the social and economic gap between the North and the South in the EU
2018/06/05 Need for immediate support for Cypriot farmers who have been adversely affected
2017/11/08 Strict controls on aid for refugees and the way in which it is allocated
2017/08/28 Farm subsidies for Cypriot refugees
2017/06/21 Untenable transport costs for Cypriot agricultural products
2017/06/01 Turkish embargo harming Cypriot shipping
2017/03/21 Need for support for Cypriot prisoners of war
2017/02/09 Need to manage Cypriot bad loans
2016/11/24 Cypriot bank security holders and depositors
2016/10/26 Need to support Cypriot agricultural products
2016/07/05 Transparency in the EU budget
2016/05/12 Need for greater public information about carcinogenic substances in products
2016/05/11 Is there an EU exit strategy for the UK?
2016/03/30 Farmers and red tape
2015/11/30 Violations of Greek and Cypriot airspace by Turkish fighter-planes
2015/11/24 Organisation of working time for permanent members of the Cypriot army
2015/09/17 Need for full transparency regarding consumer products
2015/04/17 The demographic problem in the EU and how to manage it
2015/03/31 Impact on Cypriot agricultural products of Russian bans
2015/03/27 Support for Cypriot farmers using renewable energy sources
2015/02/10 Compensation for Cypriot farmers owing to the geographical position of Cyprus and the adverse climatic conditions
2015/02/06 Refugee Cypriot farmers
2015/01/08 Cypriot refugees
2018/03/23 Violation of the Green Line Regulation by Turkish-Cypriots and the occupying regime
2017/09/06 Control of funds granted to Turkish Cypriots
2017/06/27 Desecration of Hagia Sophia and the churches in Turkish-occupied Cyprus
2016/11/08 Utterances by the Turkish President threatening to undermine the EU
2016/10/27 Turkish provocation regarding the Church of Hagia Sophia
2016/09/20 Turkish provocation regarding a projected nuclear power station
2016/06/14 Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot pseudo-state prevent religious freedom and violate Greek Cypriots' human rights
2016/06/06 Desecration of Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul, Turkey
2016/05/11 Turkish defiance towards the EU
2016/02/17 Turkish invasion of Syria and attacks on the Kurds
2015/04/17 Turkish disrespect for the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
2017/06/09 Digital illiteracy and digital convergence in the EU
2017/02/09 Need to reduce Internet charges and increase speed
2016/12/15 Humanitarian crisis in Aleppo
2016/11/18 Ceaseless human rights violations
2016/11/08 Infringements of human rights of Greeks from Northern Epirus
2016/10/27 Situation in Aleppo and the humanitarian crisis
2016/10/06 Free Interrail passes
2016/04/19 The Internet is a right for all but charges are too high
2015/12/11 Strategic investment plan for Europe and results
2015/12/11 A uniform corporate tax is contrary to the EU's free market economy principles
2015/11/18 Internet access is a human right
2015/10/14 Internet for all in Europe
2015/10/14 Arbitrary excess baggage charges on airlines
2015/09/02 Green tax reform
2015/05/26 Need to invest in the digital economy
2015/05/18 Need to strengthen social Europe
2015/04/17 Pensioners and pension rights
2015/04/17 Reduction in mobile telephone charges within the EU
2015/04/17 Need for eco-tax reforms
2015/03/31 Public health in Europe
2014/12/16 Free internet access
2018/04/26 Turkey provocatively moving ahead with the construction of a nuclear power plant
2017/11/08 Need to provide desalination plant for islands and infertile areas
2017/06/01 Need for true gender equality
2017/02/14 EU-Turkey Customs Union
2016/12/15 Euronews: Distorting Macedonia's history
2016/11/24 Turkey's threats to the EU over migration
2016/11/24 EU-Turkey relations
2016/08/31 Persecution of journalists in Turkey
2016/07/21 The potential impact of the situation in Turkey on the EU
2016/06/22 Long-standing failure by Turkey to comply with agreements with the EU
2016/06/14 Defending protected designations of origin
2016/05/11 Opening of negotiating chapters and obligations to be met by Turkey
2016/02/10 Trafficking in stolen antiquities from Syria through Turkey
2016/01/27 Failure by Turkey to implement the EU-Turkey agreement on refugees
2016/01/15 Continued influx of refugees into Europe and the responsibility of Turkey
2016/01/12 Paternity leave
2015/12/15 Turkey enters Iraqi territory and hinders the return of Kurds to Kobani
2015/12/11 Accession negotiations with Turkey and respecting the principles and rules of the EU
2015/09/17 Risks relating to the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey
2015/09/02 Repatriation of antiquities
2015/04/17 Need to force Turkey to allow the Halki Seminary to operate
2015/04/10 The change of place names in the areas occupied by Turkey is a crime against European culture and the history of an EU Member State
2015/02/06 Persistent, provocative and illegal displays of aggression by Turkey within the EU
2014/12/16 Compliance by Turkey