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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Europe of Nations and Freedom Group
Rassemblement national
Magic Circle
Budgetary Control Member cont
Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Member envi

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/06/15 Migrant situation in Europe
2018/06/15 Customs tariffs introduced by the United States
2018/06/15 French study linking processed foods with cancer
2017/09/29 Compulsory vaccinations in Europe
2017/09/29 Anti-migrant fence in Hungary
2017/07/03 Doctored lorries from Eastern Europe
2017/06/30 Anti-pollution stickers
2017/04/03 Waste photovoltaic equipment
2016/10/27 Cost of invasive insects estimated at EUR 69 billion per year
2016/10/27 E-cigarettes in Europe: policy outlook
2016/09/30 Soil conservation in Europe
2016/09/30 Member States' opposition to waste legislation
2016/09/30 Accession of the EU to the Paris Agreement, without the Member States
2016/07/13 EU budget and the refugee crisis
2016/03/31 Hungarian referendum on migrant quotas
2015/11/30 Brazil's tidal wave of pollution as set against climate change
2015/10/30 Immigration crisis and relations between Member States
2015/09/30 Migrants and the underground economy in Europe
2015/09/30 Deforestation and EU olive oil production
2015/07/21 Towards a smaller but closer Europe
2015/07/02 Fight against breast cancer in Europe
2015/06/25 Anti-immigration wall in Hungary
2015/06/05 Restoration of the death penalty in Hungary
2015/06/05 Opposition to migrant distribution policy
2015/06/05 American military presence in Japan and Europe
2015/06/03 Impact on employment in Europe of moving towards a circular economy
2015/06/02 United Kingdom and exemption rules
2015/06/02 Respect for Burundi sovereignty
2015/05/30 Australia's immigration policy
2015/04/29 Horse-meat scandal and bringing agri-food production back to Europe
2015/04/29 Relevance of the Australian immigration model
2015/04/10 Common market in electricity
2015/04/10 Save the olive trees in Europe
2015/03/23 EU foreign policy on Syria in view of the United States' diplomatic U-turn
2015/03/13 Immigration that is harmful to immigrants themselves
2015/03/13 Tax evasion by McDonald's in Europe
2015/03/11 Outcome of the European Cormorant Management Plan in the Member States
2015/03/03 Ethnic and religious political parties in France
2014/11/14 Deregulation of the sugar market in Europe on 1 October 2017
2018/06/15 Operating expenses of European institutions
2018/06/15 European External Action Service's East StratCom Task Force
2017/07/03 Financing of NGOs
2017/04/03 Political situation in South Africa
2017/04/03 Recognition of Lyme disease
2017/04/03 Financing the European Union
2017/04/03 European regions seeking an Erasmus programme for doctors
2017/02/01 Excessively lax European regulations on medical devices
2016/12/16 Need for a European energy strategy vis-à-vis the rest of the world
2016/12/16 Complaint against the European Medicines Agency concerning the papillomavirus vaccine
2016/06/29 Migrations in Africa
2016/03/31 EUR 700 million granted by the European Union in emergency 'humanitarian' aid to Member States
2016/01/28 EU threats against Poland
2015/11/30 Destruction of a Russian plane by the Turkish air force
2015/06/25 Suspension of the right of asylum in the European Union
2015/06/25 The malaise of European societies confronted by the disintegration of families
2015/06/02 EU-subsidised fisheries in Africa
2015/05/30 Suspension of the Schengen agreements
2015/04/30 The decline in Norwegian hydrocarbons and the strategic supplies of the European Union
2015/04/29 Lyme borreliosis
2015/04/21 Tunisia and the European Union
2015/04/21 The EU and the Bretton Woods institutions
2015/03/31 Is hormone-treated beef really a 'red line' the Commission will not cross?
2015/03/23 Conclusions by the European Environmental Bureau
2015/03/13 Greek threats in the face of European policies
2015/02/12 Instability of multicultural societies in South Africa and in the European Union
2017/09/29 High levels of benzene in products which emit incense
2016/11/30 Standards relating to particle emission levels (Euro 6)
2015/08/28 Goldman Sachs and its part in Greece's entry into the eurozone
2015/08/28 Eurostat's role in facilitating Greece's entry into the euro area
2015/05/21 Removal of sunken tyres
2015/04/29 Greece to default on its payments
2015/04/10 A euro-drachma for Greece
2015/04/10 A euro-drachma for Greece
2017/07/03 Additive E171
2016/12/16 Commission's definition of endocrine disruptors
2016/07/13 Remarks by the President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker
2016/07/13 Criteria for identifying endocrine disrupters
2016/06/29 Statement by the President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker
2016/03/31 Involvement of the new President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, in crimes committed by Albanian guerrillas in Kosovo
2015/12/22 Jean-Claude Juncker plays down figures for migration flows from Turkey
2015/06/05 Endocrine disruptors
2018/06/15 The case of succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor fungicidesSeveral studies have singled out the dangers of succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor fungicides (SDHI), which incidentally, are widely used in agriculture. These are antifungal substances that prevent the growth of fungi by smothering them, and make their way into the food chain. SDHIs may have severe effects on human health.
2017/09/07 Overexploitation of marine sand
2017/07/03 Variation in road tells depending on emissions
2017/07/03 EFSA conflicts of interest
2017/05/24 European Commission and mental health in China
2017/04/03 Report on the health of people living near wind turbines
2017/04/03 Illegal fishing: insufficient checks on EU imports
2017/04/03 Better health checks on migrants
2017/04/03 Identification of endocrine-disrupting substances
2017/02/01 Excessive pollution from diesel cars, far outstripping emissions from heavy commercial vehicles
2017/02/01 LED light bulbs harmful to health
2016/12/16 Social inclusion and integration of refugees into the labour market
2016/10/27 Impact of poor working conditions on long-term health
2016/07/13 Plant species threatened with extinction
2016/06/10 Status of countries with a controlled BSE risk: the economic impact
2016/03/31 Report on biofuels
2016/01/28 Refugees and economic migrants
2015/12/22 Health threat posed by irregular migrants
2015/10/08 Checks on cars made by American manufacturers
2015/09/14 Protecting fishermen from the financialisation and privatisation of the sea
2015/07/21 Resignation of Yanis Varoufakis
2015/04/10 Austerity in public health
2015/03/13 Dangers of taking paracetamol regularly
2015/03/13 Filiation and social chaos
2015/03/03 Problems linked to illegal tin mining
2017/04/03 Glyphosate ban
2017/02/01 Ban of all neonicotinoids
2016/11/30 PAHs in Pampers nappies
2015/09/30 Fines imposed on Volkswagen
2015/06/25 Ban on neonicotinoids
2017/07/03 Energy usage by household appliances
2017/06/30 The Commission's 'energy diplomacy'
2017/04/03 Agricultural funding to support migration
2016/08/31 Resurgence of anthrax in Russia
2016/05/04 Lobbying and transparency
2016/05/04 Migration and security in Europe
2016/02/05 List of actions by the Commission to improve the rights of LGBTI persons
2016/01/28 Head of Swiss army alarmed at lack of security in Europe
2015/12/22 Extension of EU sanctions against Russia
2015/11/30 VP/HR - Failure of diplomacy with Turkey
2015/07/21 Concerns raised by Croatia
2015/06/05 Russia publishes a 'black list'
2015/04/29 Migration policy with Morocco
2015/03/31 Europe's natural and necessary partnership with Russia for energy security
2015/03/31 Unreliability of our partnership with Ukraine
2015/03/03 Bourbon virus
2015/02/24 Amendment of EU directives on fuel quality and renewable energy
2018/06/15 Real financial impact of free trade
2017/06/30 USA withdrawal from COP 21 Paris Agreement
2016/11/30 Combating planned obsolescence
2016/06/01 Tax havens and free trade agreement
2016/05/04 Publication by Greenpeace of papers on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
2016/03/31 Free trade agreement with India
2015/11/30 Proposed revision of Directive 2008/51/EC on firearms
2015/10/30 EU-Kosovo stabilisation and association agreement
2015/10/30 'Safe Harbour' agreement declared invalid
2015/07/21 VP/HR - Agreement with Iran
2015/06/25 Agreement with Algeria
2015/06/05 Protectionism and solar power
2015/04/29 Protectionism and Algeria
2015/04/10 Organ donations
2015/04/08 The Court of Auditors casts doubt on the Youth Guarantee
2015/03/13 Environmental policy and ineffectiveness of a universal agreement
2018/06/15 The alternative to biocontrol
2018/06/15 Banned GMOs discovered in animal feed
2017/05/02 Churches seized by Erdogan
2017/04/03 Authorising genetically modified corn farming and importation in Europe
2017/02/01 Risks linked to the authorisation of GMOs
2016/08/31 Limits of intensive farming
2016/07/13 Closure of the Austrian-Italian border
2016/05/04 Import and regulation of marijuana products
2016/05/04 Short supply chains in the farming sector: Albi sets an example
2016/01/28 Border controls introduced by Sweden and Denmark
2015/12/22 100 Kurdish PKK fighters killed in a military operation in Turkey
2015/10/30 Closure of the border between Turkey and Armenia
2015/09/14 Importation of fisheries products from suppliers using slave labour
2015/07/21 New satellite: Quantum
2015/06/03 EU programmes and green jobs
2015/05/30 VP/HR - Continuation of negotiations with Turkey
2015/04/29 Genetically modified organisms and the TAFTA Agreement
2015/04/29 Cannabis and border control
2015/02/26 Animal inspections as part of the negotiations of the TTIP
2014/11/13 Cultivating genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
2018/06/15 Managing OLAF's budget
2018/06/15 Pesticides found in three-quarters of French fruit
2017/09/29 Nanoparticles from unlisted ingredients found in sweets
2017/09/29 Brexit: CAP budget under pressure
2017/09/29 Microplastics in tap water
2017/07/03 Protection of agricultural land
2017/07/03 Reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP)
2017/07/03 Production of antibiotics in Asia
2017/07/03 OLAF missions
2017/07/03 Food advertising targeted at children
2017/04/03 Undesirable compounds in fast-food packaging
2017/04/03 Better access to environmental justice
2017/04/03 Transnational industry faced with nutritional labelling
2016/12/16 Prescription of psychotropic drugs to children and adolescents
2016/11/30 Environmental standards relating to small electrical household appliances
2016/11/30 One third of dairy herds in the Netherlands at risk
2016/10/27 Textile industry in Europe and environmental protection
2016/10/27 Pesticide residues in fruit mueslis
2016/09/30 Tackling global warming
2016/09/30 Merging of Monsanto and Bayer
2016/06/29 Relations between the Commission and the tobacco industry
2015/11/30 European children increasingly at risk of poverty
2015/07/31 Transgender children
2015/07/21 Ending roaming charges
2015/07/21 Blacklisting of Panama
2015/07/09 Implications of the abolition of quotas and price control for the sugar beet industry
2015/06/25 VP/HR - Protection for Shias against Islamic State
2015/06/25 UE-CELAC summit
2015/06/05 Increasing poverty in Spain
2015/04/29 Ukraine on the brink of war
2015/04/21 Water in food
2015/03/06 Therapeutic innovation and access to medicines
2015/03/03 Ukraine and the GMO industry