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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Ciudadanos – Partido de la Ciudadanía
Magic Circle
Security and Defence Member sede
Foreign Affairs Member afet
Petitions Substitute peti

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/05/25 VP/HR - Follow-up on the Council's conclusions on Myanmar of 26 February 2018 and its decision 2018/655
2017/09/26 VP/HR - The case of Palestinian human rights defender Issa Amro and the Palestinian Cyber Crime Law
2017/02/27 Israeli National Police headquarters in the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT)
2017/02/08 Infringement of rights on the protection of personal data
2016/12/14 EU funding of the organisation MEP Ranking
2016/09/07 Funding sanitation facilities
2016/08/31 VP/HR - Respect for human rights and the non-religious minority in Turkey
2016/06/21 Phasing out plant protection products in and around cities
2016/04/27 Mercury pollution from power station emissions
2015/11/03 VP/HR - Imprisoned Cuban graffiti artist on hunger strike
2015/10/09 VP/HR - Moroccan Government request for Human Rights Watch to suspend its activities
2015/09/02 VP/HR - Human rights violations on the border between Venezuela and Colombia
2015/08/03 VP/HR - Wave of mass detentions of lawyers and human rights activists in China
2015/07/08 Decision of the Ukrainian parliament and the respect for fundamental rights
2015/07/02 VP/HR - GCC-EU human rights cooperation
2015/06/10 VP/HR - Hunger strikes in Venezuela
2015/06/05 Situation concerning the fundamental rights of EPO employees
2015/06/02 VP/HR - Israeli military training in the occupied Palestinian territory
2015/05/30 Reduced VAT for e-books and printed books
2015/04/28 Succession inter vivos under the Basic Payment Scheme
2015/04/09 Follow-up to urgency resolution on human rights in Uzbekistan
2015/04/09 VP/HR - Prosecution of war crimes in Syria
2015/02/27 Air pollution in Madrid
2015/02/05 VP/HR - Political prisoners and polarisation in Venezuela
2015/01/30 Protection of internet users' rights
2014/11/20 Nazi analogy contrary to human dignity
2014/10/14 Freedom of movement of EU citizens
2014/10/03 EU funding to countries with restrictive fundamental rights laws
2014/09/05 Air transport rights of persons with disabilities or reduced mobility
2018/03/02 Inefficiency of EU development aid in Burma: 2018 ECA report findings
2018/01/08 Unpaid internships at the Commission
2016/09/30 VP/HR - Illegal prisoners in eastern Ukraine
2015/11/11 Potentially corrupting effect of development aid (question E-012411/2015)
2015/10/07 Unpaid internships
2015/09/03 Potentially corrupting effect of development aid
2015/05/06 Spanish State aid to the banking sector
2014/12/15 REACH authorisation
2014/12/11 Organ harvesting in China
2014/12/10 Humanitarian aid for Ukraine
2014/11/06 Russia-China axis - Commission's answer
2014/09/11 Russia-China axis
2017/12/19 Refusal of VP/HR to meet with the 2017 Sakharov Prize laureates
2017/12/19 VP/HR - Refusal of the VP/HR to meet with the 2017 Sakharov Prize laureates
2018/03/20 Right to recognition of retirement benefits of European merchant seamen on Norwegian-flagged vessels
2016/08/05 Promotion of technologies for locating missing persons
2016/08/05 The establishment of a European missing persons platform
2016/08/05 Investigation and coordination with regard to missing persons
2016/07/12 Negligence on the part of airline Vueling
2016/07/01 European statistics on missing persons in the EU
2016/06/09 Missing persons and Directive 2011/36 /EU
2016/01/27 Chemical warfare agents (CWA) in the Baltic Sea
2015/10/13 Legislative deadlock on the European Foundation Statute (EFS)
2015/09/17 VP/HR - International investigation into missing students in Mexico
2015/06/02 European R&D policy
2015/05/21 Protocol for locating missing persons in Europe
2015/02/02 Creation of a European sub-network of whale and dolphin 'sanctuaries' - Representative example of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura
2015/01/06 The prevention and treatment of brain disorders
2014/11/20 EU-Mexico trade negotiations
2014/11/03 Targeting depression
2014/09/16 European electoral law and inequality of EU citizens
2017/12/14 VP/HR - Jewish nation-state bill
2016/12/09 EU-Ecuador trade agreement and Canary Island bananas
2016/10/31 Compatibility of the third PCI list with the Paris Agreement
2016/03/10 VP/HR - Transparency regarding EU sanctions imposed on ISIL
2016/03/10 VP/HR - EU sanctions against Faysal al-Zahrani, Husasyn Juaythini and Turki al Binali
2015/10/02 VP/HR - Sanctions on ISIS and oil
2015/03/24 VP/HR - Netanyahu's rejection of a two-state solution
2015/02/02 Respiratory diseases
2015/01/22 The price of state-of-the-art medicines for serious or widespread diseases
2015/01/14 List of companies with links to Islamic State (IS)
2015/01/08 VP/HR - Cases in which the Democracy Clause has been applied
2014/10/07 Deletion of the democracy clause
2014/10/07 EU sanctions: Islamic State (IS)
2014/10/07 EU sanctions: Islamic State (IS)
2017/02/03 VP/HR - European companies investing in Western Sahara
2017/02/03 Military presence of Morocco in Western Sahara
2017/02/03 Western Sahara and the decision of the European Court of Justice on EU-Morocco relations
2015/09/11 VP/HR - European lawyer travelling to Western Sahara expelled from Morocco
2015/05/30 VP/HR - Torture in Morocco and Western Sahara
2014/12/10 VP/HR - Self-determination and statehood in Western Sahara
2016/02/29 No-go zones in Europe
2015/09/30 Agricultural sector in Europe
2015/07/03 Measures to protect the fruit and vegetable sector from the Russian embargo
2015/03/25 VP/HR - Concrete actions to help rebuild Kobanê
2015/01/30 An investment plan for Europe
2015/01/20 Coca-Cola Iberian Partners' redundancy plan
2014/12/22 Financial cuts to culture in Europe
2014/10/07 Animal cruelty at popular festivals
2018/03/06 Detention of unaccompanied children in police station cells in Greece
2018/03/02 Removal of obstacles to tax harmonisation in the single market
2018/01/10 Care for workers suffering from mercury poisoning
2017/12/18 Harmonisation of criminal law among Member States to prevent 'criminal havens' in the EU
2017/12/12 VP/HR - Dissolution of the CNRP, Cambodia's main opposition party
2017/09/28 New facts justifying the exclusion of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) from the EU Transparency Register
2017/09/15 Application of Relocation Decisions 2015/1523 and 2015/1601 ahead of their expiration date (26 September 2017)
2017/07/17 EU-funding for the Israeli Ministry for Public Security via the LAW-TRAIN project
2017/06/20 VP/HR - Follow up to question E-001165/2017 - observation mission for next year's national elections in Cambodia and guarantees for opposition leader
2017/04/06 Timetable and fulfilment of objectives set for the Mediterranean rail corridor in Spain
2017/01/11 Inclusion of the 'Sovereignty and Justice Independence Organisation' on the EU transparency register
2016/11/18 The EU Transparency Register and the ANC - Article 4(2) TEU breached by the ANC's objectives
2016/11/10 Resolution by the regional Parliament of Cataluña (Spain) violating the principle of fair cooperation between EU Member States and the single market
2016/10/31 Inclusion of the cost of dismantling nuclear plants and managing their waste in nuclear energy prices
2016/10/31 Recognition of osteopathy in all Member States
2016/10/31 Capacity payments for electricity generation in Spain
2016/09/30 Pulses and climate change
2016/09/30 Pulses and food security
2016/09/07 Plastic microbeads
2016/08/31 Protection of the Iberian wolf in Spain
2016/07/12 VP/HR - Australian immigration detention centres on Manus and Nauru islands
2016/07/01 The contribution of high efficiency cogeneration to primary energy savings and the development of this technology
2016/06/21 The Rules of Procedure of the General Court and secret evidence
2016/05/25 Encouraging quantum technology
2016/05/24 Food loss and food waste
2016/04/27 Forests as an additional means of offsetting CO2 emissions
2016/03/14 Lack of reply from the Commission to a letter sent by 60 MEPs
2016/02/11 Law of Administrative Procedure of the European Union
2016/02/08 VP/HR - Israel's separation wall in Palestine: legality of EU funding of security firm Elbit
2016/02/08 VP/HR - Lack of EU reaction to Israel's settlements expansion
2016/01/29 Instrumentalisation of educational establishments by the Catalan political authorities
2016/01/22 Spain and the 'University Quality Indicators' study
2015/12/17 Cost of energy
2015/11/10 VP/HR - Arrest of Sergei Mitrokhin, leader of Yabloko
2015/10/28 Attack on judicial independence
2015/10/07 Digital single market and sharing economy
2015/08/19 Royal Decree on Energy Self-Consumption in Spain
2015/07/20 State-aid preliminary examination procedure into grants to the renewable energy sector in Spain and repercussions for the EU as a whole
2015/07/16 VP/HR - Israeli Knesset bill restricting the independence of civil society
2015/07/09 Retroactive reduction of renewable energy incentive payments
2015/07/02 Progress made in the implementation of the Recommendation on a Quality Framework for Traineeships
2015/06/11 Progress in the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2015/05/30 Deterioration in Spain's cultural heritage
2015/04/28 Fraudulent payments in Spain to people who are not farmers
2015/04/20 Catalan law on cinema in Catalan
2015/03/09 Total ban on the use of languages other than the official language of Bulgaria during election campaigns
2015/01/22 Gaps in the internal market concerning vehicles
2014/12/19 VP/HR - Victoire Ingabire
2014/12/09 Ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2014/11/04 Energy efficiency targets
2014/11/03 Police operations in the Ceuta and Melilla enclaves
2014/09/16 Target for electricity links between Member States
2017/11/10 VP/HR - Influence of Russian propaganda in Catalonia
2017/04/10 Illegal collection of sensitive data on the local police force in Barcelona by the city council
2017/03/28 VP/HR - Freedom of peaceful assembly in the Russian Federation
2017/03/27 The Dinka-Nuer conflict and the ensuing humanitarian crisis in South Sudan
2017/03/27 Raül Romeva brands 15 000 Barcelona demonstrators falangists
2017/03/17 GALILEO global navigation system and compatible mobile communication devices
2017/03/07 Xenophobia, racism and incitation to hate on television programme broadcast by public Basque network
2017/02/02 Free tours: compliance with legislation
2016/11/22 Determining admissible levels of asbestos fibre ingested in drinking water and replacing asbestos cement pipes
2016/10/31 'No Lost Generation' programme - Education for refugees
2016/07/01 Promoting small-scale inland fisheries in the drylands of Sub-Saharan Africa
2016/06/24 Commission forecast on gas demand
2016/06/01 Sustainable and responsible fishing
2016/05/31 Effective and sustainable management of deep-water trawling
2015/12/22 VP/HR - Ashraf Fayadh, sentenced to death for apostasy
2015/10/28 Sexual abuse of refugees
2015/05/30 VP/HR - Harassment of the Christian community in South Sudan
2015/05/30 Global Campaign for Education
2015/04/10 Infringement of the right to education in Catalonia
2018/01/18 VP/HR - Italian arms exports to Saudi Arabia
2016/11/25 Commission patronage of WATEC Italy 2016
2016/02/29 VP/HR - Freedom of expression in Bahrain and the case of Ebrahim Sharif
2015/12/01 VP/HR - EU-Saudi Arabia relationship
2015/09/10 VP/HR - Freedom of press in Azerbaijan
2015/02/17 VP/HR - Case of Ahmed Douma and other political prisoners in Egypt
2015/01/12 VP/HR - The case of Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed in Mauritania
2014/11/13 VP/HR - The case of Souad Al-Shammary in Saudi Arabia
2014/09/30 VP/HR - Case of Raif Badawi in Saudi Arabia