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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

European Conservatives and Reformists Group
Dansk Folkeparti
Magic Circle
Agriculture and Rural Development Member agri
EU authorisation procedure for pesticides Substitute pest
Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Substitute envi

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2017/05/10 Fishing quota monopolies
2017/02/22 Improving energy use and insulation in buildings
2016/11/18 Security checks in EU buildings
2016/10/11 Harmful substances in child car seats
2016/06/01 Emergency exits and emergency plans in the event of a disaster
2016/06/01 Nuclear-proof shelters for people linked to the EU institutions
2016/05/02 Personnel checks in EU Institutions
2016/05/02 Moving the EU Institutions in the event of a serious terror threat
2016/04/15 Emergency evacuation plans for the EU institutions
2016/04/05 Checking security personnel and external employees at EU Institutions
2016/04/05 Compulsory first-aid courses in EU institutions
2016/03/31 Routine checks on cars in underground car parks
2016/01/20 Follow-up question on energy consumption in the EU institutions' buildings
2015/11/10 Energy consumption in the EU institutions' buildings
2015/07/20 Online hate speech
2015/04/17 Counterterrorism vs free speech
2015/04/17 Cybercrime and blasphemy vs free speech
2015/03/06 Persecution of Christians around the world
2015/03/06 Energy Union and Norway
2015/01/14 VP/HR - departure for the Gulf of the French Navy's 'Charles de Gaulle' aircraft carrier and its battlegroup
2014/10/22 Bushmeat consumption in Africa
2014/10/02 Wave energy
2014/09/18 The right to register foreign workers
2018/03/20 Demographic trends in Europe
2018/02/12 Disappearance of insects and birds in Europe
2017/01/19 Shooting of migratory birds in southern Europe
2016/11/18 Islamists in Europe's security services and armed forces
2016/09/19 Security considerations
2016/06/01 Getting out of Belgium during the next terrorist attack
2016/05/02 Closing off the EU areas in Brussels
2016/04/15 Cooperation with the City of Brussels regarding security in the European Quarter
2016/04/05 Security at Belgian nuclear power stations and terror threats
2016/04/05 Security in EU institution buildings
2016/03/18 Security in Brussels
2016/03/18 Obsolete nuclear power plants in Belgium
2015/12/02 Security in Brussels
2015/04/17 VP/HR - Nordic defence cooperation
2015/03/06 VP/HR - Azerbaijan's application to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
2016/06/22 The crisis among EU milk producers
2016/04/15 Registering the entry and exit of non-EU nationals
2016/04/05 Use of drones for warhead delivery in terrorist attacks
2015/10/15 VP/HR - Funding for ISIS
2015/03/30 Ebola
2015/03/06 MRSA in dogs, horses and cats
2015/01/14 EU response to the crisis in the Middle-East
2014/12/18 VP/HR - Ukraine aid policy
2014/11/26 EU financial aid to milk producers
2014/11/06 Ebola and religious and community leaders
2014/11/06 EU response to the Ebola outbreak
2018/04/10 Conditions in which pets are kept in the EU
2017/02/22 Focusing on energy, the climate and sustainability
2016/03/02 Population growth, sustainability and immigration
2016/02/09 Cost-effectiveness of EU rural development support
2015/09/24 Deposit on bottles in the EU
2015/05/07 Climate change and instability
2015/05/05 Climate change and instability
2014/11/26 Conditions for elderly psychiatric patients in Romania
2014/11/04 Poppy cultivation on the rise in Afghanistan
2014/09/30 Disproportionate EU ammonia reduction targets
2017/11/14 Prohibition of beam trawlers in the North Sea
2017/10/23 Phosphorus mobilisation and environmental impact assessments
2017/03/17 Groundwater and reported nitrate levels in Denmark
2017/03/14 Data on nitrates and definition of groundwater - follow-up to Written Question E-008558/2016
2017/02/22 Decommissioning of wind turbines and environmental problems
2017/01/11 Environmental condition of the Baltic Sea
2016/11/15 Denmark's agriculture package
2016/05/02 Registration of stolen and lost access cards
2015/10/30 Strikes and medical assistance
2015/04/08 Heat pumps and the internal market
2015/01/14 South Stream project
2015/01/13 VP/HR - Relations between North Korea and China
2014/12/05 VP/HR - EU-Russia relations
2014/12/03 Approval of heat pumps in Denmark
2014/11/26 Environmental crimes
2014/11/12 Environmental impact of the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon
2014/10/22 Environmental impact of pharmaceuticals
2014/10/08 VP/HR - Chinese construction of islands in the South China Sea
2014/09/30 Environmental impact of shale gas
2017/10/24 Gambling and advertising
2016/10/11 Food packaging paper containing harmful chemicals
2016/02/24 Excessive packaging
2015/02/27 VP/HR - Torture in Saudi Arabia
2015/01/30 Phthalates
2015/01/30 VP/HR - Long campaign ahead to expel the Islamic State group from Iraq
2014/11/04 VP/HR - Executions in Iran
2014/10/22 VP/HR - Islamic State in Gaza
2014/10/22 VP/HR - Islamic State taking control of water supplies in Iraq
2017/01/25 Vulnerable road users - use of cycle helmets
2015/03/30 Fertilisation on vulnerable terrain
2014/11/28 R&D expenditure just over 2 % of GDP in the EU28 in 2013
2014/11/26 R&D expenditure just over 2 % of GDP in the EU28 in 2013
2014/11/26 Road safety
2018/03/22 Electoral procedures for the next European Parliament elections
2018/03/14 Automatic daytime running lights for all vehicles
2018/02/13 Video surveillance in European cities
2017/12/19 Plastic pollution in nature
2017/11/23 Transport of live animals on European roads
2017/11/22 Games aimed at children
2017/11/08 Danish and European apples, including Pink Lady
2017/07/04 Respect for Members' work
2017/05/03 EU rules can hinder the production of biodiesel using animal carcasses and abattoir waste
2017/02/22 Solar panels and limited resources
2016/09/19 Integrated EU Arctic policy
2016/09/19 No action plan for the Arctic
2016/09/19 The Arctic international stage
2016/09/19 An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic
2016/01/27 Bottlenecks in the electricity sector
2016/01/26 Pollution caused by fireworks at New Year
2015/12/09 Electricity network tariffs and competition
2015/10/15 Wrong-way drivers on Europe's roads
2015/10/14 European supervision of doctors
2015/09/29 Ecology for European consumers
2015/09/29 Emissions test rigging
2015/09/29 Phthalates and carcinogenic substances in school satchels
2015/09/29 Introduction of electric cars on European roads
2015/07/14 New rules in the transport sector
2015/07/14 Pesticide residues from land belonging to private individuals
2015/06/24 Opportunities for Member States to ban GMOs
2015/03/30 Animal welfare in the Member States of the EU
2015/03/30 Pesticide residues in the water in the EU Member States
2015/03/06 VP/HR - Venezuela
2015/01/14 Eurasian Economic Union and Turkey
2015/01/14 VP/HR - Increased Russian presence in the Arctic
2015/01/08 Pollution of aquatic environments by large companies
2014/12/18 Russian cyber espionage
2014/12/18 Global automotive industry
2014/11/26 Obstructions of global trade
2014/11/04 Handling of e-waste
2014/10/02 Ignition interlock breathalysers for European-registered vehicles
2018/01/24 Directive 2003/86/EC on the right to family reunification — follow-up to Written Question E-006606/2017
2016/10/11 Toxins in farmed fish from Norway
2016/03/18 Firearms Directive
2015/12/08 Proposal for a revision of the Firearms Directive
2015/12/08 Proposal for a revision of Directive 91/477/EEC
2015/03/06 VP/HR - Tunisia and reforms
2014/10/06 Implementation of energy efficiency
2014/10/06 Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive
2018/04/17 SelmayrGate and the numerous appointments of Deputy Directors-General in the Juncker Commission - Use of Articles 7 and 29 of the Staff Regulations
2018/02/14 Fungicides and resistant fungi
2017/10/24 Polygamy in the EU
2016/05/10 Iodine pills for Belgians - also for EU staff and MEPs?
2016/04/15 Temporary suspension of Schengen cooperation
2015/12/10 TEN-T grants for eco-improvement projects
2015/02/11 Misuse of EU funds in Sicily
2015/02/11 VP/HR - Football violence in Egypt
2015/01/13 New antibiotic scientific breakthrough
2014/11/18 Alcohol interlocks to prevent drink-driving
2014/11/12 Schengen Agreement and the threat of terrorism
2014/11/12 Schengen Agreement and the threat of terrorism