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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/04/16 Financial implementation of the'Competitiveness and Cohesion' programme - April 2018
2018/03/22 The protection of fish stocks in the Adriatic against the warty comb jelly
2018/02/21 Utilisation of funds from the 'Competitiveness and Cohesion' operational programme 2014-2020
2018/02/21 Border disputes and EU accession
2017/10/26 North Korean labourers
2017/10/26 Zero rating
2017/10/26 Report on the Slovenia-Croatia cross-border programme
2017/10/26 ADRION Facility Point
2017/10/03 Reform of VAT rules for cross-border cooperation
2017/10/03 VAT revenue shortfalls
2017/03/16 State of play as regards implementation of ADRION 2014-2020 programme
2017/03/02 Euthanasia
2016/10/19 Using EUR 200 and 500 banknotes
2016/06/15 Basic administrative reasons for excluding projects from the Slovenia-Croatia cooperation programme
2016/05/31 Slavery in the EU
2016/04/07 Use of resources under the Adriatic cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013
2016/03/03 Utilisation of funds under Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013 interregional cooperation programme
2016/03/03 Harmful drinking among middle-class over-50s
2016/02/09 Tailored inclusion programmes for unemployed middle-aged women
2016/01/25 Bir Tawil
2015/09/14 Disparity in EU holiday entitlements
2015/07/03 Common rules for apprenticeships and internships
2015/06/25 New rules on plastic product eco-designs to enhance recyclability
2015/06/19 Eurodrones
2015/06/19 EU and Antarctic territories
2015/06/04 Tackling antibiotics resistance
2015/06/04 ACER
2015/05/30 ET 2020
2015/05/30 eVisitor
2015/05/30 eGovernment
2015/05/30 Adoption in the EU
2015/05/19 Roma status in the EU
2015/05/19 Artificial intelligence
2015/04/21 112
2015/04/21 Abortions
2015/04/21 Modernisation of railways on the west coast of the Adriatic
2015/04/21 The railway line between Rijeka and Zagreb
2015/04/21 eHealth
2015/04/21 The Internet in healthcare
2015/04/21 VP/HR - Tanzania
2015/04/21 VP/HR - South Sudan
2015/04/17 Status of suspension of the EU Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007 - 2013
2015/04/17 Status of the implementation of the EU's Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) Programme 2007-2013 between Slovenia and Croatia
2015/04/17 Completion of project implementation and reimbursement of funds spent so far due to the suspension the EU Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013
2015/03/31 Adriatic-Ionian Transnational Cooperation Prоgrаmmе
2015/03/31 The Mediterranean transnational cooperation programme 2014-2020
2015/03/25 Status of the port of Rijeka as regards inclusion in the Baltic-Adriatic transport corridor by rail
2015/03/25 Further question - Implementation of EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian region (2)
2015/03/25 Addendum - Implementation of EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian region (1)
2015/03/25 VAT in the catering industry
2015/03/25 VAT in the sector of hotel and other accommodation facilities
2015/03/10 The electrification of Africa
2015/03/10 War suspects in BiH
2015/03/10 Jellyfish
2015/03/05 The Jabuka island
2015/03/05 ESA
2015/03/05 EGTCs in the EU
2015/02/27 Air pollution in Madrid
2015/02/27 ISIL
2015/02/27 Cross-border cooperation programme Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro 2014 - 2020
2015/02/27 Delayed adoption of the operational programme for cross-border cooperation SLO - HR 2014 - 2020
2015/02/27 Implementation of the cross- border programme Italy - Croatia
2015/02/27 One-way brain drain from the EU to the US
2015/02/27 Adoption of the operational programme for cross-border cooperation Croatia - Serbia 2014 - 2020
2015/02/27 Counterfeit goods
2015/02/24 Cybercrime
2015/02/24 Flood forecasts
2015/02/24 Kosovo
2015/02/19 Completion of construction of Pazin-Učka tunnel-Matulji section of motorway and compliance of the provisions of the agreement with EU rules
2015/02/19 Teaching assistants
2015/02/19 Soil pollution along the Adriatic and Ionian coastlines
2015/02/04 Detergents
2015/02/04 Gambling
2015/02/04 Chestnut trees
2015/02/04 The problem of mercury in the waters of the northern Adriatic
2015/02/04 Cyberbullying
2015/01/30 Griffon vultures
2015/01/22 Cross-border healthcare programmes
2015/01/22 LNG terminal on the island of Krk
2015/01/19 Implementation of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region
2015/01/14 Successfulness of the implementation of the 2007-2013 Adriatic cross-border cooperation programme
2015/01/14 Most successful EU cross-border cooperation programmes in the period from 2007 to 2013
2015/01/07 Safety of passengers and goods in the Adriatic
2014/12/12 Cross-border pollution of the Adriatic Sea
2014/12/12 Protection of the North Adriatic basin
2014/12/12 Oil and gas field exploitation in the Adriatic
2014/12/11 The right to use the name Teran
2014/11/26 LNG terminal in the Northern Adriatic
2014/10/10 Tempa Rossa project
2014/09/30 EU cross-border cooperation programme Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013
2018/04/17 Sugar market in Mediterranean Member States
2018/04/16 European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) - April 2018
2018/04/16 European Social Fund (ESF) - April 2018?
2018/04/16 European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) - April 2018
2018/02/28 Benefits of EU membership for new Member States
2018/02/21 Increasing payments from Member States after Brexit
2018/01/31 The rule of law in Malta
2017/10/26 Harmonisation with the European Regulation on direct payments
2017/10/26 ADRION - results of the first call for proposals
2017/10/25 Mass extinction of insects
2017/09/15 Application of Relocation Decisions 2015/1523 and 2015/1601 ahead of their expiration date (26 September 2017)
2017/07/13 UBER and similar companies - regulating activities in the EU
2017/07/13 Application of Article 128 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
2017/07/13 Brexit - impact on cohesion policy
2017/07/13 Consumer protection with regard to hotel service standards
2017/07/13 Marking and categorisation of tourist accommodation facilities - further questions
2017/06/08 State of the rule of law in Spain: state prosecutor files a complaint against Catalan Minister Borràs for the purchase of ballot boxes
2017/03/20 Uniform implementation of the EU Framework to strengthen the rule of law in all Member States and judicial independence - Venice Commission's report on Spain's Constitutional Court
2017/03/02 Validity of national driving licences in EU Member States
2017/02/16 Dangers of the extinction of bees
2017/02/09 Bulk sales of olive oil
2017/01/25 Sugar molasses
2016/12/13 European Fund for Strategic Investments - projects approved
2016/11/30 VP/HR - Spanish Government's consent to the use of Ceuta's port facilities by Moscow warships undermining EU sanctions and possible family links with Commissioner Arias Cañete
2016/11/30 Information to the SIS
2016/10/19 Integration of the European market in telecommunications services
2016/10/19 European agriculture - losses caused by Russian embargo
2016/09/20 Ban on disposable plastic tableware
2016/08/31 New measures to raise awareness about the benefits of the EU
2016/08/31 Brexit - impact on EU funds
2016/07/14 Denial of Croatian legal system as a result of an official Commission notification?
2016/07/14 Violation of EU law - Consumer Credit Act and Credit Institutions Act?
2016/05/19 European standards for food products
2016/05/19 EU Tobacco Products Directive
2016/04/07 Benefits of EU membership
2016/02/09 Simplification of legal language in Member States' EU texts
2015/12/07 Trawl limit in fishing
2015/12/07 Disruptive business relationships
2015/11/20 Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and landing obligation
2015/10/02 Autism and social stigmatisation of children and their families
2015/10/02 Maritime transeurasian partnership between the EU and Japan
2015/09/14 Third countries and European groupings of territorial cooperation
2015/09/11 Action against Member States violating the universal rights of asylum seekers
2015/07/17 Overcoming abuse and exploitation of unpaid internships by companies in the EU
2015/07/17 Maritime piracy
2015/07/17 Unified European system for collecting road tolls
2015/07/03 Urging public governments for a resource allocations strategy with long-term perspective
2015/07/03 Additional measures to encourage Member States to comply with legal limits on air pollutant emissions
2015/07/03 Measures to protect the fruit and vegetable sector from the Russian embargo
2015/07/02 Visa Code and humanitarian visas
2015/06/25 Dialogue with the Eurasian Economic Union
2015/06/25 Corruption in the Member States and measures taken to reduce the negative impact of this phenomenon
2015/06/19 Age limit for retirement in Member States
2015/06/19 Deadline for disbursement of funds from the cohesion policy programming period 2007-2013
2015/06/19 Awareness policies allowing companies to be more informed about the hazardous chemicals used in their products and to disclose information to customers
2015/06/11 Progress in the ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty
2015/06/04 DCFTA for SMEs and visa-free regime with Georgia and Ukraine
2015/06/04 Introduction of the eCall system in cars
2015/06/01 Humanitarian aid shortage in the Tindouf Camps
2015/05/30 Common migration policy and third countries
2015/05/30 European system of scholarships
2015/05/21 Employment of people with disabilities
2015/05/21 Free educational laptops
2015/05/20 European Aid for Nepal
2015/05/19 WiFi technology for olive tourism
2015/05/19 UK referendum on EU exit - EU communications strategy for its Member States
2015/05/13 VP/HR - Weapons remaining in European seas, addendum
2015/05/12 A European Tourist Board - addendum
2015/04/24 Support for the preservation of endangered and protected native breeds of domestic animals, among them the Istrian bovine
2015/04/24 Support for the conservation of endangered, traditional, and protected livestock breeds in the EU
2015/04/21 Retirement homes
2015/04/21 Multiculturalism and small communities
2015/04/21 The New Silk Road
2015/04/21 Uber
2015/04/21 The use of monies from the EU's common agricultural policy funds in the new Member States
2015/04/21 Utilisation of funds of the EU cohesion policy in the new Member States
2015/04/21 The impact of EU cohesion policy funds on growth in GDP
2015/04/17 The quality of European universities
2015/04/17 European students in the United States
2015/04/17 Early retirement benefits
2015/04/17 Average number of inhabitants in local government units in Member States
2015/04/17 Criteria for the number of cities and municipalities in EU Member States?
2015/04/17 Encouragement and incentives proposed for the merger of local government units
2015/04/09 Serious events surrounding the Roma-Feyenoord match
2015/04/09 Responsibilities of football clubs at international sporting events
2015/03/31 The 5th generation network (5G)
2015/03/31 Banks operating under Sharia law
2015/03/31 Increased consumer confidence in the European Union
2015/03/31 The 30 km/h speed limit in urban areas
2015/03/25 Inclusion of the road between Koper and Istria in the TEN-T network
2015/03/25 Preservation of traditional crafts
2015/03/25 Addendum - Commission body to support Member States in the absorption of the Cohesion Policy Funds
2015/03/25 Criteria for business standards in hotels and other accommodation facilities
2015/03/25 Damage in European olive groves - additional question
2015/03/25 Revision of the TEN-T trans-European transport network
2015/03/25 An integrated system of data on immigrants
2015/03/25 European funds for the Croatian business sector
2015/03/25 Additional question regarding transparency of media ownership
2015/03/10 Austerity measures in Member States
2015/03/10 Results of absorption of EU funds in the period 2007 - 2014 by Member State and by fund
2015/03/10 30 km/h
2015/03/09 Total ban on the use of languages other than the official language of Bulgaria during election campaigns
2015/02/27 Free postage for European products within the EU
2015/02/24 The Ukrainian humanitarian crisis
2015/02/24 Plant reproductive material law
2015/02/24 Damage caused by Russian import ban on agricultural products
2015/02/19 Homeless people
2015/02/19 Money laundering - proposal for a Directive on single-member private limited liability companies
2015/02/19 Proposal for a directive on single-member private limited liability companies
2015/02/04 The European stock exchange union
2015/02/04 The impact of animal farms on the environment
2015/02/04 Direct transmission of European cultural events
2015/02/04 European multiculturalism
2015/02/03 European Tourist Board
2015/01/30 Weapons remaining in European seas
2015/01/30 Damage to European olive groves
2015/01/30 Application of rules establishing a framework for action to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides
2015/01/30 Health fund for infants and children suffering from serious diseases
2015/01/29 The right of citizens of new Member States to employment in EU institutions
2015/01/29 National structure of executive staff of the European Commission
2015/01/29 Criteria for election to leadership positions in EU bodies
2015/01/29 The Istrian Y motorway
2015/01/22 Equal visa regime for all citizens of the European Union
2015/01/22 Traceability of European products
2015/01/22 The European Social Charter
2015/01/22 Commission body for the support to Member States in the absorption of Cohesion Policy funds
2015/01/19 Standards for transparency in media ownership structures
2015/01/14 Preserving languages, dialects, and vernaculars in the EU
2015/01/14 Illegal weapons in the EU
2015/01/07 Preservation of European biodiversity
2014/11/27 Tourism capacity absorption of the EU
2014/11/26 Visa regime for Russian citizens going to European destinations
2014/10/14 Residential institutions in the EU
2018/05/16 Funds allocated to Croatia for 2017
2018/05/16 Funds allocated to Croatia for 2016
2018/05/16 Funds allocated to Croatia for 2015
2018/05/16 Funds allocated to Croatia for 2014
2018/01/08 Implementation of the 'Transport' OP for 2007-2013
2017/10/26 Italy and Croatia's first applications for the period 2014-2020
2017/10/26 The implementation of the Cohesion Fund in Croatia
2017/10/26 Implementation of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance II (IPA)
2017/10/26 Implementation of the European Regional Development Fund - Croatia
2017/10/26 The Implementation of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in Croatia
2017/10/26 Implementation of the ESF in Croatia
2017/10/26 European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development - Croatia
2017/07/13 Ill-treatment, killing, and exploitation of animals for entertainment
2017/07/13 Implementation of the Audit Directive
2017/06/01 Instrument for pre-accession assistance for the Western Balkan countries
2017/03/16 Implementation of the Slovenia-Croatia CBC Programme 2014-2020
2017/03/16 Working on Sundays
2017/03/16 Implementation of the Italy-Croatia CBC Programme 2014-2020
2017/03/02 Croatia's failure to connect to the EU driving licences network
2017/03/01 Financial assistance for extreme frost damage in Croatia
2017/01/26 Shorter working hours
2017/01/26 Arbitration Agreement between Croatia and Slovenia
2017/01/25 Smoking in public spaces
2017/01/13 Slovenia threatens to create difficulties for tourists travelling to Croatia
2016/12/13 Use of the Pre-Accession Assistance instrument in Croatia 2007-2013
2016/12/13 INA privatisation
2016/12/13 Smoking in bars and restaurants
2016/11/16 Application of EU law to limit the use of tobacco products in Croatia
2016/10/19 Proceedings against Croatia in a Washington tribunal (ICSID)
2016/10/19 Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons between Switzerland and the EU
2016/09/20 Commission attitude to mechanical biological waste treatment in Croatia
2016/09/20 Future of waste management in Croatia
2016/08/31 Croatia: Better Implementation
2016/08/30 Switzerland - expansion of the Agreement on the free movement of persons to include Croatia
2016/06/15 Portorož Facility Point
2016/05/19 Halting payment of agricultural subsidies for Croatia
2016/03/03 Work of TFBI in the Republic of Croatia
2016/03/03 Funding under the European Social Fund for Croatia
2016/02/09 Nord Stream expansion
2015/11/20 Jihadist children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
2015/08/17 Performance-based controls of the CAP
2015/07/17 Reconciliation of work and family life - childcare for working parents
2015/07/02 Progress made in the implementation of the Recommendation on a Quality Framework for Traineeships
2015/06/25 Ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management
2015/06/04 Support to Croatia in strengthening its absorption capacity
2015/06/04 Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in maritime transport
2015/06/04 Tobacco Agreement
2015/06/04 New approach to bankruptcies and company insolvencies
2015/05/30 The implementation of ITER
2015/05/13 Proceedings for a breach of the Directive on Postal Services - Croatia
2015/05/13 A breach of the Directive on Energy Efficiency - Croatia
2015/05/13 Breach of European regulations - Croatia
2015/05/13 EU funds paid to Croatia for 2014, addendum
2015/05/13 GMO - Declaration on the product
2015/05/12 The approach to selling the medicinal product ellaOne in Croatia
2015/05/12 Parafiscal levies in Croatia
2015/04/24 Austerity measures in Croatia
2015/04/21 Public lighting
2015/04/21 Privatisation of the electricity sector in Croatia
2015/04/21 Privatisation of rail transport in Croatia
2015/04/17 Teaming projects for Croatia
2015/04/17 Croatia's obligations regarding the rehabilitation of illegal landfills
2015/04/17 Grants from EU funds for the rehabilitation of small illegal landfills
2015/04/17 The ratio of public sector employees
2015/04/17 The construction of broadband infrastructure in Croatia
2015/04/17 Implementation of the Finnish model of public administration reform in Croatia
2015/03/25 Agreement on Eastern Partnership
2015/03/25 Funding of the road between Postojna (Slovenia) and Rupa (Croatia) under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) instrument
2015/03/25 Encouraging work to statutory retirement age in Croatia
2015/03/25 Candidacy for EU funds of projects under the responsibility of a previously convicted person
2015/03/25 Research and innovation - Croatia
2015/03/10 Delay in the adoption of EU programmes for Croatia
2015/03/03 High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
2015/02/27 Waste management in Croatia
2015/02/24 Dam on the river Vjosa in Albania
2015/02/24 Mavrovo dam in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
2015/02/24 Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA)
2015/02/24 Small breweries and the TTIP
2015/02/24 European Globalisation Adjustment Fund - Croatia
2015/02/04 EU funds paid to Croatia on 1 July 2013
2015/02/04 EU funds paid to Croatia in 2014
2015/01/30 Construction of a railway tunnel through the Učka mountain
2015/01/30 Youth Guarantee in Croatia
2015/01/29 The principle of subsidiarity in the implementation of EU projects
2014/12/12 The 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme for Croatia
2014/12/12 The accession of Croatia to the Schengen area
2014/12/12 Preparation and adoption of Operational Programmes - Croatia
2014/12/12 The balance of paid-in and used resources from EU funds for the Republic of Croatia
2014/10/21 Inadequate transport connections between Slovenia and Croatia
2014/10/17 Low-quality transport connection between Croatia and Slovenia
2018/03/22 Actions regarding protection of the European sea against invasive species
2018/01/30 Imposition of fines by Slovenian police on Croatian territory
2017/10/26 Property tax and economic imbalances
2017/06/13 VP/HR - Detention of Croatian seamen in Angola
2016/09/20 Consequences of depopulation
2016/07/15 Technological progress in reducing the use of lead in car batteries
2016/06/15 Political influence on the uptake of EU funding
2016/04/07 European regional interest networks
2016/03/03 Swine influenza
2016/02/09 EUNAVFOR's mandate
2016/01/25 Minimum wage in the EU
2016/01/25 Car-sharing
2015/12/07 Coastal energy infrastructure and sea level rise
2015/10/05 Consequences of the EU General Court ruling on the recruitment process in the EU institutions
2015/09/29 Procedure before the competent EU bodies on Croatian laws being used to resolve the problem of loans in Swiss francs
2015/07/17 Mobbing in the workplace across EU
2015/07/17 Architectural barriers and the elderly
2015/07/02 Barriers to seasonal influenza vaccination coverage in the EU/EEA
2015/06/19 Commission study on the effects of cutting contractual interest rates
2015/06/19 Default interest cut
2015/06/19 Property tax
2015/06/04 Promoting the sustainability of pension systems at EU level
2015/06/02 Consequences of invasive species (Red Sea creatures) in the Mediterranean Sea
2015/05/19 Access to water
2015/05/13 Question E-001354/2015 and Answer HR-E-001354/2015, addendum 3
2015/05/13 Question E-001354/2015 and answer HR-E-001354/2015, addendum 2
2015/05/13 Question E-001354/2015 and answer HR-E-001354/2015, addendum 1
2015/05/13 Question E-001354/2015 and Answer HR-E-001354/2015, addendum
2015/05/13 Electric car charging points, addendum
2015/05/13 The level of interest rates in the funding of economic activity
2015/05/13 Loan terms for citizens and the level of interest rates
2015/05/13 Setting the maximum level of contractual interest rates
2015/05/12 Limiting the maximum level of penalty interest rates
2015/04/21 Programmes for senior citizens
2015/04/21 VP/HR - tragedy in the Mediterranean
2015/04/17 The issue of ownership of the fibre optic broadband infrastructure
2015/03/31 Addendum - Rainwater
2015/03/31 Financial support - invasive species
2015/03/31 Addendum - Golf and the environment
2015/03/25 Funding of the Koper - Kaštel road through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) instrument
2015/03/25 Addendum - Rising level of the Mediterranean Sea
2015/03/25 Changes in the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea
2015/03/25 Compulsory vaccination of children - impact on citizens' health
2015/03/25 Safety of citizens in winter sports
2015/03/25 Vaccination of children - the impact on the child's health
2015/03/10 Amateur and school sports
2015/03/10 Access to schools for disabled persons
2015/02/27 Management of EU regional policy funds at the national level
2015/02/24 Additional funding for recycling
2015/02/19 Leaving school
2015/02/19 Golf and tourism
2015/02/04 Golf and the environment
2015/02/04 Electric car charging points
2015/02/04 A study on the identification and categorisation of cancer-causing chemicals that affect the endocrine system
2015/02/03 Rainwater
2015/01/30 Failure to organise EPSO AST 1 competitions for Croatian nationals
2015/01/30 The issue of the new German Minimum Wage Act and possible consequences for Croatian carriers
2015/01/30 The issue of internal competition in EU institutions for Croatian citizens
2015/01/30 The issue of CAST competition limiting Croatian access to employment in EU institutions
2015/01/30 The problem of loans in Swiss francs
2015/01/22 Rising level of the Mediterranean Sea
2014/12/22 The Karawanks Tunnel
2017/04/03 Academic freedom in Hungary under threat
2016/09/20 VP/HR - Situation in Syria
2015/12/07 VP/HR - EEAS and security experts
2015/10/20 Situation in Montenegro
2015/07/17 Incentives for the regularisation of informal caregivers and domestic workers
2015/06/25 Non-discriminatory practices for the distribution of social security allowances to self-employed workers in EU
2015/06/19 Ratio of employed and unemployed in the economically active population
2015/06/04 Situation in Ethiopia
2015/06/04 VP/HR - Situation in Burundi
2015/06/04 VP/HR - Situation in the Maldives
2015/06/04 VP/HR - Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria
2015/04/21 VP/HR - Burundi
2015/03/25 VP/HR - Security threat of ISIS - Boko Haram
2015/02/19 The Moon
2015/01/22 Security situation in B&H
2017/07/13 The Commission's stance on MBT technology
2017/07/13 Digital platforms for advertising, reviews, recommendations and evaluations of products and services
2017/02/09 Effective microorganisms
2016/12/07 Counterfeit and piracy goods, illicit commerce
2016/07/12 VP/HR - Australian immigration detention centres on Manus and Nauru islands
2016/04/07 Increase in the number of electric vehicles on the roads of the EU
2016/04/07 Smart autopilot systems, autonomous vehicles
2016/02/09 Autonomous Trade Preferences and Transnistria
2015/07/17 Measures to tackle challenging new issues in the contemporary market in illicit drugs
2015/07/03 Promoting the development of adequate knowledge and governance approaches that better ensure the conversation of natural capital
2015/06/19 Securing the benefits of pastoralism and promoting the development of a sustainable framework
2015/05/21 The use of electric cars
2015/05/21 The Smart Cities market
2015/05/21 Security of Smart Cities
2015/05/21 Development of Smart Cities in Croatia
2015/05/21 Jobs in 'smart' cities
2015/05/19 Integration of young migrants into the labour market
2015/05/19 Digital single market
2015/05/13 Digital single market - protection measures
2015/04/21 Young farmers
2015/04/21 Digital cities
2015/04/17 Reduction in the number of cities and municipalities - sustainability with regard to the relationship between revenue and expenditure
2015/03/31 Cruiser tourism
2015/03/25 Glorification and use of Nazi symbols
2015/02/24 Sparsely populated islands
2015/02/19 Legalising marijuana
2015/01/22 Bad reception of digital TV signals from Croatian TV concession holders due to interference from Italian transmitters
2014/12/12 The use of hydroplanes for the purpose of connecting Adriatic cities and islands
2014/10/17 Competitiveness and sustainability of the EU tourism sector on the world market
2018/05/24 Circular migration promotion
2017/10/03 Quality of education
2017/05/11 Programmes and projects for the social economy in the Western Balkan countries
2017/01/26 VP/HR - EU Battlegroup offers and commitments
2016/08/31 Fast-track learning system for refugees
2015/09/14 E-learning in higher education
2015/07/17 Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) and priorities for allocating the revenue
2015/07/17 Education and training for adults in the EU
2015/07/03 Relaunching the creative economy
2015/06/04 Consequences of the introduction of anti-dumping duties on transformer sheet metal
2015/05/30 Customs duties on transformer sheet metal
2015/05/30 Standardisation of education
2015/05/21 Cashless economy
2015/05/12 Anti-Fascism education
2015/04/21 European education systems
2015/03/31 Circular economy - raising awareness
2015/03/31 Circular economy - tax reform
2015/03/10 Global water shortage
2015/02/24 Internet speed
2015/02/24 Recycling and circular economy
2015/02/24 Water losses in water supply systems
2015/02/04 Education and circular economy
2015/02/04 Education and Renewable Energy Resources
2015/02/04 Paedophilia on the internet
2015/01/30 The quality of extra virgin olive oil
2015/01/19 Recognition of adult vocational education diplomas
2014/11/27 Recognition of geographic indications on the internet - negotiations with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
2018/03/26 Facebook and data confidentiality
2018/03/22 EU Regulation on Data Protection - GDPR
2018/02/21 Total Croatian renewable energy production
2018/01/09 Demographic change over the next 20 to 30 years
2018/01/08 Implementation of the 'Regional competitiveness' OP for 2007-2013
2018/01/08 Implementation of the 'Environmental protection' OP for 2007-2013
2017/07/13 Consumer protection - minimum technical requirements in the hospitality industry
2017/07/13 Killing of animals in shelters
2017/07/13 Commission recommendation regarding privileged pensions
2017/07/13 Implementation of the EURODAC Regulation
2017/06/30 Planned coal-fired power plants in the Western Balkans
2017/04/12 Dealing with the problem of 'systemic' companies
2016/11/16 Conversion of carbon dioxide into usable fuel
2016/06/15 Reported delay in adopting and implementing the 2016-2021 waste management plan
2016/05/19 Radioactive waste
2016/01/25 Breast units across Europe
2015/11/20 Unaccompanied migrant children and methods for increasing their protection
2015/11/20 Closure of Italian Embassy in Santo Domingo and EU consular protection
2015/11/20 Decommissioning of energy infrastructure
2015/10/02 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and implementation for SMEs
2015/09/17 Migrant crisis in Europe
2015/07/17 Preventing children from unconsciously disclosing personal data online
2015/07/02 Bike infrastructure and safety measures for cyclists
2015/06/19 Natural gas as a key driver for the energy transition
2015/06/19 Investment protection under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
2015/06/19 Enhancing transparency of food labels to protect consumer safety and encourage use of the highest quality feedstock in production
2015/06/19 Belarus and the Eastern Partnership
2015/06/04 Review of the draft regulation for coal-fired power plants
2015/06/04 Ratio of central to regional and local tax revenue 2
2015/06/04 VP/HR - Eastern Partnership
2015/06/02 Addressing energy poverty in Europe
2015/06/01 Demographic changes in Europe
2015/05/30 Lifespan duration of existing nuclear power plants
2015/05/30 Protection of tax payers from future financial crises
2015/05/30 ITER
2015/05/21 Prohibition of waste disposal
2015/05/21 Prohibition of blood donation
2015/05/21 Kinetic energy power plants
2015/05/19 Revenue and investment patterns of organised crime
2015/05/13 Availability of the Juncker investment fund to countries of the Western Balkans, addendum
2015/05/13 Growing truffles
2015/05/13 Fulfilment of the obligations from Directive 2007/60/EC
2015/04/24 Law on the control of capital in Greece - consequences for regional and local government
2015/04/21 The European Energy Union and the Western Balkans
2015/04/21 Roaming involving the countries of the Western Balkans
2015/04/17 Identification of livestock production methods
2015/04/17 Waste recycling
2015/03/31 Waste-to-energy plants
2015/03/31 Removing procedural and bureaucratic obstacles - Energy Union
2015/03/25 Ratio of central to regional and local tax revenue
2015/03/25 Implementing the General Block Exemption Regulation
2015/03/25 Minimum technical requirements in the hospitality industry
2015/03/25 The long-term unemployed active population
2015/03/25 Building the infrastructure for an optical network
2015/03/10 Regional offices in Brussels
2015/03/10 Regional energy agencies
2015/02/27 The problem of uneven scientific infrastructure in the EU
2015/02/27 Data protection in online shopping
2015/02/24 Natural disaster victims
2015/02/24 Dams in the Balkans
2015/02/24 Lynx Lynx Balcanicus
2015/02/04 Food waste
2015/02/04 Wind power plants
2015/02/04 Cars and environmental protection
2015/02/04 Investment in construction of kindergartens and schools from the OP for Regional Competitiveness
2015/02/03 The new Directive on Package Travel and Assisted Travel Arrangements
2015/01/30 Illegal trade in protected animals in Europe
2015/01/22 'Asbestos-Free Europe'
2015/01/22 Plomin power plants and CCS [Carbon Capture and Storage]
2015/01/07 Availability of the Juncker investment fund to countries of the Western Balkans
2015/01/07 Coordinated production of solar energy in the EU energy market
2015/01/07 Competitiveness and strengthening of the shipbuilding industry in Europe
2014/12/11 Cultivation and production of truffles in the EU
2018/03/27 Base stations
2017/12/18 Implementation of the 2007-2013 Human Resources Development OP
2017/09/26 VP/HR - The case of Palestinian human rights defender Issa Amro and the Palestinian Cyber Crime Law
2016/07/14 Violation of EU rights - cost of exchange rate for CHF-denominated loans at the expense of citizens?
2016/01/25 Sanitary pads and feminine hygiene as a health issue: the case of detained women
2015/12/10 Improving intra-EU labour mobility
2015/07/17 Proposal to make the common consolidated corporate tax base mandatory
2015/07/17 Privacy issues on mobile devices
2015/07/17 Common punishment threshold for corporate accounting fraud
2015/07/17 Awareness of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
2015/07/02 EU-wide pool of qualified migrants
2015/07/02 EU's role in the fight against terrorism
2015/06/25 Development of tools for identifying and preventing human trafficking practices
2015/06/04 Human rights in the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
2015/06/04 VP/HR - Suffering of the Rohingya tribe in Thailand
2015/06/04 VP/HR - Human rights violations in Zimbabwe
2015/06/04 VP/HR - Human rights violations in Swaziland
2015/06/04 VP/HR - Imprisonment of activists for human and labour rights in Algeria
2015/05/30 A stronger role for the EU in the OSCE’'''s Special Monitoring Mission
2015/05/30 Frontex liaison officer in Turkey
2015/05/21 Alternative to paper
2015/05/20 VP/HR - New violations of women's rights in Iran
2015/05/19 Rights of deported migrants
2015/04/21 New Egypt
2015/04/20 VP/HR - Non-response by the Vatican to the nomination of the openly gay French ambassador
2015/04/17 Marginalised communities
2015/04/09 Follow-up to urgency resolution on human rights in Uzbekistan
2015/03/25 Impact of computer games on children's health
2015/03/05 Earthquake prediction
2015/02/27 EU special envoy for LGBT rights
2015/02/04 Mobile telephony masts
2015/02/04 Mobile phones and human health
2015/02/04 Wi-Fi and human health
2015/02/04 Low-cost airlines
2015/02/04 The rights of LGBTI communities
2015/02/04 TTIP and cheese
2015/02/04 Ragweed pollen
2015/01/30 Statistical analyses of unemployment figures
2015/01/22 TTIP and culture
2015/01/12 VP/HR - Harassment of the LGBTI community in Egypt
2014/12/12 Unemployment and impaired ability to communicate of persons with special needs
2018/05/24 Croatia's national contribution for 2017
2018/05/24 Croatia's national contribution for 2016
2018/05/24 Croatia's national contribution for 2015
2018/05/16 Croatia's national contribution for 2014
2017/03/16 National plan to combat discrimination
2015/09/14 Electronic patient records
2015/07/17 Illegal trafficking of cultural heritage
2015/06/25 Innovative financing mechanisms for the redevelopment and rehabilitation of brownfield sites
2015/06/19 Operation of the CBRD
2015/06/04 Net neutrality
2015/05/13 Heritage classes as part of the national curriculum, addendum
2015/05/13 Discrimination against former employees of the JNA
2015/04/21 VP/HR - Mauritania
2015/03/10 Preventive medicine
2015/02/04 Non-repayable financing of investments in institutions of national minorities
2015/02/03 Heritage classes as part of the national curriculum