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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
Parti Socialiste
Magic Circle
Economic and Monetary Affairs Member econ
Financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance Member tax3
Transport and Tourism Substitute tran

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2017/07/12 The European Union's industrial strategy
2017/05/10 Intra-Maghreb diplomatic relations
2017/02/21 Financing the CatCh programme
2016/12/15 Belgian PNR proposal
2016/03/21 Destination of the European Union's aid programme for Morocco
2016/02/02 EU-Morocco Association Council meeting of December 2015
2015/12/16 European Union PNR and data exchange
2015/10/23 Riga roadmap
2015/09/30 Recent developments with the FTT
2015/09/02 Does the Commission authorise cadmium?
2015/08/12 The self-employed
2015/08/12 Commission strategy on cheap steel imports
2015/07/02 Banning Roundup in the EU
2015/07/02 Eradicating global hunger by 2030
2015/06/11 Relations between Belarus and the European Union
2015/06/11 Severe forms of labour exploitation
2015/06/11 The Rohingya in Burma
2015/06/11 Spying on Belgacom
2015/06/11 Russia's blacklist
2015/05/28 Eurozone inflation in April
2015/05/28 FEAD 2014
2015/05/28 Civil protection policy of the European Union
2015/05/21 EU civil protection policy
2015/05/21 Relationship between the European Union and Switzerland
2015/05/20 Homophobia in sport
2015/05/20 Stagnation of the ability of the European Union to innovate in the private sector
2015/05/20 The European Union and the promotion of democracy in the days following the Arab Spring: export of the neoliberal model
2015/05/20 Transposition of the 'asylum package'
2015/05/20 Review of Union legislation from the perspective of the rights of persons with disabilities
2015/05/20 VP/HR - EU-Moldova relations
2015/05/20 Relations between the European Union and the new Israeli government
2015/05/20 Shutting down of Greenpeace India
2015/04/30 Shell and the European Union's energy targets
2015/04/21 Coherence of the European Union on the subject of asylum
2015/03/24 Trafficking in human organs: is the European Union at a crossroads?
2015/03/23 Modern forms of slavery within the European Union
2015/03/23 The environment in the European Union
2015/02/24 VP/HR - Slavery in Mauritania
2015/01/28 Lifelong learning
2015/01/28 Torture in the world
2015/01/28 Torture in the European Union
2015/01/28 Cyberstalking
2015/01/26 Homophobic legislation in Kyrgyzstan
2014/12/18 2014 Global Slavery Index: the European Union and the world
2014/12/12 Estonian e-residency
2014/12/10 Threats to freedom of movement in the European Union
2014/11/19 Protection of cultural diversity
2014/11/13 The worrying evolution of poverty in the European Union and austerity measures
2014/11/07 LuxLeaks
2014/10/14 Modern slavery
2014/10/14 Food aid in the European Union
2014/10/14 ECB hires BlackRock
2014/10/08 Google and 'right to be forgotten' requests
2014/09/17 E-commerce
2014/09/09 Blood donation
2014/09/02 Rainbow Loom
2014/08/12 Civil Drones
2017/10/03 Proof of means of subsistence for entry into the Schengen area
2017/07/12 Migration: Migrants' conditions of detention in Libya
2017/07/12 Migrants' conditions of detention in Libya
2017/01/10 Security measures for airports in Wallonia
2016/12/19 Reform of the anti-dumping procedure and the burden of proof
2016/09/15 Involving subcontractors in negotiations on collective redundancy
2016/09/13 Improving employee information
2016/07/12 Excessive-deficit procedure against certain Member States
2016/06/30 Saving migrants in the Mediterranean
2016/06/13 Risk of slavery for migrants
2016/05/27 Cooperation between Member States and Europol on information exchange
2016/05/27 Rights of migrants being held in Greece
2016/05/27 Cooperation between Member States and Europol on information exchange
2016/05/24 Combating people smugglers in the context of the EU-Turkey agreement
2016/04/26 Failure of the mechanism for redistributing refugees
2016/04/26 Failure of the mechanism for redistributing refugees
2016/04/26 Legality of forced returns following the EU-Turkey agreement
2016/04/26 Legality of forced returns following the EU-Turkey agreement
2016/04/07 Role of the EU Intelligence Analysis Centre in improving the exchange of intelligence
2016/04/05 VP/HR - Mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners in Israel
2016/03/01 Situation of journalists in Turkey
2016/03/01 The humanitarian situation of migrants in Greece
2016/03/01 The humanitarian situation of migrants in Greece
2016/02/15 Census of those living in the camps around Tindouf
2015/12/18 Enhanced information exchange between Europol and Member States
2015/12/18 Enhanced information exchange between Europol and Member States
2015/12/16 Reception of migrants in Greece
2015/12/16 Reception of migrants in Greece
2015/11/26 Exchange of information on judicial and police cooperation
2015/11/26 Measures to prevent radicalisation within the Member States
2015/07/10 ‘Gay Pride’ in Turkey
2015/07/10 Living conditions of migrants abandoned on Kos
2015/07/02 EU-Vietnam free trade agreement
2015/07/02 Pesticides and bee survival
2015/06/16 VP/HR - Refugees trapped in the Jordanian desert
2015/06/11 Current negotiations with various states on the exchange of tax information
2015/06/11 Commitments made at the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes in October 2014
2015/06/11 Agreement with Switzerland on the automatic exchange of tax information
2015/06/11 Amnesty/Omega report on the trade in tools of torture
2015/05/21 End of Ebola epidemic in Liberia
2015/05/21 EU-Mexico trade negotiations
2015/05/21 Young people's excessive alcohol use
2015/05/20 EU-Libya cooperation on migration issues
2015/05/20 EUCAP Sahel Niger
2015/05/20 Germany spies for the NSA
2015/05/20 Encryption technologies and domestic security in the EU
2015/05/20 CSDP operations off the coast of the Gulf of Guinea and in the Mediterranean
2015/05/20 The Eurogroup and transparency
2015/04/30 Information systems and protection of unaccompanied minors
2015/04/29 Cyber security
2015/04/29 VP/HR - Situation in Yemen
2015/03/24 Ebola - current situation
2015/03/24 Information about the focal point on travellers
2015/03/24 Issue of unaccompanied foreign minors
2015/03/24 Violence against women in Turkey
2015/02/24 Bulgaria - Cooperation and Verification Mechanism
2015/02/23 EU cyber security
2015/02/23 Greece's debt
2015/01/28 Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure
2015/01/28 Austerity measures in Greece
2015/01/28 Abuse of power in Turkey
2015/01/23 The worrying situation in the EU stainless steel sector
2015/01/07 Phantom cargoes and the survival of hundreds of migrants
2014/12/22 Draft law granting full powers to the Turkish police
2014/12/22 Torture and inhumane treatment perpetrated by the CIA and cooperation of EU Member States
2014/12/18 Negotiations in progress with Vietnam to conclude a free trade agreement
2014/08/12 Freedom of expression in Turkey
2014/08/04 Situation of Christians in Iraq
2018/05/03 Unlawful State aid in Malta
2017/07/12 Migration: resumption of crossings in the Mediterranean
2017/07/12 Migration: what aid for Italy?
2017/07/12 Migration: what aid for Italy?
2017/05/10 State debt
2017/03/02 Emergency aid to eliminate famine in four countries
2016/09/13 Repossession by the state of the Caterpillar factory site in Gosselies
2016/07/01 Patent boxes and modified nexus approach
2016/06/13 World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul
2016/03/01 The banking crisis and memories of 2008
2015/11/25 Priorities for fostering inclusive education
2015/10/29 Support to help humanitarian organisations tackle the migration crisis
2015/10/29 Support to help humanitarian organisations tackle the migration crisis
2015/10/27 The Commission's efforts to promote food aid
2015/09/30 Delays in distributing aid to the most deprived
2015/08/12 Topics for discussion at meetings with non-confessional associations
2015/08/12 Dialogue with non-confessional organisations
2015/07/10 Education for children in countries in conflict
2015/07/10 Child trafficking in Nepal
2015/07/02 European Humanitarian Aid
2015/07/02 Countries participating in the 'EUNAVFOR Med' operation
2015/06/11 Submerged tyres at sea
2015/06/11 Accession process for Balkan countries
2015/06/11 VP/HR - Attack on civilians at a cultural event in Afghanistan
2015/06/11 Calls from humanitarian organisations in Iraq
2015/06/11 Alcohol consumption in OECD countries
2015/06/11 Fight against Islamic State and national unity in Iraq
2015/05/28 Status report at the mid-point of the Education and Training 2020 programme (ET 2020)
2015/05/20 European Aid for Nepal
2015/05/20 EU humanitarian aid to Gaza
2015/05/20 Consultation with organisations representing the disabled
2015/05/20 Tension in Macedonia
2015/05/20 Humanitarian aid to South Sudan
2015/05/20 Development aid for Eritrea
2015/05/20 Vocational training in the EU
2015/05/06 Spanish State aid to the banking sector
2015/04/30 Earthquake in Nepal
2015/03/31 EU warranty
2014/12/18 Infringement of intellectual property regulations by various Asian countries
2014/11/19 Morocco and migration policy
2014/11/05 Operation Mos Maiorum
2014/09/26 Brussels South Charleroi Airport Two
2014/09/17 Brussels South Charleroi Airport
2014/08/04 Food contaminated with Campylobacter
2014/07/15 Humanitarian crisis in South Sudan
2017/11/22 Boosting public investment in Europe
2017/03/22 Lack of public investment in Europe
2016/05/03 Public investments in Europe
2016/01/26 Economic slow-down in Europe
2015/12/18 Increasing interconnectivity between databases
2015/10/23 Effectiveness of EU funding to combat the death penalty
2015/09/02 Funding for radical Islamism in Europe
2015/09/02 Cost of pollution
2015/08/25 Allocation of ERDF funding
2015/07/10 Alarming state of Europe's seas
2015/07/10 Unusual behaviour on the part of certain threatened species
2015/07/10 The Luxembourg Presidency and the place of poverty in the Europe 2020 Strategy
2015/07/02 Mortality due to pollution
2015/07/02 VP/HR - Military junta in Thailand - what is the EU doing?
2015/06/16 Increasing number of Ukrainian asylum-seekers in Europe
2015/06/16 Reducing smoking in Europe
2015/06/02 Employment goals as part of the Europe 2020 strategy
2015/06/02 Addressing energy poverty in Europe
2015/06/02 The Commission's social economy unit
2015/06/01 Demographic changes in Europe
2015/05/28 Europe 2020 strategy and poverty
2015/05/28 Fortress Europe and immigration
2015/05/21 Revision of the Clean Air for Europe package
2015/05/21 Combatting malaria
2015/05/21 Walloon and protecting Europe's endangered languages
2015/05/20 The harm caused by asbestos in Europe
2015/05/20 The stagnation or even decline in social investment in Europe
2015/05/20 Enhancing Europe's military capacities
2015/04/30 Air safety and Germanwings plane crash
2015/04/29 Social Europe
2015/04/29 Lobbying in Europe
2015/04/10 Mapping of social business in Europe
2015/01/28 Pollution in Europe
2014/12/22 Risk of poverty
2014/12/18 Mapping the Cost of Non-Europe
2014/12/18 Grant of EUR 688 million to Myanmar
2014/12/18 2014 Global Slavery Index: Europe
2014/09/17 Combating poverty in Europe
2014/09/09 Tax fraud in Europe
2014/09/08 Frontex - Combatting illegal immigration
2014/09/02 Europe is the 'biggest risk to the global economy'
2017/11/17 Cuts to the EU structural funds
2017/07/12 The impact of Brexit on regional airports
2017/07/12 Implications of Brexit for EU structural funds
2017/07/12 Implications of Brexit for EU structural funds
2017/03/02 Impact of Brexit on the structural funds
2016/12/01 President Juncker's words on EU accounting standards
2016/10/11 Juventus Turin transferring its registered office to the Netherlands
2016/08/23 The Juncker Plan: one year on
2016/07/01 Granting China market economy status
2016/05/04 Stepping up security at airports
2015/11/25 Granting China market economy status and impact on steelmaking
2015/06/11 European structural funds and fundamental rights
2015/05/28 Making EU healthcare more secure
2015/05/20 Political espionage at the Commission
2015/05/20 Brexit
2015/04/09 VP/HR - Prosecution of war crimes in Syria
2015/02/24 Financing the Juncker plan
2015/02/23 Parliament involvement in the Juncker plan
2015/02/23 Using funds under the Juncker plan
2015/02/11 Swissleaks
2015/02/02 Structural Funds
2014/12/18 Sexist remarks by the Turkish president
2014/12/10 Freedom of expression and fundamental values in Hungary
2014/11/19 Threat posed by vulture funds and measures to discourage them
2014/10/14 Climate change financing
2014/09/09 European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020
2017/01/19 Offshore companies involved in football
2016/12/06 'Football leaks'
2016/12/01 Unaccompanied migrant children
2016/09/13 Labour rights in the EU
2016/06/13 New migration partnership framework and respect for human rights
2016/06/01 Mutual recognition of certificates of conformity for specially adapted vehicles
2015/07/02 VP/HR - Repeated human rights violations in Saudi Arabia
2015/07/02 Daily ceasefire violations in Ukraine
2015/07/02 Harassment of NGOs in Egypt
2015/07/02 Labour market flexibility and social inequality
2015/07/02 Confirmation by the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia of the sentence imposed on Raif Badawi
2015/06/16 Racism in Hungary and Poland
2015/06/16 VP/HR - Democracy and human rights in Iran
2015/06/16 Human trafficking in Hungary
2015/06/11 Extremely worrying human rights situation in Egypt
2015/06/11 Human rights violations in eastern Ukraine
2015/05/28 Rights of migrant workers in Qatar
2015/05/20 VP/HR - New violations of women's rights in Iran
2015/05/20 VP/HR - Human rights in Algeria
2015/05/20 VP/HR - Transition to democracy in Tunisia
2015/05/20 EU statistics on persons with a disability
2015/05/20 Eastern Partnership - need for a new start
2015/05/20 A justice system adapted to children
2015/05/20 Rights of the Roma community and persons with a disability in Serbia
2015/05/20 Human rights violations perpetrated by European companies
2015/05/20 VP/HR - Repeated human rights violations in Saudi Arabia
2015/04/30 Externalisation of European border controls and respect for human rights
2015/04/17 Presence of toxic chemicals in children's mats and toys
2015/03/24 European Return Platform for Unaccompanied Minor (ERPUM) and respect of the rights of the child
2015/03/24 Discrimination against the Roma
2015/03/23 Economic and social rights
2015/02/24 Afghanistan: development aid and the deterioration in the human rights situation
2015/02/24 Change in fundamental rights in the EU
2015/01/28 Suspicion of corruption in Hungary
2015/01/28 VP/HR - Right to drive in Saudi Arabia
2015/01/12 VP/HR - Harassment of the LGBTI community in Egypt
2014/11/19 Closure of the border between Morocco and Algeria
2014/11/19 Supporting human rights in Morocco
2014/11/19 Human rights in Bahrain
2014/11/19 Rights of LGBTI children
2014/11/13 DCFTA negotiations with Morocco
2014/11/03 Human trafficking in Sinai
2014/10/07 Employment of persons with a disability
2014/07/16 LGBT rights
2014/07/15 Abductions in Ukraine
2018/05/26 Siemens Alstom merger: jobs must be the top priority
2018/05/26 Siemens Alstom merger: workers must be fully informed and consulted
2017/06/08 The implementation of Article 85 of Directive 2014/25/EU
2017/03/23 The Posting of Workers Directive and serious violations of workers' rights: the Rive Gauche case
2017/02/21 Closure of the Caterpillar plant and implementation of the EGF
2017/01/17 Commission 2017 work programme and reindustrialisation
2017/01/17 Caterpillar case and compliance with EU Quality Framework for Anticipation of Change and Restructuring
2016/09/13 Tackling shareholder-driven redundancies
2016/04/07 Role of banks in the Panama Papers scandal
2016/04/05 Panama Papers
2016/01/27 Proposal for a directive on implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons
2015/12/07 Interpretation of 'generally available' electronic tools under Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement
2015/09/30 Negotiations on the Shareholder Rights Directive
2015/08/12 Incorrect implementation of health directive
2015/07/10 Chlorate harmful to health
2015/07/10 The Luxembourg Presidency and supervision of the banking sector
2015/07/10 Priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency regarding the steel action plan
2015/07/10 The Luxembourg Presidency's objectives regarding securitisation
2015/07/10 The Luxembourg Presidency and the proposal for a Directive on implementing the principle of equal treatment
2015/07/03 Council work to separate the banks
2015/07/02 Health sector NGOs disappointed by Commission decision
2015/07/02 Review of the National Emission Ceilings Directive
2015/07/02 Income inequality is harmful to growth
2015/07/02 The sixth mass extinction of land fauna
2015/07/02 Impact of maritime transport emissions on the health of EU citizens
2015/06/11 Efforts at national reconciliation in Sri Lanka
2015/06/11 Implementation of the directive on the resolution of banks in difficulty
2015/06/11 COP 21 and carbon pricing
2015/05/28 The objectives of COP 21
2015/05/28 Objectives of the Paris Declaration
2015/05/28 The importance of youth work
2015/05/28 The reaction of NGOs to the new REFIT programme
2015/05/28 German and British lorries and environmental conservation
2015/05/21 Road Safety
2015/05/21 Pesticides: health and environmental impacts
2015/05/20 Protecting workers against carcinogenic chemical agents
2015/05/20 Implementation plans for directives
2015/05/20 Case of Hamid Babaei
2015/05/20 Directive on services of general interest
2015/02/24 EU directive governing payment institutions
2015/01/28 Implementation of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)
2014/12/09 Banks penalising EU citizens for not being rich
2014/12/09 Incitement to launder money and engage in undeclared work
2014/11/26 Timetable for review of the Posting of Workers Directive and areas to be covered
2014/11/19 Achievements of 'Youth on the Move'
2014/10/13 Protecting the health of hairdressers
2014/10/07 REFIT
2014/09/02 EU banks off course
2018/03/05 Protecting the European steel industry against the impact of Donald Trump's decisions
2017/11/06 Golden visas: are we selling European nationality?
2017/10/04 Alstom and Siemens merger, and job protection in the EU railway industry
2017/07/12 Follow-up to Parliament's resolution on the competitiveness of the European rail supply industry
2017/06/08 Belgrade-Budapest rail link project and compliance with European public markets
2017/06/08 The European railway sector facing Chinese competition
2017/03/07 Opinion by Commissioners Bieńkowska and Katainen on protectionism and European industry
2017/03/02 European Court of Auditors report on Natura 2000
2017/01/24 Trust fund for Africa
2016/12/01 Services passport in the construction industry
2016/11/07 Mr Barroso and the Code of Conduct for Commissioners
2016/11/07 Code of Conduct for Commissioners
2016/10/26 European reindustrialisation policy
2016/10/26 Compliance with relocation obligations
2016/10/26 Compliance with relocation obligations
2016/09/08 Investment pact and easing of ESA 2010 European accounting standards
2016/08/22 The toxic assets of European banks
2016/08/22 Barroso joining Goldman Sachs
2016/08/01 Jose Manuel Barroso and Goldman Sachs
2016/04/21 The Commission's plans regarding whistleblowers
2016/02/08 European accounting standards curbing major investment in public works projects in Belgium
2016/02/08 Luxembourgish excess-profit rulings
2016/01/28 Operationality of the new European Counter Terrorism Centre
2015/12/18 Use of Interpol's database
2015/12/16 Second phase of quantitative easing
2015/11/26 Stepping up external borders checks
2015/10/27 Court of Auditors' report concerning EU action against illegal deforestation
2015/10/23 Young people's participation and active citizenship
2015/09/30 Impact of the Asian markets crisis on the European economy
2015/08/12 More balanced neighbourhood policy advocated by Arab NGOs
2015/07/02 EU citizens' lack of physical activity
2015/07/02 Request from the International Criminal Court to arrest Omar al-Bashir
2015/07/02 VP/HR - Cooperation between the European External Action Service (EEAS) and Amnesty International
2015/07/02 EU action in the Sahel
2015/06/16 CO2 emissions from the coal industry claiming the lives of 18 000 European citizens every year
2015/06/11 Intersex people victims of discrimination and inequality
2015/06/11 VP/HR - European Neighbourhood Policy and civil society
2015/05/28 OECD report on inequality
2015/05/28 Recycling of European liners in South-East Asia
2015/05/28 Action against hypercholesterolemia
2015/05/20 European strategy 2010-2020 on the disabled
2015/05/20 European identity
2015/05/20 European accessibility act
2015/05/20 Access for disabled people to higher education
2015/05/20 Taking disabled people into account in the European semester
2015/05/20 Participation of persons with disabilities in competitions organised by European institutions
2015/05/20 Quality assessment of Natura 2000 by the Commission
2015/05/20 WHO study on obesity trends
2015/05/20 Assessment of Natura 2000
2015/05/20 European public service policy
2015/04/30 A European energy label for windows
2015/04/29 Access to drinking water
2015/04/29 European Citizens' Initiative
2015/03/24 Imports of goods derived from illegal deforestation
2015/03/23 Plans for a European army
2015/02/24 Is the Customs Files Identification Database (FIDE) operational?
2015/02/24 A European unemployment benefit scheme
2015/01/28 Overcrowding in European prisons
2015/01/28 VP/HR - Kidnappings of girls in Nigeria
2015/01/14 Lessons in philosophy and citizenship
2014/11/26 Binding measures under the European Semester
2014/11/26 Binding measures under the European Semester
2014/11/19 New unconventional monetary easing measure
2014/11/19 2030 climate and energy policy framework
2014/09/17 Obesity among European citizens
2014/09/09 Universal access to healthcare
2014/07/24 European textiles industry
2017/07/12 Support for the ERTMS and public investment
2017/03/06 Purchase of Caterpillar factory land by public authorities
2017/02/27 Conflicts of interest at the Commission: a danger to the public
2016/10/04 EU industrial policy and investment
2016/01/26 Investments in real estate - ESA 2010 standards
2016/01/26 Low interest rates and public investment
2016/01/20 Local public enterprises and economic and territorial development
2015/11/25 Threat of deflation and economic recovery policy
2015/11/25 Austerity and child poverty
2015/11/25 Boosting employment and boosting the markets
2015/07/10 The Luxembourg Presidency's initiatives to revive public investment
2015/07/02 Outcome of Amberlight 2015
2015/07/02 Consumers not understanding sunscreen SPF
2015/06/11 Country-specific economic recommendations and the fight against poverty
2015/06/11 Digital Single Market and welfare
2015/06/02 Economic recovery and employment
2015/05/28 Economic recovery and poverty
2015/05/28 The Commission's economic recommendations and investment stimulus
2015/05/28 Digital single market and copyright
2015/05/21 Copyright in the digital single market
2015/05/20 Child poverty in the EU
2015/05/20 VP/HR - Nagorno-Karabakh
2015/05/20 Social investment package and social cohesion in the EU
2015/05/20 Economic recovery and household incomes
2015/05/20 Economic recovery and restarting public investment
2015/05/20 Reduced VAT rate for the renovation of old public buildings
2015/05/20 Flexibility within the economic governance programme
2015/04/30 Viktor Orban
2015/03/24 Europeanisation of digital policy
2015/03/24 Pirating of Gemalto SIM cards: Fuck the EU - again?
2015/03/03 The ESA 2010 standards: an obstacle to recovery
2015/02/24 Evaluation by the Court of Auditors of EIB-funded investment projects outside the EU
2015/02/03 Flexibility in the Stability and Growth Pact - investment clause
2015/02/02 Working group on Investment Plan projects
2015/01/28 Access to the single digital market for SMEs
2014/10/23 An accountable Troika with more democratic legitimacy
2014/10/14 Public investment for sustainable economic recovery
2014/10/02 Abortion in Ireland
2014/09/02 Draft law on public safety
2014/08/12 Abortion in Ireland
2014/07/25 EU environmental policy
2017/10/03 What vision for the financial transaction tax?
2017/07/12 Work on financial transactions tax comes to halt
2017/07/12 List of tax havens
2017/03/20 Tax evasion: a problem for developing countries
2017/03/20 Flat tax for high-net-worth individuals in Italy
2017/03/07 Tax practices of the Caterpillar group
2017/02/28 EU list of tax havens: 0 % corporate tax rate regimes
2017/02/01 Accounting tax - The Belgian Government's new way of promoting tax avoidance
2017/02/01 Tax regime for diamonds - a new way of dodging tax
2016/11/07 Taxation of ports
2016/11/07 Comments by Commissioner Oettinger
2016/11/03 Tax arrangements for Europe's ports
2016/10/25 In-depth inquiry into Belgian taxation of ports
2016/10/25 Tax arrangements for Belgian inland ports
2016/10/17 Tax arrangements of Brussels airport
2016/09/13 Caterpillar group's tax arrangements
2016/09/02 Tax evasion: relationship between Juncker and Amazon
2016/08/22 European Court ruling on the recovery by Belgium of unpaid tax stemming from the excess profits regime
2016/07/11 Financial transaction tax: are we done yet?
2016/06/09 Tax exemption for UEFA and its partner companies at Euro 2016
2016/05/27 Luxembourg allegedly authorising verbal tax arrangements
2016/05/24 Oxfam Novib study and European tax havens
2016/05/03 Commission opinion on the taxation arrangements for the Electrabel energy corporation
2016/02/05 Taxation arrangements for the Electrabel energy corporation
2015/11/26 Fight against terrorism financing
2015/09/17 Combating the illegal arms trade in the EU
2015/09/17 Combating arms trafficking in the EU
2015/08/12 Position of Luxembourg Presidency regarding tax reporting by multinationals on a country-by-country basis
2015/07/02 Walmart's tax practices
2015/07/02 High-Level Group on energy-intensive industries
2015/06/16 Combating tax evasion
2015/06/11 Problem of Syrian refugees
2015/06/11 Amazon's about-turn - a first step that calls for more
2015/06/11 Statements by Commissioner Dombrovskis on tax evasion
2015/05/21 Financial transaction tax
2015/05/20 The transposition of tax directives
2015/05/20 Common consolidated corporate tax base
2015/04/30 Tax avoidance by big firms
2015/02/11 Fight against tax havens
2015/01/07 Financial transaction tax
2014/10/14 Tax base erosion
2014/09/26 Tax evasion by multinationals