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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Magic Circle
Industry, Research and Energy Member itre
Agriculture and Rural Development Substitute agri
Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Substitute envi

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2016/11/30 VP/HR - Spanish Government's consent to the use of Ceuta's port facilities by Moscow warships undermining EU sanctions and possible family links with Commissioner Arias Cañete
2016/01/27 Chemical warfare agents (CWA) in the Baltic Sea
2015/09/17 Temporary border controls to manage the refugee crisis
2015/08/17 Performance-based controls of the CAP
2015/07/13 Plans for new Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea
2014/09/03 Antibiotic resistance
2018/03/01 Murder of Jan Kuciak
2016/09/15 VP/HR - The case of Homa Hoodfar and other dual nationals detained in Iran
2016/06/29 Three leading human rights advocates jailed in Turkey
2016/06/02 Best Available Technique (BAT) Reference Document for Large Combustion Plants (LCP Bref) under the Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU (IED)
2016/02/11 Forced evictions of Roma
2015/11/30 Proposal for amendment of the Firearms Directive (91/477/EEC)
2015/10/13 On halting the broadcast of TV channels in Turkey
2015/07/02 Free movement and Roma
2015/05/20 VP/HR - New violations of women's rights in Iran
2015/01/16 Combating terrorism, and fundamental rights and PNR
2017/06/20 Zinc oxide ban
2015/12/16 Animal welfare strategy 2016-2020
2015/12/11 Sweden's application of a carbon tax and reduction of tax on biofuels
2015/09/09 Fake EU disability parking badges
2015/05/21 New EU strategy for the protection and welfare of animals
2015/04/10 Biofuels
2014/12/15 Consequences of sudden changes to LFA/ANC compensation in Sweden
2014/11/12 Consequences of the Council regulation on organic production and labelling of organic products
2016/07/01 Fight against anti-Gypsyism
2016/07/01 Fight against anti-Gypsyism
2017/12/08 Compliance with and enforcement of pig welfare provisions
2017/11/27 Pig welfare and castrations
2017/01/19 VP/HR - Egypt: The case of Ramy El-Sayed
2016/04/15 Interpretation of the rules on Community preference
2015/04/13 VAT on e-books
2015/03/18 Application of reduced VAT rates to electronic books and electronic newspapers
2015/02/17 VP/HR - Case of Ahmed Douma and other political prisoners in Egypt
2015/01/12 VP/HR - Harassment of the LGBTI community in Egypt
2017/03/23 Carrier liability - clarification
2017/03/02 Carrier liability
2016/10/31 Carrier liability
2017/10/11 Study by Policy Department A - 'Economic Aspects of the Regulatory Framework in the Area of Fertilisers'
2016/09/19 VP/HR - Detention of a Swedish citizen in Ethiopia
2016/07/13 EFSA and protests against GMOs
2016/01/28 Seizure by Denmark of asylum seekers' belongings
2015/05/22 VP/HR - Situation in Ethiopia
2015/04/09 VP/HR - Prosecution of war crimes in Syria
2014/10/07 Energy policy and the situation in Ukraine
2017/01/12 The Commission's strategic approach to the contamination of water by pharmaceutical substances
2015/05/22 Changes to the European Social Fund (ESF)
2015/05/20 European Aid for Nepal
2015/04/22 Polish state aid to coal mines
2016/02/02 Rear lighting requirements for cars
2015/07/22 Use of antibiotics and TTIP
2015/01/07 The Clean Air Package