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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2017-01-31

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group
Movimento 5 Stelle
Magic Circle
Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector Member emis
Petitions Member peti
Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Substitute envi

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2017/01/10 Commission's answers to written questions
2016/04/21 Offshore extraction of oil and gas in Italy
2015/11/19 Follow-up to question E-006799/2015
2015/07/21 Val d'Agri oil centre (COVA)
2015/07/09 Exposure to electromagnetic fields
2015/07/02 Failure to produce external emergency plans for Lombardy underground gas storage plants
2015/07/02 EU role in the lack of safety of Ukrainian nuclear plants
2015/06/30 Plants posing a major-accident hazard
2015/06/03 EIB funding for the gas storage plant in Cornegliano Laudense
2015/05/30 District heating
2015/04/29 Oil exploration project for Badile and Zibido San Giacomo (Milan)
2015/04/14 Absence of external emergency plan for Lombardy underground gas storage plants
2015/04/13 Critical issues relating to the use of palm oil
2015/03/06 Offshore drilling in the Adriatic Sea
2015/03/05 Incident at ENI's 'Alli 001' oil well
2015/03/04 Gas storage at Lodi funded by EFSI
2015/03/03 Rai Way
2015/02/13 ENERGAS depot
2015/01/13 Offshore oil and gas operations
2016/11/07 Access to justice in environmental matters in Italy
2016/10/27 Corruption and major projects in Italy
2016/10/21 Mass redundancies by Cameron Italy LLC in Voghera (PV)
2016/09/26 Updating and assessment of River Basin Management Plans in Italy
2016/09/22 Ratification of the bilateral agreement between Italy and France to launch final work on the cross-border section of the new Turin-Lyon railway
2016/07/14 The Paris agreements on climate change and the energy transition
2015/12/11 'Interconnector Italia-Svizzera' (Italy-Switzerland interconnector) - additional information
2015/10/23 Illegal dumping of toxic waste from the former C & C factory (Padua, Italy)
2015/06/30 Misappropriation of funding for refugees in the Mafia Capitale scandal in Italy
2015/06/24 Presence of heavy metals in the urine of Milazzo residents
2015/06/03 ECJ judgment on illegal landfills in Italy: quantification of the six-monthly penalty and updated list of landfill sites
2015/05/21 Payments not made due to infringement proceedings
2015/05/13 Placing children in care homes - Critical situation in Italy
2015/04/30 Energy union, the EU and agreements between Italy and Serbia
2015/04/29 'River thieves'
2015/04/29 Discrepancy between the list of illegal landfills which do not comply with the waste management obligations incumbent on Italy and the Sergnano landfill in Mirabello
2015/04/24 Financial correction for agriculture in Italy
2015/04/15 Safety of the Salerno - Reggio Calabria motorway in Italy
2015/03/30 Exploitation of river basins
2015/03/12 Delays in the payment for commercial transactions with the public authorities
2015/03/12 Environmental radioactivity around the 'former Liquichimica' area in the Tito Scalo Industrial Zone (Province of Potenza, Italy)
2015/03/10 Carers in Italy
2015/01/07 ʻSblocca Italiaʼ (Unlock Italy) decree
2015/01/06 Family caregivers in Italy
2014/12/10 Agreements in the pharmaceutical industry
2014/12/08 Implementing the multi-level governance principle in cohesion policy action in Italy in the period 2014-2020
2014/12/05 Reform of local authorities in Italy
2014/11/26 'Unblock Italy' decree - potential infringement proceedings
2015/12/18 Fitness check of the Birds and Habitats Directives
2015/06/03 Drilling in the Ionian Sea and breach of Directive 2013/30/EU and the Aarhus Convention on public participation in the decision-making process
2015/05/22 Violation of Directives Nos 1999/31/EC, 2010/75/EU and 2012/18/EU due to the issuing of an IEA for an asbestos landfill site
2015/04/30 Road signs for people with dyslexia
2014/11/10 Irreversibility or otherwise of the decision to introduce the euro
2014/10/10 Protection of site of Community importance under Directive 92/43/EEC
2014/09/29 Failure to comply with Article 3 of Directive 2001/42/EC in the project to upgrade provincial road 46
2014/09/22 Failure to comply with Article 3 of Directive 2001/42/EC in the plan to upgrade provincial road No 46
2016/12/19 Italian Government's communication plan to encourage young people to eat meat
2016/10/13 Statements made by Commissioner Moscovici and the Italian constitutional referendum
2016/07/01 Reorganisation of the Corpo Forestale dello Stato (CFS -State Forestry Agency) - CITES offices
2016/06/28 Cooperation agreement with Philip Morris International (PMI)
2016/06/16 Italian railways - high-speed train service
2016/05/19 Once again concerning the Italian National Forestry Corps
2016/05/03 Detention basins by the Seveso river - risks to the environment and to human health
2016/05/03 Follow-up to written question E-003356/2015 on the Pedemontana Lombarda highway
2016/02/25 Issue of passports under Brussels IIa and relevant case-law
2016/02/02 Man-made emissions
2015/12/09 Urgent need to reduce the impact of livestock on climate change
2015/10/06 Volkswagen Investigation
2015/09/11 Action against Member States violating the universal rights of asylum seekers
2015/09/09 TiSA agreement and right of States to regulate financial markets
2015/08/24 Emerging systematic threat to the rule of law in Spain
2015/06/30 VP/HR - rights of children whose parents live in different countries
2015/05/30 Organic farm contamination - integrated production in South Tyrol
2015/05/07 Italian Legislative Decree No 1/2015 on the re-development of the city and area of Taranto and ILVA S.p.A.
2015/04/30 Provision of services at the Italian Prime Minister's Office
2015/04/30 TTIP leak - What is the TTIP's relationship with the TiSA?
2015/04/30 State Grid Corporation of China's foothold in Terna - new request for clarification
2015/04/30 The Italian A35 (BreBeMi) motorway
2015/04/29 Signing an identity document
2015/04/09 Serious events surrounding the Roma-Feyenoord match
2015/04/09 Responsibilities of football clubs at international sporting events
2015/03/12 Financial compensation for tourist areas hit by the immigration crisis in the Mediterranean
2015/03/12 Marine protected areas
2015/03/12 Cartelised goods and services in Greece
2015/03/12 VP/HR - Urgent action for Iranian artist on hunger strike
2015/02/27 State aid for the completion of the Pedemontana highway
2015/02/25 Cruelty to greyhounds/galgos in Member States
2015/02/11 Discharge of petroleum products into the Varenna stream
2015/02/05 South Tyrol 'Omnibus' law of 23 October 2014
2015/02/05 Lack of indication of country of origin for products entering the EU from third countries
2015/01/30 Pesticides and drinking water conservancy areas in South Tyrol
2015/01/20 'ITREC' nuclear power plant in Rotondella (Matera)
2015/01/20 Maritime cabotage in the Gulf of Naples: possible violation of EU law
2015/01/06 Amendment of Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 on organic production and the production of "fake organic rice" in Italy
2014/12/19 Formal investigation procedure SA33083 - Aid for Piedmontese firms affected by the 1994 flood
2014/11/20 VP/HR - Violation of Sahrawi human rights
2014/11/14 TTIP free trade agreement between Europe and the United States and risks to European designations of origin
2014/11/04 Serious events that took place in Rome on 29 October 2014 during the AST workers' demonstration
2014/10/02 State aid for nuclear power: Hinkley Point C, United Kingdom
2014/09/18 Infringement of fundamental rights (freedom of expression, right to information and defence) - Regulation concerning copyright on electronic communications networks
2014/09/05 Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 investigation
2014/07/23 Usury by Italian banks - ESCB supervision
2016/12/09 Waste incinerator in the province of Florence
2016/11/14 Aspen Pharma's anticompetitive practices
2016/11/11 Approach to biodegradable garden and park waste (grass clippings and prunings)
2016/10/13 National waste incineration programme
2016/07/29 Bio-Line industrial waste processing plant in the municipality of Tavazzano con Villavesco (province of Lodi)
2016/07/08 Malga Melagon landfill site, Asiago (VI) - risk of groundwater contamination
2016/06/16 Desio incinerator - breach of environmental requirements
2016/04/22 Preliminary report on the national waste incineration programme
2015/04/30 Waste disposal in the commune of Colleferro
2015/04/30 Mismanagement of wastewater in the province of Salerno, Campania
2015/04/29 Illegal fishing
2015/04/29 Discovery of hazardous waste in the province of Benevento
2015/03/12 Scientific research programme on pulse trawling
2015/03/12 Industrial waste 'Total - Tempa Rossa 1' oil field
2015/02/27 Proper decommissioning of Busto Arsizio incineration plant at end of life
2015/02/27 Ca' Antonioli waste disposal site
2015/02/27 Pipes containing asbestos in the provinces of Florence, Prato, Pistoia and Arezzo
2015/02/04 Co-incineration of waste and shredded tyres
2015/02/02 Relocation of Vibac
2015/02/02 Recovery of industrial waste
2014/12/09 Critical problems affecting the waste management system in Calabria
2014/11/20 Landfill site at Borgo Montello in Latina
2014/11/20 Compliance with Directive 2011/70/Euratom establishing a Community framework for the responsible and safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste
2014/10/13 Conflict of interest affecting the ECB
2014/07/28 Villa Adriana, Tivoli
2016/06/24 Bullfighting and the EU budget
2015/06/02 Payment of excise duty on stolen distilled beverages
2015/04/30 Resignation of Italy's Transport Minister and suspension of European financing for TEN-T projects due to illegalities
2015/02/09 TEN-T projects - Amending Budget No 1 to the General Budget for 2015
2015/02/06 'Split payment'
2016/12/14 EU financing, assistance and support for Ukraine
2016/09/21 Bayer-Monsanto acquisition
2016/06/22 Use of the ERDF for an irregular underpass in Cremona
2016/06/02 Halting the slaughter of dogs and cats in 'perreras'
2016/05/23 Stray animals and the management of kennels
2016/04/12 Soil contamination at Cascina Calnago in Carpiano (Province of Milan)
2016/02/23 Transparency and fair competition in the implementation of the high-speed Torino-Lione railway line
2016/01/25 Verona-Padova railway line
2015/08/03 Financial sustainability of the M4 line in Milan
2015/07/21 Monitoring the management of the municipal landfill in Belladanza, Citttà di Castello (Perugia)
2015/07/14 Brescia-Padua high-speed rail link
2015/05/30 Devastation caused by Black blocs during the opening of EXPO 2015 in Milan
2015/03/17 Use of EU funds to develop airports
2015/03/04 Direct aid to Ryanair from ERDF funds
2015/02/13 The use of the Structural Funds to support persons with disabilities
2015/02/10 LGBT-phobic event sponsored by EXPO 2015
2015/02/06 Villanova-Gissi 380 kV overhead power line and associated works
2015/01/30 Unclear accounting for European funds used by the company LTF s.a.s.
2015/01/26 EU financing and participation at Expo 2015
2015/01/23 Line 4 of the Milan underground
2014/12/19 Legalities in the management of EU funds by Fidi Toscana
2014/09/08 Expo 2015 Trade Fair
2016/12/16 Animal Transport Guides Project
2016/10/21 Regasification plant in Rosignano Marittimo (Livorno)
2016/09/05 EU funding for earthquake protection measures
2016/08/02 EFSI funding for modernisation of the Arvedi steel plant
2015/12/07 Particulate filters
2015/10/13 Request for information on the selection criteria for a project eligible for EFSI funding
2015/09/21 A new animal welfare strategy for 2016-2020
2015/07/22 EuroVelo - Availability of EU funding for the project
2015/07/14 EIB funding for the Bordolano storage reservoir
2015/07/02 Phthalates
2015/04/30 Construction of the Belo Monte dam in Brazil
2015/04/29 Eridania Sadam SpA
2015/04/29 Borgo Eridania biomass power plant in Foggia
2015/02/27 Possible infringement of Regulation (EU) No 347/2013 by the project Interconnector Italia-Svizzera
2015/02/13 EU funding and earthquakes in Emilia-Romagna
2015/02/13 Criteria for identifying endocrine-disrupting chemicals
2015/02/09 Emilia-Romagna rural development plan
2015/01/23 Funding for the Milan eastern external bypass: suspicions of mafia infiltration
2015/01/13 Methods of toxicological evaluation constituting alternatives to animal testing
2014/11/05 Lyon-Turin project - Impact on health of construction sites
2014/10/10 Tempa Rossa project
2014/07/28 Preclinical animal research
2016/11/29 Biological low-risk pesticides
2016/11/11 No European tendering procedure for the excavation of the Maddalena di Chiomonte geognostic tunnel
2016/08/04 Fraud at the expense of the European Union with regard to mountain grazing
2016/04/11 Costs related to the Turin-Lyon rail link
2016/02/29 Report on the implementation of the sustainable use of pesticides directive
2016/02/15 VP/HR - Torture and killing of the researcher Giulio Regeni in Egypt
2015/10/29 Commission initiatives in regard to use of devices to falsify motor-vehicle emissions data
2015/09/30 Revision of procedural time limits to protect the financial interests of the European Union
2015/09/10 Maltese bird hunting
2015/09/09 The killing of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands
2015/07/21 Lake Varano and non-compliance with a European directive
2015/06/22 Terzo valico dei Giovi' rail link - compliance with European law and the precautionary principle
2015/05/06 Measures to monitor and reclaim the land of the Terra dei Fuochi
2015/03/12 VP/HR - Number of European citizens kidnapped and imprisoned outside the EU
2015/03/05 European School in Parma
2015/02/27 Task force for the implementation of the 2007-2013 programming period
2015/01/30 Inadequate precautionary measures in the wake of quarrying-related landslides
2014/12/18 European measures to fight against organised crime and corruption
2014/12/18 European measures to fight against organised crime and corruption
2014/12/09 Activities promoting the ʻTerzo Valicoʼ in elementary schools in Liguria and Piedmont
2014/12/02 Infrastructure serving Matera, European Cultural Capital 2019
2014/10/29 Natural disaster prevention measures funded by the 2007-2013 ERDF in Liguria and the municipality of Genoa
2014/10/09 Need to modify the economic and fiscal policies of the European Union
2014/09/26 Use of pesticides
2016/11/07 Geological storage of CO2 in Lombardy
2016/09/06 'Appropriate incentives' for tobacco sales in the Consolidated Law on trade and commerce in the Region of Lombardy
2016/07/07 Lake Varese in Lombardy
2016/04/04 Propaganda by public authorities urging citizens to abstain from voting in a referendum
2016/03/23 Follow-up to Question E-012413/2015 - Air quality in Italy
2016/03/22 Irregularities in call for funding proposals issued by Lombardy Regional Council
2016/02/29 Thalidomide
2015/09/03 Lombardy regional air quality plan
2015/05/21 UNESCO Apuan Alps Regional Park
2015/02/27 Air pollution in Madrid
2015/02/18 Propaganda about the Juncker plan
2015/02/03 Bankruptcy of the airport operator Aeradria
2015/01/29 Irregularities at the ILVA iron and steel works in Taranto