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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Europe of Nations and Freedom Group
Rassemblement national
Magic Circle
Employment and Social Affairs Member empl
Terrorism Member terr
Internal Market and Consumer Protection Substitute imco
Foreign Affairs Substitute afet

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/06/13 Anti-American measures: the Commission targets Harley-Davidsons, whisky and Trump voters instead of focusing on the future and European jobs
2018/06/13 Terrorism as a daily occurrence and the EU's porous external borders
2018/06/13 Helping SMEs to access support from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund
2018/06/13 Child labour and European Union imports
2018/05/30 Three times more money for promoting the European elections than for the EU labour inspectorate
2018/05/30 Terrorism and the sale of European citizenship
2018/03/27 Apprenticeships and the modernisation of education systems in the European Union
2018/03/09 Commission President and his trainees from an American university in Baltimore
2018/02/27 Commission's joint investment with Bill Gates in Africa despite Microsoft's dismissal of 25 000 European workers
2018/02/23 Germany and France think that the Commission should withdraw its proposal for a 'European services e-card'
2017/11/30 State of play of negotiations with the United Kingdom and the rights of European workers
2017/11/30 Combating economic inequality and the subsidiarity principle
2017/11/30 Legal framework for the European services e-card
2017/11/30 European services e-card and the Internal Market Information System (IMI)
2017/11/23 Adverse consequences for employment of the European Commission agreement with New Zealand
2017/11/23 Trainees from third countries (Turkey, China...) in the European Commission
2017/08/21 Incomplete declarations of financial interests by European Commissioners
2017/08/21 No former Monsanto employee at the head of the European Chemicals Agency
2017/08/21 European grants to UK-based organisations after Brexit
2017/06/22 Liberalisation, deregulation and subsidiarity
2017/06/15 Mental health in France and financial support from the Commission
2017/06/15 European industrial wasteland or smart protectionism: the example of Nokia
2017/05/24 Smart European protectionism: investigating whether Apple and Microsoft secretly colluded against Nokia
2017/05/24 European Commission and mental health in China
2017/04/27 Insecure jobs and European legislation
2017/04/27 Brain drain and the EU Blue Card
2017/02/21 European Statistical Programme and social indicators
2017/01/19 European minimum income
2016/12/21 European qualifications framework
2016/12/21 Active ageing policy framework
2016/09/29 Reform Support Programme — involvement of the Member States
2016/08/31 Universal income in Finland
2016/08/31 Recognition of professional qualifications in inland navigation
2016/07/25 Work-life balance
2016/06/30 Intra-European migration
2016/04/25 How EU policies are exacerbating the migration crisis
2016/02/19 Subsidiarity and EU reform support service
2016/02/19 Setting up a European labour inspection agency
2016/01/27 Migration management and subsidiarity
2016/01/27 European agencies and subsidiarity
2015/11/26 The risks of EU handouts
2015/11/26 Legitimacy of European trade unions
2015/11/26 European handouts and subsidiarity
2015/10/16 Social indicators in the European Semester
2015/10/08 European Semester for economic policy coordination
2015/09/16 Ageing population and loss of competitiveness
2015/09/16 Child poverty and support for families in difficulty
2015/06/15 European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training and European Training Foundation
2015/03/26 Selection of projects for the development of reasonable accommodation and sheltered workshops
2015/03/11 Outcome of the European Cormorant Management Plan in the Member States
2015/02/18 Establishing a European platform to enhance cooperation in the prevention and deterrence of undeclared or falsely declared work
2015/02/12 Non-payment of European bills
2015/02/12 Application of Directive 2008/104/EC on temporary agency work
2018/06/13 Commission has no data on the EUR 150 million European Globalisation Adjustment Fund
2018/05/30 Dialogue About Radicalisation and Equality (DARE) project receives EUR 5 million from the Commission for so-called research into de-radicalisation
2018/05/30 Social security: France advancing around EUR 1 billion to other European countries
2018/05/30 Cost per migrant employed in Germany: EUR 90 000 per worker (EUR 15 billion for 168 000 workers)
2018/04/17 Kenyan and Tibetan nomadic herders boost research and employment in Europe. A costly joke at EUR 2.5 million
2018/03/27 EUR 700 000 for refugees to play football
2018/03/08 Employability of economic refugees
2018/03/08 The Commission and the EUR 27 billion euros it has lost track of
2018/02/23 According to the IMF, refugees - 20 years after they arrived - say they are less happy than native-born people
2018/02/23 IMF estimate that the cost per job found for an immigrant or refugee is EUR 30 000 in Sweden
2017/12/18 Coordination of social security schemes at a cost to France of EUR 600 million
2017/11/30 Unpaid traineeships at the Commission
2017/11/23 Filipino lorry drivers posted to Sweden by a Latvian company
2017/09/15 119 million people in poverty and the Commission prefers cricket
2017/08/24 Migrants: EUR 10 000 for ethnic cookery courses
2017/08/21 Refugees and unemployment statistics in Germany
2017/08/21 Posted workers: a EUR 400 000 research project funded by the Commission; no useable contact details
2017/05/24 Economic emancipation of women and the promotion of equal sharing of unpaid domestic work
2017/05/24 Nearly EUR 1 billion for Moldova in 10 years
2017/02/21 Directive on the protection of workers
2017/02/21 Relevance of the revision of the Posted Workers Directive
2016/11/28 Digitalisation and poverty
2016/11/28 Severe exploitation of foreign workers
2016/09/29 TTIP and protection of controlled designations of origin
2016/09/29 Economic development disparities between EU Member States
2016/01/27 Protection of citizens and migrations
2015/12/16 In-work poverty
2015/12/16 Human cost of forced mobility
2015/04/09 Strategy for equality between men and women
2017/02/21 Accessibility for persons with a disability and the single market
2016/11/28 The single market and collective bargaining
2016/11/28 Labour market and reform of corporation tax
2016/10/14 Erasmus+ and labour force mobility
2016/08/01 Job-seeker skills on the labour market
2016/02/19 Convergence and the labour market in the EU
2016/01/27 Convergence and the labour market in Europe
2018/01/17 Salaries of assistants at the Commission and the Court of Auditors report
2017/04/27 EFSI and structural funds
2017/03/16 Futility of publicising the Structural Funds
2015/07/03 Structural reforms and European social standards
2014/11/13 Ritual slaughter and animal suffering
2018/05/30 The Commission's silence on billionaire African presidents
2017/09/22 Access to European funding for job creation in New Caledonia after the 2018 referendum
2017/03/16 Public awareness of the achievements of cohesion policy and the sources of its funding
2017/02/21 Extending the European Fund for Strategic Investments
2017/01/23 European Fund for Strategic Investments and job creation
2016/05/12 CAP and farming job losses
2016/05/12 Digitisation of the economy and job losses
2016/03/30 SME job creation potential
2016/01/27 Investigation into paternity leave
2015/10/16 Mass migration and the job market
2017/11/30 Access to the Visa Information System for Romania and Bulgaria and the risk of social dumping
2017/11/30 The 'working poor' and actions by the Commission
2017/08/24 Breaches of freedom of association and trade union rights in El Salvador and at the Commission
2017/04/27 Social dumping and imports from Asia
2017/03/20 Consistency of the 'Molière clause' with the principles of free movement and equal treatment
2017/02/21 Social safeguards and CETA
2017/02/21 Social standards in the garment sector
2017/01/23 Protection against new occupational risks
2017/01/23 The pertinence of the European Pillar of Social Rights
2017/01/23 The risks associated with the European Pillar of Social Rights
2017/01/23 Flagship initiative for the garment sector
2016/12/21 Support for the social and solidarity economy
2016/10/19 Relevance of a euro area budget
2016/10/14 EU budget for 2017 and social policy
2016/10/14 Cohesion policy and support for reforms
2016/09/29 National powers and responsibilities in relation to EU minimum social rights
2016/08/31 EMPL committee priorities and budget cuts
2016/06/01 Tax havens and free trade agreement
2016/05/12 Equal rights for all
2016/05/12 Free trade agreements and social standards
2016/04/25 Reviving social dialogue in firms
2016/04/25 Negotiations with third countries and social rights
2016/03/30 Negotiations with Switzerland on the Alpine region
2016/02/19 Combating social dumping
2016/02/05 List of actions by the Commission to improve the rights of LGBTI persons
2015/05/26 Social tourism and unemployment
2015/03/27 Social aspects of economic governance
2015/02/11 Combating undeclared work
2018/04/17 Net earnings are lower in rural areas, but the Auvergne doesn't interest Brussels
2018/02/23 High concentration of asylum seekers in one location slowing down the integration process
2017/09/15 Low unemployment in Nigeria, Guinea and Bangladesh and return of 'economic' migrants
2017/08/24 27 300 EU citizens will receive unemployment benefit in a Member State other than that in which they worked
2017/08/24 Relevance of the Youth Guarantee
2017/06/22 Economic inequalities and smart protectionism
2017/06/15 Economic inequalities and integration of migrants
2017/05/24 Exploitation of young children 50 metres from Commission buildings in Brussels
2017/01/23 Labour exploitation of migrants
2016/12/21 Skills Guarantee
2016/09/29 Integrating migrants into rural areas
2016/07/25 EU programmes and support for migrants
2016/06/30 Recognition of migrants' skills
2016/06/30 Migrants' skills and creating assisted jobs
2016/04/25 Distinction between 'migrants' and 'refugees'
2016/03/30 Integration of migrants and youth unemployment
2015/12/16 Use of the ESF and integration of migrants
2015/11/27 Access for illegal migrants to programmes financed under the European Social Fund (ESF)
2015/05/26 Use of the ESF for pre-financing YEI programmes in France
2015/04/08 The Court of Auditors casts doubt on the Youth Guarantee
2018/06/13 1 man, 4 wives, 46 children: a normal family in the new Europe
2018/05/30 Terrorism as proof of a lack of any genuine connection to Europe
2018/03/28 Soros advises defiant cities who want to keep illegal immigrants in Europe
2018/03/27 UK nationals responsible for human resources at the Commission and Council
2018/03/08 30% of the 5 000 foreign terrorist fighters have returned to Europe
2018/03/08 Lithuania is emptying and yet the Commission continues to advocate worker mobility in Europe
2018/01/17 Eurofound support for Friends of Europe and comments on burkinis
2017/12/18 Control of mobility of those seeking to engage in regulated professions in France
2017/12/18 Imports from New Zealand and the implications for employment in Europe
2017/09/22 Mobility in Europe of French nationals exercising regulated professions
2017/09/15 Regulated professions: French Parliament objects to Commission proposal
2017/08/24 3 000 railway suicides a year in Europe, and the Commission is doing nothing
2017/06/15 The terrorist in the hammer attack at Notre-Dame and a Commission prize awarded in 2009
2017/05/24 Statistics on family ties and the drugging of young children exploited for begging
2017/04/27 Social cost of mergers and acquisitions and job preservation in Europe
2016/08/31 French growth in the second quarter of 2016
2016/07/25 Care within the family
2016/04/25 The Europe 2020 strategy and the communication entitled 'An open and secure Europe: making it happen': immigration and the labour market
2016/03/30 Real number of migrants entering Europe
2015/07/02 Fight against breast cancer in Europe
2015/05/26 Access to EPSO competitive recruitment processes for Croatian nationals
2017/12/18 Purchase of American missiles by Romania and Poland and 400 000 jobs at risk in the French defence sector
2017/12/18 328 000 jobs in the European steel industry threatened by Chinese dumping
2017/09/15 Regulated professions and the 700 000 jobs « invented » by the Commission
2017/03/16 Study of the impact of CETA on jobs
2017/03/16 Democracy and CETA
2016/10/14 Flexibility and quality jobs
2016/05/12 Protecting jobs in the printing industry
2016/03/30 Creation of assisted jobs for migrants
2015/11/26 Abuse of anti-discrimination legislation
2015/10/16 TiSA and the destruction of jobs
2015/07/03 Definition of 'quality jobs' and common indicators
2015/07/03 Creating quality jobs and Guideline no 7
2015/06/19 Sustaining jobs in rural areas and unfair competition
2015/06/03 EU programmes and green jobs
2018/03/08 Preferential treatment of native people in New Caledonia and French Polynesia in the area of employment
2018/03/08 Wearing of the Islamic headscarf at the Commission
2018/02/23 Brexit and employment in the United Kingdom
2017/11/23 Statements by the President of the Eurogroup on bank rescues and employment
2017/11/23 Statements by the President of the Eurogroup on the right to strike in Greece
2017/11/23 British temporary and contract staff being kept on by the Commission despite Brexit
2017/09/15 Employment and the principle of 'Community preference'
2017/08/24 Ineffectiveness of the Youth Employment Initiative
2017/08/24 Statistics of persons registered with public employment services not updated since 2015
2017/08/21 Koh-Lanta: the Commission makes SBD 90 million available to boost employment and prosperity in Vanuatu
2017/06/15 Insufficient powers of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board to hold up new directives that disregard any impact on employment
2017/05/24 Failure of assessments ahead of proposals for directives to take account of their impact on employment
2017/04/27 Relevance of the directive on the percentage of women on boards of directors
2017/01/23 Keeping older workers in employment
2016/12/21 Multinationals and employment market
2016/11/28 Reform of public employment services
2016/06/10 Status of countries with a controlled BSE risk: the economic impact
2015/10/08 Impact of new forms of employment
2015/08/28 Goldman Sachs and its part in Greece's entry into the eurozone
2015/08/28 Eurostat's role in facilitating Greece's entry into the euro area
2015/06/03 Impact on employment in Europe of moving towards a circular economy
2015/05/26 Using the ESF to pre-finance Youth Employment Initiative programmes
2015/03/27 Impact of the EURES platform on employment and recruitment in Europe
2015/02/11 Implementation of the Race Directive and the Framework Employment Directive