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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats)
Partidul Naţional Liberal
Magic Circle
Agriculture and Rural Development Member agri
Regional Development Substitute regi
Legal Affairs Substitute juri

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/03/28 The project regarding intermodal transport between the airport in Cluj and the national company CFR SA
2018/03/28 Low level of capitalisation in agriculture
2017/12/13 Romania's transition towards modern agriculture and tackling climate change
2017/11/07 Ports endangered by failure to dredge the Danube
2017/10/04 Almost unprecedently low water level in the Danube combined with the authorities' failure to act is causing losses for farmers
2017/09/01 In Romania, educational expenditure is extremely low compared to that in other European Member States
2017/07/13 Very low take-up of European funding in the wine sector
2017/06/06 Low number of quality certificates in Romania
2017/05/08 Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for Dräxlmaier layoffs
2017/02/06 Low vine-growing standards
2016/11/17 Agriculture possibly saved by cooperation with other sectors.
2016/09/27 Unemployment rate increasing from month to month
2016/08/31 Low immunisation rate in Romania
2016/07/13 Failure to comply with emissions standards
2016/02/25 Almost all shampoos for babies can cause allergies
2016/02/23 Price of grain at a five-year low
2016/02/23 Pork prices in Romania at a historic low
2016/01/25 No subsidies for mushrooms
2015/12/10 Overcrowded classrooms
2015/11/11 Diesel engine NO2 emissions that exceed EU pollution limits
2015/10/15 European Union's contribution to the Black Sea
2015/09/03 The reconversion of vine plantations
2015/07/16 The level of prices in Romania
2015/07/16 The introduction of new species of bees
2015/07/16 Low milk consumption in Romania
2015/07/13 Border fence between Hungary and Serbia
2015/07/10 Low work productivity
2015/07/10 The inflation rate
2015/07/10 Failure to comply with the migration agreements
2015/07/10 Brain drain
2015/07/10 Supplying water to urban communities
2015/07/10 The low level of grants in agriculture
2015/07/10 Romania's low GDP per capita
2015/06/18 The problems faced by organic agriculture
2015/06/18 Euroscepticism
2015/06/18 Cases of infringement of EU law
2015/06/18 Cooperatives are excluded from subsidies
2015/06/04 Privatisation of Financial Investment Companies (SIFs)
2015/06/04 Pesticides used in agriculture
2015/06/04 More restrictive limits for pollutant emissions
2015/06/04 The drawing up of the National Forestry Strategy and the financing of the National Afforestation Programme
2015/06/04 CO2 concentration in the Earth's atmosphere
2015/06/04 Cashless transactions
2015/05/13 Aged workforce
2015/05/13 Russian warships and submarines near the border of an EU Member State
2015/05/13 The national emission ceilings
2015/05/13 Romania, low-end in terms of salaries and mid-range in terms of employer taxes in the EU
2015/05/08 Tapping into illegal logging
2015/05/08 The descendants of Wallachian shepherds want to turn the Carpathian Mountains into a brand similar to the Alps
2015/05/08 Interest shown for heritage at national level
2015/05/08 The applicant's guide
2015/05/08 AIIB v. IMF
2015/05/08 The continuing decrease of workforce in agriculture, forestry and fisheries
2015/05/08 The law on agriculture chambers lacks substance
2015/05/08 6 400 people die every day due to work accidents or occupational diseases
2015/05/08 Romanian farmers protest against conditions for obtaining agriculture grants
2015/04/22 Sustainability of agriculture
2015/04/22 The reduction of fuel prices
2015/04/22 Cancer prevention at national level
2015/04/13 The filling out of single applications for grants
2015/04/13 The correlation of farm-gate prices with the prices of retail stores
2015/03/30 The introduction of the income tax in agriculture
2015/03/30 The Danube Delta, vulnerable to climate change
2015/03/30 Apples are the fruits with the highest content of pesticides
2015/03/18 Risk management instruments for agriculture
2015/03/18 Very high level of taxation on small salaries
2015/03/18 The quantity of chemical fertilisers used in Romanian agriculture
2015/03/18 State aid for diesel fuel used in agriculture
2015/03/05 Non-unified case-law
2015/02/26 European beekeeping under threat
2015/02/13 Subsidies for investment in agriculture
2014/09/30 Collapse of grain prices in EU countries
2017/09/13 Romanian sheep herds endangered by the lack of laboratories for the scrapie genotyping of rams
2017/09/13 Numerous cases of failure to provide assistance for premature births in Romanian hospitals
2017/09/01 Restricting the rights of Romanian tourists stuck in Lisbon requires a reaction at European level
2017/07/13 Romanian garlic being exported while we are importing contaminated garlic from China
2017/06/26 Unfair supermarket practices promoting imported tomatoes
2017/03/29 Rural unemployment higher than urban unemployment
2016/12/01 Exposure of children to subliminal advertising
2016/12/01 Only 40% of Romanian farms can export live pigs
2016/11/18 Romanian farmers left with no harvest and empty pockets
2016/09/27 Romanian economy
2016/07/13 Worrying Romanian health system statistics
2016/05/26 Chemically treated tomatoes
2016/05/02 Vaccination in herds
2016/04/21 False alert issued by the Italian authorities regarding Romanian cheese
2016/03/18 Concerning country report
2016/03/16 Romanian farmers call for lifting of the block on trade in live pigs with other EU countries
2016/01/28 of Romanian cattle exporters facing bankruptcy
2016/01/28 Late payment of grants to farmers by the Romanian Agricultural Paying Agency
2016/01/11 Carcass rendering system
2016/01/11 40% of Romanian arable farmland purchased by foreigners
2015/10/19 Generation of stateless children
2015/09/03 Exploitation of Romanian workers in Southern Italy
2015/09/03 Emigration of the Romanian labour force
2015/09/03 Romanian patients unhappy with the health system
2015/09/03 Romanian textile industry sheds one-quarter of its total workforce
2015/09/02 More assistance for veterinarians
2015/07/16 The effects of Russia's embargo extension
2015/07/10 Discrimination against Romanians in Austria
2015/07/10 Poor pasture exploitation
2015/06/30 Child benefit for Romanian children in Austria
2015/06/30 Child benefit for Romanian children in Austria
2015/06/18 The imbalance on the Romanian financial market
2015/06/18 Combating drug trafficking
2015/06/04 The town halls have terminated pasture concession contracts
2015/06/04 Concerns among beekeepers
2015/06/04 Romanian farms have major difficulties in finding specialists to hire
2015/05/13 Transylvanian town, older than the Egyptian pyramids
2015/05/08 The field of technology and computer science in Romanian higher education
2015/05/08 Romanian farmers face difficulties regarding rapeseed crops
2015/05/08 Romanian beekeepers steer away from organic sector
2015/05/08 Romanian crops risk lagging behind imports
2015/05/08 58 % of Romanian companies complain of numerous unnecessary regulations
2015/05/08 The massacre of the wild birds of the Romanian fauna
2015/05/08 Young beekeepers
2015/05/08 The Romanian vaccination crisis
2015/04/22 Businessmen unhappy with the New Fiscal Code
2015/04/22 Romanian farmers do not want to vaccinate animals against Bluetongue
2015/04/22 Most vegetables in Romanian supermarkets are imported
2015/04/22 Cases of avian influenza detected in the Romanian zone of the Danube Delta
2015/04/22 The exodus of Romanian doctors from the country
2015/04/22 Smuggling in all ways at the Romanian borders
2015/03/31 Around 10 % of wild bee species in the EU are endangered
2015/03/31 Unemployment on the rise in the last quarter of 2014
2015/03/31 30 000 cases of victims of human trafficking between 2010 and 2014
2015/03/30 The promotion of Romanian cities by means of local brands
2015/03/30 The Romanian certified potato seed
2015/03/18 The milk sector excluded from the new Romanian Tax Code
2015/03/11 The effects of the new Romanian Forest Code
2015/03/11 Supporting Romanian organic products and turning them into profit
2015/01/19 Effects of neonicotinoid
2015/01/13 Romanian carriers operating in Germany
2014/12/08 Romanian fishing industry
2018/03/28 Romania, the country with the highest income inequality in the European Union
2018/03/28 Lack of processing units in Romania
2018/03/28 Romania is facing a lack of skilled workers
2018/03/28 How thermal spring water is going down the drain, and millions of lei with it, owing to a lack of interest
2018/02/09 Adoption in Romania
2018/01/08 Lack of slaughterhouses in Romania
2017/12/13 Poor rail infrastructure causing serious harm
2017/12/13 Black Sea gas, stalled by paperwork
2017/11/07 Romania's irrigation infrastructure in need of renewal
2017/11/07 Lack of plant quarantine laboratories
2017/09/13 Increase in excise duty in Romania adversely affecting the transport industry and the economy as a whole
2017/09/13 Conflict between retailers and producers in Romania
2017/09/01 Inexplicable decision by Israel to ban shipments of sheep and cattle from Romania
2017/07/13 Defective system for cooperatives in Romania
2017/06/06 Reduced budget for benefits paid to children and families from Romania
2017/03/06 Meagre allocation of funding for healthcare
2016/12/20 Lack of integrative projects in the Danube Region
2016/11/17 Research in the field of veterinary medicine
2016/10/18 Alarming proportion of acid soil
2016/09/28 Problems facing transport operators in Romania
2016/08/02 Problem of unmarked eggs from other EU Member States entering Romania
2016/06/28 Romania unable to reach the targets for recycling waste
2016/04/21 Livestock exports from Romania hampered by NSVFSA
2016/03/18 Toxic soil problem in Romania
2016/03/18 Only 13 000 buffalo left in Romania
2015/12/10 Bankruptcy four times more common in Romania than the average for Central and Eastern European countries
2015/11/11 Problem of young graduates remains unresolved
2015/11/11 Problem facing vocational training providers
2015/09/03 Preservation of vegetal biodiversity in Romania
2015/09/03 Lack of funding for NEETs
2015/09/03 Potential earnings of EUR 70 million from conservation areas in Romania
2015/09/03 Only one insurance company in Romania able to cover earthquake damages and only four able to cover damages arising from major flooding
2015/09/03 Cybersecurity
2015/09/03 Romania's population on the decrease
2015/07/16 The land in Romania
2015/07/16 The disappearance of milk factories in Romania
2015/07/10 The blocking of certain EU funds for Romania
2015/07/10 Crisis management in Romania
2015/07/10 Home care services in Romania
2015/06/18 Romania loses over EUR one billion of the former PNDR
2015/06/18 Romania and security on the Black Sea
2015/06/18 Nuclear weapons are a threat to international security
2015/06/18 Biotechnology, a risk for Romania
2015/06/18 Potato cultivators in Romania feel they are being pushed out of the market
2015/06/18 The drought in Romania is causing major losses to producers
2015/06/18 Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
2015/06/18 Romania's cybersecurity
2015/06/18 Romania's security in the context of the current regional conflicts
2015/06/18 The lack of irrigation systems in Romania
2015/06/04 Medicine that cures hepatitis C brought to Romania at the highest price in the world
2015/06/04 Romania's public debt
2015/06/04 Polarisation threat in Romania due to reduced yield per hectare
2015/06/04 Income per employee in Romania below EU average
2015/06/04 Forest cuttings in Romania
2015/05/13 Tomato producers in Romania fear for the future of their crops
2015/05/13 Tax cuts will worsen Romania's budget deficit in 2016
2015/05/13 Romania's capacity to absorb EU funds
2015/05/08 Romania and its accession to the eurozone
2015/05/08 Freedom of the press in Romania
2015/05/08 PNDR financing 2014-2020
2015/05/08 Weapons procurement
2015/05/08 The increase of gas prices in Romania
2015/05/08 Romania, the sixth industrial polluter in the EU
2015/05/08 Romania and Bulgaria, eight years since EU accession
2015/05/08 The high unemployment rate in Romania
2015/05/08 Romania wants the restriction on live pig movements to other Member States or other states with which Romania has concluded agreements to be lifted
2015/05/08 Romania last in the rankings for financing programmes for in vitro fertilisation
2015/05/08 Romania among the top EU countries in terms of price increases
2015/05/08 Romania receives aid from the EU for the promotion of vegetables but does not know how to use it
2015/05/08 The IT system problem at APIA
2015/04/22 Italian Mafia money laundered in Romania
2015/04/22 Loss of EUR 18 million annually in the fisheries sector due to cormorants, pelicans and otters
2015/04/22 Medicines banned in other countries are marketed in Romania
2015/04/22 Romania could lose EUR 7.5 million of EU funds
2015/04/22 The dissolution of the institution that coordinates research and innovation financing in Romania
2015/04/22 The desertification of southern Romania
2015/04/22 Small producers in Romania complain about the new National Rural Development Programme (PNDR)
2015/03/18 Support for small animal breeders in the disadvantaged mountain area of Romania
2015/03/18 The issue of choosing a veterinary doctor in Romania
2015/03/18 The exodus of doctors from Romania
2015/03/18 Romania's demographic problem
2015/02/13 Romania's ability to attract EU funding
2015/02/13 2015 budget for Romania conducive to underdevelopment
2014/12/01 Funding for the forestry sector in Romania
2014/11/04 Price of pig meat in free fall in Romania
2018/03/28 Romania imports huge quantities of food, despite its huge agricultural potential
2018/02/09 Food safety should be a priority for all Member States
2018/02/09 Food fraud
2017/12/13 High quantities of food additives in certain products such as hot dog sausages
2017/12/13 The impact of Brexit on trade in food products
2017/07/13 Methods of flavouring smoked meats for retail
2017/03/06 Wheat harvests threatened by an aggressive strain of fungus
2017/03/06 Effect on health of ready-made food packaging
2017/02/06 Inadmissible methods used by food manufacturers to conceal sugar content
2016/12/21 The active ingredient in pesticides is not compliant with the labelling
2016/11/03 Animal-transmitted tuberculosis - a serious threat to human health
2016/08/02 Increase in food prices - a cause for concern
2016/08/01 Influence of traffic-light food labelling on consumers' choices
2016/07/19 Effects of sodium nitrate in cold meat assortments
2016/03/22 Fruit with pesticide residues
2015/12/10 Impact of climate change on health
2015/09/03 Orchard zoning errors
2015/09/03 Food waste
2015/07/13 Legal limit on artificial trans fats in the food supply
2015/07/10 The decrease of food production as a result of climate change
2015/06/18 The artificial food price increases
2015/06/18 The breeding of meat rabbits
2015/06/04 Manufacturers of building materials lost over 9 % of their revenue in the period 2008-2013
2015/05/13 Childbirth safety
2015/05/08 The costs incurred by Russia as a result of the sanctions imposed by the West
2015/05/08 The reduction of the VAT rate on food is threatened
2015/04/22 Food safety
2015/04/22 Reduction of VAT on food
2015/04/22 Reduction of congested road traffic
2015/04/22 The Food Information Regulation
2015/03/31 Fast-food meat
2015/03/30 Low prices turn Romanian potatoes into animal food
2015/03/18 The mandatory origin labelling of meat
2015/03/18 Information and awareness-raising programmes with accurate information regarding pesticides and the risks to which the consumer is exposed
2015/03/18 Annual report on pesticide residues in food for 2014
2015/03/18 The standard VAT rate
2015/03/12 Relaunching the communication campaign for preventing the severe impact of climate change
2015/03/11 Selective waste collection
2015/02/03 Animal welfare
2015/01/12 Sugar quota
2018/02/09 Harmful substances in sausages prepared using road de-icing fluid
2017/11/07 Semi-prepared meat products falling short of European safety standards
2017/07/13 New subsidy rules
2017/07/13 Clean label products
2017/07/13 Repayments to APIA owing to changes in the rules
2017/05/08 Impact of climate fluctuations on farming
2017/02/06 Impact of natural disasters
2017/01/04 Risks of abolishing subsidies for organic farming
2017/01/04 Gap between the large numbers of sheep in Romania and the volume of products on the market
2016/10/19 Impact of counterfeit medicines
2016/10/18 Protection of virgin forests
2016/08/02 Carcinogenic additives in supermarket cheeses
2016/07/13 Power network failures owing to storms
2016/05/27 Shortage of medicinal products in Romania
2016/05/26 Trade in counterfeit goods
2016/04/21 Mandatory labelling of the origin of dairy products
2016/02/25 The problem of counterfeit products needs to be taken very seriously into account
2015/09/03 The low farm-gate price of cattle and dairy products
2015/09/03 Fall in farm gate prices for poultry products
2015/07/16 The consumption of local products
2015/07/16 The strategy against alcohol consumption
2015/07/16 Promoting the 2020 Digital Agenda
2015/06/18 Authorised natural persons can no longer sell products in marketplaces
2015/06/04 Irregularities on the organic products market
2015/05/13 Organic producers refused by bankers
2015/05/13 The Council's decision to delay the elimination of roaming fees
2015/05/13 Villages are on the verge of extinction
2015/05/08 A quarter of the food products in Romania contain pesticides
2015/04/22 The circulation of medicinal products for veterinary use
2015/04/22 The new rules on planting grapevines
2015/04/22 The Digital4EU platform
2015/04/22 The protection of local crafts
2015/03/31 Uber creates unfair competition for authorised taxi drivers
2015/03/31 The risks posed by the bitcoin digital currency
2015/03/31 Traditional products on the verge of extinction
2015/03/11 The harmonisation of railway service rules in the EU
2015/03/04 An alternative to Russian gas
2015/02/26 EU protection for traditional products
2015/02/26 Uniform rules on products marketed in the EU
2014/09/11 Practical impact of the embargo imposed by Russia
2014/07/11 Decision by the Russian Federation to ban imports of cattle, beef and derived products from Romania
2018/03/28 Large-scale imports of raw milk
2018/02/09 Risk of dangerous infections due to the constant use of antibiotics in animals
2018/02/09 Tax havens outside the EU
2017/11/07 Insufficient research and development programmes for new antibiotics
2017/09/01 High concentrations of Cesium-137 in canned tuna
2017/06/06 Large percentage of jobs under threat
2017/06/06 Invasion of maize leaf weevils (Tanymecus dilaticollis)
2017/05/08 High percentage of cybercrime victims
2017/02/06 Working on farms poses risks that are not properly registered
2016/12/01 Frequent use of antibiotics by Romanians
2016/11/17 Bottled water containing high levels of bacteria
2016/10/19 E-numbers in foodstuffs - a European public health risk
2016/10/18 Insufficient stocks of compulsory vaccines for infants
2016/06/30 Beekeepers threatened by bankruptcy
2016/06/22 Problems faced by maize producers
2016/05/27 Zika virus and the risk for Romania
2016/05/26 Jobs mismatch
2016/03/18 Route for milk from farms to supermarkets
2016/02/25 Virus AH1N1 in Ukraine
2016/01/25 Shortcomings regarding the transport of transplant organs
2015/12/10 Investigation of the automobile industry
2015/11/11 Problems in the co-financing of the NPRD
2015/11/11 Continuous reduction in quantity of milk collected at processing centres
2015/09/03 Increasingly less milk being delivered to dairies
2015/09/03 Risk of falling oil prices fuelling civil unrest
2015/09/03 Priority action to assist beef producers
2015/07/21 Pollution generated by civil aviation
2015/07/16 Bankruptcy risk for pig farms
2015/07/16 The development of family farms
2015/07/16 The high costs of pollution effects
2015/06/18 The milk industry faces serious problems in the EU
2015/06/18 The rehabilitation of buildings with high levels of seismic risk
2015/06/04 The presence of producers at international fairs
2015/06/04 The LAPAR organisation requests to be consulted with regard to genetically modified organisms
2015/06/04 Beet, corn and sunflower crops are attacked by pests
2015/06/04 One in five Romanians abandons school early
2015/06/04 Resistance to antibiotics increases the mortality risk
2015/05/13 Potato producers close to bankruptcy
2015/05/13 Xenophobia reaches record levels in Hungary
2015/05/13 Extending the eligibility period for rural development programme spending for the period 2007-2013
2015/05/08 Protected birds and animals devastate fish farms
2015/05/08 Heritage monuments that need urgent rehabilitation
2015/05/08 The authorisation of GMO imports
2015/04/22 The car tax discourages car imports
2015/04/22 Cross-industry agreement for sugar beet
2015/04/22 Ibuprofen increases cardiovascular risk
2015/04/22 The quarterly tax stipulated by the new Tax Code will result in the closure of many micro enterprises
2015/04/22 Tax evasion in the tourism industry is 80 %
2015/04/22 Selective collection
2015/04/22 The problems facing egg producers
2015/03/31 Serious POSDRU problems cause the bankruptcy of a number of NGOs
2015/03/30 The issue of milk collection centres
2015/03/30 The DNA of genetically modified crops is transferred to the consumer's body
2015/03/18 Insufficient auxiliary judicial staff
2015/03/18 The 'milk and croissant roll' programme
2015/03/18 Poultry farms excluded from the National Rural Development Plan (PNDR) 2014-2020
2015/03/18 Tax evasion in the potato sector
2015/03/18 Allocations for research and development
2015/03/04 The launch of the new National Rural Development Programme risks being postponed
2015/02/26 Romanians are once again suffering discrimination in the United Kingdom
2015/02/26 Tax reductions
2015/02/26 High risk of insolvency among meat companies in Romania
2015/01/08 The milk processing industry
2014/11/11 Transitional measures for milk producers
2014/10/07 'First farmland afforestation' operational programme
2017/12/13 Wild animals - danger to livestock holdings
2017/12/13 Social enterprises cannot survive in the marketplace without legislation
2017/03/29 Increased incidence of colon cancer
2017/03/06 Incidence of cancer among farmers
2017/02/06 Farmers forced to repay grants
2016/10/19 Mediterranean ecosystem in danger
2016/10/19 Farmers dissatisfied with aid scheme for reducing milk production
2016/06/08 Discovery of 23 tonnes of frozen hake infested with parasites
2016/05/26 Massive losses sustained by farmers as a result of adverse weather conditions
2016/04/21 Uncompetitive taxation system
2016/02/23 Numerous projects mistakenly considered to have been submitted under 'artificially created conditions'
2015/09/03 Farmers' discontent with how the drought was managed
2015/09/03 Sale of livestock by sheep farmers
2015/09/03 Predicament of livestock farmers
2015/09/03 Poultry farmers want shelf charges to be scrapped in crisis periods
2015/09/03 Sheep and goat farmers object to the law on hunting
2015/07/16 School absenteeism among Roma communities
2015/07/16 The drastic reduction of the area planted with sugar beet
2015/07/10 The delay of support for crops affected by drought
2015/07/10 Dissatisfaction among farmers regarding the marketplace law
2015/07/10 Expropriations for the expansion of lignite strip mines
2015/06/18 The loss of the coupled support by mushroom producers
2015/06/18 Taxation of spirits
2015/06/18 The situation of farmers in Romania
2015/06/04 Simplification of the procedure for the submission of single area payment applications
2015/06/04 Mushroom producers lose coupled support
2015/06/04 Pig and poultry livestock decreases
2015/06/04 Significant differences between men's and women's employment rates in the EU
2015/05/13 Apiculture support reduction drives farmers away from the organic sector
2015/05/13 Doubled yield for western farmers compared to Romanian farmers
2015/05/08 The risk of bankruptcy among farmers
2015/04/22 VAT reduction to 9 % causes discontentment among farmers
2015/04/22 Wage differences
2015/04/13 Support for the craftsmanship of minority communities
2015/04/13 The modification of the single area payment application
2015/03/30 Farmers' impossibility to submit projects for the new rural development programme
2015/03/30 The problem of polarisation of small farmers in Romania
2015/03/30 Shelf price for meat increases while farmers' sale prices decrease
2015/03/18 The decrease in the quantity of milk collected from farmers
2015/03/18 The dispute between farmers and processors regarding milk VAT
2015/03/18 Significant differences between minimum wages in the EU
2015/02/26 Support for dairy farmers
2014/10/22 Bluetongue disease
2014/09/30 Differences in taxation for farmers belonging to various types of association in the EU
2018/05/25 The largest goji berry cultivation in Europe, in Satu Mare, may be forced to cease production
2018/03/28 InfoCons mobile app
2017/12/13 Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for Hunedoara Energy Complex layoffs
2017/09/01 Egg contamination crisis
2017/05/08 Pigmeat crisis
2017/03/29 The Varroa jacobsoni parasite is causing a new beekeeping crisis
2017/03/29 Disappearance of old varieties of vegetables
2017/03/06 Vulnerability of energy markets in Europe
2017/03/06 Different quality standards in Western and Eastern Europe applying to given types of product
2017/02/06 Increase in the number of floods in Europe
2016/12/21 Cyber attacks in Europe
2016/06/22 Demographic decline in eastern Europe
2016/01/11 Disappearance of the Europe's last intact forest landscape
2015/10/15 20% decrease in vegetable production in Romania
2015/10/15 Green energy will account for 26 % of the electricity production in 2020
2015/09/03 The impact of drought on vegetable and fruit production
2015/09/03 Decline in honey production
2015/09/03 Buying-up of property in Europe by the Chinese
2015/09/03 Globalisation
2015/07/16 The production of palm oil
2015/07/16 Renewable energy in Romania
2015/07/16 The increase of domestic milk and egg production
2015/07/10 Apple production in Europe
2015/07/10 Renewable energy production
2015/06/18 Biomass production
2015/06/18 National coal production on the decrease
2015/06/18 Romania is the runner-up in Europe in terms of energy inefficiency
2015/06/18 The decrease of wheat production in Romania
2015/06/04 Potato producers and production are on the verge of bankruptcy
2015/06/04 Inadequate organisation and precariousness of resources allocated to crisis management
2015/06/04 Energy independence
2015/06/04 The Crișul Repede River Ravine has an increased number of species and habitats
2015/06/04 Purchase orders of wheat importers are decreasing
2015/06/04 Industrial activity continues to decrease
2015/05/13 Asian investors avoid Europe for fear of the Greek crisis
2015/05/08 Romania is last in Europe in terms of honey consumption
2015/05/08 Rapeseed production decreases
2015/04/22 The drinking water crisis
2015/04/22 Uncompetitive capital investments
2015/03/31 Renewable energy investments in Romania
2015/03/31 Plastic bags
2015/03/31 Corruption, an endemic problem affecting healthcare in Eastern Europe, including Romania
2015/03/30 Broiler chicken sudden death syndrome
2015/03/18 Excessive additional charges on electricity bills
2015/03/18 EU countries call for green energy but export pollution
2015/03/18 The honey bee colony depopulation syndrome
2015/03/18 The wheat leaf spot disease
2015/03/04 Limited number of judges
2015/02/26 Crisis affecting paper and cellulose production in Romania
2018/05/25 Inclusion of red clover on the list of protein plants
2018/04/11 Agricultural land under organic cultivation is virtually non-existent in Romania
2018/02/09 Forestry sector affected by serious timber shortage
2017/12/13 Labour crisis in the agricultural and livestock sector
2017/11/07 Poor competitiveness of the EU poultry sector
2017/09/13 Agricultural mechanisation in Romania - a real need
2017/09/13 Agricultural insurance
2017/03/29 Low agricultural output in Romania
2017/03/29 Low productivity of agricultural workers
2017/03/06 World agricultural trade affected by damage caused by a species of caterpillar
2016/09/27 Decline of the agricultural machine industry
2016/07/14 Employment projections in the agricultural sector are very pessimistic
2016/04/21 Panama Papers
2016/02/23 Agricultural population in Romania
2016/01/25 Unambiguous identification of agricultural plots in Romania unfeasible in practice
2016/01/11 Unregistered land jeopardising EU subsidies
2015/07/16 Massive decreases in agricultural crop production
2015/07/16 The modernisation of the agricultural machinery fleet in Romania
2015/07/10 Lack of crop insurance
2015/06/18 The issue of drought insurance
2015/06/18 Population ageing
2015/06/04 Land owners feel wronged
2015/06/04 Pollution effects cost us huge amounts of money
2015/05/13 The evolution of unemployment and employment
2015/05/13 The situation of land not registered in the Land Book
2015/05/08 The problem of uncultivated agricultural land areas in Romania
2015/05/08 Problems related to agricultural producer certificates
2015/05/08 The cumbersome procedure for attracting EU funds for agricultural farms
2015/04/22 Establishment of cooperatives in the forestry sector
2015/04/22 Record agricultural production, but low earnings for farmers
2015/04/22 Closing websites that promote anorexia and bulimia
2015/04/22 The low yield of agricultural crops obtained in Romania
2015/04/13 Local production of agricultural machinery
2015/03/31 Population aging determines the emergence of ghost towns
2015/03/30 Huge red tape in the agricultural sector
2015/03/30 The payment of the national transitory aid in the plant sector
2015/03/18 Red tape hinders the access of patients to medicines
2015/03/18 The situation of agricultural land and agricultural holdings in Romania
2015/03/18 Absence of collection centres for agricultural produce, fruit and vegetables
2015/03/18 Agricultural land reparcelling
2014/12/08 Emergence of new H5N8 strain of bird flu
2014/10/15 Agricultural producer organisations
2018/03/28 Establishment of a single electronic register
2018/02/09 Situation of EU citizens living in the UK
2017/12/13 Ineffective anti-cancer drugs have recently appeared on the market
2017/12/13 The rise in the number of pigs in the USA could adversely affect the EU pork market
2017/11/07 Alarming decrease in cattle numbers
2017/06/06 Worrying situation for sheep breeders
2017/03/06 Shortage of cancer drugs
2016/12/20 Situation of brothers in institutional care
2016/11/03 Alarming statistics on air pollution
2016/09/28 No access to schooling for refugee children
2016/09/27 Obstacles to TTIP negotiations
2016/06/22 Elderly access to medical services
2016/05/27 Outbreak of viral nodular dermatitis in cattle
2016/02/25 Breeders request the removal of the block on the trade in live pigs to the EU
2016/02/23 Situation of cattle breeders
2015/12/10 Terrorism
2015/11/11 African swine fever
2015/11/11 Sheep breeders in Romania are failing to register their animals in the flock-book
2015/10/15 Cattle breeders in disadvantaged areas do not receive subsidies
2015/10/15 Access to pre-school education
2015/09/03 13.5 job seekers for each job vacancy
2015/07/16 The reduction of cattle slaughtering in specialised centres
2015/07/16 The fight against terrorism
2015/07/16 The absence of vocational schools
2015/07/10 The situation of the green certificate market
2015/06/18 State aid given only to TV stations will create significant imbalances in the media market
2015/06/18 The strategy for refugee citizens
2015/06/18 The absence of a grant for the 'Belgian Blue' cattle breed
2015/06/18 Situation of breeders of Țurcană sheep
2015/06/04 The art market
2015/06/04 Businesspeople request the simplification of administrative procedures
2015/06/04 Nature in EU countries
2015/06/04 The Pojorâta eco-friendly landfill in Mestecăniș area, Suceava County
2015/05/13 Alternative solutions for easy access to bank loans
2015/05/13 The situation of the press in Romania and around the globe
2015/05/13 Humanitarian aid for Nepal
2015/05/13 Sheep export to Arab countries
2015/05/13 The submission of applications for the private storage of pigmeat
2015/05/08 The situation after the Nepal earthquake of 25 April 2015
2015/05/08 Alternative online finance
2015/05/08 The modification of disadvantaged areas
2015/04/22 Access to cultural and tourist attractions
2015/04/22 The problems faced by livestock breeders
2015/03/30 The classification of certain poor areas as disadvantaged areas
2015/03/30 Eliminating major disparities regarding the standard of living of EU citizens
2015/03/30 Support for goat breeders
2015/03/30 Swine breeders request a new round for the submission of files for Measure 215
2015/03/05 The situation of the social enterprise at Câmpia Turzii, Cluj County
2014/12/15 The increase of stamp duties, a measure that may create obstacles to achieving access to justice
2014/12/15 Impact of bluetongue disease on sheep-breeding activities