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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2015/07/08 Budget and objectives of the 'Ocean of Tomorrow' initiative
2015/04/16 Results of SME Initiative Spain
2015/02/27 SME Initiative
2015/02/27 SME Initiative
2015/02/27 SME Initiative
2015/02/27 SME Initiative
2015/02/27 SME Initiative
2015/02/27 SME Initiative
2015/02/27 SME Initiative
2015/02/27 SME Initiative
2015/02/27 SME Initiative
2016/08/05 Promotion of technologies for locating missing persons
2016/08/05 The establishment of a European missing persons platform
2016/08/05 Investigation and coordination with regard to missing persons
2016/07/01 European statistics on missing persons in the EU
2016/06/09 Missing persons and Directive 2011/36 /EU
2016/03/10 MES for China
2015/07/07 Promotion of corporate social responsibility policies among SMEs
2015/05/21 Protocol for locating missing persons in Europe
2015/03/31 Alternative car fuels in the EU
2015/03/11 Application of the Directive on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes
2015/05/30 Evaluation of the Late Payment Directive
2015/05/30 Evaluation of the EU-Kiribati FPA
2015/04/22 Evaluation of Euroclima programme
2015/04/16 Functioning of the EaSI programme
2015/03/11 Development of the BTSF World programme
2015/03/11 Lifelong learning for EU citizens
2015/02/24 Functioning of the EMAS
2015/02/24 Participation by citizens in the Horizon 2020 programme
2015/02/24 First year of the Cosme Programme
2017/11/06 Zinc market situation
2016/09/27 Progress of inquiry into Dutch tax lease scheme and compliance with the principle of equal treatment
2016/05/31 Progress of the investigation into the Dutch tax lease scheme and compliance with the principle of equal treatment
2015/07/07 Regulating new forms of employment in the EU
2015/07/07 Medical assistance for young Europeans
2015/07/07 State of progress of the Action Plan to improve access to finance for SMEs
2015/07/07 Progress in agreements to reduce CO2 emissions in the EU
2015/05/30 SMEs' access to public procurement
2015/05/30 Equal access to adult education
2015/04/16 Updating the TRACES system
2015/04/16 Fomenting apprentice training
2015/04/16 Reduction in labour cost differentials among Member States
2015/03/31 Equal treatment for young people in terms of access to the labour market
2015/03/31 Invasive alien species surveillance system
2015/03/31 Outcome of the 'Farmed in the EU' campaign
2015/03/31 EU policies to ensure the happiness of Europeans
2015/03/11 Iguala case
2015/02/24 Participation by young people in EU politics
2015/02/24 Outcome of the 'Inseparable' campaign
2015/01/30 Difficulties of young Europeans in establishing their independence
2015/01/30 Education and training to improve food safety
2015/01/30 Physical education in the EU
2014/12/18 Dutch tax lease system, equal treatment and EU governance
2017/01/16 Digital security technologies in the European institutions
2016/02/24 Crisis in the steel industry
2016/02/24 Survival of the European steel industry and Sestao ACB
2016/01/26 Dumping in the European Union
2015/07/08 Improving the functioning of the European External Action Service
2015/07/08 Functioning of the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived
2015/07/07 The European dimension in sport
2015/07/07 Action Against Cancer: European Partnership
2015/07/07 Integration of the ORs in the European digital market
2015/05/30 Trends in the number of fishing vessels in the EU
2015/05/30 Warning of increased humanitarian aid requirements
2015/04/16 Action to stop murders and attacks directed against Christians
2015/04/16 EU action relating to the Yemen situation
2015/04/16 EU aid to civilians in Yarmouk
2015/04/16 Action against mafia trafficking in human organs
2015/04/16 EU actions against Jihadist attacks
2015/04/16 European Union aid for children orphaned by ebola
2015/04/16 Strategy for conserving biodiversity of the ORs
2015/03/31 Action against marine litter
2015/03/31 Action to prevent children's participation in armed conflicts
2015/03/31 Compliance with European legislation on controls and penalties relating to fishing vessels
2015/03/31 Increase in aid for promoting e-commerce in European businesses
2015/03/31 Improving conditions of temporary workers
2015/03/31 Industrial policy to stimulate European SMEs
2015/03/11 Aims and challenges for European governance
2015/03/11 Consultation on safety of tourist accommodation services
2015/03/11 Action against drugs in the European Union
2015/03/11 European strategy against diabetes
2015/03/11 Improving transport of animals in the EU
2015/02/24 Action to increase maritime safety in the EU
2015/01/30 Improving the policy on food donations in the EU
2018/01/16 Protection of the 'Queso Manchego' designation of origin in the EU-Mexico agreement
2017/06/27 Fishery quota deregulation under the EU-Mexico Association Agreement
2015/07/08 EU-Iceland fisheries agreement
2015/07/07 Policies to counter the greater risk of poverty in elderly women
2015/07/07 Developing the role of women in the fisheries sector
2015/07/07 Latest negotiations on the fisheries agreement with Mauritania
2015/07/07 Study on the impact of the EU-US trade agreement
2015/05/30 EU support for the fisheries sector
2015/05/30 Results of the Fisheries Agreement between the EU and Greenland
2015/04/22 Approval of the Doha Declaration
2015/04/22 Fisheries agreement with Mozambique
2015/04/22 Evaluation of fisheries agreement with Gabon
2015/04/16 Study of the suitability of the Habitats and Birds Directives
2015/04/16 Fisheries Partnership Agreement with the Solomon Islands
2015/04/16 Fisheries Partnership Agreement with Cape Verde
2015/04/16 Implementation of the new professional qualifications regime
2015/02/24 Information on new labels for fishery and aquaculture products
2017/07/14 French farmers dump Spanish fruit in front of the Spanish Consulate-General in Perpignan
2017/03/07 Xenophobic remarks in public service media
2016/06/27 Review of the new GES indicator
2015/07/07 Fighting violence against homeless people
2015/07/07 Efficient use of resources in Europe
2015/07/07 EU food security assistance for developing countries
2015/07/07 Supply of raw materials in the EU
2015/07/07 Fighting forest fires in the EU
2015/07/07 Addressing the problem of drug use by young people in Europe
2015/06/16 Energy subsidies
2015/05/30 Promoting the use of electric cars in the EU
2015/05/30 Promoting forest biomass as a renewable energy source
2015/05/30 Combating chemical weapons
2015/04/22 Anniversary of the abduction of 276 Nigerian girls by Boko Haram
2015/04/22 EU position in relation to the new framework for relations between countries in the Americas
2015/04/22 Promotion of research into, and use of, geothermal energy
2015/04/22 Combatting hate crimes in Europe
2015/04/16 EU aid for reinforcing healthcare systems around the world
2015/04/16 Protection of the laurel forest
2015/04/16 Reduction in the production of waste and improvements in waste management
2015/03/31 Campaign against tuberculosis in Europe and worldwide
2015/03/31 Effectiveness of European aid in preventing forest fires and repairing damage caused by them
2015/03/31 40th anniversary of Eurofound and improved working conditions in Europe
2015/03/31 Registered organic farmers in the EU
2015/03/31 Improvements to fishing production in the EU
2015/03/31 Improving the terms of award of public contracts
2015/03/11 Reduction of pay gap
2015/03/11 Operation of the common system of identification of medicinal products in the EU
2015/03/11 Operation of Europe Direct
2015/03/11 Compensation for losses to fishermen caused by bottlenose dolphins
2015/03/11 Energy efficiency in public buildings
2015/03/11 Developing and promoting theatre in Europe
2015/03/11 Combating counterfeiting in Europe
2015/03/11 Reduction in pedestrian deaths on Europe's roads
2015/02/27 2014-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework
2015/02/27 Increasing spectator numbers
2015/02/24 Combating obesity in the EU
2015/02/24 Preparation of lists of invasive alien species
2015/02/24 Safe purchase of medicines via the Internet
2015/01/30 Promoting sustainable work
2015/01/30 Control of dangerous products in the EU
2015/01/30 Support for sustainable fishing
2016/10/07 Measures to be taken to stop minors being used to defend terrorism
2015/07/17 Measures to combat aging in the agricultural sector
2015/07/08 Decrease in the error rate in rural development spending
2015/07/08 Measures to address the skills gap
2015/07/07 Evolution of part-time work in the EU
2015/07/07 Rights and safety of minors online
2015/05/30 Measures to combat violence in schools
2015/05/30 Measures to combat the ageing of the farming population
2015/04/22 Development potential of pharmaceutical research in the ORs
2015/04/16 Contribution to development by the private sector
2015/04/16 International cooperation in competition policy
2015/03/31 EU intervention against violence and harassment in the workplace
2015/03/31 Measures to prevent and respond to the risk of severe drought
2015/03/31 Development of good management of our maritime space
2015/03/31 Supporting research in social sciences and humanities
2015/03/31 Supporting democratic governance in the development cooperation policy
2015/03/11 EU cooperation with Venezuela
2015/03/11 Evolution of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund
2015/03/11 Cooperation in rural areas
2015/03/11 Measures to deal with the growing number of children on makeshift vessels in the Mediterranean
2015/03/11 Measures in favour of the social inclusion of people in need in the EU
2015/03/11 The establishment of the urban development network
2015/02/24 Initiatives to promote active and healthy ageing
2015/01/30 Development of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund
2015/07/07 Commitment to green infrastructure in the EU
2015/07/07 Withdrawal of bananas and tomatoes from RUP logo campaigns
2015/04/22 Reducing poverty in the EU
2015/04/22 Soil degradation in the EU and in the Canary Islands
2015/04/16 Rise in asylum applications in the EU
2015/03/31 Results of the JEREMIE initiative
2015/03/31 Results of the EU's Green Action Plan
2015/03/31 Impact of the JEREMIE initiative in the Canary Islands
2015/03/11 Results of Heritprot Project
2015/03/11 Results of Erasmus+ Sport
2015/03/11 Combating doping in recreational sport
2015/03/11 Development of priority transport networks in the Canary Isles
2015/03/11 Rise in the price of airline tickets in the Canary Isles
2015/03/11 Reducing pollution caused by maritime transport
2015/03/11 Results of the EU's Integrated Maritime Policy
2015/02/24 Enterprises benefiting from the Cosme programme in Spain and the Canary Islands
2015/02/24 Results of the 'Mayors Adapt' initiative
2016/10/26 Checks on lemon imports from Turkey
2015/07/08 Commercial relations between the ORs and neighbouring countries
2015/07/08 Support for high added value sectors in the outermost regions
2015/07/08 Potential of the outermost regions in terms of humanitarian activities and risk prevention
2015/07/08 Use of ERDF funds for projects associated with biodiversity
2015/07/08 EU relations with Latin America and the Caribbean
2015/07/07 Information on the quality of higher education in the EU
2015/07/07 Dissemination of the cultural heritage of the outermost regions
2015/07/07 Supporting the EU's cultural and creative industries
2015/07/07 Gender-based differences in high education
2015/07/07 Electronic commerce in the outermost regions
2015/07/07 Humanitarian crisis in Burundi
2015/07/07 Protecting the outermost regions against phytosanitary threats
2015/07/07 Strategy for protecting animal welfare in the EU
2015/07/07 Support for multiple sclerosis sufferers
2015/05/30 Support for development of renewable energy in the outermost regions
2015/05/30 Improving connections between the outermost regions and neighbouring territories
2015/05/30 Exploiting the marine environment of the outermost regions
2015/04/22 Outermost regions as a reference for the challenges posed by climate change
2015/04/22 Maritime Strategy in the outermost regions
2015/04/16 Evaluation of measures adopted in the outermost regions to consolidate the EU's single market
2015/04/16 Support for research, innovation and higher education in the outermost regions
2015/03/31 Achieving greater recognition for the role of business owners in society
2015/03/31 Transport policy in the peripheral regions of the EU
2015/03/31 Support for the cultural sector in view of the digital switchover
2015/03/11 Role of the outermost regions in the new European industrial policy
2015/03/11 Conservation of the archaeological heritage of La Gomera
2015/02/27 Protecting biodiversity
2015/02/24 Support for cross-border cultural cooperation projects
2015/02/24 Support for countries with lower investment in research and innovation
2015/02/24 Support for projects ensuring safe water supplies