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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group
Les Français Libres
Magic Circle
Security and Defence Member sede
Foreign Affairs Member afet
Industry, Research and Energy Substitute itre

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2015/10/26 Draft budget linked to the management of the refugee crisis
2015/09/23 The EU up against the migrant crisis
2015/09/23 Migrant crisis and European disinformation
2015/09/23 Migrant crisis at the expense of Europe's peoples
2015/07/02 Fight against breast cancer in Europe
2015/05/19 Can the Europe of Brussels survive without the United Kingdom?
2015/01/27 Escalation of violence in the Ukrainian crisis
2017/11/14 Use of private security companies to protect EU staff
2015/04/09 Strategy for equality between men and women
2015/03/31 Is hormone-treated beef really a 'red line' the Commission will not cross?
2015/03/31 Europe's natural and necessary partnership with Russia for energy security
2015/03/31 Unreliability of our partnership with Ukraine
2015/03/31 VP/HR - Dramatic events in Konstantinovka
2015/02/12 VP/HR - Attempt to hide the true human losses caused by the conflict in Ukraine
2015/02/11 VP/HR - Human rights in Ukraine: journalist detained
2015/01/15 EU interference in Ukraine
2015/06/03 What constitutes an acceptable burden for European peoples to bear?
2015/06/03 European cybersecurity - a threat to our freedoms
2015/05/19 The European army: another excuse for a federal EU?
2015/03/19 Are European institutions anti-democratic?
2014/11/25 VP/HR - Blasphemy law in Pakistan
2016/01/20 VP/HR - EU weapons sales to Saudi Arabia
2015/09/23 The funding of migratory flows
2015/07/14 Gas interconnector between Serbia and Bulgaria
2015/07/03 Definition of 'quality jobs' and common indicators
2015/07/03 Creating quality jobs and Guideline no 7
2015/06/19 Sustaining jobs in rural areas and unfair competition
2015/03/03 VP/HR - Annual report on foreign policy and the Common Foreign and Security Policy
2015/02/24 Serbia's innocence
2018/04/09 The import of cultural goods into the EU
2017/04/03 VP/HR - The issue of the Tindouf camps following the EU-Algeria Association Council meeting of 13 March 2017
2016/06/22 Fulfilment by Turkey of the terms of the agreement on migration of 18 March 2016
2015/02/04 Situation in Syria
2016/02/02 The Balkans: Islamic State's open door into Europe
2016/02/02 VP/HR - Islamic State's destruction of the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq
2016/01/20 VP/HR - Protection of Christians in the Middle East
2015/05/27 VP/HR - Seizure of Palmyra by Islamic State
2014/10/02 VP/HR - Qatar and Saudi Arabia financing Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
2018/05/03 Subsidiarity principle called into question vis-à-vis Member States' energy policies
2016/01/20 Sovereignty of Member States: Poland
2016/01/20 Commission position on Turkey following the failure of the Joint Action Plan
2015/06/25 VP/HR - Was US diplomacy responsible for the closure of the OSCE in Baku?
2015/05/19 VP/HR - Kiev's non-compliance with the ceasefire
2015/04/29 VP/HR - Suppression of demonstrations in Kiev
2015/03/10 Impact of the instrument of pre-accession aid on the agricultural sectors of the Member States
2014/11/05 Turkeyʼs new presidential palace
2015/03/03 The 1619 missing Greeks
2015/03/03 The 1 619 missing Greeks
2016/01/20 New measures to combat terrorism
2015/10/26 Ultranationalist demonstration in Kyiv
2015/09/23 The EU: towards the end of freedom of movement?
2015/07/17 Southern Caspian Sea corridor
2015/06/03 Should solidarity not begin at home?
2015/04/14 VP/HR - Daring to spell things out
2015/03/31 VP/HR - A disturbing truth
2014/11/18 VP/HR - Sanctions against Ukrainian criminals
2016/02/02 Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union
2015/04/16 Should the European Union continue to concern itself with immigration?
2015/01/27 VP/HR - EU-Russia dialogue
2015/01/15 Latvian Council Presidency
2014/11/25 VP/HR - Russia as a strategic partner of the European Union