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Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

Discover what MEPs are working on by seeing keywords and categories emerging from their questions.

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Last Updated: 2018-07-05

About this classification:

The classification works on the corpus of all the parliamentary questions (oral and written) presented during the VIII term. The corpus is projected in a vector space where the dimensions are the keywords selected through a technique that involves the use of Markov Chains.
In this space, every text is represented by the TF-IDF (term frequency–inverse document frequency) vector.

On this vector space we've trained two different classifiers (svm and random forest). Combining the two classifiers we reach a precision of 81% on our test set.

As you may understand, classifying parliamentary texts involves knowledge of the domain, care when combining the classifiers and a high quality training. Even when all these elements are there, this semi-automatic classification can hardly be perfect, but it's good to continously try to improve it.

Every feedback and help is then more than welcome!

Keywords Extraction:

Date Title
2018/06/13 Request for clarification on the EU's position on the possibility of one of the world's worst famines occurring in Yemen
2018/03/23 Smart Motorways
2018/01/05 Extinction of elephants
2017/10/16 Update on progress towards achieving the goal of energy interconnection between EU Member States to reduce the likelihood of power cuts
2017/09/25 Progress made towards achieving the goal of energy interconnection between EU Member States to reduce the likelihood of power cuts
2017/04/25 State aid for railways
2017/02/17 Achieving the goal of energy interconnection - clarification on the current state of play
2017/02/09 Development of electric public transport
2017/02/07 Progress made towards the goal of energy interconnection between Member States
2017/01/11 Request for clarification of the EU position on the crisis in the Lake Chad basin
2016/09/28 Safeguarding protected environmental areas
2016/03/07 Updating of the SCI list and natural habitat conservation
2015/11/11 VP/HR - crisis in Yemen
2015/10/08 Recognition of market economy status for China: current state of play and potential impact
2015/06/26 Refugee crisis
2015/05/20 Implementation of energy efficiency
2015/05/20 Intensive use of aquifers
2015/05/20 Innovative development in the agricultural sector
2015/05/20 SCI update
2015/05/08 Fighting cybercrime
2015/04/29 GMOs
2015/04/29 Energy Strategy 2050
2015/04/29 Development of renewable energy sources
2015/03/31 Cybersecurity in the EU
2014/12/18 Energy efficiency in rural areas
2018/05/16 European habitats
2018/04/26 Protecting European biodiversity
2017/02/09 Intervention of the European Union in regulating crowdfunding
2017/02/07 Current situation on the outskirts of European cities
2016/12/19 Safeguarding water
2016/12/05 Road safety in the European Union
2016/10/04 European secret services
2016/05/04 Use of Articles 24 and 25 of Regulation (EU) No. 1051/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2013
2016/03/18 Improving living conditions in the Idomeni refugee camp
2016/01/28 Revision of Regulation (EC) No 607/2009
2015/12/08 Collaboration between European intelligence services
2015/09/09 Creation of a commission for recovery of stolen art works
2015/06/11 Hotel rating systems
2015/06/11 Access to European grants
2015/05/20 European platform against undeclared work
2015/05/20 Support for European social entrepreneurship
2015/05/20 Conditions of imprisonment in European prisons
2015/05/20 Counterfeit foods and safeguarding of intellectual property
2015/04/29 European sporting citizenship
2015/04/29 VP/HR - European Neighbourhood Policy in Lebanon
2015/04/29 Increasing the availability of microcredit through the European Progress Microfinance Facility
2015/04/29 Union of capital markets
2015/04/08 Call for a European Year on Tourism
2015/03/31 EU investment to support children in Syria
2015/03/31 Creation of a joint European army
2015/03/31 Going beyond Regulation (EU) No 604/2013
2015/03/11 Protection of European prisoners detained abroad
2015/03/11 Setting up a European compensation fund for economic losses in the EU due to the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation
2015/03/10 Harmonising the European education system
2015/02/27 Harmonisation of European school systems
2015/02/27 Safeguarding regional specialities: dairy farming in Abruzzo
2015/02/12 Support initiatives for coastal tourism
2015/02/12 Promoting European youth initiatives
2015/01/30 Initiatives to tackle cyberbullying
2015/01/14 Updating universities' scientific equipment
2014/12/18 Farmers and the Russian embargo
2014/12/18 European fund for preventive healthcare
2014/12/18 Query regarding the compliance with EU law of hotel terms and conditions which forbid the publishing of reviews
2014/11/14 Common conditions for issuing visas to European citizens
2014/11/14 Safeguarding European water resources and the planet
2014/11/13 VP/HR - Diplomatic initiatives to save Asia Bibi
2014/07/24 Quality of European universities
2018/06/13 Promotion and information provision in the agricultural sector
2018/05/16 Digitalising EU industry
2018/03/05 Pesticides on fruit and vegetables in Europe
2017/11/30 The water situation in Europe
2017/11/13 Unaccompanied foreign juveniles
2017/10/16 Alarm over UNESCO sites at risk in Europe
2016/12/01 Crime of stalking in Europe
2016/06/22 Europe Direct information centres
2016/01/12 Temporary loans of artworks and cultural objects not on public display
2015/08/24 Combating arson in Europe
2015/06/11 Creative Europe 2014-2020 and cuts in culture funding
2015/06/11 Exploitation of migrant workers
2015/05/08 Europe Day
2015/04/29 Promotion of tourism in Europe
2015/04/29 Road safety in Europe
2015/03/11 Ban on low quality halogen lamps in Europe
2015/02/27 Combating tax evasion and the CCCTB
2015/02/27 Risk of poverty in Europe
2015/02/12 Continuing medical education in Europe
2015/02/10 Freedom of expression in Europe
2015/01/22 Skin cancers
2015/01/13 Differences in bureaucratic burdens in Europe
2014/12/03 Adverse weather emergencies in Europe
2014/12/03 Action against cyber-bullying
2014/11/06 The tourism industry and enhancement of Europe's cultural heritage
2014/11/06 Preservation of Europe's linguistic diversity
2014/10/22 Cyber security in Europe
2018/04/26 Regulatory barriers for secondary raw materials: definition of end-of-life vehicles in Directive 2000/53/EC
2017/12/20 Directive 2009/73/EC
2017/06/28 African Fashion Gate
2017/04/28 Discrimination in Fashion Gate
2017/01/11 Uniform legislation on international adoptions
2017/01/11 VP/HR - International Court of Arbitration in Albania
2015/10/08 Barriers to asylum and international protection rights
2015/06/26 International Albinism Awareness Day
2015/05/20 Coordination at international events
2015/05/08 Architectural barriers
2015/04/09 Serious events surrounding the Roma-Feyenoord match
2015/04/09 Responsibilities of football clubs at international sporting events
2015/03/11 Delay on abolishing all roaming charges within the EU
2014/10/16 Budget allocations and coordination measures to fight Ebola
2014/09/26 Fair distribution of recycling responsibilities
2018/05/16 Protecting the free market
2018/04/25 UNAR and advertising campaigns
2018/03/23 Melting of glaciers
2017/11/13 Bilingualism protects the brain against Alzheimer's
2017/04/10 Liberalisation of the rail freight sector
2017/03/28 Competition in the polypropylene (PP) granule sector
2017/01/24 Protecting minors from the dangers of gambling
2016/11/11 Secondary ticketing
2016/10/13 Protecting the rights of female asylum seekers
2016/09/13 Striking a balance between protecting EU citizens and upholding fundamental freedoms
2016/09/13 Introducing a single EU tax identification number
2016/06/30 Recognition of the right to a proper relationship between children and both parents
2016/01/13 Tackling counterfeiting - protecting consumers and protected designation of origin (PDO) and protected geographical indication (PGI) goods
2015/12/08 Production of foie gras
2015/11/06 Horizon 2020 Framework Programme
2015/09/09 Online grooming of minors
2015/09/09 Brownfield regeneration
2015/06/26 Gender inequalities in the science sector
2015/06/11 Liberalisation of the railway sector
2015/06/11 VP/HR - Moscow's EU blacklist
2015/05/20 Digital divide
2015/05/20 Copyright in the digital single market
2015/05/08 Green economy
2015/04/29 Stabilisation and association agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina
2015/04/29 Recognition of the Armenian genocide
2015/02/12 Protecting quality products in the context of the TTIP agreement
2015/02/12 Protecting the archaeological site of Pompeii
2014/12/18 Transition from a linear to a circular economy
2014/12/03 Competition in the single digital market
2014/12/03 Cross-training of researchers working in a multidisciplinary framework
2014/09/10 Financing of CNF (cold nuclear fusion)
2014/08/06 Notices of competition for posts at EU Institutions in all official languages
2014/07/08 Global Network - Digital Agenda for Europe
2018/06/13 The issue of road traffic accidents
2018/06/13 Innovation in road guard rails
2018/03/21 Reclamation and remediation of former oil sites
2017/05/23 The fishing of juvenile sardines
2016/12/19 Solving the problem of drink driving
2016/11/18 Solution to the problem of drink-driving
2016/11/11 Risk of flooding in the EU
2016/10/04 VP/HR - Italians kidnapped in Libya
2016/08/01 Contract for road works in the municipality of San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Province of Naples)
2016/02/10 San Marzano tomatoes
2015/11/06 Air crash in Sinai
2015/09/09 Illegal hunting of the Marsican brown bear
2015/09/09 VP/HR - Recent attacks in Mali
2015/06/11 Cigarette smuggling
2015/05/20 Tackling the problem of land-grabbing
2015/05/20 Illegal fishing
2015/04/29 Electronic health
2015/04/29 Prevention of money laundering
2015/04/29 Desiccation of olive trees in Puglia
2015/04/16 The issue of the air-gun technique
2015/03/31 Islamic threat in Bosnia and Herzegovina
2015/03/10 VP/HR - Position of the EU regarding the threat of missile attacks from North Korea
2015/02/27 Immigration from Libya
2015/02/27 Indoor air quality in EU schools
2015/02/10 Traffic accidents and the crime of murder by dangerous driving
2015/01/30 Road accidents and the offence of motor manslaughter
2015/01/30 Greater coordination of EU immigration policy
2015/01/14 The recent Comprehensive Assessment exercise
2014/11/14 The recent Comprehensive Assessment exercise
2014/10/22 Hydrogeological risk prevention
2014/10/16 Prevention of hydrogeological risks
2014/09/26 Ethical and sustainable land reclamation in the 'terra dei fuochi' area
2014/09/26 Prevention of theft at the archaeological site at Pompeii
2014/09/26 Fishing quotas
2014/09/10 Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
2014/08/06 UNESCO sites at risk
2014/07/24 Hydrogeological instability
2017/06/26 Protection of 'Mozzarella di Bufala Campana' PDO
2017/05/23 Official acceptance by town planning department of temporary emergency housing ('casette') built for the people of L'Aquila
2017/02/17 Fight against poaching
2017/01/11 Suspicious chemical substances
2016/11/11 Chemical weapons
2016/02/23 Protection of human rights: the case of Italian family assistants
2015/11/11 VP/HR - Bombing of hospitals and protection of civilians in time of war
2015/10/08 Declaration of invalidity regarding the Commission's decision of 26 July 2000 on US compliance with EU regulations for the protection of personal data
2015/09/09 Remnants of war
2015/09/09 Animal trafficking
2015/08/24 Reopening and improvement of 'Italian Trans-Siberian' rail link
2015/06/26 Protection of Italian rice
2015/06/26 Rail deregulation
2015/06/11 Protection for Italian rice
2015/06/11 Organ donations
2015/05/08 VP/HR - detention of two Italian marines in India
2015/04/29 Protection of women
2015/04/29 Monitoring data on trafficking human beings
2015/04/16 Improving aircraft maintenance checks
2015/04/10 High frequency trading
2015/03/31 Delays in closing down secure psychiatric hospitals, a necessary measure for the protection of human rights
2015/03/31 Emergency in Italian prisons
2015/03/11 VP/HR - EU position on the case of two Italian fishermen detained in Gambia
2015/03/10 Poaching in Italian rivers
2015/02/12 The EU's position on the conflict in Ukraine
2015/02/10 Protection of bergamot
2015/01/30 Improving checks on vessel dismantling procedures
2015/01/30 Disruption to rail transport in Campania
2015/01/14 Protection for citizens with mobile broadband subscriptions
2014/12/19 Environmental sustainability of fisheries
2014/08/06 Greater protection for purchases made by smartphone
2014/07/24 Checks carried out by the Italian transport regulatory authority
2014/07/08 Fisheries - the case of an Italian fisheries cooperative
2014/07/08 Checks on EU-registered private cars — 2
2018/05/16 Video-surveillance in crèches, nursery schools and social welfare centres for the elderly and people with disabilities
2015/12/07 EU strategy on the allocation of funding for third countries to combat illegal immigration
2015/10/08 Opinion on anti-corruption protests in Moldova
2015/03/10 Barriers to the access of generic medicines on the internal market
2015/01/30 Access to crèche facilities
2015/01/30 Funding for waste recycling machines
2014/12/18 Access to regulated professions
2014/12/18 Measures necessary to combat hackers using Ebola to access sensitive data
2014/11/06 Access to credit for SMEs
2014/10/22 Funding for the Pescara Marina
2014/10/22 Exempting cofinancing expenditure from Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) requirements
2014/10/16 Thalidomide scandal
2014/09/26 Use and recipients of ERDF funding
2014/09/10 Measures to boost the recovery of the building sector
2014/07/16 Access to R&D funding
2018/04/26 ILO Convention No 169
2017/02/07 Organic farming in the EU
2017/01/30 Monitoring dams in the EU
2016/06/17 Promoting the role of women in combating radicalisation and violent extremism
2016/04/12 Ceasefire agreement in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh
2016/03/18 Abuse of women
2016/03/01 Request for a detailed study on polluting activities - Legnochimica
2016/02/11 Clarification on the need for a new labelling system
2016/02/11 VP/HR - Request for an explanation for the death of Giulio Regeni
2016/02/10 Clarifications concerning the need for a new labelling system
2015/11/06 Fake labelling of meat
2015/07/03 Formal notice from the Commission asking Italy to repeal Law No 138 of 11 April 1974 concerning the ban on the use of powdered, condensed and reconstituted milk in dairy products
2015/06/26 Legal highs
2015/06/11 Legal highs
2015/06/11 Concessionary rates for young people at cultural venues
2015/06/11 Age limits on open competitions
2015/06/11 Missing children
2015/05/20 Environmental and health damage caused by palm oil
2015/05/20 Youth Guarantee project
2015/04/29 Youth employment
2015/04/29 Integrated care for elderly people incapable of living independently
2015/04/29 Violence towards women
2015/04/29 Protecting Made in Italy
2015/04/21 Treatment of the abuse of legitimate defence in Italy
2015/04/16 Suppression of the self-employment decree
2015/04/16 Cyberbullying
2015/04/16 Harmonising the legal definition of 'terrorism'
2015/04/16 'Emotional equal treatment'
2015/04/10 Monitoring the investigations into the crash of Germanwings Airbus A-320
2015/03/31 Banning trade in ivory in the EU
2015/03/11 Transposition of Resolution 2178 of the UN Security Council
2015/03/11 Firearms carried by security guards in Italy
2015/03/11 Youth unemployment in Italy and unused EU funds
2015/03/10 Conflict between budget constraints and advance payment of EU funds
2015/02/27 Common Agricultural Policy 'greening' bonus for herbaceous crops
2015/02/27 Abuse of banking secrecy
2015/02/10 Permanent contracts for teachers on fixed-term contracts
2015/01/30 Stadium violence
2015/01/30 Allocation of funds to help families cover the cost of a university education
2015/01/30 Promoting sporting activities for young people in the Molise region of Italy
2014/12/18 Southern Italy and cohesion policy
2014/12/03 Compliance of fake reviews with Community law
2014/11/14 Hedge funds
2014/10/22 TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)
2014/10/22 New rules for telecommunications investment
2014/10/16 Operation Frontex Plus
2014/10/07 Airports Decree
2014/09/26 EU funds for damage caused by exceptionally heavy downpours
2014/09/26 Humanitarian assistance in Syria
2014/09/10 More efficient monitoring of structural fund deployment in Italy to avoid waste
2014/09/10 Traceability and indication of milk powder
2014/08/06 Funding for the expansion of trade between southern Italy and Croatia
2014/07/24 Poverty among families, and employment
2014/07/08 Restrictions and limits on the activities of ATP experts
2018/03/05 Safety and hygiene and public health standards in beauty salons
2018/02/05 Issue of electronic waste
2017/12/08 Admissibility of promotion programmes for agri-food products
2017/01/17 Renewal of public-transport vehicles in the interests of public safety
2016/08/01 Influence of traffic-light food labelling on consumers' choices
2016/04/22 Admissibility of restoring border controls at the Brenner Pass
2016/01/20 Admissibility of the temporary suspension of the Schengen Agreement
2015/12/08 Food waste and redistribution of unsold food by large-scale retailers
2015/10/08 Frozen food
2015/09/09 Commemoration of the Bois du Cazier disaster of 8 August 1956
2015/08/24 Aid programmes for babies born to families in difficulties/addicted to drugs
2015/06/11 Food waste
2015/06/03 Industrially produced trans fatty acids (ITFAs) in food
2015/04/29 Food safety
2015/04/16 Utility model patents
2015/04/16 Noise pollution
2015/03/31 Toxicity of food products on the European market
2015/02/27 School building safety
2015/01/30 Age limits for entering public competitions
2014/12/18 Late payments by public authorities
2014/11/14 The sale of counterfeit medicinal products online
2014/11/14 Language learning and promotion of multilingualism
2014/09/10 Plastic - endangered seas, oceans, marine ecosystems, but also our food
2014/08/06 Counterfeiting of food products