Thinking About EU


About Us

Thinkingabout.EU is a small tiny project realized by Elif Lab ( We love to analyze data, apply new techniques, discover fun facts. We like politics ­ yes, even institutional politics. We believe information is a form of power and we love to play with it. We hope you will enjoy it as well.


Elif Lab is able (and happy) to offer customized analysis on any kind of political or non­political activities. We have a deep interest in working with structured and unstructured data ­ especially, but not exclusively ­ the ones from the political arena and from social media.
Are you looking for someone who can help you collect information, analyze patterns, extract insights, visualize knowledge? Contact us at We won’t treat your life and work like they were a dull database. We will try to understand your activity, your targets and your concerns so to give you something that can be meaningful and useful.


If you like this project and you want to help us expand in the long term, we are looking for motivate investors. Do you want to know more about our goals, abilities and perspectives? Please write us at


If you’re interested in having more information, you want to give us any kind of advice or you want to collaborate on our project, please contact us at